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  1. She has seen much in her life in a dozen war zones as she made one kingdom after another drop down and beg for mercy in the name of the Storm King. Yet in all that time she’d never seen something so insane as to drop ships out of the sky with troops on them. It left her standing with a dumbfounded look of shock at the sheer audacity of the move. Yet her shock was broken as the red Jarl grabbed and pulled her in close, his words booming in her ears forcing herself back to reality and the beast of a bull yelling at her… and she loved it. Orders were not given but delivered with force and fact. She nodded her head, eyes unflinching before the bull as he aimed her at the pray and pushed. She did not need more motivation to rush ahead at the loyalist warrior, grabbing her own poleaxe in muzzle. Her charge was not blinde as she leaped over spear and axe with the grace of a leopard on the hunt. Her heart beat like a drum as she saw the wolves in the corner of her vision. Constructs of her imagination born in her harsh youth. Friends and foes all in one. Ever taunting her, ever pushing her to be more. Monsters to keep in the cage well heading their advice. Yet they did not speak as the hunt was on and in this they can be united with her and let free. She was the hunter now. And without a word she made contact, axe swinging as the loyalist warrior barely had time to react. Sparks raced in to the sky as she let the axe go, pushing onward with a hoof strike at his face. The bull stumbled over his down flank from the blow as the two clashed in a close and deadly wrestling match as both pushed and hit the other for the fallen axes. He was on the back hoof a first, taken back by the raw aggression and speed of her blows. She held nothing back even as a tiny voice cried. The wolves just laughed at it. This is what she really was after all. Forcing her back hooves to meet the bulls stomach she kicked him off. Pulling herself up she got her axe back as he rolled to his hooves and jumped up, yet he backed off from her. Everything was. She was confused as to why for a brief moment as it clicked. Her antlers were shimmering with rolling magic electricity. She never used magic before when disguised like this, she did not know if it was possible and that blindness to it let her slip up. It was easy to stop it, as soon as she thinked about it the magic was put back in its place. Yet others saw it. Gripping her axe harder she cussed underneath her breath and pushed in to a charge at the bull with the rage of a berserker, it was his fault that happened and he must die for it. She can work out what to do with the others that saw it later.
  2. Today on things Dusty will never in fact get done. App Golden Feather from the MLP comics. 


  3. vary good and vary cute!
  4. “Important meetings tend to make us have to go to rather dreadful places. Leave it to the rich and powerful to have some of the worst tastes possible in decor and food.” Tempest says with a roll of her eyes and snort, she was never at home in such settings. Even city life punished it for her. But these meetings were the worst. Well she never had to talk, she was there after all to just look tall and scary, she still had to hear them talk. She felt sorry for Ice having too speak to them and deal with that madness. But such matters were not at hoof. Good food is too be had. Leaning her head to the side she thinks about what they say and shrugs. “Fine, I think I know of the place. It's a favorite for the techies, they get it too go all the time to eat here. Will give it a try and just stick clear of noodles. Heh.” With that she trots for the door and holds it open for the other two mares.
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  6. before she joined the Storm King's army. She did so many times after. Cooking over an open fire. She can still think back too the first few times. The raw joy of starting a fire and the many, many failed attempts too cook food. Yet she did. She trained herself to cook. To live. Yet for all of that she was alone. Ny her own wishes many times. Yet now she had Glitter laying there, watching her every move. Somehow it felt… like this was the way it was supposed to be. “If I knew what it was, I’d have taken some TNT.” She says with words dripping with utter hatred for the best. She’d kill it. Without blinking an eye she’d wach it be blown into a red mist. If they even did that… What does a bear made out of stars blow up in to? “Sooner or later it has to be dealt with. It will only get more brave and soon you will have more than missing livestock.” She added looking over at Glitter, eyes forced the still fresh wounds on the mares body. She pulled her eyes away, shaking her head. “Glitter…” She trailed off soon as she spoke as she gazed in to the fire. She had to say something. “Glitter I… I missed you.” The words felt painful to even say. It was the truth yet it felt like chewing on glass to say it. There was so much missing from it. How can she even explain it? She was just some bucked up mare that can barely function in a social setting. But she can't keep danceing around this.
  7. sorry for not posting much at all. I have just been extreamly spent from life as of late. Soon as i can I will try to get some posts out. 

