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  1. I guess you could say she's a little "Peachy" Hehe get it? C-cause i said, Peachy? No? Okay. (lovely work btw)
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  3. when I first saw the trailer I thought it was gonna have a major down fall on the fandom. but I gave it a try I was actually amazed it was an okay movie there could be somethings I would change such as already announced the stick figure appearance.
  4. I WAKE UP EVERY EVENING... with a big smile on my face :)

  5. canterlot.com is my escape from the world to be around my fellow bronies and not be judged! OH MY GOSH! you guys make my life better I am happy to be a brony also knowing I make more brony friends everyday! I think all you guys/gals are AWESOME EVEN IF I DONT KNOW YOU!
  6. I know how you feel I used to draw ponies badly but I didn't stop I first watched a couple of tutorials following their strokes on paper I did the same. sooner or later I started doing it on my own it went perfect! so kinda watch a couple of tutorials then teach them to your self trust me you have potential anyone does in art! (as long as you have a sense of it)
  7. I've watched the full movie at first I thought it would send the franchise "down hil" but I still gave it a shot I liked it. interesting story line. an okay plot the ending could've been a little better but really I think its an okay movie so give it a try you might like it.
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