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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind listened as Sky spoke, telling her that he couldn't really say too much about the city other than what his dad was telling him when they had lunch together. Usually that's about the pipes in the city, or about what his mom is doing. He added that as for himself, he'd been clearing out the studio and trying to make it less cluttered for their little one's arrival. He said that it wasn't really that bad right now, but it's been quite active. He said that there were a few names that were starting to come to him for business now. Either ponies that were wanting to be independent for a bit, or that hadn't gained quite the following yet for a big name studio to take notice. "Hey, by the time we're done with everything, you're going to end up being one of those big name studios," Wind Dancer said with a smile. "Just remember to not forget the little ponies that got you there. It's all of them that keep me going after all. I can't wait to be able to give them a show again," she said wincing a bit as she felt the foal give her a nice kick. "Oof, they are definitely awake now," she stated. She started looking around the park a little bit, taking in some of the sights, and they were just in range to see some of the strip. One thing that she immediately noticed was a lot of worked ground and dozers by The Fire and Ice. "That's odd. Those weren't there before, and I know Icy's casino was doing well, so it shouldn't be coming down... I wonder what they are doing. They have a lot of ground that is being worked on around the hotel," she started. "Wonder if that's one of the projects that your father is working on. Maybe she's redoing the pipes or something to the casino."
  2. Today was going to be a most interesting day indeed for the spa owner. When Aloe heard that a kelpie had booked a reservation in her spa well... honestly, at this point very little ended up surprising her anymore. After all, a mere six months or so ago Aloe was single, and now she was a mother of at least one. She was hoping the other eggs would be coming out soon to give the actual foal space to grow, but she was sure that things would work out. Right now though, her focus was on the eventual customer. Rose had told her all about her, or at least what she knew of the creatures, and added that this particular varient of kelpie was actually made of water. She was actually starting to second guess the idea a bit after hearing that tidbit because she had no idea how to safe any of their treatments would be for the mare. Still, she wasn't a pony to back down on a challenge, and the customer would let her know if there's an ingredient or procedure would pose a danger to her right? This would be a learning experience for sure. She was snapped out of her thoughts though, when she heard the mare, or rather, kelpie in question speak up. She introduced herself as Flow, and said that she was here for her appointment, albeit a bit early. "Oh, it is perfectly fine! Most of our customers usually arrive a bit early. We have everything all set up and ready for you. That being said, I have never worked with a Kelpie before. So before we get started, I need to know if there is anything in our soaks that could be a problem. I would hate for you to get sick or something from lack of foresight on our part. I want to make sure you have the best, most relaxing visit possible," Aloe replied to the Kelpie with a smile.
  3. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe would smile, and her heart would warm when she felt Albedo on her hoof, and she felt Rose give her a nuzzle as well before commenting that the urges to feed on love will continue to come and go as she matured, and that her older self would have let her feed on whatever hapless creature would have wandered by, but that she didn't have her around before either. "Indeed, between the two of us, I'm sure we can keep her quite well nourished in all regards," Aloe said reaching out to cradle the little one a bit before letting her start exploring the bubble that she was in. When Rose mentioned that she was hoping that Albedo would be able to make friends outside of the two of them once she could walk on land, Aloe smiled. "With the two of us as her parents, I don't think that she'll have any problems with that. I imagine that she's going to be quite well liked, and one of the most attractive changelings in Ponyville, next to her mom of course. Something we might have a problem with when she gets older," Aloe said with a giggle.
  4. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled when she felt Sky's breath on her tummy, talking to the unborn foal inside of her. She nodded in agreement when he also said that there were two loving parents ready to meet them. She also nodded when he said that it was probably for the best that Golden had put off her shows. He said that he didn't think that she would be safe or all that graceful for that matter as well, but she might still be able to pull off the Lucky Ducky though. "Gee, thanks for the bout of confidence," she said with a giggle before nuzzling him. "But yeah, I agree, especially with the heat. At least it's not bad here in the shade. Another plus side is the ice cream seems to be staying down. Otherwise, has there been anything interesting going on in the city the past week or so?" Windy asked.
