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  1. Uh . . . . . it's where I put my drawings?
  2. A worried expression showed on Merry's face as the facade slipped back into place as quickly as it left. What happened to this poor griffin that caused her to have such bravado and menace when, from what Merry gathered a few moments without the facade, was just a down on her luck adventurer and treasure hunter. The pegasus then took a few steps towards the Harle to see if she could calm her down and help her realize that maybe the unicorn wasn't there to hurt her as much as she was, which was none. As she trotted towards the griffon, suddenly the unicorn was behind her. Mild panic gripped Merry "What if this actually is the ponies who are after her?!". Not sure what to do for a moment too long and the unicorn reached towards Harle and straightened her wing, much to Merry's comfort and discomfort. Seeing the wing set back into place make her ruffle and shake out her own wings, stretching them to make sure they aren't in bad shape by association. "I'm glad someone here knows how to set a wing because I sure don't." she said somewhat lightheartedly hoping the sudden movement to her wing doesn't set Harle further into her "pirate" demeanor. Daring to take a few steps close to the towering griffon "I know you're probably still in shock, but I mean you no harm and I'm hoping since he set your wing back into place he isn't going to harm you any either." Merry kept the pace till she stood nose the chest feathers with Harle and daring look towards the unicorn "Mind telling us your name? Refering to you as he gets old after a while"
  3. Merry cringed as she saw the griffin who identified herself as Harle and a pirate no less! Although initially scary it was hard to be fully scared seeing the griffin's wing bent at a near impossible angle, shackled, and just looking shell shocked overall. Merry couldn't help but to feel a little empathy for her. Doubly so when the facade fell as fast as it came. Who sat in front of her was a broken treasure hunter who got the short end of the stick one too many times . Merry couldn't help but to giggle slightly at the mention of 'sunbutt' never heard someone refer to Celestia that way before either. "Well, I'm sorry to hear what's going on with you. I'm also really sorry we had to meet like this but maybe. . . " her voice trailed off as a male voice spoke up. Startled she looked around the forest sweeping from one side to the other and then when sweeping back a stallion was suddenly where nopony once was. Merry placed a hoof to her wildly beating heart and took a deep breath, she looked a little startled, not used to unicorn magic and having say a random stallion just pop into existence. Between the two folks who stood in front of her she felt the need of introductions were in order. "Well I'm Merry" she offered to the two "I'm usually a mailpony for the Apploosan area but decided to take a much needed vacation from the hustle and bustle of country city life." Looking at Magnus she asked "Hey there mister appears out of thin air, do you think you could possibly help mend Harle's wing? It's makin' my wings twinge in sympathy"
  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeey all. Decided to try this out again since I've had a grand ol time drawing other's OCs. I have some sample art below! 1 slot per person and I'll start out with 3 slots. Willing to work from descriptions! Oh! And tell me a little about your OC or just link their profile! I just need to know what they're like to help get my ideas together. Thanks for the interest! 1. Yù Yuè and Fēng Yīnhǎitāo 2. Reckless 3. Blazing Thunder Samples:
  5. "Ah what a wonderful day to be cloud lounging, the birds are singing, the sun is beaming, and the tempe-" Merry the pegasus stopped mid-sentence when she heard the sounds of explosions going of. "What in Celestia's name is that?" she questioned, head whipping around in all directions trying to find out just what could be happening. A moment later she saw the culprit, an airship was going down, and going down fast. Concerned she stood up on her cloud and looked closer at the ongoing semi-floating wreckage and noticed a black shape falling fast towards the everfree forest. "Oh no" she muttered. Merry knew it was someone but couldn't make out who or what by the way it was falling she wasn't sure if they were winged or not. If they were winged why weren't they flying? And what's with the weird things attached to them? Chains, it looks like but not quite sure. Curse my eyes, she thought to herself as the shape cascaded into the canopy, even from here Merry could hear the snapping of twigs and rustles of leaves that the well built body made. Anxiety gripped at her heart unsure of if the creature was alright. It was big so maybe the fall didn't do too much damage, but that was a awful high up fall. . . and the chains? What was that about? Were they a criminal and if so what if they're dangerous, but. . . someone needs help and Celestia be darned if she's going to let fear conquer what was the right thing to do. So with that decided she spread her wings and headed for the landing area. When she got there and landed a safe distance away she noticed that the griffin was indeed injured. Looking at the wing made her wings ache with sympathy. "H-hey there" Merry cautiously started to walk towards the griffin, seeing her in chains and a busted wing meant she wasn't too much of a threat but better safe than sorry. "I saw that, um, very impressive fall there. What all happened? Who are you and why are you chained up like that? How can I help?" the questions just started rolling out of her the moment the first one left her mouth. Whatever is going on, Merry could tell today would be an interesting day.
  6. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Glad to have you here with us at Canterlot!
