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    Salem, MA
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    Plastic things with brush-able hair, sarcasm. I also enjoy stalking Imagination. Because he is a troublemaker and needs to be policed 24/7. I am, alas, not active on Canterlot anymore.

    Harass me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheUnicornelius

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  1. *Poke*

    1. flutterscotch


      Not super around...just kind of a, I dunno, victory lap as we approach the end of the series?  It seemed appropriate, plus I've been working on a G1 custom of Trillium lately.


      How are you!

  2. I'm gonna binge all the episodes I have missed, which is a lot, wish me luck and sanity. :o

    1. SteelEagle


      There are some good ones in there!

    2. flutterscotch


      I know I saw one with Yaks. Yaks good.  More yak.  Want a toy yak.

    3. SteelEagle


      Yak character very good character. Very Yak.

  3. How are you?

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    2. flutterscotch


      You're not wrong. Did I ever tell you about the time I went to MLP fair at Hasbro, before FiM was a twinkle in anyone's eye and there were all these adults like...why the hell are you only making ponies in the same mold right now to fit some clothing scheme, why not branch out and include something for the adult fans which you clearly have because you sold out this convention and they were like...duuuuuhhhhh adults, but only our marketing test groups count?  Yeahhh.


      Who brings a 5 year old to a marketing test group, typically? For My Little Pony in 2008?  That's right, people whose kids already liked the style of play they were already marketing.  So frustrating.

    3. SteelEagle


      Paul Marketing is more powerful than we know.

    4. flutterscotch


      Speaking of, if you want to see the parade of non-stop girly pastel stuff, because it has not stopped, here's my toy instagram. Warning, it is quite often extremely dumb nonsense. 


      I'm actually going to be unveiling Trillium as a g1 pony there in the near future!


      But, alas, no Unicornelius,  He lives with Jen/Helix now.

  4. I'm only somewhat sad it's over. I'd been on board since day one, further back in fact because I was a G1 collector since 1983. I've lived through it all. The good times, the bad times, the increasingly ridiculous gimmicks, the Lyra plushie, Baby Lickety Split. It's just another chapter. We might tip back to kiddie nonsense with forced conflict for a bit, but then it'll tip back the other way since Hasbro is now aware of the money they can glean from adult fans. But I like when things have chapters. You can enjoy an encapsulated whole. It's like why I'm glad that Freaks and Geeks ended after one season. Sure, I'd like to spend more time with the characters, and want to know what happens, but I'm not sure them fully spelling it out for me would do it justice. Especially if it's done extremely poorly. That being said I have like a season and a half to catch up on. Sigh.
  5. :LiliSurprised: How are we at Season 8?  How did this happen.  I remember yesterday we were giving Amid Amidi guff about stomping on a show that he's never seen, and now, season 8.

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    2. Bellosh


      Nice to see ya again, Scotch! ;)

    3. flutterscotch


      SEASON 9.


      I guess I have a season to catch up on.  This is what comes of being out of the loop and not watching TV.

    4. tacobob


      Wow, it seemed just like yesterday when I was confused on why so many people were streaming My Little Pony! It can't be good! They're never good...maybe I'll see what the fuss is...

  6. I transformed Glow into a G1 flutter with a modified symbol. Hair's still a touch messy.
  7. You still in "the Jerz"?

    1. Pony_Sage


      In Morristown now running a farm, but yes in the Jerz.

    2. flutterscotch


      HAH!  Awesome.  I probably could have predicted that. I stay pretty far away from Jersey these days, only make it once every few years.  Crazy family and all.

    3. Pony_Sage


      Well, if you're in the neighborhood just shoot me a text, you still have my cellophane number.

  8. <3<3




    1. Rosewind


      I MISSED YOU! You really should come visit the Discord chat; that's where all the old Skype group is!

    2. flutterscotch


      Old Scotch no understand Discord.  I'll have to look into the fresh things the kids are into!



    I'm just a rainbow in the dark!


    *runs away*.


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    2. flutterscotch


      @DreamingKnights not quite back, not for RP at least.  More like a drive by.


      @Rosewind Unicornelius is still around.  I posted him to Dio's facebook wall yesterday, hehehe.  And yes, we do need to catch up!


    3. DreamySunday


      Well you are here. Even if only for a moment. And I missed you a whole lot. <3

    4. Rosewind


      We need to be FB friends! (This is...if you want to! :oops:)

  10. Given that I literally just bought a beat up G1 pony to make a custom of one of my characters on here, I thought I would say hi, and HARASS DIO!  muhahahah. :sans:

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    2. starswirlthebearded


      I'm well! And I have no idea! I'm not even here for the ponies anymore really...

    3. SteelEagle


      So many RPs to read. So many ponies to pony!

    4. QuickLime


      ....Flutterscotch? :3;

  11. The check out Ben Gibbard's Solo Project All-Time Quarterback. I worked for that label back in the day.
  12. Oh god. I know I am supposed to be gone, but I need to respond to this and how do I even qualify this into ONE SINGLE ALBUM? Music is a huge HUGE part of my life. Always. Even as a very young child, I was very aware of what I liked and did not like, and spent more of my first-fourth grade years listening to the radio than watching TV or playing video games. I spent most of my money from my first jobs on records (yeah, those black things that look like frisbees), and even as the very first thing I bought when I got a divorce was a brand new record player. My mind automatically fills in soundtracks to memories, and hearing a song that I haven't heard in a long time can instantly transport me back in time. So I will take it back to the earliest album obsession. Def Leppard's Pyromania pretty much shaped the entire 80s for me. It was the first record I bought. I was PROBABLY 7, and it was about a year after it came out. If we want to count the one album that influenced your musical tastes the most, this would be it. Not by virtue of the sound of the album per se, but rather by the influences that i eventually researched and sought out. Queen, Bowie (which to be fair my mother forced on me), Thin Lizzy and the entire spectrum of glam rock was revealed to me by my love of this album. This album made me bring music into my live as something very important. And when I was in high school Beck's Mellow Gold came out and basically turned me into a indie kid who loves relatively noisy, guitar-driven rock for life, compelting the spectrum of stuff I listen to. Before this I didn't know independent labels existed (i discovered this by virtue of One Foot in the Grave, which was released on K). Now most of the music I listen to tends to be more skewed that way, not to mention that i have even worked for one in Seattle, and have friends who release albums on many of them. The DIY lifestyle is pretty much my identity. I exist in a circle of crafters, musicians, small farmers and the like. It also made me attracted to men in 70s style cowboy shirts, which has not gone away. Also, all you people who are talking about Owl City. Please look into their influences, like John Vanderslice (who is actually a friend of mine, and makes crazy awesome and intellectually challenging music, and is pretty much the NICEST GUY in indie rock). Actually, for ANY band you love, look into their influences. You will be amazed at how your musical spectrum grows. You like a band? check them out on allmusic.com and look at the "related" tab. Follow that trail back to the bands that influenced the bands you love, and the bands that influenced them. You will not regret it once you find some musical perfection from the past.
  13. No, I am giving it a few days to make sure that I get to contact everyone I need to. I have been a member of thie board since the long ago days before it was Canterlot.com. Also trying to figure out a way to free up my character's names so that they can be re-used. Except Unicornelius. None of you can TOUCH that one!
  14. You will always be the power of 9 ponies on the internet to me, Jen. <3 <3
  15. I will, I promise, now that things have settled down a bit! Thank you I hope things get better for you as well!!!
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