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  1. ((okay, this is just sad. Why is no one trying to progress the story? With the limited time (which has been passed, mind you) we should be trying to advance the story, not get even slower)) Come on guys! Stop being pessimistic, we need to solve this mystery and soon, otherwise the Changelings will take over our <insert location> too!
  2. Well I'm Tyler007bon, and I'm not a Changeling. I guess you're just going to have to take my word for it, but how do we know you aren't a Changeling? I mean you're just randomly calling everypony a changling, how is this not suspicious?
  3. Wow. Nearly everyone was paranoid of being shot, so nearly everyone killed themselves XD. I volunteer!
  4. Both sides seem to have made mistakes and both sides need to realize this.
  5. No Cathy, it isn't. Here's hoping they don't delete this thread without warning like last time.
  6. Why don't we pm invite some people and wait another day, just to be safe? I hate pm inviting, but I don't want this game to be crippled, either.
  7. It was a long and bloody battle, but I'm proud to see Lyra in the #2 spot, especially with only 1 primary defender. I'm shocked she and Bon Bon made it to the top 10, and was even more shocked when they made 2/3 of the top three. If we have a rematch it will be likely that they don't see the top ten, but I'll be happy to join anyway.
  8. Everyone, take a side! Don't go for both Lyra and Dash! Rather, we should take out one or the other (and totally ignore Bon Bon ) I'm also very proud of Lyra and Bon Bon for making it this far. No matter what happens, Lyra will win Silver, Bronze, or Gold. -6 Rainbow Dash Hex Rainbow Dash x 2
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