  7. A silver colored griffon named Felicity flew in and landed on the outskirts of Canterlot, reaching into her saddlebags and pulling out a flyer for the 'First Annual Friendship Fair.' Felicity couldn't believe that there was something so exciting happening near her home of Solstice Heights. . . well relatively near, it was still a hop, skip, and a jump from home but it was at least a lot closer than other similar events. Felicity took a deep breath in and held it for a moment hoping to calm her wildly beating heart, she's never been this far away from home before especially without Mom and Pop. She's a big bird now and she has to face things on her own from time to time, plus Mom and Pop wanted her to find some good friends to make and explore Equestria! Just the thought of this being her first step in a long journey fills her with pride and fear. Pride that she's finally doing what she always wanted to do, but so fearful of what the future may hold for her as well. Slowly she blew out her breath and puffed out her chest feathers. "I'm a big bird I can handle whatever life throws at me" she thought to herself and started to walk towards the city. As she got closer to the festivities she was amazed at all the different ponies bustling from stall to stall. Felicity was taken aback for a moment for she's never to anything bigger than a foal's birthday party and that was moons ago! The griffin felt herself deflate after seeing, to her at least, a lot of ponyfolk "S-So many folks around here. I never knew that it would be this busy for a first time fair" Felicity muttered to herself and looked around in awe. Colorful banners were up, music was thrumming through the air, the smell of the city's delicacies, all new to this small time griffin. New and exciting, but mostly terrifying. "What if they don't like me?" she pondered to herself walking through the stalls and festivities "What if they don't think I'm friendship material? Does my breath smell bad? Oh sweet jumping beans what if my breath smells!". As she mindlessly wonders through the festival wondering of everything that could go wrong she noticed a very beautiful purple alicorn make her descent and gently lands. Felicity finds herself enamored with the pony, being a small town griffon she doesn't know much about royals and the works, but Felicity could tell that there was a regal air about her but also a very friendly one. "Oh gosh, how awesome would it be to get a friend like her. . . " she muttered to herself thoughtfully.
  8.  Guess whose back.
    Back again.
    Jessie's back.
    Tell a friend.

  9. BlindJester


    This is where all work in progresses go.
  10. Yes please! So close to being done!
  11. Yes please! Working on her as we speak!
  12. Yes please! So sorry this is taking so long. D;
  13. Ahhh I'm sorry! Things have been busy here lately. I'll try to get to this asap once my company goes home
  14. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Pretty Bit Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Bubble Gum Pink Coat: Light Purple with white freckles on her back and cheeks. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are slightly curled at the ends, the front of her mane parted by her horn. The colors of her mane and tail are a swirl of pink, blue, yellow, and light orange Physique: Smaller than most fillies her age and her ears are rather large, so large that the flop forward making it hard for her to hear sometimes. Don't worry she'll grow into them one day Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Full time student Cutie Mark: Three Salt Water Taffies Unique Traits: Able to make small amounts of taffy with help from her magic, when she pulls the taffy something about her magic gives the taffy a unique taste. She loves to read more about other candies she could try her hoof at when she's older. Always carries around taffy, you know just in case somepony is in need of it! History: Throughout her life Jazz Keys and Lovely Rhyme, her two doting mothers, have always supported Pretty Bit and her endeavors. Pretty Bit had tried many a new things just to see what it's like and her room shows it. She loves reading and singing tunes, compliments to her mothers for those traits, and getting a little hoovesies with making all sorts of crafts. She enjoys building popsicle stick sculptures, or building towers out of books for her imaginary quests for the tastiest treat! The thing she enjoys the most though is candy all sorts of em. Hard candy, soft candy, gummy candy, but her favorite to see made was Taffy. It was always her favorite and when she saw a demonstration on how it was made she was hooked on trying to figure out how to do it at home. She told Jazz and Rhyme about it and they leaped into action buying her a small hoof cranked taffy pulling machine and a little board to pull the taffy with her hooves. Although doing it with the machine was a little too. . . how could she put it impersonal? With her hooves though it was a little too personal. So one day while at home with her mothers making supper in the kitchen Pretty Bit decided to play with her taffy ingredients once more but this time with magic and something about it just seemed to click into place. It was the perfect balance between the two techniques she tried before just personal enough to give it her special touch but not so personal that you can taste what type of dirt she trotted in just before. It was mind boggling how amazing it was to pull the taffy with her magic and when she felt like ti was done she couldn't help but sneak a taste in. It was . . . it was. . . SO GOOD! She whooped and hollered at her success after many trials and errors. She shared her success with her parents and they also enjoyed the lovely flavor of the taffy it was sweet and the right amount of chewy. So pleased with herself and excited Bitty smiled wide and felt so accomplished. Heck she could even make making candies her job it was so fun. With that vision in mind Jazzy Key and Lovely Rhyme gasped in unison and pointed at her flank. Pretty Bit looked and was so happy to see she earned her cutie mark of three taffies. After all the excitement and cutie mark achievement died down for the night Bitty went to bed with a broad smile on her muzzle. Character Personality: A little pony who loves to love life and all the things that come with it. She enjoys being around family and friends as well as making new friends! She doesn't quite have a best friend yet but she hopes to make one soon! She's rambunctious, silly, and little hard headed but she always means well in the end. Pretty Bit can usually be found helping out around town or studying for school. She loves school and all the knowledge it holds. She hopes to learn more about candy making for the future with her specialty being saltwater taffy. Character Summary: Overall Pretty Bit or as she likes to be called, Bitty or PB, is a very hyperactive little pony who loves to live each day to the fullest with a side of candy to help make it a little sweeter. Although occasionally known to be a trouble maker her heart is always in the right place, her parents Jazzy Keys and Lovely Rhyme both support her and try to let Bitty be the independent filly she always wants to be. Hopes to be a well known candy maker in the future and can't wait to unfold whatever destiny has in store for her. (Will post pic later)
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