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  8. Niilavin lets out a deep chuckle as blue explains things. It seems this is one of the guards Blue is rather close with. Well the act of… laying with a guard is still very odd for Niilavin to think about it was what it was. Now if only was another sphinx about. “[You gather an odd host master. I feel not so out of place with such a peculiar line up before me! Shame you have yet to pick up another of my kin to join in this pride of oddballs.]” He says with smirk. He then looked down at the large mare as she talked to him. He did now bow back, such is not the way of a sphinx. But he did give her a respectful nod of the head. “Helloo…” He trailed off as a flying maid whispers in his ear. “Star.. Cra-Say-Dar. Good… meeting yes. Talk… Not good. But I am of… I do wellcome… Talk… later.” He struggles with the words and grammar. But he was not doing half bad with this language given how new he is to it. His severts being the true heros in his learning as they helped and nuge him to speak in it more and more every day.
  9. Niilavin looks over at the new faces, wavering a paw at them before puting his maid/toy down. Rolling over onto his belly he gets up, stretching and yawning showing off his teeth and claws before walking over to blue and eyeing up the other ponies. He’s never seen them before. But he is still very new here so that was not shocking. “Hee… He-low.” He says struggling some with the word. “Ti-ga-blood.” He gets some nooding from his maids as one flies close to his ears and whispers in them. “Helow… hello!” He says with the help of the maid whispering to him. They were doing much of the teaching and he was teaching them his dead language back. It helped make learning more fun as he got to teach them as well. At least he did not have this struggle with Blue, thanks to the magic that made him spell bound to Blue they both understand another perfectly. His eyes then fall on Captain Star Crusader. She was big! Biggest pony he’s yet seen. Leaning down to eye her up he speaks in his dead language. “[Master, why is she so big? Is she a hunter as well? What prey?]” He asked, just assuming she must be a predator to be so strong and big. Then he looked over at Dunnie and her mask. Why did she have that on? “[Why must this one hide her face? Is she a leper? Don’t think it is wise to let one walk if so. The curse loves to spread to others and trap them in its dark magic.]” the last for him to inspect was Tiger. “[And this one looks wild, from the lands far away. Or not so far now. They do well in the gladiator arenas of the pegasus lands I am told. Is he for that? He looks strong and fit for such use.]” He remarked looking at Blue to see what all of this was about.
  10. “Good, that’s about all we got.” Tempest says after blowing smoke out of her nose. She loved doing that trick as it made her feel like a dragon. She got up and started to look for the oats when she was called for again. She looked over at glitter as the mare talked, then chuckled before walking over and using her head and neck to help left glitters up, then letting the mare lean on her as they gently walked closer to the mouth of the cav. “Hay… Glitter. Can. Can you do something. I hate asking you to do anything. But please don’t call me… The F name. I don’t like it. I really don’t like it. It hurts. Just call me… Temtem. Temy. whatever. Just not the F word.” She asked well they walked, feeling ashamed to even ask it. But she had to do it. Every time Glitter spoke that blasted name it felt like a dagger was being twisted in her chest. It was a dad name for a dead filly and it needed to be kept that way. He can never be that filly again. But she can be something more than Tempest. Leaning her head away from Glitter she let out a huff of smoke. She hated that she had even more vices nowadays. But at least this one made her relaxe. A small window of peace from the howling darkness sitting just out of view but always following her. Ready. Wanting. All for her to slip and allow it inside. That worry fades away in the smoke. For a time. As they reach the opening and the screaming storm outside she keeps looking away from Glitter, but stays by her side to not let the mare fall down. “Well, do what you got to do. I’m not looking.” She says rolling her eyes, even if Glitter can’t see it.
  11. As the door opens the sound of a mare shouting can be heard. Yet, not a scream of fear but enjoyment as an unicorn maid can be seen shooting up in the air. Below her laying on his back was the beast known as a sphinx. Far larger than a yak or even the royal sisters it was juggling the main in the air. Launching her skyward with his paws as two pegasus maids stay close just in case. Yet his aim was true, every time she came back down a large powerful paw met her to send the mare skyward again. And it seems she wanted this given her cries of enjoyment and waving at the two flying maids. And like all maids given to this sphinx they were dressed oddly. Not like modern maids like the servants of ancient times. They even had on makeup styled after his ancient homeland to match the clothing. A small taste of his lost home to make the sphinx more relaxed in this odd modern time. “Hello! … Blue!” He spoke in a very heavy accent, his words heavy hoofed. Yet he was getting better at speaking to others in this new language. A useful skill as nopony but Blue can understand him otherwise. “Day… Very good. Yes?” He added as the maid landed on a paw and he did not toss her again. His focus now on speaking in the new language he was learning.