  5. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm would listen as the Okami spoke. The second one mainly just introduced himself, and the name Ice Storm would register with a nod in affirmation. He also stated that not all of them were born at the same time, and that there would likely be some that were older and younger than the one that Luna had mentioned meeting before. The first one then started speaking once more, Shironui if she remembered the name correctly. Ice was relieved to hear her say that she would be more than happy to help her track this mage, and that their ability to read auras would help out a lot in that regard. "Interesting. I myself have an aura reader within the party. I wonder if there might be a connection between the abilities," she said before turning back to Myth. "That could be something worth looking into later when the fate of the world doesn't possibly hang in the balance," Ice Storm said before hearing Luna speak once more. She nodded in agreement when Luna said that they were happy to have creatures as skilled as they were helping with this. She added that anything they found could give them an element of surprise on the sorceress and that if all else failed, that she did have one other trick up her sleeve. A comment that Ice raised a small eyebrow at, especially when she saw Luna look back at her. She must have been talking about either the orbs or her amulet housing them. The orbs were at least common knowledge at this point, as was her power level. She would rather not reveal the other trick that her amulet had in it with so many ponies watching. It would kind of ruin the entire point of having the alter ego in the first place. Not to mention she was vastly more powerful normally. Frostbite was just for deep-cover recon. Though she supposed when it came to a pony, a dragon was no slouch to begin with. She just had minimal access to her magic in that form. At the mention of a basecamp, Ice Storm would nod in agreement. "Indeed. A basecamp on the island will be important for operations such as these. However we would need it to be in an area that wouldn't be out in the open. A large number of creatures making camp in a large open area is a dead giveaway to anything that might be watching or scrying on the island that something might be amiss. We need to be as covert as possible while we are here. I don't know how powerful Hou is, but we definitely don't need to give her a reason to teleport back here if she can. I would rather not have to fight her yet. I don't think, even with all of us here, we could defeat her on her home turf. If she has her full arsenal at her disposal, there's no telling what she could do," Ice said matter of factly. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Seeing that the aetherically gifted one was likely in an overwhelmed state at the moment, Niradaña turned her attention back to the conversation that was taking place between the leader of this expedition, the retired princess, and the Okami. She didn't really have much to say herself. It was true that she was from the island of Ryushima which was the mainland just across the strait on the other side of this island, but she had never been here. She wasn't familiar with its layout or what places would be good for what Commander Storm was wanting. She did agree with the assessment of the commander though. Between her tactical assessments, her entourage, and her way with words, she had little doubt as to why she ended up in the position that she did. This was a mare that knew exactly what she was doing, and when she needed to do it. She reminded her a lot of the shogun and Ishi. Strict yet fair, hard yet compassionate. She couldn't wait to work more with her. Hopefully they wouldn't need to make too much use of her skill set while they were on this island.
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled and nodded when Sky mentioned the proposal show and their little one being the first two. If she was being honest, the proposal way probably the most favorite moment of her life. Just for the simple fact that it was done as part of a live show, in front of a live audience, and that they both had the same exact idea. That was a special moment in her life and one that she was never going to forget. When Sky asked what she thought that they were going to have, she pondered for a moment. "Honestly, I hadn't given it a lot of thought. I know that whether it's a filly or a colt though, I'm going to love it and spoil it all the same," she said with a smile. She to was relieved that they were able to find some shade under the tree that they had met under. "Phew... They really brought on the heat today. I'm glad I don't have to dance right now. In the condition I'm in, I don't think I could," she said, wiping her brow with her wing. "Though most of my shows are at night, so that usually helps or quite a bit, but still. I don't think Golden would let me dance right now if I wanted to anyway," she smiled.
  7. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe watched the curious tadpole as it swam around her before she felt Rose take her hoof. She smiled as the small heart formed over the tadpole and after a nibble, began going after it as if she had been given a piece of candy. She wasn't surprised. She was still a changling after all. She nodded to Rose when she said that she thought that she would make a treat for her, but warned that too much would be bad for her. Aloe nodded immediately. "Indeed. We don't want to teach her that it's okay to steal love from others. Besides, I'm sure you can attest. Love that's given instead of stolen tastes better," Aloe said with a smile. When asked what she thought, she smiled. "She's only the second most beautiful thing in the world, though second only to you," she smiled, reaching out for her little one.
  8. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind smiled and nodded when Cloudy said that they could go to the jousting first. Truth be told, she was a bit relieved. Sure there roller coaster was actually a bit less intense than her dance routine, but those forces were applied differently, and she didn't really want that many g-forces put directly onto her foal. Still, she would be more than willing to give Cloudy a VIP pass to the coaster, letting her bypass the line. "Thanks, while I love the coaster, the forces that it puts out would put pressure on spots I'd rather not have on at the moment..." Windy admitted She also seemed to be in agreement with getting candy for the show tonight, as well as popcorn if the show had it available. "Oh, there's always popcorn available at most shows. With the exception of the bleacher seats at the Mareage when I'm performing... But that's because the popcorn won't survive past the third song oh the performance. You'll see why when you come tomorrow," she giggled. She then gathered a few scoops of the taffy like candy, as well as some more modern hard candies in assorted flavors and mixed them into the bag. "Alright, that's a good assortment. See anything that you would like? Doesn't have to be candy. Can be a souvenir or anything. My treat, since you bought lunch," Wind smiled.
