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  1. Tempest took her eyes off the window to look down at Bloom. As ever her face betrayed almost nothing of her feelings, yet something was going on in her eyes. A look of worry as she studied the young mare. She trusted Bloom, yes. But this request was far more than just working on some engines or pulling sails. Dive work on wrecks was very risky and at times deadly. All it takes is one mistake to be trapped without air. It was too risky to send Bloom in on such a thing… How much swim time did this mare even have? Whatever it was it was far short of the trained divers she was sending in. Hell, they even had a hippogriff leading that team. He can stay down as long as needed without the need of air tanks. But Bloom? “No.” It was flat, unwavering. “You will not join the salvage teams. But I will let you dive and look at the wreck but only from the outside. If you so much as poke a head inside one hole I will ban you for life from ever even getting a hoof wet. Do you understand?” She added as she leaned down to get more eye level with the young mare. Grown as Bloom was, she still looked like a filly next to Tempest. And in Tempest's eyes she’d see no room for argument or pleading. They were standfast and unwavering. Even AJ may have a hard time laying down a glare this unfluching in its totality.
  2. Pipp rather suddenly found herself at the center of attention. Now normally that is where she loved to be! How can she not? But at the moment she was rather on the back hoof. No plans, no script and a rather messy past couple of days she was still pulling together in her head. It didn't help that she had half a cupcake shoved down her muzzle. She really was not ready for this. But well, here it was. Firing off a glare at Sunny she swallowed the cupcake down and wiped her muzzle clean with a napkin. “I'll be more than happy too!” She says with a warm smile. It was a lie, she was not happy at all but such was life. This was far from the first time she had to take stage in such a short order. Trotting away from the food table she took her place in the heart of the room. “Oh how wonderful, majestic and powerful Zephyr Heights.” She began, holding a golden hoof to her chest to add impact to the phrase. “I hardly know where to begin on such a thing. Never in my life did I think I'd be put in a spot to speak about my home to outsiders. Something you all must feel about your own homes I’d think. But I shall try my best.” She did wonder where to even start. Maybe some history? They knew nothing of her home, only one here that saw it was Sunny after all. “Long ago a champion led us after the skyfall. A hero of ages past he was brave, just and fearless and blessed with fl-” She stopped herself and blinked. She knew the story she was about to tell. It was the founding of the kingdom and with it how her family alone can fly. Thing is… that was a lie. A pointless lie now. She felt a rush of fear creeping down her spine as she was faced with the growing worry that came with such a fact. “Ah…” Her mind was racing to piece together something. A story. An act. She wished her mother was here. She’d know what to do. What to say. “His name was Zephyr. He was a beacon of hope in a time when none was to be found. We were in a sorry state after the skyfall. The sky was ripped away from our wings from the treachery of the uni…” Once again she found herself slamming head first in to a stone wall of context. Oh this was bad. She was making a huge mess of this. She felt… Terrified. Never has she felt fear about being in the spotlight until a few days ago… And she was feeling the same fear welling up inside of her. “I'llberightbacksorry!” She darted away from the onlookers and up the stairs to reach the ship's top deck. She was tempted to take wing and fly away. Run even more. This was a disaster and it's her fault. She needed help. Pulling her phone out she looked at the screen for a moment and the one tiny bar of reception. She didn't know if the call would even contect out here. But what more can she do? She felt far too alone. All it took was a few swipes of her hoof too have the speed dial underway. “Please pick up…” She whispered to herself, glancing back at the door leading down. She hoped none of them followed her. Ring… Ring… And blessed be it, mom did pick up. Pipp did her best to explain what was happening as fast as she could, it took a few moments for Haven to have a moment's break too speak up in Pipps rant. H- "Stay away from history. They're not interested in that, they're interested in you, your life. What is a typical day like?" P- “Busy? I'm busy I guess? Sorry. I just feel off my game. Everything is going so fast I still haven't had time to come to terms with things. Slept horrible and now my head is… Just lost in this fog. I wish you were here. I feel like every step