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  1. Tempest did not seem shaken or all too moved by the power of Star's shake, in fact he shaked back pushing in to the hoof with some force of her own. “I was rather upset I did not have a go at you, my mood was rather spoiled after my last target got away and a tussle with you may have been a wonderful event to relax me. But it is what it is. I’d love to toss you down in some mud, so long as I offer to take it gently on my belly. Got hurt, not going to lit it slow me down but don’t want you having some easy win with a blow to my gutt. Will do the same with you to keep it fair.” She offered with a happy grin, more than willing to have a go with this mare in the mud. It sounded fun! Shame Glitter was not here, she may enjoy watching two big strong mare rolling about in the muck. She then looked over at Sky Crack with a bigger grin. “You got to join. Three is more fun than two after all. Put on a real show for this wedding.” ~~~~~~~~~~ Nil held a paw to his chest in shock as he smiled. “Oh, you charm me so! Thank you Mis Spoiled. You have lit my heart with new found hope for this town. May this wedding treat you well and if you do see rising troubles just call for me. I shall see it fixed.” With that he bowed to meet her own, not something he did often but for her… He will bow to a pony with the fire he saw in her eyes. She was a sphinx at heart, he can feel it. And something like that was worth tossing some more kindling on. As she departed he followed to the door and took a seat next to it, eyeing up every pony passing him to join the wedding.
  2. Nilaavin’s eyes were almost a glitter with joy as the mare spoke. She reminded him of his mother, of a sphinxess! The fire and focus of her eyes and the strength of her words. If only she was born with paws and wings. Regardless of her lesser birth she had more than the spark, she had the fire most ponies did not. And that did put a smile on his lips. “Oh do not start me on that dreadful plot of land. To be so close to this land's capital, to have it in view!” He waved a paw up in the air, aimed at the far off Canterlot resting far up on mountain peaks. “Four packs of… ‘timber wolves’ I believe is the word. Two manticores. One hydra. That is what I have battled in my time here.” He moved his paw to his chest. “I feel as if a spoon has been given to me and my liege requested I stop the flooding of the rivers with it. And the locals of this town? They scoff at me. My wishes for order and safety are greeted with rolling eyes and remakes on how things are just this way. But they are not ‘just this way’ and never can be. When we first took seeds to the earth, plowed the fields and cut the channels for water we took this land from chaos to order. Yet they all seem overjoyed to give it back! They even let that… Sky worm make home here. I know he’s here at this event, things are already chaotic… And I can feel it. Anathema.” He lowered his paw down and looked over at the castle. “We must speak more, I feel we shall get along very well. But we both have matters to see too. After this do you have pressing matters? I’d enjoy it if we had a few moments to rest to speak without rush or worry.” He asked looking down at her. “You are the most charming mare Ms' Spoiled Rich.” ~~~~~~~~~~ “Being disappointed at the customs of this land is pretty normal.” Tempest says rolling her eyes. “Why I live the way I do. Far north, mostly alone save for the one mare that understands me. Yet I shall be traveling soon. I have come in to ownership of an airship and will see much with it. Almost all my life was spent moving… Staying put is just not in my blood it feels like. I will see to it I visit Acroneighos. When I do you best be ready to meet me hoof to hoof, loser pays the bar tab.” She says with a smug grin before she looked over at the approaching giant of a mare. She arched an eyebrow, thinking. Where has she… “Oh. You were the one that beat my honor guard. The Yetis with manes dyed like my fur, each one was hoof picked. Yet you managed to get past them. Hard much about you from the reports they gave me. Did not think you were really so large.” With that she stands up, meeting Star Crusader eye to eye. Tempest was no small mare. Yet she still felt small looking at this mare even if did meet her eye to eye. She then holds a hoof out in greeting. “They nicknamed you Shildbraker. Nice too meet this Shieldbreaker.”
  3. “I shall keep this swift as it seems you are already aware of the problem plaguing this town.” Nilaavin says back as he leads her away from the rest of the gusts too the trees. He was impressed by his first meeting with her. A strong force of will but respectful when speaking to him… And the look in her eyes! They had a spark that made him remember his mother in a way. “I fear much the shame and even with my eyes on them I have had one mare completely disregard the ‘No gusts past this point’ posting, a drunk griffon and my fellow guard flirting more than doing his blasted job. Oh, and some pony skydived on to the roof and then talked to me in a language he admitted to not really knowing how too speak in. Then consider me disrespectful for asking him to not speak in it when talking to me, I speak this just fine.” He sits down by the tree and rolls his eyes before looking down at Spoiled Rich. “All of this before the wedding has even started. I just can’t wrap my paws around this town and it's complete disregard of order of even the smallest amount.” He waved a paw in the air, shaking his head. “I was going to fuss at you but I can see that it is unnecessary. You have a look in your eyes, it's much like mine. We are both unhappy with the state of things.” He added with a frown, even if he did feel a small hit of hope in this pony. ~~~~~~~~~~ [Tempest has been skipped for this post!]
