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  1. Wow... So much has changed in a few years. Like brain cells! I think the ones in charge of remember the minecraft information vanished off to somewhere. Don't suppose I'd be able to hop back onto the server again? Kind of curious to see how much has changed
  2. I can't believe I remembered my password XD

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      Well, hello there Mr. Clown Bike.

    2. Chonico


      By Celestia's flowing beard! Mr. Freewings! Say did Mr. Clown Bike ever start selling those crickets? XD

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  3. PING*** :P barn contract...

  4. Too soon, Klondike was already lost to the world, and back into his work. The hardhat had been replaced to its rightful place on top of his head and his hammer lay within reach across the stud he was measuring. [colour=#9900ff]Measure, mark, and measure again... measure, mark, and measure again...[/colour] Went the mantra inside his head as he moved about his work. Once he was done measuring and marking, it would only a simple matter of taking the other studs and alining one end against the measured marks, forming a nice "T" with the marked stud and... WHAM, strike a nail in place to hold it there. A simple enough task, to be sure. And yet, even while still measuring and marking, the odd repair pony wore a truly content smile across his face. The prior even of him dangling from the roof was so far gone out of his mind, that some ponies could say it happened a weeks ago. His right ear though, on the other hoof, had not stopped twitching and was now firmly aimed at the space above his head like a searchlight. And slowly but surely, it was starting to gain some literal pull as Klondike's head slowly raised up from his task and began to aim itself up. It took a bit for the rest of him to snap out of his work as the pencil in his lips still moved about, as if trying to mark the empty air in front of him with the measurement he just took. Eventually though, that came to a stop and he blinked, trying to figure out what was going on. [colour=#ff0000]"I think this side is ready. Can we raise this end yet? If so, we're gonna need everypony pullin' it up."[/colour] Klondike cocked his head a bit while still looking up. [colour=#9900ff]That voice came from somewhere... but where?[/colour] He looked off to his side and noticed that Big Mac was working on his own thing. [colour=#9900ff]No, not him...[/colour] He then looked off to his other side and noticed Mojo a bit away, also working on his own thing. [colour=#9900ff]Nope, not him either...[/colour] He paused for a bit, certain he ran out of options as to the owner of the voice... At least until his eyebrows lifted in recognition. [colour=#000066]"Oh right... Miss Applejack!"[/colour] He turned to spot her looking up at the sky, and he trotted off to join her. [colour=#000066]"Raise this end of what yet, Miss Applejack?"[/colour] [colour=#ff0000]"What in tarnation was that all about?"[/colour] A small hint of confusion made itself evident as he stopped and stood next to her, following her gaze. What greeted him when he looked up, was nothing but empty sky. [colour=#000066]"Umm... this end of the sky?"[/colour] He asked her hesitantly as he looked away from the empty sky and looked back at the hammer he had left behind near the stud. He knew he brought other tools, but... [colour=#000066]"I-I don't think I brought the right tools for that, Miss Applejack."[/colour] However, as he turned back to look at her, a cheesy grin spread across his face. [colour=#000066]"Although for you, I'll gladly make the effort and bring the stars to shine down just for you."[/colour] He gave himself as small pause as he said this, and then brought up a hoof to his chin as he sat down and his right ear began to twitch. "[colour=#000066]Oh, I should write that one down. Maybe I can use that at some point instead of fumbling around looking silly... Not sure how to go about the sky thing. Maybe I can build some kind of tower or... well wait, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna might not like me stealing things from their sky, or messing with it. Technically would be borrowing them. Maybe I can ask them to-"[/colour] And just like that, Klondike disappeared into his thoughts, trying to figure out the logistics of some convoluted, and likely impossible plan to raise one end of the sky. [[OOC - Again, would like to apologize for delay. The holidays were a beast.]]
