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  1. I haven't been doing any pony stuff for a while. Well, other than watching the new episodes. Sad to think we're already close to half way through the new ones. (and the term alicorn is somewhat canon now) All of my energy has been wrapped up in finishing a project several years in the making. My first book, a story about a girl vampire, is now epublished and out for the world to read! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/261735 Only 99 cents with the code DZ58H Now I can take a bit of a break. Maybe a new pony story will come to me now. That or I'll work on the sequel. Or the new fantasy world I'm building inspired by some of the wonder I've felt at MLP: FiM.
  2. Went to Wal-Mart and they were out of cards but they did have collector tins. For $12 it comes with 6 packs of cards, a poster/check list, and a special Twilight card.
  3. Needlemouse: I can't argue with what you're saying. Since I started this thread let me say that at least personally my concern isn't out of some persecution complex. I like the show because I like the show. I was a fan and watched it and talked about it with my family for a year before I ever bothered to look for anything pony related onthe web. Generally I'm not a fandom type. Good or bad I'm inclined to go left if the crowd goes right. But I saw a fandom that responded to negativity with positive feedback, not hate. Now I see a group that were started by young, bright-eyed types hoping to be a safe place for all ages getting over run by people that seem offended when they are politely asked not to post vulgar profanities in the group and tell this kid what he can do in graphic terms. Other avenues seems similarly affected when I look at them. I just worry about that path and damage from the inside, not the outside.
  4. Modest Medusa is funny and cute. And now it has ponies! http://www.modestmedusa.com/?p=659 10 PM
  5. I love the Xena on top of the bar. (There were multiple reasons I watched that show...) Doing this as an edit just to prevent a double post since it's the next strip of the same comic. 20% cooler! LOL http://leasticoulddo.com/comic/20121020
  6. Just found out about pony Warhammer mods. http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-35704-23088_Ponyhammer.html Don't start me on the inaccuracies. (of the characters. I know diddly about warhammer.) And: (not a positive appearance, but....) http://leasticoulddo.com/comic/20121019
  7. Kendrick


    Got my special edition Fluttershy card today!!! *SQUEEE!* And I got a regular Fluttershy in a pack with a Trixie. Got a Luna the other day. Now I need an Applejack and Apple Bloom. Why the hay aren't they making CMC mini packs?!?!
  8. Not for the show, but the fandom. http://www.dailydot.com/society/5-signs-fading-fandom-my-little-pony/ I have seen signs of some of these things that have made me uneasy as well. A good 1 point example is a MLP Facebook group I am in that started out nice and fun that had an attempted [colour=#000000] [/colour]coup d'état against one of the founders and had an ugly row for a bit. Now there is a very vulgar section popping that get hateful when reminded to keep it PG and honestly are making me less likely to visit the group. I know there are other incidences like this out there. Are we starting a melt down from within?
  9. Kendrick

    New dog

    That was my thought as well. Plus I'm afraid people will associate it with more dangerous breeds. Spike sounds more like something someone would name a Rot or Doberman than a terrier.
  10. Kendrick

    New dog

    We got a dog from the county shelter. We saw that it's a kill shelter so we felt like those dogs needed us more than the Humane Society ones. Got a male terrier mix to go with our Jack Russel terrier. So far he's a nice dog that seems happy to have a home. He needs a lot of domestication though. Peed on my wife's computer chair tree-style this morning. Even though it's a he we're thinking Dash has a nice ring to it. Spike has been in the running too.
  11. While I did my share of downloading music when I was young and the internet was a lawless wasteland, ( O_O ) I actually try very hard to stay on the up and up these days and actually use legitimately free software and buy music, or get it through real free downloads. Heck I've paid for music I could get for free on those "pay what it's worth to you" deals because I honestly liked it that much. (Most recently it was pony tunes by PinkiepieSwear) Yes I copied the episodes off YouTube, but I WILL buy the season disks when they come out if my heavy handed hints for Christmas bring them not. But THIS article bears the primary justification you see and feel for piracy. Copyright and trademark law has gone off the rails. I'm not saying piracy is right. it's not. But neither is what a lot of companies do, unfortunately there is no requirement that laws be rooted in morality, reason, or these days even sanity.
  12. Kendrick


    Several years ago I was on a bit of a spiritual exploration. I studied a lot of different religions and at the time was studying paganism and had been meditating a lot and was doing grounding exercises. One night I managed to hit that spot of complete peace you read about while meditation on my path and I had, for lack of a better term, a vision. This woman whose appearance kept shifting was there and spoke to me about the path I was on. The incident had quite an impact, but I haven't ever been able to reproduce even the utter calm I reached that night. So now I've lapsed back into cynicism and figure I must have lapsed into sleep and dreamed it, but I did have my "Holy Spirit" moment once. I can't imagine being able to create an experience like that at will.
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