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    I intrest in mlp Fim,xbox360 with my favrite games left for dead and modern warfare 3

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  1. I just got a Steam Wallet card pin for free! http://steamwalletcodes.com USE IT TO BUY THE HATS
  2. axofdoom

    about me

    Hello and Welcome to canterlot Hope you stick around and see you in some roleplays
  3. axofdoom

    Axofdooms drawings

    i wuv drawing
  4. Oh please... Everyone knows the soldiers the best class!!! Add me on steam: DerpyHooves
  5. add me if you want (private wolfed) i mostly play black ops zombies
  6. Thanks for the friend add dude :D ~

  7. axofdoom


    I know im awesome .
  8. axofdoom


    welcome to canterlot i hope you enjoy your stay. I made this poem up so dont fray. It may be weird but im not that quere.I hope you stay here. *hugs strongly*
  9. Welcome Im going to keep you here FOREVER :mad: !!nah just kiddin enjoy your stay
  10. your going to like it here i can tell. Even if yu dont im going to keep you here FOREVER .
  11. as applejack heard the alarms she started to build a sentry defence in one of the rooms. As the last sentry was built a sudden spark came from one of the buildings. Then a sudden noise a few more alarmed her. Then a noise of a door opening and closing went by as the building exploded into peices.
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