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  1. "Does society still stand?" Debatable. "Have we built a magnetic accelerator cannon on the moon yet?" Ughhhhhhhh, it's nearly finished! STOP RUSHING ME! "HOW MANY MEN DID YOU HAVE TO KILL? How many women!? How many...... children???" None. I have people to do that for me. "AND HOW MANY WOMEN DID YOU SEDUCE? HOW MANY MEN?? HOW MANY........ a-animals???" A whopping zero to all of those. "AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT DID YOU GET ME AS A SOUVENIR??? >:I" Uhhhhhh, I got you.... *roots around the back of the sofa* ... this? Neat. I'll be there when I can. Hi!
  2. Woah there! Seriously though, good to see ya buddy. Oh hai there.
  3. *drags self into Canterlot* Ahh, after 5 long years I have returned. Oh, I need to fill out a form to get in. Let's see.... Name: Bacon (Formerly Diego Havoc) Age: Some Gender: Varies Reason for visit: Fawkes and Angie told me to. Sup y'all? Just checking in, not staying long. How are things in ponyland? Got your Christmas shopping done yet? How's the weather where you are? What are y'all watching/listening to right now?
  4. ....................................................... Can someone point me to the announcement where this happened? Because I litterally didn't even know until I read "Spitfire (T2) and Soarin (T2) are available for applications. Please PM applications to Diomedes and Manestream." in the Codex, which was after I submitted. Also, I submitted to Mane and Helix, so why wasn't my app forwarded on? Gods this pisses me off.
  5. I applied for both Twilight and Celestia and had similar situations while I was apping, so I understand how you feel. Didn't even get a prompt for Celestia though. I guess I just wasn't that good.
  6. Elixir would be president of the science club. Big on chemisty. He'd be the kinda guy who always wears a shirt and tie no matter what, just because he likes the style.
  7. I just saw it. I loved it! Sure, it had it's problems and plot holes, but on the whole I thought it was very well done and entertaining. The jokes, the "look it's that character!" moments (Diamond Tiara and Lyra and Derpy were there! That's all I care about!) Oh but I gotta say:
  8. Hey all, anyone going to Bronycon this year? I've just booked my tickets and am now looking at hotels in Baltimore! I'm dead excited. Last year was absolutely fantastic. Sadly, most of the friends I met there won't be coming this year, but I'm sure I'll make more. Would be nice to know if anyone I know from here is going too. I'm going to be cosplaying as King Sombra.
  9. I'm in England. I think the times you posted would be 6pm-9pm for me, which is doable.
  10. Yeah, this is the problem. Still, if we can manage it, I'm sure it would be fun. Just out of curiosity then, if were were to do this, what kind of day/time would be best for people? I think a Saturday or Sunday would work best (no school/work for most) but we have to be aware of timezone differences and such.
  11. BaconofChaos

    It's over

    It ain't over 'til the fat pony sings! So yeah, unless Mrs. Cake or Snips get their own song, this series will live on. More seriously though, Twilight has a long way to go; she's most certainly not the exemplar of perfection that Celestia believes her to be. Part of the reason I initially disliked Princess Twilight was that her ascension felt like it came too soon. It's not that I don't want her to be a Princess or an alicorn- I'm fine with that- it's more that Twilight still feels young and inexperienced to me. I think a big part of season 4 is going to be Twilight learning and dealing with her new form/responsibilites. And that is something I look forward to. Chin up, Mojo. There's more good stuff to come.
  12. Hahaha! This was a fun game. Unfortunately, I can't see StarStorm's pictures, which is a shame, 'cos I wanted to see the pictures that came before mine. Anyway, Accelerant's pictures were great, and I really liked Davroth's too. Kudos to the line writers for really helping to push this game in interesting directions (SparkleHeart's "Spike is so manly it's downright terrifying." got a good laugh from me!) And well done to Weesh for running two simultaneous games! I was a little surprised that both the lines I got involved Spike. I was wondering if both games' original lines were about Spike.
  13. Only just got around to reading it (stupid slow comic shop) and I enjoyed it. Not as much as previous issues, perhaps, but still good. The art was top-notch, as always, no one was out of character (IMO) and I could even overlook the random season 1 Luna. Yes, it was mostly just lead up to the rest of the story arc, but I felt it was entertaining on it's own.
  14. Congrats, Phil! I hope you have as much fun playing Lyra as I did. In case you're interested, my RPs with her are in my log, if you want to see what she's been getting up to, or whatever. If not, that's cool. Make her your own.
  15. You guuuuuuys! You need to post in the old thread when the new one goes up! I had the thread subscribed for that very purpose! Put me in slot 12 please!
  16. As I understand it, it started when someone decided they wanted to see Rarity vs. a giant crab, so they commissioned a whole bunch of artists to draw it.
  17. I've got a couple of friends who love it. I've watched 3 episodes (the first two, plus another later on in the series that was reccommended to me) and... ehh. I don't know. Some bits are really good and some are really bad. Like, I'll be laughing out loud at the jokes one minute, and cringing at the horribleness in the next. Good music though (Daniel Ingram, don'tcha know?). Give it a try yourself, just be aware that you might need to watch a few episodes before you get a feel for it.
  18. More Celestia and Luna. More Celestia and Luna. More Celestia and Luna. More Celestia and Luna. More Celestia and Luna. More Celestia and Luna. More Derpy. More Celestia and Luna.
  19. Hmm. Yeah, a third re-read reveals that I am perhaps looking too hard for a moral. I still think the point about trying different solutions is valid. Both of these on the same page. Oh, Dash. XD Anyway, I think I'll say that I still really enjoyed the comic, despite what flaws it had.
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