  4. Nilaavin arched an eyebrow Swift talked. What a prideful pony that one was without a hint of fear as well. But it was well founded, he can’t hurt them. Not even a little bit! Unless some pony made a move to hurt Blue or his wives they can walk all over him in safety. It was a shameful fact and one he did his best to play down so they did not work out how declawed this cat was. “What is dead may best be left dead, no point in digging up a corpse laid to rest.” He remarked back on his language. Some day he hoped to pull it back from nothingness but today was not that day. “Thank you Sir.” He added with a wave of his paw as Swift jumped off the roof. Peeking over the top he watched the pony float down softly. He hoped for a splat. Oh well. Looking over at the ongoing… mess up here he just rolled his eyes. “You act before you think Mis, some day that will see you die on a blade you very well may have seen coming if you looked before you lept.” He then gets up, stretching his legs as he looks down at the masses coming in to the building. “And no need to help me track her down. I see the Mayer. Tiger, do keep the roof safe and do be careful, I think we have a tick up here.” He added glancing at the mare one more time before stepping off the rooftop. Falling down he landed on his four paws with a heavy thump, making several ponies fall over in shock from his landing. Without missing a beat he walked down the line eyes fixed on Spoiled Rich. “You, Mis Spoiled Rich is it? You are the Mayor of this town if I’m not mistaken. I wish to speak with you for just a moment, you will not miss the wedding you have my word on that.” He says looking down at her then nodding his head to some nearby trees before he walked that way. No need to shame her in front of everypony with what he wanted to say. ~~~~~~~~~~ Tempest sinkers as the mare talks. “Oh. You have no clue how boring this is going to be.” She says with a shake of her head. “Preparer to sit on that flank and do nothing and try not too die from boredom. The fun comes in the after party where we all get drunk on free drinks and too much cake… At least others can, I can’t drink.” She says looking down at the last part, glancing at her down belly. But she snapped her head back up and looked over at the mare. “What you want to do sounds way more fun than this. Weddings are oh so very boring here… if I ever have one I think I need too hire a few Acroneighos mares to spice it up, most of all if they are look good as you do.”
  5. Times like this Nilaavin truly hated the fact he can’t ever hurt some pony… Without Blues blessing. Oh how he wanted to smite them for acting like such foolish foals in front of him! He was a Sphinx! Not some petty house cat! But this was his life for now, his judgement will come in time. But he can keep some order at least in his follow ‘guards’. “Tiger, your task is to keep order and safety for Blue and their wedding not flirt with every female you see.” He says, looking down at the pony, glaring with his cat-like eyes. “Focus with the spear at your side, not the one underrneth or you will end this shift a gelding.” With his warning done he shifted his focus on the bothersome mare and was about to warn her again but was stopped do to well… Looking up as his ears flicked about he blinked, looked again and squinted as some pony skydives down on to the kep, sliding to a stop next to him. He was so taken back and dumbfounded it left him speechless. What was up with this town? Why was it like this? Was all of this kingdom this… disorderly? It made him want to cry honestly. And then the pony talked. Never in his life has he heard his native language so thoroughly butchered, abused and mangeld. He had to hold a paw up and pushed it against the muzzle of this pony to make them stop. “Never speak are language again pony, I have seen beaten slaves speak with more clarity than the mangled mess of sounds you have just uttered forth at me.” Done with that he looked at the tiny paper floating in the air. Well looked good to him. “You need to go in from the front door. Best of luck getting down, I will not help in the matter.” Well with that done he pulled his paw away and looked back at the mare. Now where was… Then a drunk bride passed by. Hardly staying in the air on haphazard wing beats Seeing this Nilaavin just took in a deep breath. “Do one of you know where the Mayor of this town is? I wish to speak to her in detail on why she let's this town be like this. And more so, how everything that will go wrong at this event is her fault and her fault alone.” ~~~~~~~~~~ “I have my regrets.” Tempest says with a shrug, not going in to detail on what they were. “And my relation is limited in the extreme. We hardly know each other but Blue has offered to help me far more than needed given that with no wish of repayment. As such when asked to be here, I did come. I may not know them well, but they have treated me with kindness and a helping hoof. Showing up too watch this is the just thing to do.” She says looking back at the mare. “What of you? Why are you so far from home to see it?”
