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  1. Oh ok. That's a really good edit job. I was fooled lol
  2. why is everyone different in the second picture except the guy with th forever alone face?
  3. I've been quiet too cuz of being busy. I dtill don't know if we have enough evidence to convict anypony
  4. It got reeeeeaaaaaal quiet in here...
  5. I still haven't seen anyone suggesting anything or offering solutions...
  6. We have to do something... We can't just sit here waiting to be taken in the night! Who has a plan??
  7. Vote: Templarfrost I'm sorry... I think the others are right...
  8. Well in my opinion the Brony fandom is very good-looking ^.^
  9. I leave for a few minutes to visit the little pony's room...
  10. *Wants to pinch cheeks so bad!* Also. MY POOR BEAUTIFUL COLORADO HAS BEEN INVADED BY THE FIRE NATION!!!
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