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  1. In the immortal words of Sweetie Belle, "I REAlly LIKE her MANE!"
  2. Stalwart blushed a bit at the cute nickname the mare had given him. [colour=#0000cd]"Well, you see, my late father was a retired royal guard who settled on the Northwestern frontier...and my special talent is acting as protection and a refuge for other ponies."[/colour] He smiled a bit once more. [colour=#0000cd]"Of course, I'll take just about anything I can get...it beats being stuck on the ground in Canterlot acting like a burly decoration to the high and mighty nobleponies there."[/colour]
  3. Stalwart managed a slight smile. 'This is a rather pretty mare...' he thought to himself. [colour=#0000cd]"Oh, um...it's quite alright, miss," [/colour]the sturdy and apparently gentlemanly stallion said politely. [colour=#0000cd]"You're not delaying me in the least. I'm on vacation up here...but thinking about moving back. Do you know of any places that could use the services of private security or a bodyguard around here?" [/colour]He continued smiling, and flew alongside the mare. He wasn't about to risk boring her with his life's story, but he earned a living in Canterlot currently, as a sought-after personal bodyguard for snooty rich ponies. It paid well, but it wasn't exactly fulfilling work; he was usually more of an accessory than a source of protection.
  4. Such ethereal beauty. O.O She really is gorgeous.
  5. I'm browsing your whole gallery, and I must say, I'm really digging your art style! It's true to the show in its simplicity, but carries a unique stylistic flair I can't quite put my finger on, and the traditional mediums really add to it somehow.
  6. Welcome, person, lovely pony person.
  7. It's beautiful! I love the look of wonder and curiosity on her face. So cute!
  8. I'm most definitely interested! Here's Stalwart's character sheet: Roleplay Type: Mane Equestrian Name: Stalwart Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: True Blue Coat colour: Shadowy Blue-Gray Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Mane and tail are longish, wavy, and a bit messy, and are a pale, slightly dingy gray in colour. Physique: Above average height, rugged, sturdy build Cutie Mark: A small stone fortress Origin/Residence: Resides in Canterlot, born on the frontier Occupation: Private Security/Bodyguard Motivation: Stalwart desires to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and wants to be a refuge to those he loves in times of trouble. He also wishes to follow in his father's footsteps and become a member of the Equestrian Royal Guard. Likes: Hiking, peaceful scenery, physical work, animals, the smell of soil Dislikes: Cruelty, injustice of all kinds, being cooped up, dealing with young foals (feels awkward), ruminating thoughts, being the center of attention Character Summary: Personality: Stalwart is quick to defend those in need, but slow to anger for any reason. He has a very gentle spirit, and enjoys nature, animals, and working the land. However, he is a staunch defender of the weak and downtrodden, unable to tolerate bullying and wanton violence. That being said, he's not above bruising some heads in order to preserve the overall peace. Family: Stalwart's father was a retired royal guard who had moved out to a small plot of land on the frontier on the other side of the Stadia from the Hasufel Mountains. His mother was a younger mare from a rural village in the area. They met, married, and owned a small farm, which Stalwart grew up helping to maintain. A short while after his father passed away from a combination of old age and illness when Stalwart was a young stallion, his mother sold the farm and encouraged him to pursue his dream, which was to follow in his father's footsteps and become a royal guard. Personal History: Stalwart is relatively well educated, having been tutored by his mother and father as a colt. In addition, waking up early each morning and performing the difficult work involved with running a farm have left him a strong and disciplined stallion with a good work ethic. Ever since he was a colt he has loved communing with nature, and would often spend his spare time traversing the small wooded areas and riverbanks that surrounded his father's property. Cutie Mark Story: When Stalwart's father passed away, his mother was distraught. She often took to wandering the surrounding lands by herself on long walks, attempting to get her mind off of her grief, while Stalwart tended to the farm work. Though life in the area was peaceful, there was occasional banditry in the region. One day, Stalwart's dear mother failed to return home at her usual time. His concern growing with each passing minute, Stalwart finally ventured forth to look for her, searching some woods he and his mother both enjoyed visiting. To his horror, the young stallion found that a pair of ne'er-do-wells had accosted her. After attempting to reason with them for her release, it fell upon him to use his physical strength to fight them off. In the face of his steady onslaught, the scrawny ponies fled in terror, leaving Stalwart and his distraught mother alone in the clearing. As he nuzzled her tears away and comforted her, the mark of a stone fortress appeared on his flank, representing not only his physical strength and valor in the face of danger, but also his capacity to be a sturdy fixture for others to rely upon in their times of personal need
  9. HighRoller

    Carrot Stand

    "Carrot Muffins"? No wonder she's such good friends with derpy. 8D
  10. She's so adorable! I agree with Dunes on the effect of the colours. It is a rather nice touch.
  11. Das awesome. Another changeling queen?
  12. I apologize for my little SNAFU. I'll edit it a bit a lot. I didn't know about the "no ranged weapons" thing...I think I'll have her stalking through the town trying to do recruiting of some kind.
  13. I don't mean like...leader of a massive army. I mean the leader of a handful of ragtag resistance ponies...she'd even sew the camouflage herself!
  14. Okay...I finished reading the rp. If I'm going to play Rarity, I'm going to play her as a fashionista-gone-guerilla-leader, unless anyone has objections. I'm also going to assume that she's been using the power of her own unicorn magic to stave off the progression of the changeling curse.
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