  5. It was rather unclear how he managed to move the beam into its proper place, or for that matter, how he managed to get up into the beams of the roof. But if anything was clear, it was that this repair pony meant business. By the time ponies began making their way into the barn, the support beam had already been moved into place and Klondike was up on one of the roof beams doing a balancing on his hooves act as he secured it into its proper place to hold up the roof of the barn. *bang* Came the sound as Klondike swung the hammer in his mouth and struck home the final nail into the brace that would hold the beam in place. He slightly wobbled as the force transferred into his precariously balanced self. Yet, with a satisfied smile, as much as the hammer would allow that is, he raised a foreleg and wiped his brow right underneath his hardhat as he studied his work. [colour=#000066]"Fey!"[/colour] He suddenly addressed the ponies down below as he smiled down at them and waved his other foreleg at them, immediately causing right ear to twitch furiously. [colour=#000066]"Home on shlowpokes! Chime's a wasthing!" [/colour] Even if he had yet to notice what he had just done, gravity sure hadn't let that one slip. And as soon as he lowered his hoof back onto the beam, gravity decided to pull a mean prank, and his hoof completely missed the beam. [colour=#000066]"Oh ponyf-"[/colour] The blue repair pony tilted off the side and down he went. His hard hat hit the ground with a resounding clatter... but nothing else. Not even 4 feet from the beam, the dangling upside form of Klondike swung lazily in mid air. A section of rope was tied to his mid-section and the other end was tied securely to the beam. There was a slight shocked vacant expression on his face as he still gripped the hammer in his mouth and looked at nothing in particular, blinking once or twice. His right ear was still twitching with a slight lackluster as he looked straight down and then looked up at the rope that held him in place. He looked at it for a few seconds before looking back down and, making sure nopony was in the way, let go of the hammer and watched it drop and land straight into his upside down hardhat. He couldn't help but let out a slight sigh. The section of rope he had borrowed from Applejack had done its job. [colour=#000066]"Hah, almost made that lifetime warranty invalid. That would have been bBBBBAAAAUUUURRRPPPPP!" [/colour] Klondike's hooves suddenly flew to his mouth as he let out a resounding belch, his face suddenly taking on a crimson colour as his embarrassment mixed with his dark blue coat. Apparently the rope had also done the job of a Heimlich maneuver, almost costing him his lunch. Embarrassment still clearly etched on his face, he removed his hooves from his mouth and cleared his throat in the most upside down dignified manner he could muster... and then began to waggle his hooves around. After a few tries, his right hind leg caught the rope and with more wiggling and grunting efforts, he managed to twist himself around and up until he was able to grab the rope in his mouth. He would later decide that the particular taste was rather unwelcome. Now though, rope in mouth and hooves holding on even tighter, he began shimming up the rope like a caterpillar. Once on the beam, he loosened the tied end of the rope to the beam, enough to drag with him, and walked towards the end of it. At the end of the beam, he carefully dangled and worked his way onto the support beam that was holding that end of it. He then shimmied down this beam and quietly landed on the ground, went over to pick up his hammer and hardhat, and then began to place pieces of wood into position to help Big Macintosh build the second floor. The whole time his face was still that crimson colour. But it was hard to tell if it was due to his lingering embarrassment, or because he was upside down for so long dangling from the ceiling like a pony piñata. His ears though were laying flat against his head. Well, his left ear any way. The right ear was still slightly twitching.
  6. It as on the Atari, I don't remember the names seeing as i was like 4 or so at the time, but it was like Asteroids. Actually, might have been Asteroids, not sure. I remember more fondly playing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunter.