  6. Ah Tiger, such a new face still. And yet Nilaavin knew him well. He was like so many other guards. Felt more big than he was, thinked far too much with the spear underneath than the one slung overtop. They were a dime a dozen amongst the armies and guards of the past and present it seems. But he did his job and that is all that matters. Speaking of that job… A mare felt like teleporting up here. She was not a watch mare or a guard for Blue. “Ma’am, you may not be here or distract us. I will remove you by force if you do not remove yourself.” The large sphinx says with a thick accent no pony can place. For how can one place an accent born from a dead language mixing with modern ponish? Yet he had no time for this mare. His orders were to be on guard duty and even without the spell bounding him, he’d follow them out of respect for Blue. And he needed this mare away so Tiger can do his job and stop drooling over every mare he sees. ~~~~~~~~~~ Tempest arched an eyebrow at an unknown mare sitting down next to her. She was not too happy to put up with some unknown pony being next to her but hoped Blue planned the seating well. But she did not ask for a name or even remark on her. The mare spoke up without being invited in to it, something Tempest hated but as the mare spoke it sparked some interest. She was an Acroneighos mare and one of some worth at that. “A Maretonia mare. Far from home and far from the legions.” She says back, looking to her side at the mare and eyed her up. Fit body, strong pose. She held herself tall and presented a pose of dominance. Tempest liked what she saw in truth. “Honored to meet a mare of your caliber Sky Crack, no wonder you know me well, given your duty you’d been foolish to not take note of what I did in my years leading the armada.” She says rolling her shoulders. “Such times are long behind me now and I made my pace.” She added looking back ahead,watching more flood in. Bleh. Was like watching hens all cram up on a coop. Far too much, her wedding… if she has one. Will be nothing like this.
  7. Having Apple Bloom stumbling into her, she snapped Tempest out of her thinking. Looking down at the filly she can’t help but work a small smile on her muzzle. No, she wasn't doing good. She hasn't been for sometime. But she was doing better. “I already told you, I’m fine. Now get that butt in that room and greet your sisss… Uh, cousin.” She really needed to work on that, not her fault AJ came off as blooms mother half the time. But she leans down and using her muzzle helped push Apple Bloom back up on her hooves and nudged to the open door. “Go on, she needs all her family there. Both of ‘em.” She added before backing away from the door. She can’t go in. It felt… wrong. This moment was far too private a matter for her to be part of more than this. She’d meet the foal later, she knew that much. No way AJ was going too let her get away without having the foal held up to her face three or four times. But for now it was the family's moment and she, sadly, was not part of this one.
  8. Sitting like a large watchguard a sphinx lays on top of the Castle watching the growing numbers of visitors. Nilaavin found all of this just very amusing in truth, his kind had nothing like this. No big show of love for a sphinxess and in a way he felt this was more charming. It was a show of love and tied them together… He'd adopted some of this in to his own pride some day. But today his focuses needed to be on his job, keeping this wedding safe and free of all wedding crashers. ~~~~ Tempest honestly can’t understand why she was invited for this. So she talked like… one time to Blue. He… they? They did seem nice and offered a helping hoof. Going so far as to even try and track down one of the few ponies in her life to mean much to her. Other than Glitter of course. So in a way she felt like she had to come to this to show her thankfulness even if she can’t see why it matters. For a pony like Blue having her here just seems… Well, odd. She was nothing. A low life. So she had a noble's blood in her veins but that was meaningless. Bleh. Whatever it was she was here and did her best to keep on the farthest fringes of the gathering for the reception. When it was time for all of them to gather inside she was pleased to see her designated seat was far to the back pushed as far to the side as they can have it. For some it may feel like they were shunned but for Tempest she knew this was an act of kindness. She can’t ask for a better seat. So she sat her flank down on the pillow and passed time daydreaming… of battle! And… uh, war! Nothing about… other things.
  9. Was it bad she can’t feel her legs? Probably. But she didn't have the time for that. A funny thing with being tired is if you keep going, keep pushing you stop feeling tired. Just num. She felt so very num now. The world was passing by like a dream. No focuses, nothing staying. Shapes passed and she forgot them. She did not have much to say nore did Glitter it seems. Maybe for the best. And so she keeps walking. Tall legs plowing a path in the snow as ice built up around her nose, clinging her fut and eyelashes. What was it like to just lay down in it? She came close a few times as a filly. Covered in snow and ice all alone. But she was not alone now. Far from it. Even in the cold she felt a beacon of warmth resting on her back, hugging her neck and resting on her head. It was not just the warmth of another body. No this was a deeper warmth that gently blew life in to soldering embers that were so close to fading away in to nothing. A warmth that made her remember there was more to life than her suffering. She remembered playing, laughing, rolling about and smiling in a way only a filly can. The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone. At the time she never did think about it. Ya, she ‘felt’ happy but never really believed it. That filly felt she’d be more happy with other things. When she was the captain of the guard. When she was on top. When she is doing her own thing as an adult mare. She was so focused on the petty bullcrap, school, or whatever that she never knew she was happy. It's only looking back, by comparison with what comes after, that she really understands. That's what happiness felt like. Real happiness free from all the burdens strapped to every inch of her body. Can she ever feel it again? Was it even possible? She didn't really know. Not yet. But it made her wish she was Koda. Or just some other dog at all. Playing, running without a care in the world as every pony loves them. What she’d give to live that life for a day. They knew real happiness and unlike her never toss it away for stupid petty horse crap. If only. "I know this trail. We're nearly there!" Flicking an ear she was snapped out of her own mind space and back to reality. They were on a trail, one Glitter knew. “About time.” She remarked, pushing herself down the path. “When I drop you off I will head out for a doctor, where’s the closest one?” She asked. She wanted to speed up, move faster but her legs were unwilling. Looking up at the setting sun she knew darkness will be here soon and the cold will be even worse. Will she even make it too a doctor if she did this?
