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    Gaming of all sorts, reading, running, films.
    When it comes to films and literature I tend to go for SF and fantasy. I like new ideas and twists on things, new ideas about civilisations and how people and societies respond to things. Some examples, I really enjoy Shadowrun due to the backstory, build up and responses to magic and fantastical creatures as well as integration of them and advancing technology. I liked the way magic and interestingly money is handled in the novel 'Name of the Wind', it just seemed such a natural evolution of currency...

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  1. Curiosity licked his lips again, nervousness creeping across him relentlessly. How was he going to do this? There was no way he could match the kiss Trixie gave her! He felt himself blushing as the bits came out of the bag and he levitated them toward the stand. As he tried to control his racing thoughts he was saved by the return of the red bowed filly. The poor thing collapsed behind her sister after dragging a heavy box forward, Applejack turned to help with it and as she turned to face him again Curiosity darted his head forward delivering a quick peck on her cheek. Without waiting, and with a reddening face, he trotted off as quickly as possible toward the back of the queue. After a few steps he screeched to a halt, kicking up tiny clouds of dust then turned and slinked back toward Applejack. Standing in front of her again he squeaked, "I for...", then louder, "I forgot my apples."
  2. Alicorn of music! Or anti-parasprite Alicorn?
  3. Hmm, looks to me like a corrupted pegasus, with some kind of mind control going on. Has what looks like crystal deposits on the outside of her (?) limbs, including wings although interestingly small pieces that also look as if they are coming from within higher up on her limbs and her forehead. Dark magic seems apparent in the Sombra-esque mist coming from her eyes but an unwilling, and still aware likely, mind remains because of her tears. So physical control bought about by the crystals or mental control and then bad memories when the control is relaxed? Of course, entirely speculation.
  4. With the Scream Fortress going on now, schedule a spooky server?
  5. As Applejack made a little small-talk before moving smoothly into business talk, Curiosity began to relax. If a pony such as this could be calm about royalty he would try to be as well. "It is a very nice hat miss Applejack, I do not see that style very often myself so it is ni...good to see it here.", he smiled before continuing, "If you would provide half of each that would be wonderful." He dropped his gaze again, clearing his throat, "I, um, I do not work at the dam although maybe one day! I... I am just visiting for the experience. It is reassuring to hear that they are so highly thought of though... Um, so, uh, five bits for the bushel will be fine. I have it right here too." Curiosity reached into his saddlebags for the petty cash with his magic and licked his lips nervously.
  6. The cries of 'SERIOUSLY' and 'Jumpin Gee-HAUS-A-FAT' from around him certainly were not helping his thoughts and it took another few moments for Curiosity to realise that the orange mare, Applejack, was waving in front of his face and saying something. A few moments too long it seemed as she grabbed his face. "What can I git ya? How many bushels? I'll pick out a special kind if you can't decide." "That is to...", he said again, trying and failing to drop his head now that it was held. He swallowed as it occurred to him that the need for polite stalling phrases was long passed and he was simply being rude by not focussing his attention on somepony right in front of him. "I would like a bushel of Pink Lady apples please Appl-miss Applejack, or the Cameo variety if you have those," Curiosity kept his eyes fixed on Applejack's forehead as he spoke to ensure he was not distracted by the ponies around him or by how her hat seemed to have a nock taken out of the rim or how the direction of her mane spilling from under that hat drew his gaze back toward her eyes. "F-for the ponies at the dam, if you know them, the hydro-electric dam I mean-because that is where...", he closed his eyes briefly before finishing, "One bushel. Please. And that is enough."
  7. In the past I have had attention drawn to this kind of thing via brony sites, with the idea that it seemed to be happening more often, but obviously it happens a lot, with or without, before and after the shows (latest) creation. Kindness, in the media It may be that 'good news doesn't sell' or a slow news day but thoughts on random acts of kindness, brony related or not, media reported or not.
