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  1. Awesome work! Are these posted as images anywhere?
  2. There isn't really an order. I work on multiple at a time and whatever I finish I post.
  3. Boxy giggled bashfully at Stormwing's advances. He was absolutely charming, and boxy quite enjoyed being flirted with. Stallions never seemed to admire her, and it had never really bothered Boxy too much. After all, she was a businessmare. She was never too concerned with romance. That didn't mean she didn't like it, of course, and she really did want somepony by her side. Boxy turned back to Whirligig, not really sure what she meant by "bluebird". Out of the corner of her eye she could see Stormwing looking at some stallion's clothes, and she made sure to keep an eye on him. [colour=#cc0066]"As for your question, Miss Whirly-bird, my name is Heart-Shaped Box, but everyone calls me Boxy! So call me Boxy! That dress is absolutely gorgeous! But, if you'd like t' try on some others, Ah have quite a nice selection! Ah have a lovely white one right here that has quite a nice look t' it. Ah like how flowy it is, and feel how soft! Go on, feel! If you were lookin' for something light, this might interest ya. Or perhaps you'd like somethin' a bit more fru-fru. Ah have this very ruffly red one that might do the trick for ya!"[/colour]
  4. Honey Crisp suddenly felt completely filled with excitement! [colour=#2f4f4f]"Oh boy, AC! Ah'd love that!"[/colour] She began to bounce up and down, heading straight for the door. She opened it and ran out, waiting for her sister to catch up. She couldn't wait to see Appleoosa with her very own eyes. At least, the parts she hadn't already seen.
  5. [colour=#282828]It was Cranky's turn to roll the ball, and he wasn't especially excited. However, this seemed to be a really fun group of ponies to play with. Little Twist nudged him, smiling cheerfully, and he took a few steps forward. He first stepped up to Mended Heart, rolling his ball with one hoof.[/colour] [colour=#696969]"Hey, kid, don't worry too much about that gutter ball, okay?"[/colour] [colour=#282828]He said, then stepped up to the alley and lightly kicked his ball forward. The pungent smell of Pigpen was still quite evident.[/colour] [colour=#ff0000]"You can do it, Cranky!"[/colour] [colour=#282828]Twist shouted, bouncing up and down. With confidence, Cranky watched as his ball rolled gently down the alley. Suddenly it started leaning to one side, and was quickly in the gutter.[/colour] [colour=#696969]"Er, see Heart? Even the pros get gutter balls sometimes."[/colour]
  6. [colour=#282828]Username: SonicRainboomGirl[/colour] Name: Black Moon (he's the blue stallion) [colour=#282828]Custom or owned pony?: Owned[/colour] [colour=#282828]Pose?: Anything![/colour] [colour=#282828]Reference:[/colour] Not sure if you can see, but his cutie mark is a 5/4 time signature, like this:
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