  9. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe would watch as the princess stepped back a bit as the egg started to rock back and forth even more. She then watched as their foal popped out of the top of the egg surrounded in an orb of water. It almost looked to be a combination of a pony and a tadpole at the moment, but considering what Rose and herself looked like in their own piceous forms. They weren't quite seaponies, but they weren't like the hippogriffs either. They were somewhere in between. The orb of water started to grow until it gave the filly enough space to swim and soon encompassed the two of them as well, transforming them into the fish pony thanks to the small enchantment that was put onto it by Rose. The second thing that she noticed was that the filly was absent of all color, except for her vibrant pink eyes. She instantly was drawn to Rose, but Aloe started to move over to her as well. "You mean our little seed of purity," Aloe said with a smile, leaning in to give the filly tadpole a nuzzle. At this point she'd practically forgotten that the princess was here at this point.
  10. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled as she stood up with the help of Sky, and returned the favor by helping him take the dishes into the kitchen and helping put the groceries away while sneaking a few more pieces of the cantaloupe. Try as she might she was never able to resist the stuff for very long. The closest thing that she could compare it to, would be trying to leave a bowl full of mangoes in a room with Aerions. The bowl is empty seconds after it's sat down. Still, it would definitely be nice to get out of the house. The path that they took was one that would take advantage of the shade as much as possible. For everything that Las Pegasus was amazing for, the one thing that she could do without, was the heat. Thankfully, it was a desert dry heat, so she could actually cool off with any sort of breeze. Some of the coastal cities this time of year would be like walking though soup. It didn't take long for her to notice that they were heading into the park. More specifically, the park that the two of them had met in. "You know, I'm never going to forget that night that I was walking through here after a show. The serendipity of the two of us meeting, two ponies like us, meeting in one of few quiet places that remain in this city... It was truly the third happiest moment in my life," she said, nuzzling Sky with a smile. She already had her answer ready when he would question the third, though she had a feeling that he would already know what those two moments were, considering she was carrying one of them.
  11. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind mewled a bit with a smile as the treat went down, but she couldn't help but give him a small glare when he reminded her that he was still able to keep his food down. She then giggled a bit before placing a dollop of ice cream on his nose. "You did always have a... nose for this kind of thing," she giggled. Of course there wasn't much left of her bowl after a few moments herself. She then let out a large burp, almost as if it were a burp for two before blushing a bit. "Hehe... Scuse me," she laughed. When she then heard Sky ask if she would be up for a walk, and getting some fresh air. Or at least as fresh that can be found in the city. Wind smiled and nodded. "I think I would be down for that, and I think the air here is fine. Since LP isn't really an industrial city, there's not a lot in the way of pollution. Then again, living here for still long it's possible I've just gone nose blind to it," she said, standing up and stretching out a bit.
  12. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but giggle a bit as over the course of their conversation and lunch that Cloudy had forgotten about the jousting matches. She quickly remembered though after mentioning the gift shop. She also mentioned The Wild Blue Yonder and the new coaster that replaced it. "Oh! I've been on that a couple times myself! We can definitely hit that up after the matches. I don't think we have time to get there and back. Unless you'd rather do that, then we can head that way after the shop," Wind Dancer smiled. When they entered the gift shop, the shelves were lined with cloudstone statues. They were all shaped like the old Pegasopolis architecture, and several of Commander Hurricane and several other figures of other leaders of the past as well as some models of the Cloudeseum. There were also fliers, banners, and Caesar style dresses and kilts on displays throughout. "Wow, I always forget how much historical artwork they have here. And all kinds of ancient candies to. We should get some of these for the show tonight!"
  13. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Much to her delight, the noise that was coming from the kitchen wasn't anywhere near as loud as she was expecting it to be. Turns out having a wall between them helped with that aspect. Who would have guessed? She smiled when she saw the rather large bowl of the sweet treat brought out to her before seeing that Sky himself had a much smaller bowl. Near instantly she brought up some concern. "Are you sure that you got enough dear? I might be eating for two, but that doesn't mean you have to cut back," she said with a concerned smile. Though the concerned smile turned more wholesome when she took the first bite of ice cream covered cantaloupe. It was absolutely delicious and she couldn't wait for more. After the first few bites she had to pause for a moment though, as the filly inside of her was starting to get quite active after receiving what was likely her favorite treat.
