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  1. ... Now I think I may have to read this fic out of morbid curiosity.
  2. I just... Really need to let this out of my system somehow. I consider myself a feminist. I ****ing hate rape apologists (I'd say "you know who you are", except most of you probably don't) and would love to see trigger warnings become an everyday gesture of common courtesy. But I am appalled by the idea of trying to outright destroy *fiction*, even if it's stupid tasteless **** that I'm personally triggered by. Hence, I am appalled by all these people *celebrating* over Ask Princess Molestia being cease and desist'ed. To me, there's a pretty obvious line between reality and fantasy. I've personally done and enjoyed things in fantasy that would get me or the performers executed in real life, or would trigger the **** out of people who've experienced similar things in reality. The reason I can enjoy something in fantasy while being horrified by it in real life is because fantasy is not real. No one is being hurt by it, the rules are different, and I shouldn't have to write an entire ****ing essay about how fantasy and reality are not one and the same. If someone thinks rape or racism or something can be fun or funny in a non-serious context, fine, whatever. Put a warning on it so folks can navigate around it, etc. I'm cool with it as long as it's neither real nor shoved in my face. I have a problem when people think it's okay or funny in real life. Or when they see no problem with throwing rape jokes and such around in public where they're likely to hit somebody who, y'know, would really really prefer to avoid contact with that thankyouverymuch. But I don't see how a few ****ing pixels on a screen are capable of invading your personal space without your permission. Or how pixels would be capable of having any real-life opinions about who should be mistreated and why. If Calpain and JJ and crew are being sexist douchenuggets in real life, go ahead and criticize/hate them for that. But that's not what I've seen people complaining about. I've seen people campaigning to destroy a work of *fiction*. I need to go take a break now.
  3. Hmm, I guess this would be sort of a retroactive announcement, seeing as I've been gone for a couple months now... So yeah, I disappeared, what with getting a bit bored with the site (this place *does* seem to have become less active since Season 3 ended), plus addicted to WoW again for a few months. So anyway, I guess I'm kinda sorta back. Gonna be lurking a bit and keeping an eye on the RP forums for something I could jump into.
  4. Rainbow Dash, while gradually getting better, still acts like an egotistical jerk most of the time. And I think a big reason for her popularity is that a lot of people (especially guys) are raised to somehow *admire* that kind of behavior. I think the main reason Luna's so popular is that we haven't seen much of her to begin with, so fans can pretty much project anything they want onto her. People love the fanon Luna instead of the real one. (I'll admit I'm guilty of this, but hey. Gamer Luna.) While she was an excellent script doctor for the less-talented writers, I feel Faust may have been holding the show back creatively to some degree.
  5. Well, obviously Luna just kidnapped a bunch of foals. But it looks like most of them were orphans and homeless kids who didn't exactly mind. (And the kingdom was supposedly in fairly bad shape at the time.) So there could be some legitimate argument about whether what she did was *wrong* or not.
  6. Hah, I didn't notice the car until someone said something. But yeah, I like the goth *Pinkie* alright. I'd actually be up for an entire goth/dark version of the mane six.
  7. So apparently we're getting some Goth Pinkie Pie toys at Target now: Truth be told, these are the first brushables I've actually considered buying... >.>
  8. I'd probably sit there pondering for the full ten seconds until it closed up, then spend the rest of my life wondering about what could have been. I'm horribly indecisive like that. Though I might just go for it if I was having a particularly bad day.
  9. Yeah, seemed like it's been pretty dead for a while now. OH WELL.
  10. Well. You've all got me wanting to see the movie for myself, but it looks like I won't get a chance to for another month or two. Unless I wanna watch hidden camera stuff.
  11. Hrmph. Well it was shown *once* this past Saturday at a theater near me, and apparently never again. And I'd feel pretty weird about being a lone adult in a theater full of little girls and their parents. Guess I might just have to wait.
  12. ... Did all of you guys go watch it in theaters, or did it pop up online somewhere?
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