I take is walking me into another wall. What if it happens again? What if they drag me away…” H- "Oh, Honey, they won't. Believe me, I know how to spot loyalty, it's an essential skill for royals. Your new friends will be loyal to you." P- “But only Sunny is here! She… She’s a good mare, that much is easy to tell. Foolish to a fault but… no, you're right. She’d toss herself in to danger for me without thinking about it. She has that air about her. I’m not worried about her, I'm worried about the rest. I’m their first contact with our kingdom and I feel like I'm making a mess of that. How can I trot back down and act like nothing happened? Just pick up talking about myself and brush off that mess I ran from?” H- "... I hate to say it, but a simple apology, that you don't quite know how things work now in this new world, will have to be made. I don't think anypony else knows either, so they will understand. I hope." P- “An apology? That’s… Not much more we can do is it? I feel so powerless. I wish you were here. I… I need a hug. All of this is so new and scary. I’m scared of being in the spotlight! Me of all ponies! That… I hate all of this. I just wish it can all go back but it can’t.” H- “I know honey, if I were there, I would. You can ask Sunny for one." P- “I’d make a joke about such a thing but I honestly think she’d do it if I asked… Thanks mom. I better get going before they come up looking for me… Oh! Can we have the evening together? I think… I think Ice-cream and TV with mom is in order.” H- "Sure thing Honey, love you.” P- “Love you to mom. Byebye.” ((A thanks to Blue! All of Havens lines were of his makeing, thanks again for makeing Canterlot history with me for the first ever phone call in a rp post.)) With that she ended the call with a tap of her hoof and a sigh. She did feel better from that. Still nervous as all get out but she has a game plan. A basic one but it was better than nothing. Looking back at the door she shakes her head. “Well, here we go. Round two.” With that she made her way over to the door and pushed it open and made her way down the steps. She can do this. “Sorry everypony! Just had to take that call. I hope it was not too much of a bother?” She says, speaking up so all of them can hear her return. “I’d like to apologize about that dead start. Like I told you I never have been put in the post to talk to others outside the city and given the recent… Upheaval I hope you can all understand the difficulty I’m faced with. But if all of you are interested I’d be very happy to talk about my life. Trust me, plenty to cover on that topic. A lot happens in the life of a princess.” She offered the apology and followed it with a new topic if they so wished. If there is one thing she can ramble on about endlessly, it's herself… Was that egotistical? Probably. But she didn't really care.
  3. He can’t understand this odd… Trust every pony kept putting in the hide changers. They were things of mistrust, lies and parasitism. Yet time and time again he was marked as being in the wrong, have they not seen what they can do? Empires have rotted from the inside out by such things. Yet there was hardly anything he could do. Not with this spell on him. And so he just just glared his hatred and spoke gently in a tongue only he and Blue knew. [“I will stay my paw, but I will say again. Do not trust her or the ‘students’ you so happily speak about. I will trust nothing she has to say.”] With his feelings made clear again, no matter how pointless, he relented but made no apologies for he has none to give. With nothing more to do he fixed his gaze on Windwright. “So tell me, what vain hope leads you to think this can even be done? Such a change… Well told in old stories are nothing more than that. As far as I know. We may be half a pony in many ways but the differences we do hold are vast. Such a change is… Flirting with the power of the gods. So I’d like to hear your reasoning to have the faith to go down this road at all. What do you see that makes it worth the venture?” He asked. He felt keen too do so. Well the bug seemed fit to just… run off in some rant about how she’d do it he’s heard nothing about the why or how. So he’d hope the alchemist can give some backing to it. He’d trust their word far more than the insects. Enbarr held her place for a moment, only when Nil seemed distracted again she removed her hoof from his paw and backed up to her post at his side. It is hard to not speak her own mind, but it's not her place… But she’d choke Spoiled out if that old mare dared to try and push in on her spot. She was going to win, she was going to be a queen some day! And have all the power she needed to smite her family. Hopefully. No telling if this was going to work or how long it will take. Nil had countless lifetimes to see it work, she had one. So she deeply hoped something will come of this.