  12. --------------------------- “At least I don’t run away from every single problem!” The ‘Twilight’ yelled back slamming a hoof down that seemed to shake all the room. “Where would you even be without me? Some oh so evil overlord of some school? And then what? I have seen fillys with more threatening plans and power than that. I don’t run away from my problems Sunset. Even if I panic. Even if I’m scared I turn and face them head on. So don’t you dare drag my name in the mud and act as if you of all ponies are better than me. I never ran away to hide with humans than try to take them over out of some petty anger at how unsocial I am!” She added as her horn glowed with power, eyes focused on Sunset. Tempest just stands on the side looking utterly confused as to… Everything. What was a human? Was… oh. Sunny did say something about them in passing. Tall hairless things… well some fur. It was weird and they sounded creepy. “Hay uh, Twi. Ya she’s not the most good at the social thing but she’s doing better than me. I mean she was my first friend so… that has to count for something? She even put up living with me in a tiny-flank wagon for over a week! That alone is pretty… amazing given how abrasive I am.” She explained to the tall Twi. Twilight looked to her side at Tempest with a confused look, as if she’s never even seen the mare before. “Stay out of this as you are hardly better. At least Sunset didn't run off into the woods like some run away do to her filly friends leave…” she blinked. “Do I seriously know three ponies that ran away from home and became evil JUST because they suck at dealing with social situations?” Tempest just blinked in shock and looked at Sunset. Well that didn't go as she planned. ---------------------------
  13. Seeing as i own a silver House Stark ring with gold wolf eyes... All my yes.
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    Belly Rub?

    dang that's cutes.
  15. Goodnes, temy gets some new armor and now every pony is doing the same. But this is vary good! armor is not easy to draw so good job!!
  16. She did not know how to deal with… This. She didn't even move or speak as Glitter touched her face. She didn’t know what to do. What to say. She let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding when the mare slipped back in to sleep. Moving the mare back down she placed an ear on Glitters chest… still beating. Still strong. All that matters. Backing away from the mare Tempest stumbled to the wall of the cave and placed her head on the cold stone. She felt… dizzy. Sick to her stomach even as she thinks about… everything. ‘We're gonna match though.’ What good was that? That was horrible. All of this was. Glitter… she never… NEVER! Needed to be like Tempest. Tempest was a monster. One born out of anger, hate and a screaming need to feel like she mattered no matter the price. Tempest killed a filly. Tempest killed Fizzy. And Tempest was going to get Glitter killed as well. It's all Tempest was good at. Destroying. And that fact made her heart drop with a weezing whimper of a cry. She was crying again. For so long she was running from her past and now she can’t. It was laying on the stone floor of a blasted cave with nothing but a monster with hooves forever stained red with the sins against ponykind commented for stuped reasons. Slumping against the wall of the cave she curled up in a ball as the wolves were howling with laughter. Their mocking echoed in her head. She was foolish. Stuped. Alone. Forever alone. They were her only friends. The only ones that stuck with her. But she didn't want them now. She never wanted them. She wanted to be Fizzy. She wanted to do all of this over again and stop herself. Stop the madness. With a wheezing cry she dug her face in her front legs to muffle her own screaming. She just wanted them to shut up. To leave her alone. But the howling did not stop. It grew and grew as she felt the hot breath of the wolves on her neck. So close. So very close. All she had to do was give in too it. Be what she knew she really was. A monster. ‘She’d die.’ A small filly says. A filly that refused to die. No matter how much the wolves did try. Pulling herself up she looked at the mare. Alone. Helpless. She can’t leave her. She can’t. So she moved closer, dropping down next to the mare and nuzzling in to glitters mane to wipe away tears. The wolves backed away, their voices cut short as if they feared waking the sleeping mare. “Honor means nothing when war is unfair.” She whispers a song to herself to distract her own mind. “We've come here to battle and return to nowhere. There's blood in these hills from the battles forlorn as kings die like peasants. Wolves in the shadows drag pieces away with no one to mourn the dead. I've got nothing to lose, with no debts left to pay. The gods have not listened as prayers turned to ash. Vengeance igniting the fire in my blood as I follow a path of destruction, by sword and by flame. Fed to the vultures were friends and