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  1. I actually kind of didn't like this (or these) episode(s). I don't know why i just really didn't like it. To be honest, this is probably my least favorite episode. I thought it had to much info to fast (Like what my first impression on Shining Armour(If you had a brother all this time that you absolutly LOVE then why wait till a sudden time to release such info)). And I really didn't like the lack of lines for the enemy (Night-Mare Moon and Discord had plenty of lines and played a big role in their episodes). I felt like something was corrupt in this episode. ALL THE APPLES. all the apples, but one
  2. [colour=#333333]01000110100101100100[/colour] [colour=#333333]i still dont know what it means[/colour]
  3. Im just going to assume (because I cant see your picture) that picture was julianne moore Clue premeires on monday BTW
  4. making the walking animation IS torcher ;_; i will never attempt again
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