  10. My RP goals for 2021: More Tempest! Exploring, seeing more of the world with her and planting the seeds of a more stable life for her. And for her to somewhere along the way end up looking after a foal in need. She has what it takes to do much more and break away from the past she’s tied to. 


    Well that is going on. I want to make one more app. As some may have seen I more or less just stopped playing other OC’s as Tempest just clicked in ways they never did. But there has been one I have wished too app for some time but never did out of fear. Seen me speak of it from time too time. But I need to stop remarking on it and just do it. I’m going too app Celestia. With her setting down from power I feel more safe moving in to play as her and take her down new paths. I know not every one may like my take on Celestia but I have wanted to play her for a very, very long time. It's time she dusted off her old war hammer and gathered a new adventure party. sol invictus.

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      Hmmmm. Seems like Celestia would use sword or spear more, since they commonly likened to sun rays (with Claíomh Solais and Galatine being prime examples), but you do you.

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      Also, morning stars, if only for the name. She could use one of those spiked maces

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      If dark souls has taught me anything, lighting spears is the weapon of choice for the sun.

  11. She ‘spoke’ her plan with hoof movements, pushing figures in to place for some mock battle. Deception was a word for her movements. Using small forces too draw in bigger ones to bottle necks they’d never see coming. Only to have forces move in from the back and trap them. Brutal efficiency with no love or care put in for things other than winning. Every soldier was a pawn to be moved however needed. In her eyes this is how war is waged. You win or lose. There is no room for feelings in the mix. Yet she was feeling a lot of things in the moment. Fear. Worry. And most of all excitement. And that excitement grew as he moved closer. She tried to push it off but the need to feel useful, wanted, was powerful. She got stiff as stone when he pulled himself up over her back. What was he doing? Was he going to just take her on this table like some romance book? No. As he spoke all the lust and wanted pride was washed out in fear. Feeling a hoof pushing her down made her push back, hooves pushing on the table as all his mass pushed down on her back. Yet she did hold herself up off the table. But even if she was holding herself up mostly, he was heavy. If she moved a hoof at all she’d fall down. It was an act of defiance but one she can’t act on. The worst outcome did happen and she was at his mercy at this moment. She looked down for a time, thinking. “[I… I am not. Normel. Yes.]” Her speech was slow and broken. “[Touched… of the magics of sky thunder. But I not use it, not one. I kill as asked. Do as asked. Wish no harm on you. No. I see… power in you. Read of you, seen of you. Wanted more. Got more. You are strong and honorbound. Keep words. Keep promises. I been betrayed so much. Wish I followed you first. Other life. Other times maybe.]” She grunted, it was hard to speak and focused on holding herself up with him on her back. If this was less… threatening she’d call this the hottest dam moment of her life. But it was hard to feel too worked up when she may be killed soon. Maybe he’d let her die with some honor? She’d not fuss too much at such a death.
  12. With everything set up, music playing and fire going Tempest smiled. Where she was now. What she has done. All of this was just so… Insane. Yet it felt good. Like she was breaking off chains of her own making and learning how to live and just enjoy herself. It felt like the first steps of a foal in some ways but she knew it must happen. She will fall. She will trip. But she must do it and she’d not be alone. And that alone changed the world for her. "Happy birthday, Tempest!" The voice made her jump in the air, so lost in her own thinking she did not hear him approaching. Did not help that she had no clue as to whom that voice belonged to! Spinning about to face the pony she even more god smacked seeing him. Shining Armor was here? The old captain of the Guard that got hooked up with the Empress? “Uh, hi?” She asked, taking a step back. “Um, hope you are not here to arrest me or something. Whatever it is I swear I didn't do it.” She added with a weak smile. She honestly had no clue why he was here and wishing her a happy birthday. This had to be some joke. And then her Boss arrived. Well, Ex-boss. She put in the paperwork to leave for good some time ago and Ice has been nothing but extremely helpful and nice about it. She did invite her to the party so seeing her was not much of a shock. Mare did say she’d come no matter what. “H-hay boss! Good. I think. I don’t know, maybe going to jail again so maybe I can have some bail cash as a gift? … Again?” She asked with an even more weak smile. At least Glitter was not he- And there was Glitter. Trotting up without a care in the world and flirting like it was nothing. She didn't even know how to respond to that comment! And then Glitter just leaned up and smooched her on the nose. …. ….. “Uhyahahuh” Tempest mumbles, blushing so hard her fur was going to turn red at this rate as she just spaced out and looked completely lost as what to do. Her social skills were still… Well, it was unclear if she even had one pont at all in it.