  14. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe did her best to remain calm in the atmosphere that was provided. It wasn't that she didn't trust Princess Twilight, it was just that... this was her little one that she was blessing too. She heard the princess begin speaking as the ritual began, and it took all of her willpower when the egg started to float not to jump in and grab it and place it back on the pedestal for safety. Keep it together Aloe... This is Princess Twilight... She knows what she's doing... she knows what she's doing... let her do what you brought her here to do, she thought to herself. She was certain that her nervousness was showing through though, as the genuine smile she wore turned into the kind of a nervous smile you put on when you meet the in-laws for the first time. When she saw the energy feeding back and forth between the egg and Twilight, Aloe couldn't help but fidget a bit, both in excitement and partially out of anxiety ready to dart after the egg should the slightest thing go array. She watched as Twilight finished speaking and everything started to calm down. She began to descend and so did the egg with not even a ripple out of place around it. She couldn't help but finally let out the breath that she had only just realized that she'd been holding since this entire thing began. She smiled back to the egg and then everypony else around as they gave their blessings. "Yes Princess.. thank you..." Aloe said with a smile, turning to the egg. "Blessings upon you, My Little Albedo," Aloe added giving the egg a small nuzzle. When she pulled back though, she was caught off guard as the egg rocked a bit on it's own. She thought she was just seeing things, or that maybe it was from her nuzzle until it rocked again.
  15. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "That is quite the benefit," Wind Dancer replied with a smile as she found herself waddling to where the couch was. She winced lightly as she sat down. Everything about her ached at the moment, and moving from the bed to the living room did little to actually help the matter. Still, she couldn't lay in bed all day. She'd lose what strength she'd gained completely. She knew that she would have to do a bit of physical therapy after she had the little one to get back to where she was, but that would be fine. She was already looking forward to when she could perform again, but that wasn't really important right now. If she was being honest with herself, if something happened and she couldn't perform again, as long as she had Sky and her little one... she would be perfectly okay with that. Still, she'd rather not test fate or help it along. She wanted to perform for as long as her body would let her do so. She watched as Sky started making his way to the kitchen and she mentally prepared herself for what was coming afterwards. After all, preparing a cantaloupe was far from the quietest thing in Equestria, however it did pair quite nicely with vanilla ice cream. A tasty treat that she's come to love recently. She heard that during pregnancy, your body will randomly crave things that the foal wants, and this was usually the thing that she would get cravings for the most, and if her foal wanted something this tasty, then who was she to say no. Besides, it wasn't like Cantaloupe or Ice Cream were particularly unhealthy. Technically Ice Cream could be if you ate too much of it, but that's true for anything sweet. She heard the chopping start, and she tried to drown it out, and instead focus on the treat that she was about to get, feeling the foal give her a nice kick while she was waiting.
  16. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but blush quite a bit from the praise that she was receiving as a bit of a bashful smile came into her face. She loved praise just as much as anypony else, but it still has it's effects on her. Plus, whole it was true that she probably more than affected the lives of a lot of ponies at this point, but it still felt like she should be doing more. "I have helped a lot of ponies, but I still don't feel like it's been enough. I'm just happy everypony gives me a chance to help them and make them smile," she said as her last piece of pie was set in front of her, and then was promtly gone. "Hey! Let's go hot the gift shop before we head to the arena! We should have a little bit of time, and the gift shop here always had some interesting things! Last time I was up here, they had a neat lamp that was a carousel made from clouds! I can't wait to see what kind of stuff they have now!" Wind Dancer smiled as she left some bits on the table as well. "At least let me get the tip," she smiled happily before realizing something... "Oh, I just realized, we've done a lot of stuff that I suggested today... Is there something that you were wanting to do before the jousting matches? I don't wanna make anyone feel like we're only doing stuff I wanna do," she said with a smile.
  17. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe quickly shook her head a Twilight's offer to bring she excitement back to Ponyville. "No no! I'm sure that's quite unnecessary! Besides, were talking about going on a bit of an adventure anyways once we get everything lined up. I'm also looking on expanding some of my skill-sets for such an occasion!" She said with a smile. One that widened when the princess said that the wards were gone and wouldn't interfere with anything. She seemed to share their sentiment that they're is no such thing as overprotection when the foal is still unborn. When Twilight instructed them to stand next to Albedo, Aloe moved over to her without hesitation. Rose had done the same, and while she could see that she was trying to hide it, she'd never seen Rose so excited before. Of course, she couldn't blame her. She was excited as well. This was their little one, and no pony in Equestria could take that from them. She knew that between the two of them, she was as safe as she could be. She gently stood next to Albedo and awaited further instructions.
