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      The Prodigal son returns...

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      dang i didnt think you were still around feli

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      Oh well you know me. Afraid to post anything... Ever.

  2. halloween garb pic to commemorate my full return to the site
  3. note to self: sing more

  4. well what better way to welcome myself back onto the site than with an updated pic of myself
  5. i freakin LOVE it man! the vibratos were excellent, the tone was superb! the only thing I can critique is the mood. It seemed a little emotionless but on the whole technically this is spot on!
  6. PFFFFFT southern belle...southern gentlecolt and thanks! ive been told ive been making pretty big strides in my singing and vocalization on the whole. i didnt believe it until i came back to this tread and saw the old stuff i posted...sweet jeesus how horrifying
  7. just a little audition I did for Dusk Shine (male twilight) for an upcoming audioplay. thought i'd share http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84560451/Dusk%20Shine%20Audition.mp3 and one I did for male applejack as well http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84560451/Male%20Applejack%20audition%20CBlaze.mp3
  8. how tuff am I? HOW TUFF AM I? I put toothpicks under my toenails and kick heavy objects around for FUN. I Also watched that episode of futurama with fry's dog without crying.
  9. Cress, well. its a close race between determination and courage but im gonna have to go with determination. Friendship can sometimes take hard work. there are going to be times that you are angry at your closest friends and during those times its difficult to see why you would ever want to see them again. It is then that your fortitude is tested, and you determination really put to work. Do you have the irk to say "oh well this doesnt have to end this way"? or give up and try not to think about the future you relinquished. Crescent Blaze I know would never give up on somepony. As neither would I. As many times as He or I am pushed away for an unjust reason or whatever it may be you will always see us by your side. Even if you have given up on yourself, we will be there, we will never give up on you.

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    2. CrescentBlaze


      lol it actually took me a second to figure out what that said XD

  11. i'd be more than willing to supply myself for an interview and information on a minicon/large meetup at virginia beach in the winter. If you wouldnt mind shooting me the info I'll need of course ^_^
  12. So ive been gone for quite some time but no more! I have returned! and with me I bring a rough version of a cover I am working on for "The Moon Rises" have a listen ^_^ like I said though this is still just a draft to dont judge it like its finished. still polishing some things. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84560451/moon_rises_rough%20cover.mp3
  13. ((hey just so you dont feel like you killed the thread this one [started by a friend of mine] died long ago along with his will to rp so. dont take it personally if you get no posts here))
  14. I would be an Ursaring big and bold but also super cuddly ^_^
  15. *crashes face first next to krypt and hold up sign*
  16. wait...but if I find men attractive...then that must mean Im...........a girl! XD

  17. @_@ what is this eyegasm I'm having...those colors
  18. CrescentBlaze

    DJ PON3

    I approve of this concept 83
  19. Are you kidding? Lance. He counts right? Yeah of course he does. Lance the Dragon Master of Silver and Gold Version. Amazing team, always a challenge, best music in the games so far.
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