  13. Tempest sat alone looking down at the frozen river. The sun was long gone all ready, touching away behind the hills of trees so soon this far north. Yet she did not mind. The stars were beautiful up here. Yet they were not her focus at the moment. That was fixed on a bag in her hooves full of litters. She felt uneasy, nerves. Scared even. How long ago was the last time she had a birthday party? Two decades? And yet Glitter remembered it and was the one to nudge her along to ask others to come. It felt weird to do it. Yet she knew she needed to do it. This was important for her to do. She had to flip this last page and start the next chapter. After a few more moments looking at the frozen river she looked down the path and the city down the road. Somehow this one trip felt more terrifying then marching in to war. She has seen cities in flames. Masses marching in chains to work until they drop. And yet that one road and the letters in this bag made her hooves feel like stone. What was she after all? She didn't know. But she knew what she wasn't. And so she forced herself to move down the road. She had to drop the letters off before the mail offices closed. ---- Four weeks later. ---- Tempest waved as the old mare walked away. Everything was done. She’d have free run on this land for the rest of the day to host her party. Even if that word was something of overkill for what she wanted. More like ‘peaceful gathering of maybe friends’ but whatever. The land was a good sized plot of unused farmland in the farming district of the imperial city and inside of its shield. So even in the dead of winter the air was… Well, not cold as it can be. But what matters was the lack of snow and lack of freezing to death. They’d both be a bummer on a hang out. She had set up everything she hoped she’d need. Some benches to eat at, nice big firepit to stay warm and had some cake and food in order to show up later today. It was nothing fancy but that is way she wanted this. She did not want some big party. She just wanted something more basic and slow going… Mostly so she felt safe. Last thing she needed was a panic attack on her birthday. Now all she needed was for every pony to show up! And for Glitter to get her cute flank down to the city. She had some ‘last moment things’ to do back home, whatever that was. But she’d be here soon hopefully. With everything set and ready she hoped over to the record player and with a zap of magic powered it up. It may not be ‘birthday’ music, but buck it. She loved this band! This music just clicked with her.
  14. Tempest flicked her ears when she felt Glitter nuzzling in to her mane as a resting place for the mare's head. It made her chuckle some but she did not stop it. Glitter needed the rest, she can live with her mane messed up. “Good.” She remarked, pushing on ahead in the deep snow. She wanted to lay down by a fireplace. Nap. Rest. Take a warm bath. Yet so much had too be done. Soon as she got Glitter home they’d need too get help. A doctor to look her over. Get her set up. Safe. Then rest. The day was long from over even if the sun sets fast this far north. Soon they were at a steam. It was small but too wide to leap over. Too deep to trust the ice. No way they can drown but getting wet at all in this cold was deadly. Tempest looked it over, then eyed up some trees. “Close your eyes.” She says as her horn sparked to life with magic as she aimed at a tree. With the roar of thunder an arch of magic ripped in to the base, wood shattered and exploded as the tree groaned and fell before slowing as magic flowed over it. Tempest gritted her teeth, horn showering her in sparks as the tree moved over to the steam and fell down over it making a path. Next her magic moved to the branches, ripping and blasting them off with the smell of ash and smoke. It was not the first time she’s done this. “You can open them now.” With that she leaps up on the tree and walks to the other side, calling Koda to follow them over.
  15. "Y'all right there, Tempest?" Tempest looked over and down at Apple Bloom, the young mare's words made her much more aware how uneasy she looked. Distressed even. She took in a deep breath, forcing herself to relax some. “Ya. Fine. Need too smoke. Or drink... or both” She says back to Apple Bloom with a shake of her head, looking back at Rainbow. She was a good mare, strong willed… some times. But one of the few can keep up with her morning runs. But what she liked most about her was loyalty. A small word that means everything for Tempest. Her ears flicked as AJ made that awful sound again. It made her flinch, but she held her ground. “Good. Your Welcome…” She wanted to say more, but did not know what. After a moment she pieced it together. “Sorry I look such a mess. Did not think… You know, I'd be here for this. Just came here to help when AJ told me she’d need an extra pair of hooves. Heh. Did not even lie did she?” She says looking away at all the others in the hallway. Seems like she had plenty, but then again when is it too much in a time like this? But it seems things were heating up. “Get back to AJ.” She says backing off from the door. She kept her ears up, following the sounds on the other side of the wall. It still felt so… AJ was a good mare. Deep breaths. Easy. Relaxe. Deep breaths. Easy. Relaxe. She felt her body loosen up, heart slowing too a more steady beat. Everything was ok. Then she heard the filly cry out. It felt like a rock slamming in to her face, trying to force open a locked door. Her ears folded back close to her skull as stomped a hoof but held her ground. No. Not today. She was stronger than this. Deep breaths. Relaxe. Everything was ok. Opening the eyes she unknowing held shut she looked back at the doorway and the sounds within. The filly was in good hooves. Loving hooves. Hooves that can look after it. Know how to look after it. And maybe someday she’d believe in herself in that way. Maybe one day she’d fix the past. But today she was a friend and one that will flinch away from this happy moment. She did not know the name of the filly yet, but whatever he or she may be… they are blessed to rest in the hooves of AJ and... And she wanted to see it.