  4. “You know no pony will take you.” Nilaavin says glancing at the mare taking cover behind his mass. He was a beast of his word and she submitted to him. As such he’d keep her safe. No pesky apples or whatever they were, if they even had ties to her, will lay one harmful hoof on what was his. Yet she’s yet to put that trust in him that Enbarr has. A shame, but it wes telling she used him for cover now. That did tell him she put some trust in him. But he knew she’d not buge, most of all with strangers. Mare was more shy than… of what was her name? Butter Shy was it? No no… Falter? The yellow mare that was somehow a hero. Whatever, it was just amusing to see Gritstream so shy for a mare of her strength and girt. His ears flicked with a jerk of his head, looking up he watched the pegasus come down to land and pushed down the urge to leap on it. Something about them flyers really kicked his hunting instincts in to overdrive. But he was a behaved cat, Blue can vouch for that. “Windwright is it? I do think I heard of him in passing, nice to put a face to this name.” He spoke, looking down at the pegasus with judging eyes. He looked the part… books, papers and such. Given he has heard of this pony before and he looked the part… A pop of magic almost made nil leap in the air. He didn't, but the jolt of shock ran down his spine. Gathering his wits he focuses on the mare and… Oh it was that thing. The insect was back. This is what he gets for not smashing it at the wedding the first moment he got. You let the bug scamper off and next thing you know it's in the backyard! What was that THING even doing here? To suck on what hope he had like some blasted tick? Too grow fat off the fruits of others? No he’d not sta- “NIL!” Enbarr’s voice grabbed his focus, looking down at the mare he saw her japing a hoof at his paw, pushing at the claws as if it would shove them back in… And they did after he relaxed. The hoof stayed on his paw. A hopeless act as even if she sat on his paw it will not keep it down. But he relented underneath her glare and shot a look over at Blue. “What is this thing doing here?” He asked, aiming his free paw at the bug. “Is it somehow part of this? If so, this meeting is over already. My hopes were low but this dashed them worse than I may have ever feared. A hide changer is of no help, they never can be. No good ever came from a parasite.” He muttered, teeth glaring in the sun to stress how displeased he was.
  5. Nilaavin was deeply shocked in a number of ways by the news. Did some pony rarely think they could do it? More so, so soon? He had his reservations about it and in truth did ponder if it was just some scam too win favour and bits. Such an outcome was very much possible after all. For all of this was based on nothing more than an old sphinx story his mother told him about how the first sphinx was made. They were once a pony but were changed by power and ambition to keep order too this land. Blessed by the gods! Not the silly story told now where they got changed by the gods as a punishment for being greedy. Sphinxes were not greedy after all, they only asked for what they deserved by birthright. How can that be greedy? Well that did not matter. It was just a story and had slim hopes in seeing some truth in it. A sphinx is a sphinx, a pony a pony. Yet… if a pony can become a sphinx… Well it can make saving his race all the more easy. Far more easy than tracking down old and far rumors of more of his kind in far off places. But he must keep his hopes low. This was too easy, too soon. Odds are nothing will come of this meeting or the two gusts coming here. “I can’t say I’m too hopeful about this.” He spoke up, looking down at Blue. Nil towered over the ponies around him, sitting down he was still much taller than even an alicorn. The fact he was young and still growing came as a shock to most. “But yet… I hope. Just maybe I will no longer be so alone.” He remarked, then felt a hoof tapping at his side. He chuckled, glancing to his other side at Embarr. A pegasus mare from a hard life, maybe as hard as Girtsteams just in other ways. “Well not completely, but you know what I mean.” He says in a soft tone hinting at the care he felt for the mare. She was part of his Pride in her own way. Seeing her begging eyes let out a huff then leans down, nuzzling her just a moment before sitting back up tall and prideful. If this did work… He knew Enbarr would be first in line. And maybe he can convince Spoiled? That was more hard to say, she had the fire and spunk too make for a fine sphinx… And had leadership skills. Useful for his plans. But all of this was buying a cart before you had a pony to pull it. Best he did not let his mind wander too far.
