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  1. well i have work Saturday for the new mlp season 7 premier which means i will miss it after its aired in its glorious HD upload, but id like to watch a live streaming of it on discover family channel. does anyone know a direct stream for the site on Saturday uk time for the premier of season 7, i dont start work till 2 and would love to watch it before then cheers
  2. mines been hidden for at least 4 years now, if i released it, it would probably destroy me
  3. each to their own dude, sorry that you feel that way about it though, the film though is rather good, it seems like alot of hard work has been put into it an credit is due
  4. aint it bro, so odd people hating somthing so stunningly beautifull, this is one of my fave fan fics ever, it touched my heart, people are so butt hurt at times
  5. after so many years that ive waited for this, its finally here, this is an old topic that i posted when i first joined canterlot, the feels are strong here but alas, its my little dashie the movie, tho i would have wished more for zenomorphs video but that was cancelled due to an unfortunate circumstances, though this new guy brings its justice at incredible feels level SO HERE IT IS ! please prepare your tear ducts for this whopping 27 minutes long movie
  6. anyone else still has not seen it yet an is waiting for the glorious but patient super high 720 HD version ? cause im sure as heck am
  7. thats what i thought bro, and i still cant play that game, the hub website sucks
  8. there is no way to sign up, because i want to comment stuff along with the other fellow people of it
  9. Has anyone tried that new my little pony adventure game 2 on the hubs website and been able to get it to actually load up, my screens just black an i also have the latest install of Macromedia flash ect.. an also another silly question.. how does one sign up to Equestria Daily because i have no idea either....? Mods and Admins please delete this once or close it once i have my answer questions if thats alright many thanks everypony http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/9734/mfwa.png
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