  16. It was about time we saw the end! Ponyvill was coming back in to view and by the gods she was tired from all this running, rock dodging and rushing over flooding rivers. What she needed was a toasty fireplace and some Hot coco with her friend. That was a mare. A mare friend. But not like that! Maybe? Ok maybe they were. Well whatever it was, Temy was ready to lay down and get snuggles from her Glitter. But first she had to be done with this race! Hopefully she did not fall too far behind, she got rather sidetracked back in the woods and lost her way. Not her fault, she found a cool old shed that needed exploring… But with a clean path ahead with no danger it was her last shot as pulling ahead and win something. She had a feeling she was going to lose again. But that need to win at the start of the race was less pushing now. She just wanted to be done with this in truth. Maybe she was just getting too old for this nonsense.
  17. Through the hills She stopped, ears perked as she heard picked sounds from somewhere behind… Maybe behind. Think woods like this and mess with sounds like that. But she heard talking and some dreadful music. What was that awful sound? Whatever it was she was willing to bet it was made by Pinky. She didn't want to hate that mare, not at all. But that pink monster was just everything she can not stand given life. They were just complenty incompatible personality wise. So it was best she just kept on moving, speeding up her trot some more to keep ahead of whatever was going on. The magical lamp was useful, even if it was more on the dim side it let her see the path and step over roots and rocks safely. All she can ask for in a tool in truth, it did its job fine and that’s all it needed to do. It was something she needed to do more with herself. She spent so much time trying to be more than what she was and not learning to love what she can do. It was slow work but she was doing it… “I wish I had some pony to talk too.” She muttered alone as kept up her speedy trot. Maybe she needed to fall in to one of the packs? maybe. She still wanted to win this race for how.
  18. Through the hills Tempest was getting… Tired. This race was maybe just a hint longer than she thinked it was going to be. Maybe she needed to read better… Not her fault she was self trained and can’t read big words. OK maybe just did not read much about this at all. But between all the running, dodging falling rocks and other mess she was feeling it. She really was not in the same shape she was three or four years ago. So seeing all the sharp hills and their strong inclines put her down even more. Her legs were sore all ready! She was not about to run up and down hills now. So around them she’d go sticking to the shady dark valleys. She used to be scared of the dark. When she was younger and alone in the world, exploring without a clue. Slowing to a speedy trot she followed the old trails and let her mind wander to a place long ago. A filly lost in the wods, scared and alone. Wanting to go home. Sleep in her own bed. Wash in a warm bath. Fresh food on a table. Yet she was to far away with no map or hope of remembering the way back. How long was she lost in woods like this? She did not know in truth. It felt like a lifetime for her back then and even now she is unsure of how many days or weeks it was. It was just by luck she got out before winter came. Stopping she took in the trail, the darkness. The forest was thick and old. Untouched save for a few magical lamps. Walking over to one she inspected it, then ripped it out of the tree it was nailed into after some pulling. Being strong as an earth pony had some upsides when you can’t use magic! Holding it by her muzzle she pushed onwards keeping to her speedy trot to allow herself some rest. She hasn't seen others yet, hopefully they were ok from rockslide… This trail was nice. She’d have to come back later when she was not racing. Maybe take Glitters for a more peaceful walk? Old woods like this were peaceful places. To think she used to fear them and was funny in a way. Now it just felt like an old home. Safe and peaceful from the rush of towns and cities… And in a way from the rush of the race. A much needed moment to take a breath and relax.
  19. Running through the avalanche Much as she hated it, she was starting to feel strain. How much longer was this race again? It can’t be that much longer can it? Long as she kept pushing herself this was in the bag. She was going to win and show every pony what she is made of. Show herself what she is made of. In truth it's why she joined at all. She needed to prove to herself all of this training and hardship she’s endured was worth something. anything! ‘Oh buck!’ Tempest snaps her focus back on to the trail as she hits a sharp turn, almost sliding off the sides. One glance told her all she needed about that fall. This race really was not playing. Slowing down to a more controlled canter as she makes her way up the zigzagging path. No way she’d win if went flying off the trail! And that’s when her ears flicked, picking up the sound of stone moving overhead. “Oh you gotta be JOKING!” She shouted in anger before pushing back in to a full gallop as the stone avalanche raced down to meet her. Looking up and down at the trail she powered ahead as fast as her legs carried her. The idea to take selter did not cross her mind as she watched them come. All she can do is pray her wits and speed can keep her safe from danger. Being crushed to death really was not how she wanted to go out of this world.
