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  1. gime all da hugz also ill be sure to post here if I ever get around to drawin aqua drop or any other pones i've kinda fallen out with watching the show for the last like... however many seasons, last time i was consecutively watching the show is the big episode when twilight got both princesses magic to safekeep it? that big season finale. I've watched episodes here and there but i'm just not liking the writing like I used to anymore :C plus i'm in other fandom communities so mlp ended up falling to the wayside hope peepl have been doing well! o/
  2. came back from the beyond to scream SEAPONIES aka hippocampi interested to see their designs, cause then I'd have an excuse to draw a show/movie-canon Aqua Drop after so long don't mind me
  3. Kudalyn


    doodles~ things I don't think look quite as good as the others, or are WIPs
  4. Kudalyn

    Midnight City

    My style always gives the ponies awkwardly long legs - I just kinda like how it looks. Plus, I specifically gave R (one on the right) even longer legs - in the movie he's taller than the heroine by a good amount, so I just gave his pony design even longer legs.
  5. He doesn't have a 'name' yet, since he's just a design I made up for a friend who hasn't named him yet. I don't think he'd get a name past my friend's screen name, which I won't share here, sorry! Thank you though!
  6. Kudalyn


    ahhahahahaha why do you hate wheatley?
  7. He's happy about it, but embarrassed too. He's not into MLP but tries to keep up with the shows so he knows what I like and stuff.
  8. Kudalyn

    Berry Tin

    I sometimes do, but I'm not right at the moment. I have things to do before I open them up.
  9. Boopin'

    1. MyLittlePonyTales
    2. Tenkan


      Aha! I knew that Tumblr post would be useful. Welcome back!

  10. Kudalyn

    Art from Others

    Art I've received from others!
  11. Kudalyn

    Art for Others

    Art I've done for other ponies, whether it's a commission, gift, or other!
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