good ponies in pursuit of dominion, the game that never ends. I have seen heaven, or some kind of hell, there's no one to save us, all my heroes are dead. The songs of a filly is silent and honor means nothing when life is unfair. I come here to battle and return to nowhere. A cage with no walls for a wolf like me.” She pushed her face in to the mare's chest and shut her eyes. She was so tired. ------------------------------ She woke eyes wide, breath heave with panic from her haunted dreams. Looking around the cave she saw nothing. She was safe. Looking down at Glitter she felt a ping of worry and had to put her ear to the mare's chest again. Still breathing. Standing up she stretched her legs and moved to the mouth of the cave. It was hard to see outside as the wind screamed with a blizzard. Past the cave was just a wall of white. There's no way she can go out in that she'd get lost in a heartbeat. So she walked back to the ashes of the fire… they did not have much wood left. But with what few sticks she can gather in the cave she added them to the flames to keep it going and sat down to warm up as she digs in her saddle bags. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes she takes one in her muzzle and with a spark of magic set it alight. She sat watching the small fire, feeling its heat shake of the num cold. She’d need too get more firewood if the blizzard slowed down… She saw glitter waking up and greeted her. “Good morning. At least I think it's moreing… We got a nasty blizzard outside.” she says before looking at the saddle bag and digs in it for some food. “Ya, I can do with some food… cooked oats ok?” She asked looking back at the mare. She was extremely happy to see her wake. She wanted to say so much… But the words just did not come.
  17. Tempest rolls her eyes at Sunny. Here she was trying to let the mare have some fun and make the most of this and she’s being a butt about it. At least Wind Dancer was keeping the mood cheerful as that was something needed in the extreme it seems. “If I can slide in my own wishes, no noodles. I have been living on cheap noodles for like, two weeks. I’m so bloody done with noodles.” She says with a shake of her head. “Other than that I’m game for whatever long as it's not too fancy. Five star restaurants are scams. Cost my liver for them to put two grains of rice and a leaf on a plate. Boss took me to one. Just… blerh. Glad she paid for it. Had to go out and get dinner after dinner as I was still starving.” She then looked over at Wind Dancer, oh she did enjoy seeing that cute mare puting a wing over her back. But she reeled in that hunger for a more food related one. “Other than that and long as it's something Sunny can Enjoy I’m all game!”
  18. Niilavin felt a hint of pride when Bluebelle confirmed that mercury was in fact bad. He knew it all along! With that pride in being told he was right inflating his ego, he watched his master trot up then snuggle up in to his side too join in the nap. He… did not think she’d just nap next to him like that. Once again she stirred feelings he had to hush with a ywain as he laid his head down and curled up around the mare instinctively. “[Then Nap well master, may the gods bless you with a bountiful rest.]” He says back to her, shuting his own eyes after waving off the maids to leave them alone for now. Life really has taken an odd turn for him. So many ages away from his own, slave to some pony in a far away land. And yet he felt… happy. He really was no slave. Blue let him do whatever he wished for the most part. They were an odd master but one he was growing to like the company of. He hated to think it but maybe this was not too bad after all. But such worries and thinking can not last long as the large cat of a pony drifted off to sleep around the unicorn. -Fin-
  19. Tempest reached for the coffee as she hits mug two of the wonderful drink. Bless coffee and its power to keep one wake even if they really did not need to be. Siping on it she let sunny talk about the puzzle room. She found it… fun. At least for the start. After about one hour of that the fun was long over and was just boring as the two had to shout back and forth to work out puzzles together. Now the next room… That was… She leans over close to sunny and whispers in her ear “what in the #@%# is a Midnight Sparkle?” She asked in a hushed tone. Sunny was probably lying about what happened… but than they lied about her own test as well sooo… she was happy to play along. --------------------------- Twilight walked closer to Sunset with an unbroken glare of disappointment as steel horseshoes meet stone with every steep. It echoes off the towering room as she steps down from her throne of silver and gold seated taller than all others in the throne room. The throne room itself was one of power as large flags hung from the walls displaying the mark of Twilight with a crown over time as pillars of magic fire cast the room a bluish tint. Looking to either side the grand room