  20. ALL OUT Tempest was unlike most unicorns, so unlike them she may have been the only one to push themself like she did. Her magic was strong but unreliable and for most of her life completely useless. She filled in that gap using her body. Raw strength and endurance took the place of magic and in it she found an outlet. Every morning she runs. Every other day she worked out useing whatever tools she had at hoof. Buckets of water, fallen trees or rocks. Whatever worked. Whatever she had at hoof. She had a body that made even earth ponies blush and feel feeble. And what of her size? She was head and shoulders taller than most and could look the tallest pony in this town in the eyes. It made her wonder if maybe she was never supposed to be a unicorn. She sure wasn't built like one. Yet for all of this… That blasted mare tailing her was still yaping as if going in a full blast gallop was nothing. And that was infuriating. She wanted to slam in to her, knock her down and hammer a hoof in to that face. By all means the mare says. By all means she’d be happy to break that mare's jaw! See how much that mare grins and acts all snippy rolling in the dirt missing teeth. By all means she’d love to show that mare just what she can do. But that’d kick her out of the race… But that did not matter. No what did matter was how Glitter may feel. Fear? Scard? Disappointed? That alone was far worse than being kicked out of the race for beating some mare in to a heap. And for Glitters sake she had to control herself. She had a race to win and she’d do it fair. She can’t let this mare or others get underneath her skin. She was better than that. With new found focuses she pushed herself harder, faster. To gain every last inch of space she can in the race and show that mare what she’s made of!
  21. ALL OUT So it seems she did fall behind thanks to an act of kindness. It was undesirable but she had no way of knowing the outcome if she did not. What if they got hurt? Gods, what if the colt was killed? Can she live with that again? And the truth was no. She can’t. She did the best thing and if it cost her the race so be it. But she still has room to gain what was lost and the clean shot ahead was just what the doctor ordered. A wide-open valley with lots of room to get around the herd. Tempest was going to show all of them just what she can do. Deep breaths, relaxing of the body, bracing for what will come. She was no race horse but she knew how to run like one. A trot in to the canter, canter in to the gallop. Head lower, four-beat gait, nose flaired take in that air. She did not need to think of her movement, her gait, it comes to you and you must let the inertia carry you on words between the beat of the hooves. And that beat is all that mattered in the moment. Four thumps and a moment of airtime between them. She may not have wings but every pony can fly long as they gallop fast enough. It did not take long to gain on her lost lead, most of them were not even trying to run this fast! It made passing them all the more easy. And to her shock Copper was not pushing for the lead, he was slowing down with the others. A shame. But it seems a few others were willing to show off what they can do! Even that cute punch mare, seems she can move some tail if needed… And of all things some other mare pulled in up behind her opened up with some small talk? In a gallop? How in the world did that mare speak running this fast? She can barely think clearly at this speed! “YES!” Was the only talking that mare was going to get. Tempest will not hamper regaining her lead by wasting air on some blasted small talk! Last thing she needed to be was distracted, at this speed she’d break her legs if she tripped!
  22. bridge Why was this colt so dang slow? Can’t he speed his tiny legs up? “Come on, go, go, go, off the bridge Zap. When did you get so big?” She says pushing him along with her head and muzzle. It's like every time she saw this colt he was twice as big, it's a crime for him too grow this fast! She felt OLD seeing it! But she can worry about old age later, soon as she got off the bridge she let off pushing him along. About time! Uhg, she wasted more time taking this bridge than she gained thanks to this colt! “Safe and sound, I got a race to win. Keep a better eye on him!” Bridge Crossed With Zap safe she focused on the path ahead and Copper running off. That #%#@$ horn head. She was not going to be beaten like this! With nothing more to do with the colt she took off after Copper, pushing herself back up to stop speed down the muddy path after him. How much time did she lose? How far behind were they both? She can’t let that slow her down. Full steam ahead was the only way to win! No more slow down, no more stopping! Most of all with that pink demon so close... At lest she got away before the pink monster realy startred yaping.