  18. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ For the second time in as many days, Ice Storm would let Luna clear the air. She wasn't surprised that most ponies, or creatures in this case, out this far from Equestria didn't know that they retired. So it would make sense for them to believe that this was Luna's mission with herself and the others being Luna's bodyguards. There was a time not too long ago where that was the case, but this was not the case any longer. Still, Ice Storm would look to the princess of the night for guidance whenever she needed it. There was a piece of her that still trusted her judgment over Twilight's. That likely had come from personally serving as one of her guards when she was in Canterlot right after she cemented the creation of Star. She was a bit concered about Luna's initial statement before engaging with okami, however. The comment about making herself feel useful didn't set well with her. She knew the princess had been pretty much bored out of her mind since retiring. It was one of the reasons that she'd inquired about joining STAR to begin with. That said, there was a bit of a strategic sense to that as well. The fact that Luna was an Alicorn meant that she was ever so slightly stronger than she was herself. Thanks to her spheres and her training with the Princess, she knew that she could at least draw with her on several occasions but she never did win a training exercise. Hearing Myth said that the Okami didn't seem hostile, at least not to them, but that she wouldn't trust them added to that thought. It was puzzling though when she said that the aura of magic surrounding them didn't seem to match the island that they were odd. Interesing... probably someone sent to keep an eye on us then... she thought to herself. She couldn't really say that she blamed them for such an action. She herself would employ similar tactics whenever a powerful pony of importance came into Equestria. A unit of STAR would be on them and tailing them almost immediately, often times without ever approaching them. To see the Neighponese government using such tactics at least made her feel a bit better knowing that she wasn't the only pony that was using the practice. Upon hearing the rest of the conversation though, apparently this wasn't the first Okami that Luna had met, and at least one of these other wolves seemed to have met them as well. She also heard Luna introduce her, telling them about their skill level and how Luna trusted had trusted herself with her life. "Greetings, Shiranui of Polohama. It is a pleasure, although would be more so were it being that we were meeting under better circumstances. Unfortunately we came to this island to follow a lead and get some information on a sorceress that we believe is conducting a scheme that, with some of the artifacts that she's stolen, might not only threaten Equestria, but all of the known land. It's also believed that she feeds on the souls of the living in order to prolong her lifespan. However, I have no verifiable proof of that. Just heresay from a few of my operatives. That is why we are here. To find any plausible proof of what she might be planning and how she sustains her longevity," Ice Storm explained. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Hearing Myth said that the Okami weren't from the island threw Nira off for a moment. How could she possibly know that these creatures weren't native to the island that they were on? A question that was answered without her having to ask, as she commented that the magical signatures in their auras were different from the magical signatures on the island. Nira could immediately see why Shiroi took a vested interest in this one. Knowing how paranoid she is, she's probably already trying to draw up plans to change just about everything. Hopefully that wouldn't be her problem for too much longer. Even if she was permanently assigned to this brigade, she would be able to do vastly more than what she had done in the palace. Still, the fact that these two creatures weren't native to this island, and this island was remote, could only mean one thing. They were sent here by somepony specifically to meet with them. That didn't sit well with her. So far their intentions didn't seem to be hostile, but you could bet that she would be sleeping with one eye open tonight. A longma didn't survive as an imperial field medic without having good awareness and survival skills after all, and this smelled like a trap. She would have to wait until they were alone and well out of earshot of the okami in order for her to state her suspicions. Okami had naturally high perception and could hear the smallest of details so she couldn't try to say anything right now. One thing that did make her feel a bit better though, was the fact that these Okami seemed to make the same mistake that she did when she first met this group of ponies. They instantly presumed that Luna was the pony that was leading the expedition. The news of her retirement hadn't really made it's way out here yet, so she wasn't surprised by that fact, but it still made her feel better that she wasn't the only one to have done it. When she listened to Commander Storm speak on the issue again, she started to scan the island once more before turning to Myth. "Do you see any other unusual magic signatures in the area?"