  8. As Curiosity was desperately trying to tear his eyes away from the public display of affection in front of him and not appear to be so obviously from a sheltered background, a large opaque bubble appeared around the Princess and the two kissing ponies. His instant reaction was to blush furiously and glance around guiltily assuming that his blatant ogling of the pair had caused an outraged pony to shelter them, because truly how much more of a Canterlot snob could he be right now? Luckily, before that train of thought fully took control, the Princess' guard shouted for her then started ramming heavily into the shield. That was worse than any hoof in the mouth! He danced from one hoof to the other in a panic as the seconds ticked by and the guard continued to batter ineffectually at the barrier. Ohmigosh, what should he do? Should he try to help and risk causing more harm? What could he do anyway as he was not long out of high school and he had not even decided on what direction he was going to follow himself? While Curiosity was dithering and berating himself for obviously not being soldier material the barrier disappeared with a pop and the diving guard was stopped with a second bubble of the same colour. The blue unicorn mare that was, it now appeared, the cause of this magical fuss finished a tirade that had previously been hidden and turned with a sly smile, making scandalous accusations against the Princess and her guard! Princess Twilight Sparkle graciously took the time to ensure that her guard was unharmed and to thank the ponies who had gathered at the stall while the blue mare, he recalled someone muttering Trixie, trotted away with her apples. There was another purple flash and the Princess with her guard teleported after her. Raising his head from a bow, Curiosity could not help but crane his neck in an attempt to overhear the exchange between the Royal mare and the smaller unicorn but a combination of distance and obscuring mist drowned out any sound. He did notice a second flash followed by a puff of smoke and thought he saw the arrogant unicorn running away as the Princess sadly shook her head. That the Princess would feel sorry for the attitude of one such as this Trixie surely was a mark of her royal nature. '...I'm thinking you want some apples.' 'Thank you...', Curiosity subconsciously replied as his mind called back what his ears had heard while he was distracted. Curses! The griffon had left while he was staring after the Princess. That would teach him not to trawl after gossip. 'Watcha need... big and strong stallion...', that was certainly an odd thing for the red bowed filly to say! Perhaps youngsters grew up quickly in smaller settlements like these and he supposed he was older than her so she could be forgiven. '...that is very sweet of you to say miss...', he continued, still half on auto-pilot as his vision caught up and he found himself gazing into field green eyes level with his own rather than the expected, and socially safer, top of a bow. He blinked twice and made a conscious effort to keep his jaw from dropping as he realised he was looking at the golden maned earth pony that he had previously seen kissing Trixie. This was who he was going to kiss? He nervously dropped his gaze from her deep emerald eyes and mentally cursed as he found himself wondering why musculature gained from work looked so very different from that formed in a Canterlot gym. 'That is to say...', no subconscious response would suffice this time. He stared at the floor now, scuffing one hoof as he tried again. Raising his head to speak... PRINCESS CELESTIA! A tall white Alacorn stood towards the rear of the queue, serene face haloed by the warm colours of a summer dawn. Her alabaster coat looked immaculate as she stood there, on a dusty country path, like the glorious sun bringing light, warmth and life to all. Wait...Princess Celestia herself. Princess Twilight, the element of magic, shown in stained glass at Canterlot castle with her friends and other elements, including an orange coated, golden maned pony with three apples for... He was going to kiss the element of honesty on a dirt track leading to a farm in a village where he was doing work experience with the ruler of Equestria for the last thousand years looking on. No subconscious response would suffice this time.
  9. Hello thar Moo and welcome to the site!
  10. I'll go with consensus and vote for TF2 as well, would happily go for anything mind you....
  11. Hello there A.I. Welcome to the world of Canterlot and enjoy your experiences here!
  12. Hello and welcome to the new RPer! Does the love of cats extend to the real world too?
  13. Lerian


    Hallo hallo new person, I wish you well with the RP!
  14. I've been trading these Steam cards for a little while and reading the questions about frequency of drops* combined with the amount of cards stagnating in my own inventory, on the market etc I started thinking. These cards need to be moving and being crafted rather than being saved and sitting around! Onto my grand experiment to get some badges crafted and more cards circulating! I'll list a set of games that are 'Keeps' for me and these are the ones I'm building. I want cards for these games and will trade 1 for 1 with any other cards I have. Even if those cards are singles! If you have trouble getting finding my Steam, communicate through PM please. It will be nice to try to keep this thread tidy for people who wish to put their name up for others (i.e. not just friending me) and expand the experiment if they're interested. With a view to tidiness, if this works out I will edit this post rather than sticking things at the end. Smoothie Lyra don't care KEEPS: Don't Starve, Castle Storm, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Company of Heroes 2, Orcs must Die 2, Shadowrun Returns. Other questions you may have: * Booster packs are granted randomly to eligible users as more badges are crafted by members of the community.
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