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  1. Thanks for killing my compliment, Rosie. Sometimes, achieving quality comes with tenacity towards the character, and hard-work.
  2. Good! It shows that you are tenacious, and you don't give up.
  3. I depends on how they present the alpha, really... For example, Overgrowth is still in early alpha, but instead of releasing the half-finished game itself, they are releasing the editor of the game. It's a great idea to get used to the mechanics and all-around fun and unique engine that the game has to offer, without dealing with all of the early release bugs.
  4. Coming from an active Panphobiac... Not sure.
  5. This actually sounds like a pretty great idea to me. It makes Canterlot's RP more of a social, team-based, and all around cooperative RP. Of course, that makes it more fun!
  6. Assuming that you are talking about America... If you are talking about situations like Bush sending troops out in Iraq, or our debated participation in Vietnam, I get where you are coming from. But you have to keep in mind, that you have to come up the bottom in order to get to the top. All US military Generals or high-ranking Officers had to be a 2nd Lieutenant first. And a 2nd Lt. will see the full violence of any military operation that they command. Same goes for enlisted ranks too. Many US presidents like Bush, H.W Bush, Kennedy, Truman, and Eisenhower also served in our military. And many of the aforementioned presidents has commanded military operations that their children was involved in. You must be Kosovo, Taiwanese, or Vatican...
  7. Ditto... I have a pone that is now in "ready" stage... But it'll most likely get approved soon. If anything, I totally want in! If my app isn't approved in a timely fashion, then I will pull up another one to RP with.
  8. "Men are at war with each other, because each man is at war with himself" - Francis Meehan
  9. “All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us... they can't get away this time!" - Lt. General Chesty Puller
  10. Cool pic... What's up with the David Bowie look? XD
  11. It gets even worse... EA is planning on having all games run on DRM, and is even planning on shutting off the servers after a year or two. So you'll by the nest game, and stop playing the last.
  12. Not a helpstaffer here. Just a suggester. I would like to point out, that there are more than one ways that the father could have absence from the family. These might not be permanent, (like divorce), but they are long-term. Royal Guard Overseas Archaeologist Travelling Diplomat Miner (In a distant mine) Just to keep the ball rolling.
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