  19. The past few months have been... eventful, to say the least for Wind Dancer. She had hit the point in her term where her shows were now postponed due to maternity leave. She hated not being able to perform, but there was simply no way that she could in this state. The last performance that she had done just over a month ago was pushing it to the max. She had hurt so much and was so tired from that show that she nearly collapsed back stage. It was then then that Golden Bit decided to cancel her remaining shows until after the little one was born and she was ready to continue performing. Her slot would still be there when it got back. As it was, Windy was now entering her third trimester of her pregnancy, which meant that this was the home stretch! However, she had heard from her friends that the last trimester was also the absolute worst part of the term, and so far... they were definitely right. She'd been sick waking up just about every morning, and today wasn't any exception. Sky had already made his way to the store for her, and he should be returning soon. Otherwise, just getting out of bed was a chore as her body ached all over, especially her head. She was pretty sure that a headache like this could kill an ox. Thankfully Warmheart made sure that she had some pregnancy safe pain relievers that she could use, but they didn't seem to do much for them any more. She was really just getting used to it at this point. Just as she started entering the living room, she saw Sky land on the balcony with a basket. She heard him call out that he was back, and she had to hold back a wince as it was a bit louder than she would have liked it to be. He probably figured that he was still in bed though, and honestly, it wasn't really that loud, but her headache made it seem much louder. "Thanks Sweetie. It means a lot that you're helping me through this," she smiled as she felt her stomach gurgle. She honestly couldn't tell at this point if she was hungry, or if it was just acting up.
  20. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Wind Dancer listened as Nor'Eastern spoke and said his piece on the matter. Hearing him talk about how they're was a real temptation when your see something outside of your skill range to say that it couldn't be done. But that was still vastly different than just not being able to do it. He also added that a mediocre job often times is worse than not attempting at all. Often times it can preclude a real solution. He's dealt with enough busted pipes from engineers that thought they were better than what they were. Only the best would have gotten her where she was now, and that was more important than anything else. "That is true. After all, part of the procedure I had to go through was to rebreak everything because it all healed incorrectly," Wind commented. "But like I said, what's been done is done. We can't go back and change it. Just, like I said there's a lesson here for everyone, and no one is ever a lost cause," she said looking to the other group of ponies. "Now, who was wanting autographs!?" Wind asked with a smile to the others trying to put the slightly sour note behind them. Doctor Anatomy watched and listened as they spoke. "It may have been wrong for me to say, but it was my honest opinion on the matter. In all my years as a doctor I had never seen a pony recover from that much wing damage. There have been a lot of improvements in medicine, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't think that I could have gotten any where close to what this doctor had gotten. I for one, am glad to have been proven wrong. I've long since retired, but I will make sure that all doctors here in Cloudsdale hear your story, and not make the same mistake I did. I for one would love an autograph," the doctor said holding it an old brochure with her picture on it. "This is... The first ad from the Mareage. It was the first show you were headlining," the doctor added. Wind Dancer nodded and she signed the brochure with her name. She was half tempted to add in 'the one that got away', but that would have been a bad taste and she didn't really want to punish the doctor anymore than he probably already had been. "It's amazing how fast we can come when the sky is the limit, and you can that in your teaching seminar to," she says before she motioned for sky to come over to add the group began to form around them. Almost all the fillies from the show were watching autographs now that their parents told them who they were. Morning on the other good wasn't as forgiving as Wind Dancer was. How could she be? This doctor is who caused Windy's hardships. Technically... It was Windy's crash that started everything, but he was the doctor that said no, and didn't even consult anypony else for other options. Above all, he wanted to cut it off! And now he was here thinking he could make everything better with a few words now that Windy had made a name for herself!? Morning Dew didn't say anything, but the look on her face said everything that needed to be said. "Easy there sugar cube," Water said. "Windy's right, and so is Nor'. If he wasn't actually capable of fixing her, and he tried, that could have actually damaged her wing beyond repair. Besides, we're forgetting something important here. The only reason we're even mad is because Windy found a doctor and a group of friends to help her blossom into what she is. None of this would have happened without that. We should be made and upset about a pony that said no, but relishing the fact that we are even able to have this discussion right now," Water said as he watched their daughter and future son in law started signing autographs.