  6. Tempest let out a soft chuckle, goodness. Bloom looked like she was about to explode from how hyper she was. It was nice too see, off-set how cold and unflinching she acted most of the time. “Very good and I got word not long ago that we are cleared to do so. legal operations are so much easier to undertake.” She says with a roll of her eyes, not bothering to touch on the fact they were going ahead with this before they got cleared to do so. Details. “And you been ‘studyin’? What are you reading that’s got you so worked up? You are wiggling like a puppy that needs too pee.” She says back, walking over to a small window. From it she looked down at the calm sea. Good weather, plenty of sun to go. With luck they will have it down and the first reports from dive teams before dusk. Maybe even some loot.
  7. “You don’t have one?” Pipp asked as her mind pulled back something she was thinking about a day or so ago. She has yet to see one phone… Ok, she has seen phones but old landline phones. Nothing like hers… Or seen TV’s like what she was used to. The few she saw in a shop looked like something her mother grew up with. She hated to say something but were earth ponies just… that far behind? They were not dumb, nothing like she was told growing up. That was easy to see. But clearly they were lagging behind? She’d love to learn more but felt such a topic was not yet safe to touch on. “Well, if I can I will set you up with one later… If my title still matters. we will have to see. As for boats on water? No, I've only ever been on my sky-yacht and I don’t think that’s the same as being on water. But it's cool you have a boat!” She says looking over at the sailing ship and eyeing it up and down, on the small side compared to her airship but it did seem pretty big overall. She was about to ask more about it when some unicorn showed up. Not one she knew. Odd. What was… oh… Sunny was not playing around with she posted the letter as ‘open’ was she? This was not just open too friends but every pony willing to join. Oh no. She was not ready to talk with the peasants! Her hooves needed too be gilded again! Her mane and tail were only washed in some shower with whatever soap the hotel had on hoof. She was a mess! At least by her standards. What will she say? She had no script! No plans! And more of them were coming! She did not know a single one of them, all outsiders and she was the first pegasus they may have seen. She was going to be the face of her kingdom and grand city. What did she get herself in too? Maybe she can do a rain check and come back la- Oh they were departing. She can’t bail now can she? That’d look bad. Well she had to step up didn't she? So be it… But Sunny was going to get an earful later. “Hello hello, all of you! Thank you all for coming! It's so heartwarming to see so many new faces and tribes here so soon. It’s honestly amazing.” She says with a beaming smile and wave of her wings before she leaps onboard. The earth pony… Sugar was it? She was rather dazzling. She’d never think earth ponies can be so… Well, pretty. Not that Sunny was ugly! Oh by the stars this was going to be a lot of walking around on the tips of her hooves. What if she says something bad? Sunny you are a mad mare, utterly mad. But that seemed to be wh- Oh look at that. Food! She wasted no time trotting past the rest of them and down in to the lower deck for some free food. Just what the doctor ordered, stress eating! “Not bad, sunny, not bad.” She says with a wave of a wing before partaking in whatever grabbed her eyes… mostly the sweets.
