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  1. There's been some kind of early screening of the crystal empire episodes recently, so beware of a possible early episode leak. Pictures of said screening have arisen recently, but they're really blurry, so it's hard to confirm stuff. I can confirm the following though: Crystal ponies do have hexagonal eye reflections.
  2. I wish Hasbro would put more quality control towards the plushies - the spaghetti manes are too ew for me. Just about every fan plushie has been better. ...well, a few exceptions exist.
  3. Ziom05 is a pretty talented artist, and tends to draw ponies to the style of Diablo-levels of epic, here's some more of his works (You know, in case you haven't burned all your own art in shame yet):
  4. Season 3 to air in November. That's four more weeks too long to wait!
  5. Whitehawke


    The "Sabotage" refers mostly to the fact that one of their ex-staff members, "EvilPanda", gave them several Backgrounds for Act 1, but he hadn't actually gotten the express permission of the respective artists, which resulted in many complaints from the latter. When confronted, EvilPanda said that he was actually trying to spoil their game and that he works for a different project/blogger. The game as it is works fine, except for some glitchy-ness in the final scenes(unrelated to the above). By the way, there is already a topic concerning this game over here: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/11840-welcome-to-ponyville-fim-fan-game/
  6. The picture with the deer is just an edited S101 screenshot, you can still see the "ei" on the top left corner which Season 2 got rid of. Makes the rest of the source's claims just as questionable.
  7. Full playthrough of Act 1. Not much to say, the game's plot is really stiff at the moment such as I would like this game more if it had more branching paths. EDIT: Also, the final few scenes are buggy and prone to fail loading things, resulting in an eventual crash.
  8. New possible Season 3 picture. Wonderbolt Flying academy, hmmr.
  9. Seems there might be a movie on the horizon, though if it's supposed to be complete by the end of this year then we're still far from the release. DVD means it's not a theater release though. (Which is fine by me, I like to watch movies at my pace and the price gouging is getting out of hand.)
  10. Covers are made by different artists I think. The inside of the comics are all drawn by Andy Price though.
  11. Some information concerning the second issue of the IDW comic has arised. Spoilers, obviously.
  12. Chrysalis was kept under wraps until A Canterlot Wedding aired, so we might have to wait until the episodes air to see him....assuming he's even in this 2-parter. :!:
  13. New sypnosis for the crystal empire episodes. In Adventures in the Crystal Empire, a magical empire has suddenly appeared in the arctic north of Equestria, and PRINCESS CELESTIA needs TWILIGHT SPARKLE and her friends to find a way to protect it. While her friends try to keep the Crystal Ponies occupied at the Crystal Faire, TWILIGHT SPARKLE searches for the hidden Crystal Heart that is the key to keeping their empire safe from harm! - Shout Factory Press Release So many theories destroyed! And so little answered, too! Where does Cadence fit in all of this?! Her Cutie Mark is a crystal heart! She's on the cover! I WANT ANSWERS!
  14. Eye reflections =/ Eye shape It'd make more sense for Cadence to be the one with the "crystal" eyes anyway! Speaking of the weird crystal eyes, I watched the MLP movie recently, and I think one of them had the crystal eyes (Because the quality of my vid is rather excessively low), she had a green coat with dark green highlights in her mane. What was with those crystal ponies anyway? From what I gathered there is virtually no difference between them and average ponies besides the eyes. Hopefully G4 will address this. As for the movie itself, it...um...it was... ...it was.
  15. The thing that makes Death so tough in the original is the fact that to "get" to him, you had to go through a hallway with 2 knight armor with a medusa generator. Everything kills you in 4 hits (Well, almost everything).So basically, once you got to Death, you had to figure out his strategy to beat him, like all the other bosses, but his was considerably harder to abuse due to the fact it involved him moving around while his scythes appeared out of nowhere and followed you quite accurately. The real pincher though is that LOSING to him sent you to the start of stage 15, which meant having to go through that hallway again just to get another chance at him. And probably losing again. Game over? Back to stage 13! If losing to Dracula forced you to do stage 17/16 again, I'm sure he'd be considered just as "tough" as Death. Case in point: Ninja Gaiden 1 NES. The final bosses are actually beatable with enough practice, but losing to them ONCE forces you back to 6-1, which means having to go through the nightmare that is 6-2 again. Oh, uh, impossible challenge, um... Beat Nethack without any outside assistance (Guides/Walkthroughs/Friends). The amount of knowledge required to have a chance to beat this game makes this challenge nigh-impossible.
  16. Note , , and 's eye reflections, they're hexagonal instead of the usual simple circles (see and ). Possible upcoming plot point?Then again, the quality of these covers have been less than...adequate compared to the actual show, so it's probably just an animation fail. Cadence looks different too. compare the differences:
  17. Whitehawke


    Derpy's Story, an adventure game with very simple controls that tests your video game caring/cruelty potential. Simply use the mouse/bubbles to guide Derpy around the Everfree Forest. Unfortunately, game lag can tremendously screw up the control, and Derpy seems unresponsive at times, not moving to the bubbles as she should. Whether this was on purpose or not is yet to be of my knowledge. Still, this is a neat experience and I do recommend anyone to try it. As of right now, it seems only 6% of players managed to finish the game. Are you one of them?
  18. In case anyone's wondering... It came from here: http://fyre-flyee.tumblr.com/ It's a tumblr account made to look like DeviantArt. Anyway, Faust is being assaulted with cakeresponses on her actual account right now thanks to this person's troll move, so please show her support by not bothering her about this.
  19. Faust has zero involvement in Season 3. Besides that, it's highly likely to be fake.
  20. It is complete coincidence that they are like so: as soon as one is introduced as a non-royal, the term will become obsolete, to which I propose this alternate name: Ultima Caballio.
  21. I REJECT THIS CANON AND SUBSTITUTE IT WITH MY OWN. Royal Pony seems more politically correct fitting, considering every one of them have been Princesses/Queens.
  22. Source informationThe spiders in Luna Eclipsed were simpler in design.
  23. Some new possible Season 3 creatures have popped up on some Trading cards. Considering the bunny, there is a massive chance that if this turns out to be true, we'll be seeing some more action from a certain Draconequs. Update: Turns out the wolf-like creature is an unused asset. No word on the spider. Seems considerably less likely this reveals anything, though.
  24. Whitehawke


    Tower defense...with ponies! Simple game. http://futzi01.devia...Siege-321540151 Applejack is OP.
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