  21. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe would return the hug that the princess had given her as she asked how Ponyville was, and if it was still holding together. "For the most part. Though it might start getting a bit boring here now that monsters aren't attacking us all the time," she said teasing Twilight a bit. It wasn't really much of a secret that for as long as they could remember Ponyville, had almost always been ground zero for most anything wierd that happened in Equestria. Most just believed that it was because of the six ponies that lived there that were the element bearers. Creatures of great power would be pulled in by great power to challenge it. It was just how the world worked. She also listened with a bit of surprise as she heard Rose speak. This was the first time that she ever heard Rose actually sound worried, and if she was being honest, this was kinda the one thing that would be worth worrying about right now. Aloe would give Rose a gentle, reassuring nuzzle, and then a lick. "With the two of us as her parents, there's no possible way that she won't grow up to be a happy child. Besides," she said touching her stomach. "She still has her sisters coming," she told her with a smile. "As for the wards, I don't think there's any measure that's too much to keep our little ones safe. I would fight Tirek himself if I had to in order to make sure that our little ones were safe," she said with a proud smile. She would look to the egg and then back to Twilight. She could see the princess looking at it, and it took all of her willpower to not give into her motherly instinct and try to guard it from the princess. The egg was why the princess was here after all! So she could give it her blessing! She just hoped that the princess would be careful and that the procedure wasn't anything too strenuous.
  22. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer was relieved a bit when the mare didn't seem too concerned about the prices. It wasn't like she didn't have the bits the cover it herself after all, and she would have hated for this pony to spend most of her vacation fund on her lunch! That would have been one poor way to show somepony friendship that was for sure. She added that while being a cloud machine technician might not be the most paying job in Equestria, but it definitely wasn't bad and allowed her to take vacations like this one and still have enough of a budget left over. "Oh, that is good! You probably should be one of the higher paid jobs in Equestria though honestly. If it wasn't for ponies like you who make our daily infrastructure, then ponies like me wouldn't be able to do what we do. That's kinda the reason I give most of my bits away. All I'm doing is dancing and having fun making other ponies smile. I don't need a giant lump of bits for that," she smiled. When she watched Cloudy start eating the pie, or rather, taking a bite and then inhaling the pie much as she did, she couldn't help but giggle a bit herself. When she commented on it, she smiled back. "Right!? I told you! The pie here is amazing! Normally I'm a cake pony, but this pie takes the cake!" she said giggling at her own joke. She watched her lick up the rest of the crumbs and smirked back to Cloudy. "Should I make that two extra slices of pie?" she asked her playfully, looking back at the clock to check the time. They still had about an hour or two before the jousting matches started. They would want to get their tickets soon, but they still had time for more pie, and maybe a trip through the gift shop. She might have only just met her, but she wanted to make Cloudy's time here in LP a trip to remember, and for all the right reasons.
  23. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Wind Dancer could only laugh a bit herself at the comment that Scarlett made about most ponies thinking that they were part bird. It wasn't the first time that she'd heard that recently, and she doubted that it would be the last. There were definitely some similarities between the two that gave the claim some validity anyway. The hollow bones being one of them, as well as some of the random sounds that they can make. She knew for a fact that they could very much trill like a bird, and she could very easily remember making those sounds herself. She felt herself blush a bit from that memory. When she heard Nor'easter tell her that it had taken him months to work up the nerve to ask Scarlett out, she smiled and nodded back to him. "Honestly, I had to feel the waters a bit myself. I had opened myself up to a couple ponies before, but later found out that they were your typical ponies that you find in the Las Pegasus streets. They were there for me up until I got them where they needed to go, and then I wasn't worth their time anymore. I took things quite a bit slower with Sky until I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn't that kind of pony. After that, it was a matter of finding the right moment. Of course, you give to creators time to plan something and we both end up planning the same idea," she said, pausing as she heard her father speak up. This made her turn her head around to see the group of ponies that was heading towards them, and among them, was a face that she could have done without seeing again. "I came, to pay my respects. Doctor's don't work for free, but that still doesn't excuse how I acted. I know that there's nothing I can say that will make things right. Especially when my refusal to help you was the source of most of your pain. All I can do is apologize for my shortsightedness of the past. Whatever doctor had performed the work on your wing, is truly a master at their craft. I'm not going to lie, with as much damage that had been done to your wing, when I saw you on my table, I thought you were a lost cause, and you'd never regain full use of that wing again even if I did everything in my power to fix it. I was honestly just trying to save you and your family from a lifetime of heartache," The doctor spoke. "Well, as you can see, my daughter is now as spry as a daisy, and her wing looks beautiful, and is well on her way to starting a beautiful family. Perhaps she wasn't the lost cause that you thought she was, just because we couldn't all of the expensive treatments and therapies," Morning spoke. "Regardless..." Wind interjected. "Look, Doctor Grey, I appreciate the apology. What happened all those years ago... I've put it behind me. I did that when I first got here this morning. At one point I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to lay into you, and call you every vile name I could think of, but honestly, what's that going to change? Nothing. I just hope that my successes can be a reminder to you that no pony is ever worth giving up on. Even if the odds are one in a million of recovering. That single pony lying on that gurney could be that one, as long as you have enough fight to try," Wind Dancer commented, watching as the other ponies that followed were waiting for them to finish.