  8. To say the past few days were interesting puts things very, very mildly. Pipp was having a hard time making head or tail of just what in the heck she got roped along in. Sleeping on dirt? Yep. Not sleeping as you got too cold and spent most of the time by a small fire trying to stay warm? Yep. Being so hungry she had to eat random plants? Ya. Ran out of home and you don’t know if you will be back? She did not want to think about that can of worms. Hopefully mom was going to smooth that disaster over and they can all get home and she can sleep in her bed again. But for now Maretime Bay has been ok and the hotel they all got put in had… liveable rooms. Mostly. The phone reception was terrible out here and it made even texting a pain in her flank. Yet the most odd thing was just… Walking about. No pony got that but Zipp and her mother. They never, ever just walked around. Everything was a show when outside, planned and plotted out in detail so no pony had the time to ask too many things. And for her it helped keep her safe. Much as she loved her fans they can be somewhat too keen on touching her at times. Not here, she only got two looks. Fearful but trying to hide it, or openly interested in just seeing a pegasus. She felt a mix of both honestly. But she was still trying to come to terms with a lot of things. To many in truth and she knew it was going to put her in a tailspin if her mind was left alone for too long. Lucky for her Sunny offered up a perfect getaway from all this stress. A boat! She’s never been on a boat! --- She ended up walking to the docks. Flying was fun and uh, scary. After the joy of flying got out of her sistem she found landing to be hard… Along with just not crashing. She’d put in more training when she had less buildings to crash into. Walking was something she was just more used to and knew how to look good at. Hard to look good when you land face first. Trotting down the wooden planks she stopped just short of the boat after spotting Sunny. Without her honor guards to do it for her… She pulled out her phone and played the ‘Royal trumpets’ sound clip. With that done she walked the rest of the distance to the boat and eyed it up along with Sunny, did she really make it here first? “Sunny~!” She spoke her voice not betraying a hint of the… vast sea of worries still plaguing her mind. With luck this trip will put them down. She needed the R and R. “Thanks for having me, normally I’d bring along plenty of gifts but we are somewhat stripped of cash at the moment… hehe. Oh, hold up.” Before Sunny can speak she turns about to get the boat and Sunny behind her and pulls out the phone. “Smile!” Click… No, too much glare. Click! That one will do. She needed to gather as many pictures and videos as possible for the PR stunts she was working on. She and mom had a lot, and she did mean a lot, of PR to do.
  9. As she placed her hoof on his out reached paw Niilavin leans in and gives it a small kiss. Well, small in manners less so in physical size. “I’d be most charmed to help with the design, do not hesitate to ask me to swing by again too discuss such things. And thank you for keeping some ears and eyes out for one that may be of use to me as well.” He purred, releasing her hoof he spoke some more. “And I will be most pleased to visit your manor Ms’ Rich, you made this day all the better with your smile and charm. Until we meet again, be well nefer-hemet.” With that he bowed his head to her, a gesture he did not pass out often before turning away and departing… After wiggling his way out of the doorway. This meeting was far better than he hoped it was going too be and he left it with far more plans than he had going in! Maybe he’d make some proper friends in this town after all. [Niilavin is out!]
  10. Roleplay Type: A New Generation Name: Princess Zephyrina ‘Pipp’ Petals Gender: Female ♀ Age: Young mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: green Coat: pink that fades in to white down her legs and wings Mane/Tail: A long violet mane is wavy and pinned to one side with the help of her crown, her tail is of average length and well groomed just like her mane. Physique: She stands shorter than average with a somewhat more plush overall body shape. Her most notable physical feature are her short but fluffy thanks to the large soft feathers that make up her wings. Well soft, warm and seen as cute they made even short moments of gliding physically impossible. At least, without the help of magic. But even with the help of magic her spoiled life has not made her the most physically fit of ponies. Well far from lazy and willing to do what she must, she is hopelessly outmatched by her older sister. Residence: The royal palace of Zephyr Heights. Occupation: Second in line to the crown, Princess of Zephyr, singer, songwriter, dancer, and over all media Idol of Zephyr Heights. Cutie Mark: A spiky purple music note that fades to white towards the bottom containing a gold crown. Unique Traits: Pipp is a phenomenal singer, that no pony can deney. Easily enthroning the masses with her voice she climbed the ranks from the ‘sister of the heir’ to the face everypony associated with royalty and class. This too is helped by her ability to win the hearts of others, be it in song or her witty remarks online she’s won a cult following in the city and knows how to use them to get her way. History: Princess Zephyrina Petals, better known as Pipp, was born in second place. With an older sister already set for the crown her birth had far less impact on the kingdome. She was the spare to the heir and her older sister was already up and kicking with all eyes