  7. Klondike got up from his spot and simply smiled at Granny Smith before he began to make his way towards the door. [colour=#ff0000]"Wow, Klondike, that sure is a perty song. You sing that about you special somepony?" [/colour] He stopped and looked at Applejack with a very slight hint of confusion on his face. It only lasted a second before his content smile returned and he spoke up. [colour=#000066]“No, my teacher sung that all the time while teaching me about carpentry.”[/colour] He answered as he cocked his head a bit to the side as if recalling something then shook his head and continued to smile.[colour=#000066] “I don’t have somepony special, though I have been in Ponyville for over a year now.”[/colour] Klondike suddenly stopped walking as he brought up a hoof to tap on his chin and glanced at Applejack. His right ear had begun to twitch furiously. [colour=#000066]“Although there have been lot of pretty mares that come to my repair shop for my repair services… present company included of course.”[/colour] He said with a smile that quickly vanished as another thought over took the prior one. [colour=#000066]“It’s just that…”[/colour] Klondike suddenly lowered his voice as his eyes looked from side to side before he looked Applejack in the eyes and approached her. He leaned in close to whisper in her ear. [colour=#000066]“Miss Applejack…”[/colour] His tone took on the air of somepony who was about to reveal all the mysteries of the universe. [colour=#000066]“You should know that I…”[/colour] He paused and looked around before continuing. [colour=#000066]“That I… have a huge problem with being horribly absentminded…”[/colour] Klondike pulled back from his whisper and looked at her with a clear hint of worry on his expression. Clearly some universal mysteries were not all that mysterious. [colour=#000066]“It’s only for certain things… well, no, it’s for everything and not many mares, well… a lot more than many… 80%? 92-ish%? Well, point is that not a whole lot of mares find that appealing.”[/colour] His hoof idly scrapped at the floor. [colour=#000066]“Gets worse if I’m hungry or tired, heh…”[/colour] His hoof continued to scrap at the floor before it suddenly stopped and his content smile returned again. [colour=#000066]“But I'm working towards trying to overcome that... AND, when I’m fixing, or repairing something, rest assured that that’s the only thing on my mind… unfortunately. Don’t know why that is… But I take great pride in my job and rest assured I will do my best to finish the job you hired me for!”[/colour] With sudden renewed vigor, Klondike trotted out the cottage doors and went towards the barn. [colour=#000066]“Yes Miss Applejack! So much pride that all my repairs are guaranteed for a lifetime!”[/colour] He suddenly stopped half-trot and brought a hoof to his chin as his right ear continued twitching. [colour=#000066]“I guess though, not very clear if that means MY lifetime or the customer’s…”[/colour] Klondike brought his hoof down and took one quick glance at the barn before he continued trotting towards it. [colour=#000066]“Well, no sense worrying about that! We got ourselves a barn to finish up!”[/colour] His speed increase a little as he went through the open barn doors, disappeared for a second, and then his head popped out one of the open doors. [colour=#000066]“And to finish up, we just need the support beam put up and secured, rebuild the second landing and put some flooring on it, finish putting up the wall panels, and clean up.”[/colour] His head disappeared and reappeared again with the rope from before in his teeth. [colour=#000066]“I gof da bean, you ponies eath cake a cask and I’ll come health when I’m gone!”[/colour] ((Rope in mouth interpretation – I got the beam, you ponies each take a task and I’ll come help when I’m done.))
  8. Klondike lightly tapped his hooves on the table to the beat of the song from the Pinto pony, only stopping for a sec to hoof his cleared plate to Granny Smith before grabbing a much smaller helping of food to seal the deal. And, true to Applejack's word, the food hit his tummy heavenly. No longer fighting different fronts, his stomach now appeased, Klondike began to feel it become easier to focus on things. Well, as mush as an absentminded pony like him could anyways. As he tapped along, his thoughts swam with ideas of how to tackle the reminder of the task of repairing the Apple Family barn. As the song finished, he stomped his hooves and smiled as he began to dig into his food again... And stopped to listen enthralled as Applejack sung her song. Again when the song was finished, he stomped his hooves and smiled contently at the farm pony. As soon as he finished his last helping of food, he smiled at his employer and cleared his throat. [colour=#000066]"Good food and music, help relax and work fast."[/colour] He said contently with a smile. [colour=#000066]"Speaking of which..."[/colour] Klondike cleared his throat again as his hind leg began to tap out a rhythm, similar to that of a hammer on wood. [colour=#0066cc]Well it's not the hours of watch on watch,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]And its not the work that I mind so much. Or the long cold miles from my lover's touch,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]though for sure she's far away.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]No stranger I to the touch of steel, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]nor the honest fear any pony can feel. But I long for dust under my hooves, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]and a pocket full of bits.