  24. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm would nod both to Myth and to Luna when they spoke. When Luna mentioned that this encounter, at least for herself was a thousand years in the making, Ice Storm would give comment. "Well, if we have any luck, we shouldn't find the sorceress herself here. Aside from the stone itself, I don't have enough evidence to arrest her. If she has the stone, it would be hard for us to do so if she's already figured out how to use it. Right now I aim to find out if she's working alone, or if there is a higher source of power that she answers to that might be behind this. There's almost always a bigger fish lurking behind the reef," Ice Storm cautioned. They seemed to be on the same page as to the others as far as the locals go until Nira spoke up a bit. she commented that while she wasn't from this island, she was from Ryushima, which was right next to it. The strait was small enough that something could have easily flown over, though swimming it could be a feat. No doubt there were dangerous marine predators in these waters. "Alright, ramp's down. Be wary of everything you see, and do not engage the wildlife. We don't want to create needless hostilities," she said as she started making her way down the ramp. As she came to the bottom of the ramp, she spotted something in the treeline that appeared to be watching them. It almost looked to be wolf-like in nature. It reminded her of what the timberwolves looked like in the Everfree Forest, but this wolf was most definitely not made out of wood. It did however have a potent aura of aether that she didn't need Myth's vision to see. It seemed to flow through her main, much like the way that the princess' had. Icy would hold up a hoof and point the wolf out to Nira. "That one is watching us... should we be concerned?" she asked. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Nira would blush a bit herself as she heard Myth start to give her praise before she would pause and affirmed the acknowledgement that she would be a good addition to the team. She also noticed that the Alicorn of the Night was set to accompany them on this mission. She had briefly encountered her before at Kyomo, but instead of coming ashore she chose to remain aboard. Nira herself couldn't help but feel a bit responsible for that. After all, she had made the mistake of assuming that it was the Alicorn that had arranged the meeting with the shogun, so she presumed that she was the one in charge. She would have never guessed that a Unicorn would have out-ranked an Alicorn in any stretch, but here they were. That mere fact alone, told Nira that she would never want to get on Ice's bad side. The mare spoke of having the power to change naval warfare as they knew it. Given the airship that they were just on, and she was the one in charge of this agency, she didn't think the unicorn was bluffing. There was also a very strong sense of aether coming from the necklace that she was wearing. She had no idea what the amulet did, but she imagined that she would find out at some point on this mission. She would refrain from asking about it right now. When they started moving down the ramp, they were stopped at the bottom. Commander Storm pointed at a creature in the distance, and asked her about it. "It's an Okami, and she seems to have taken a vested interest in us. That can be either really good or really bad. Of an Okami sees something they like, they will get very protective of it and try to help them. If it's something that they don't like, or fear might cause harm to it, they can be very, very dangerous. It is also possible that she might deem us not worth her time. Either way, I'm sure she will let us know her intentions quite quickly," she replied.
  25. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~Morning Dew~~~Water Wing~~~ Wind Dancer would smile back to Scarlett as commented on how adorable her dance was with the little ones, and couldn't help but brighten said smile when she talked about how amazing the second part was. She gave her another hug following her saying that she and Sky worked so well together. She spoke up when she heard Sky's father ask how long that they had been working with each other. "Oh, pretty much since the first day we met! I met sky when he knocked a leaf out of a tree and brought him back to my place, cause a Las Pegasus park is... not the safest place to fall asleep in, and that morning he rode the wind that I was making while I was practicing and bumped into me. After that we started sharing music with each other and the first time that he showed me the work that he did, I started dancing to it. It was then that we got the idea to do a collab, and from there everything else just took off sooo a few years at least!" she finished still wearing her smile. Morning Dew would squeeze her daughter and then beckon for Sky over as well. "Well I for one think you both are the perfect couple. IT was like you two were molded for each other. A brilliant musician and a beautiful dancer entertaining the world and becoming the most wonderful family in Equestria. Kinda doesn't have a nice ring to it doesn't it?" she said turning to Scarlett. Water smiled and looked at the scene and was about to say something else as he spotted a small group of ponies approaching them. No doubt they were some fans that were looking to get an autograph, or new fans looking to meet the star dancer and musician for the second first time. Among the group was an older stallion with a grey coat and what looked like a chart for a cutie mark. It was the doctor that had given up on Wind Dancer after her crash. "Well, look what the cat dragged in," he spoke in a very curt tone. "Here to see what the successes of a real doctor looks like?"
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