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  1. I read the article; and yeah all fandoms act crazy. But I think the problem is that the MLP fandom has surfaced so much and been exposed to media alot. While a fandom can be how crazy it wants (Lorax fandom, anyone? More like the Once-ler fandom..), giving it so much attention by the rest of the world (that may not understand completely), makes it really vulnerable. Media wants a piece of this "brony thing" because it is so popular and an odd thing to alot of people. Sometimes good things are mentioned about the MLP fandom, but sometimes they're just making fun of the whole thing. A few weeks ago there was a Swedish radio show that brought up the Brony theme. One of the radio hosts claimed to be a brony, but all the information he gave about it was pretty weak. He probably just googled it and read for 30 minutes just to be able to bring up the topic. While he briefly explained what (he thought) the show was about, the other two hosts made fun of him. I listened to this twice and it was just so, so fake. These people clearly only wanted to bash on bronies and point out that it's weird. And with such stabs media, bronies get an even worse reputation. And with that I think alot of people will have difficulty in joining the fandom, because it is too much for them, and they may fear being judged. I am soon getting a few pony tees, and I am slightly worried about what people may think. While I wear it proudly for being a pony fan - people may not get that impression, because of what media has been saying about them pony lovers. I understand if people are leaving the fandom or choosing to not call themselves Bronies anymore. It's hard to know how people will judge you. Hope any of that was understandable!
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  3. Haha XD I gotta start watching that too D:
  4. Mine is [here]. It's my personal blog, for reblogs, my art, and talking to friends ^^ So it might be a little messy...
  5. I used to play my Animal Crossing Wild World before bed, but then I had trouble falling asleep before finishing the AC routine, but once I turned it off, I couldn't sleep.. xD
  6. Oooh sounds like fun! I've used iscribble before but it lags with my tablet, and it's kind of pixly-scribbly. (uh) I've also used Paintchat, like, once. I'm not sure how to create private canvases there though. Don't know anything about opencanvas! <:3
  7. I have had several sleeping disorders! Still have - it started out with that I simply couldn't sleep. I was just awake at night. It helped to listen to Rain Tracks. Just get a music playlist with rain! (an album I am using right now has several rain tracks, "Relaxing Sounds of Nature and Ambient Healing" by Sounds of Nature Relaxation. There's also other tracks like fire crackling, crickets, birds, rainforests etc. whatever works for you! Though since about 5 years ago I've gotten regular Sleep Paralysis, scary stuff. Including hallucinating, which is the worst. It's pretty much like, you fall asleep, and get paralyzed. Your body is asleep but your mind is awake. You can't move, talk, and it gets very hard to breathe. I've had it for such a long time though I've gotten used to it, but then I started getting worse attacks that felt almost like seizures If anypony wants to know more about it look up Sleep Paralysis on wiki. It's good to know what to do if you get an attack!
  8. My best friend LOVES Supernatural. I've tried to get into it because I really want to, but idk, there's some factor that just doesn't do it for me I liked season 1, season 2 has been going slower... But I might just have to keep watching and it might catch on! ^^ I'm glad so many others are enjoying it, I would like to as well!
  9. I'm not going to write out any spoilers in the first post, but might later on so look out! Is anypony following Dexter? Episode 3 of Season 7 came out yesterday (I am about to watch it) Dexter quickly became my favorite tv-series. The later seasons maybe wasn't as good as the first ones, but still SO GOOD. (I wasn't keen on Lumen, ugh) So what are your thoughts on season 7 so far? Things are definitely tense right now...
  10. Aahh there is a Walking Dead book?? Like right now I'm just sold on the game, I need to watch the tv-series as well, and now read the book... @@
  11. I use Painttool Sai! I don't really do any 'training', just having fun drawing, and drawing lots ^^
  12. PopcornPuffs

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    Art of canon MLPFiM characters.
  13. One of my favorite authors is Tommy Donbavand, who wrote the Scream Street book series. They got really popular and there's a tv-show coming! I'm friends with the author, so I get all his latest books in the mail, signed and everything :') Even though it's made for a much younger age group then me, I find them hilarious. You don't need a thick book to have a good read! Recommended if you need light reading! (I illustrate and write for this age group so I enjoy them alot) I do read thicker books as well but I have a very hard time to focus. I like J.K Rowling though, and Dean Koontz!
  14. ...It's okay to link as long as it's safe for work right? Here's my Gravity Falls tag on tumblr: [link] ^^
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