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  1. Its also worth mentioning that it isn't hard to make MLD not so creepy. He keeps her hidden for some time, probably not years, and then one day Dash is seen flying by some lady. The lady finds out about the situation some stuff happens the guy realizes that he can't protect Dash from all the bad things in the world and still have her be happy so he gives her more freedom. There is probably some big event where Dash is revealed to the world then the other ponies come get her and erase the memories of everybody who saw her or she lives on in this world as some sort of celebrity. Its pretty by the books kid movie but definitely would be a step above creepy loner keeps a child hidden away.
  2. The story relies solely on the idea that the reader is going to just go ahead and implant himself on the nameless personalityless protagonist. There is no real story, no characters and no arc. If you removed the pony aspect nobody would think this story was worth anything. Heck, if you changed Rainbow Dash from a pony to a human then its the story of a man keeping a child isolated her entire life. It would be a horrifying tale of child abuse
  3. I kind of like Sombra. I've always had a weakness for enemies who are nothing more then a powerful force of nature Giygas from Earthbound is one of my favorite enemies and you don't even get dialogue from him until the final battle.
  4. elsporko


    After a story on NPR where they discussed AI and Cleverbot I decided to give it a try again. Almost immediately Cleverbot got incredibly aggressive with me and the entire conversation was one long argument. Then we talked about ponies. She said Rainbow Dash is the best pony. Then she said Pinkie Pie is the best Digimon, which started another argument.
  5. I think going to a fancy event without intention of enjoying but because you think you can make some quick cash is a terrible reason to attend. Its just as selfish as any of the other reasons.
  6. I wish I had one so I could play Metal Gear Solid 4 again
  7. We don't have more zebras because making multiple characters talk like that would drive the writer insane
  8. I guess when Celestia said Twilight created new magic she was lying for no reason. Starswirl might have made a time spell but did he create time magic? We know their are other kinds of time magic other then Starswirl's since there are aging spells that seem like they would be considered time magic. It appears that once you master your talent you become an Alicorn. Not all Alicorn's are the same power level. Cadence only seems to have the love magic. Twilight is able to use all kinds of magic. Luna has magic based around the night. Celestia seems to be like Twilight in that she has some variety but less then Twilight.
  9. True. I think it was definitely originally just a TV movie that got a theater run to make some easy cash. I think a big difference in opinion is how much you paid for it.
  10. I think people who say Princess Twilight is a Mary Sue either don't know what a Mary Sue is or don't understand Twilight's character. A character who works hard to overcome her flaws and is rewarded is not a Mary Sue. What game are you playing where a level five adventurer is able to create a kind of magic never down before and masters her field of expertise?
  11. Its more interesting as a character inspection for Twilight Sparkle more then anything else. The basic story is like that of the first two episodes but rather then needing to learn about friendship Twilight takes what she has learned in the last three seasons to teach others about friendship. It also touches on what Twilight's future is going to be like, physical changes, having to take on new things she isn't familiar with, having to be independent. Looking at it like this makes the movie more interesting then what it is on its own. That said its no worst then the average episode and the song was sure catchy.
  12. The Flim and Flam episode didn't know if it wanted to be a John Henry take or a message about quality over quantity so it ended up being neither and has the huge plot hole where everybody forgot what the actual bet was and decided the Apples lost their farm for no reason.
  13. I would take a wild guess and say the person who used the elements for an extended time and then taught a person could be the result of that person knowing about the elements and their powers.
  14. You know what bugs me about Pinkie Pie? She has an episode where she learns a lesson about not being all crazy and annoying but then the next episode she acts the same way as she did before. All the characters lose their development if an episode isn't about them, but Pinkie Pie is the worst offender.
  15. I think Derpy's voice after The Last Roundup was edited is way better then her original voice.
  16. A plothole is a contradiction of facts established by the story. If you are using a definition that is basically "If I don't like how something happened it is a plot hole" then I guess that is why this movie, and probably every other movie, is full of plot holes. The crown looks enough alike that everybody thinks it is the same crown. Twilight bringing the fake one with her could have been something she tried but she chose not to. Choosing a different course of action then what one viewer would have done is not a plot hole. Faking emails and texts is not a plot hole. We are not given a reason to think this universe jumping magical creature that has the ability to manipulate hundreds of people and has world domination plans doesn't know how to do this. In fact we are given evidence she does know how to do this as she does it. All the characters act contrary to their elements at times. Rainbow Dash moreso then the others. Just because Sunset Simmer knows stuff, that doesn't make it a plothole. We are kept in the dark of how she found out about it but apparently she has some sort of method. Plus did she actually say she knew what it would do? I thought it was all based on theory
  17. I was wondering if they were going to try to just do epic stories. I wouldn't think that would end up working well
  18. Its not headcannon, its something brought up in the movie. Twilight tells Spike the reason she didn't tell Principal Celestia it was her crown was because her story is crazy and without proof. Bringing the crown would have been smart but in the end wouldn't have made a difference. It would be like if somebody walked up to you with a jacket that looks like yours and said "Hey, you actually have my jacket even though I have no proof and you have no reason to trust me, lets trade." It would look sketchy. Have you ever met a teenage girl? If there is anybody willing to hold a grudge over a social slight it is them. Even if you don't buy the plot point it isn't a plot hole because the story is consistent on this point. Its possible to fake texts and emails. One might question why Sunset Simmer would bother but she also plans on taking over a country with a group of teenagers, so it would appear that she is good at executing plans, but not the best at creating them. Not a plot hole, just a character being dumb
  19. Not being good at her new body at a point where the plot later shows her not being good at her new body later on is not a plot hole. Not bringing a useless crown on a mission where she has no reason to believe it would be useful, nor are we even shown a reason for it to be useful, is not a plot hole. If Twilight brought the other crown at most it would create an opportunity for her to say "I have a crown that looks like that crown" with no reason to exchange them or make anybody believe the crown the school has is her crown. I am not sure what your gossip related plot hole is since the movie acknowledges that the characters never addressed the issues they had with each other, meaning there is an explanation for their actions. Not throwing the crown into the portal is easily explained, in the heat of the moment people react fast and don't always do the best thing. Why when you were ten did you not make a three point shot at the school basketball game to win? Apparently its easy to know what to do and then do it after all. A character sucking at something is not a plot hole.
  20. A plot hole is something that goes against what is established by the story. Being only okay with using hands is not a plothole. A person can somewhat acquire a skill but not master it immediately. If I super concentrate I can write somewhatlegibility with my non-dominate hand but if I lapse in my concentration I will quickly lose what little legibility I have with it. It was not established that Twilight had mastered her new form she only had for a few hours so being incompetent in it is not a plot hole or much of a plot inconsistency really.
  21. Rainbow Dash is everybody's first favorite pony
  22. You mentioned plot holes but I don't feel you really described any, as in the plot contradicted itself. There is stuff that characters do that isn't the most sensible in hind sight, but that isn't a plot hole
  23. Equestria Girls is basically a Friendship is Magic movie. It fits in with Friendship is Magic in tone, themes and fills in part of the overall plot of the series. Its no different then if a movie was made out of any of the two parters.
  24. This program appears to have some sort of bug. I've noticed that some lists don't end with Twist. That can't be right.
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