Sunset can see rows and rows of unicorn soldiers glaring at her as much as Twilight was. “One simple task is all I asked of you Sunset. And yet you come crawling before me failing EVEN THAT! How many times must I send others to fix what you failed to do? How many times will you crawl before me begging for another test? Just one more to prove to me you are not worthless?” Twilight berated Sunset, stopping in front of Sunset and looked down at her. “You are unfit to stand before me Sunset. You are unfit to stand in my city! My empire! The fact you call yourself an unicorn makes us all look like fools. Most of all me for puting my trust in you.” Tempest watches with a confused face, looking around the room in bewilderment. Where were they? She then looked at Twilight as the mare berated Sunset without mercury. What test? What was… Then it clicked. When she saw the ursa it was a lot like this… some magic was at work. Messing with one's judgement and making them see something that they feared. But how can she help sunny? What WAS this going for? It had to deal with Twilight that was easy. Sunny did have a big mare crush on Twilight. But there has to be more to it… But what can she do to help? She was never good at feelings or understanding others… Sunny was her first friend in ages. So she had to do SOMETHING but what? ---------------------------
  20. Hrm, how long before Glitter is trying this on Temmy.
  21. you are on a roll with all this art!
  22. He thinked as he did stand up and walked out of the water. It did stand to reason that one was sick before they dropped dead. Even if they were unaware. That made for the best poisons after all! But can they know if nothing can be seen? Magic? Even the best mage-healers were stumped at times. But many years has passed so maybe now they found ways to uncover a sickness one may have missed before? Sooner or later they’d have found something after all. “[Very well, but I shall not drink one drop of mercury! I do not care what the apothecary says on the matter. Sliver that thinks it is water is just.. wrong. I shall not drink such a thing. I’d not drink silver coins after all!]” He says waving a paw about with his words. “[metal is hard. This is a fact. I can not stand mercury nore trust it. A metal that is water is just insane. No good can come from it.]” He flaps his wings open a few times, then with no warning shakes. The maids run about as they are showered in water. Even if they were wet from the lake it's hard to not cover one’s self from such a downpour of flying water. But with most of it off his body he stretches out and lays down in the grass with his wings open to get more sun. He can’t say no to the offer of naps. Most of all on a nice day like this! It's made for them. Looking at some maids he waves them closer, then after gestures they worked out what he wanted and got to work drying his paws off before they got to trimming and sharpening his claws. They were fast as learning his needs. Most of his own servants. “[Shall you nap as well? You seem so busy all the time.]” He asked looking over at the female pony.
  23. Seeing Glitter passing out again was not the best thing to see. But with the help of Koda Tempest got Glitter wake again. Well the mare can use the rest Tempest was worried about letting her pass out like that. Sometimes a pony never wakes up from it. And that was… Something Tempest was not willing to think about. “I got some water… I’m going to move you ok? If something hurts stop me.” She says, allowing Glitter to answer her first. When she felt safe to move Glitter she sits up on her haunches, gently and slowly pulling Glitter up as well, letting the mare just lean up against her as she keeps her steady with her front legs. It felt so weird holding her close like this. She can’t place the feeling at all. Just… She hoped glitter was ok. With the mare sitting up Tempest focuses on her magic. It was never easy to use even in the best of days for a small task. Destroying came so easy. But a softer touch? That was work. She had to give all her foxes in her horn as it sparked with power. It was slow and stressful but she opened a saddle bag laying next to them. That alone made her have to take a short break to relax. “I’m glad your horn is fine…” She says looking down at it at the mares horn… She really was the big spoon in this. “A broken horn is… Hard. Even picking up something is hard. I don’t like doing it.” She added but got back at it. Another flair of her horn as she struggles to keep the magic behaving. But with some Focus she soon got a bottle of water free and rolled it over to them. With it in reach she just leans down and picks it up in her muzzle. With some muzzle and hoof work she soon has the cap off and offers it to Glitter to sip on. “Don’t drink fast can do more harm than good. Slow small sips.” She says. Glitter may have known this but it's best to say it again than risk her doing more harm.
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