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  1. My mom had one of her friends over. Their son saw my Rainbow Dash kiosk pony on our mantle. Brohoofs and discussions were had. It was pretty cool.
  2. I'm actually a little worried. Some of the episodes in season 2 were... I don't want to say bad. Let down-ish. To me, at least. I'm hoping for the best, though.
  3. I like Pizza and Burgers too much to be a vegetarian. I don't eat that much anyway. I could eat an apple and be done for the day.
  4. Chaotic Neutral It's much easier, trust me.
  5. Cloudsdale. Clydesdale. Which is a horse. So, yeah, it's one.
  6. The minute I saw a blind bag. My whole brain just went "Oh, it can't hurt to buy just one." So I bought three.
  7. I was busy playing vidya games I didn't even know it was the 13th until a friend told me. By then it was almost saturday.
  8. It's like one of those cheesy little cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, I don't need a reason to like it, I just do. And it's great.
  9. Dat G1 Applejack. It's like the mutant cousin of the rest. It's horrifyingly cute.
  10. I don't know man. I'd probably just ask them if they'd want to chill at my house. I'd feel weird asking anything else.
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