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]So I'll take it from day to day. The pack-ice round us cracks and groans, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]the old St. Roch, she creaks and moans. The icy fog is in my bones,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]and the ache wont go away.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]Back home I be its warm and fair,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]an embrace of love so true and rare.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]But it's long cold miles to her out there,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]so I guess I'll have to stay.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]And just take it from day to day We're as far north now as I want to come, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]but Shiver's got us under his rump. And I signed up for the whole run, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]I can't get off halfway.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]But when I get back onto the shore, [/colour] [colour=#0066cc]I'm going south where it stays warm. And there'll be somepony whom I love,[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]who doesn't wants bits, but just my heart.[/colour] [colour=#0066cc]So I'll take it from day to day.[/colour] Klondike stopped tapping his hind leg and put on a content smile. [colour=#000066]"Well, I don't know about you ponies..."[/colour] He suddenly stretched a bit and caused cornucopia of pops and snaps to sound out loud. [colour=#000066]"But I'm ready to get your barn finished. Miss Applejack, Ms. Granny Smith, Mr. Big Machintosh... thank you for the meal."[/colour]
  9. Klondike’s head emerged from underneath the table at the sudden outburst from Applejack. [colour=red]"I mean, no, that panel is supposed to make that noise. Yup. It's supposed to make that noise to produce a country-ee homey-ee type feeling. Ee."[/colour] He listened to her explanation with a raised eyebrow. The squeaking noise had not stopped seeing as he was still pushing on the specific board with his hoof. He was starting to squeak out a tune with it as he smiled at the orange pony and accepted defeat. [colour=#000066]“I suppose I can’t fix something if it isn’t broken…”[/colour] He commented as he crawled from under the table and took his seat again. His hoof continued to idly press on the board every few seconds as he continued to wear his smile and began to talk to nopony in particular. [colour=#000066]“Guess one thing at a time, or day for that matter… Plus, the barn still has plenty of work left for me to have fun with and I suppose I should get those jobs back at my shop out of the way before I tackle any new ones…”[/colour] Klondike paused for a second as he pondered and tackled a thought in his head while idly tapping a hoof to his chin… and still idly pushing on the board to make it squeak. [colour=#000066]“I suppose if I were to add this to the job queue, if it were broken, the squeaky floor board would be number… 24? No, right, still have that carriage wheel for that one flower shop. Came in right before I left today, hmm… Won’t be able to get to that till late tomorrow evening… unless that taffy machine from that one cupcake shop keeps trying to take off like a helicopter instead of making taffy…”[/colour] The repair pony finally went quiet as his right ear twitched and his vision migrated towards his plate in front of him. It still had a big helping of hay, and without him realizing it, his hoof had been idly adding things like apples, sandwiches, and more hay to it. That could only mean one thing. [colour=#000066]“Hmm, suppose if I were to try and fix the non-broken squeaky floorboard, I wouldn’t get to it till the day after tomorrow. Too much on my plate…”[/colour] He suddenly smiled to himself as he continued to look at his plate. [colour=#000066]“Well, THAT I can fix!”[/colour] He suddenly proclaimed in a merry tone as he began to dig into his food again. [colour=#000066]“Mmm, yes, [/colour][colour=#0000ff]*munch munch gulp*[/colour][colour=#000066] so much easier to focus with a full belly”[/colour] Within minutes, Klondike’s plate was nearly empty, hinting that his absentminded hoof was more in-tune to how hungry he was. A content smile on his face had taken up residence and showed no signs of leaving… At least until his right ear twitched and he looked up from his plate towards Applejack. [colour=#000066]“Oh! Right! The twitching ear is just some part of my absentminded brain trying to get me to pay attention before another pudding machine explodes.”[/colour] He said with a thoughtful look on his face. [colour=#000066]“Although I hardly ever pay attention to it… work tends to make me lose sight of a few things, heh.”[/colour] Without waiting for further inquiries, the repair pony suddenly turned to Mojo as he picked up an apple to take a bite out of it. [colour=#000066]“Say Mr. Mojo, do you know any sea shanties? Used to hear those so often when I did my carpentry apprenticeship at the docks of Hoofington. But...”[/colour] He paused as he tapped the apple on his hoof to his chin. [colour=#000066]“Can you play sea shanties on a guitar?”[/colour]
  10. Wow... I finally got back on the server and fixed my house and finished to many tunnels and... *sigh* When is there a mod on usually? I'd like to request a wee small favour.
  11. Okay, I know I can find the Trading Cards at Target. But for the past month, I have not been able to find them at any of the Target's here in my town. Has anypony seen them at any other store?
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