  23. As the ceremony happened Tempest found herself thinking more and more about life and where it's going. Where she is going to go with it. She needed change. She knew that for a long time yet she didn't act on it. She told herself over and over she was nothing but a killer. A solder. A tool. Useless. Worthless. Yet that was changing with every passing year and this year more so than all others. Winter was coming again, has it already been one year with glitter? It did not feel like it in truth. Time slipped past her hooves in a blur of moments and all of them were… Good. The truth of the matter was easy to see. She was happy with what was going on and this change in the pace of her life was deeply good for her. Needed even. For so long she felt like she was sliding deeper and deeper in to some gaping maw of despair with no way to stop it. And maybe she can’t. Not alone. For so long she was unwilling to open up and speak about her demons, fears and why she can’t sleep worth a buck most of the time. Yet glitter was different. Maybe it was the fact she knew her as a filly. Maybe it was some part of her desperately reaching out for the ‘better’ times long ago when she was one. She Can't say. But she knew living with Glitters was good for her. Good for her body and soul. She was the friend she needed back in her life. That silly filly she crushed on so dang hard back in the day when life was so much more carefree. It made her giggle softly just thinking of it. How silly it all was. How she day dreamed of being some heroic colt saving the day and kissing the princess. She never saw herself as being some lame cute filly, she was going to be the hero and get the filly! And well she may have fallen short of… Well, all of it. She did have one thing back. And Glitters was worth so much. Just thinking of it made her lean more in to Glitter, gently nuzzling the mare well idly daydreaming as she shut her eyes and just enjoyed the moment. The exclamation from Glitter did make her ears perk, wondering what she was about to say as she tried to shake off her daydreaming only to open her eyes in time too see the mare plant a kiss on her muzzle… … Tempest squeaked. She really didn't even know she could make the sound she just did. Or think. What? Tempest.exc has stopped working. Have you tried turning it off and on again? … Her horn sparked, eyes looking more like Derpy Hooves them Tempest. “Whawhatuhwhyah” She mutters blinking a few times before she can focuses back on Glitter. One part of her brain was having a party, the other half screaming. How long has she wanted that? So many times as a filly she day dreamed about being some handsome colt getting to kiss her. But Glitter… Glitter kissed first! Why? What was happening. ‘KISS HER BACK’ The small voice of Fizzlepop yelled from deep in the back of Tempest's mind. After a few more confused seconds she did just that, pushing her nose against the other mares and took in a deep breath of Glitters sent before kissing her. Why did she do that? Why did she feel so weird? What in the name of the gods just happened? Why did it feel so good? She wanted to jump up and down and she felt so happy and alive in this one moment!
  24. Bridge Just how in the blazed did she not die as a filly? Was she this clueless as well? No way she was. She’d been dead a dozen times over. But here this colt was, looking out at the river about to take a bridge down with some clueless looking on his face. It was innocent how clueless he was about it. Somethin bout that tugged at her heart and made her feel ashamed for even thinking bad of him for being innocent. Not every pony needs to live like she did. “Time to move!” She shouted as coming to a stop next to Zap, leaning her head down to push the colt along. “Look later we got to run! Don’t want to lose, do ya?” She says pushing him along to get the colt moving again. She did not want to grab him but if things got to bad she’d do it, regardless how much he may fuss. A full grown pony falling in to a river is one thing. A colt? Well she’s heard of far less doing them in. And can that pink demon shut up? Why was she like that? Yap-yap-yap like some tiny dog. At least Copper was making himself useful, good on him. She needed to talk to him more and learn what his deal was. Why was he on them posters or whatever it was… when Apple Bloom got closer she waved the filly on… or well, young mare? to keep going. “Keep on running, Bloom! Come on Zap, move that flank, want her beating ya?” She fussed as she did her best to get them all off the bridge before it gave out underneath them. They were so close!
  25. Bridge Thunk-Thunk-Thunk-Thunk her hooves echoed off wood as she charged ahead over the bridge. She was focused fully on her path, eyes taking in every scrap of detail as placed every hoof with planned detail. This was her element, her zone. One slip of the hoof on a clump of leaves and she’d crash. Worse maybe fall over the side in to the river. Did they have fail safes? What happens if some pony did? They’d die if something was not planned for this. Yet what did it matter? All that did matter was what she did. Closer and closer the end came, a crossing that took moments yet felt so much slower for her. However her focus was clearly going to pay off… "Zap Apple!" The scream made her look back, the voice of Apple Bloom well known to her. She helped a lot whenever AJ asked her to come down and help on the farm. Yet what she yelled about was the more worrying matter. And to her complet shock the owner of that name was crossing the bridge! “WHAT THE #@%#@$!?” She shouted in utter confusion seeing Colt tailing behind Strong Copper. Slamming her rare legs down she came to a sliding halt, almost spinning out on wet leaves and wood. She didn't really know why she did that. Just that she felt… like she had to do it. Now that she was facing the way she came she started to run back down the Bridge towards Zap Apple and past Strong Copper. So much for her lead. But she’d never live with herself if something happened to that colt, not when she’s in a blasted ear shot! What WAS he even doing in this race? Where was AJ? And was that… Oh no it was. And she was heading for the pink demoen. She regretted turning around already. But no flip-flopping now! She was going to win this Luna blasted race AND keep that blasted Colt safe! She had to do it, AJ will turn her into a dam rug if she didn't!
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