on her. Well she was far from neglected, Pipp was never the top priority. From admiration down to education Zipp came first. Even her mothers free time favored Zipp and the growing filly was faced with a growing fear of being second forever. Nothing more than the ‘other one’ like the other siblings of past kings and queens. Try as her mother did to favor both her foals, the haunting fear of being forgotten creeped its way in to the young mind of Pipp and refused to ever let go. As the years passed she grew in the shadow of her older sister, craving the attention and fame as her older sibling was groomed for leadership. Trying her best to keep peace she found herself slipping behind as her sister just seemed to be smarter, faster and just better at everything. Almost everything. Pipp found her voice around the same time she found out how much she loved socializing. Where Zipp hated being paraded about, Pipp loved every moment of it and soon found ways to keep all eyes and ears on her. Something Zipp seemed fine with. This love for being in the spotlight is what got her to sing after seeing how much attention a singer had at one of mom's many social events. Her first attempt at singing was mildly embarrassing; it did convince her mother to hire the best vocalist trainer and singer in the city to teach her properly. Something she took to with a powerful eagerness as she finly had something she was good at and better yet, it was getting her the attention she so craved. As her singing talent grew her grades in other fields slipped. Losing interest in the more boring studies that had her playing second fiddle to her older sister's book smarts or athletic dominance she picked up more trainers in other fields. Music, dancing and whatever instrument grabbed her eye was studied with the same passion her sister had for athletics and dusty old books. With each passing year she learned how to master her voice, body and emotions to be the center of attention at every party. And it paid off as more and more eyes stayed on her. This finly reached its crescendo when she was old enough, and convinced mother enough, to put on a grand show for the city. She may have just been a filly at the time but her talent was already nothing to joke at. And when she walked out onto that stage and saw a city with all eyes on her she knew then and there this was it. Her destiny was going to be decided on that stage. Some may have been scared, many feared she’d panic with so many onlookers. She had none of that. This was everything she wanted and more and all she had to do was keep it. Pouring her heart in to the act she put all her training, fears and desires in to her performance. She’d not be forgotten, she’d not be overlooked or written in to some book margins as the ‘sister of the queen to be’. No, she was going to burn brightly as the Sun! And burn brightly she did for when the show ended with city shaking cheering she had done more than poreved what she can do, she earned her mark! That day set her down the path of stardome like no other. And as the years passed and the filly became a young mare she grew to become something truly extraordinary. Fame was easy, she was after all she was the daughter of the queen. But was nothing compared to the stardome she achieved in the passing years. Her face was more widely seen than the queens and plastered on more screens, posters, books, toys and even food than all the old kings and queens combined! She was on top of the world and her older sister seemed fine with this. And so was Pipp. She didn't hate her sister but the two definitely did not see eye too eye. They clashed often over widely different things. From the ‘Noble Lie’ down too takeout there was always something Zipp did not like. It was a consent reminder of how different they truly were. But for mothers sake she swallowed her pride… most of the time and just let things slide. What was there to worry about after all? Did it matter if they didn't fully get along? Pipp had her life, Zipp had her own and they both made peace with it for the sake of mother. What can go wrong? It's not like the city was going too fall out underneath them. And then it did. It was a show like many others and honestly it was nothing extraordinary. The more noteworthy event was two strangers getting in to the city. An earth pony and unicorn of all things! Well so very strange and making for some fantastic pics for her fans the two strangers were locked up in jail for later. And so she did not worry about them. That seemed to have been a grave mistake as next she saw them everything was upside down. Literally! Worse, her own sister was helping them! Everything she knew came crashing down in a moment as she watched her mother get swarmed by her own guards. And soon she was going to be next… Or was she? Luck had it that the scarcity forces still loyal to the family reached her first. Playing their part they dragged her off until they got some time alone with her. All of the city seemed to be turning against her, mom and even her sister! Speaking of… They knew where she was. With the help of loyalists she slipped down back roads and even had to travel by the sewer for a short moment! All of it just to track down her sister and ask her why she did this. Why did she destroy everything? The answer was honestly… Short of what was needed. Too short. But with a city out for her neck and nothing better but the insanely daft plan of her sister she picked the latter. It was better than being dragged out in chains and called a traitor for… for what? Doing what was best? No she’d have to ‘help’ in this endeavor. If it did work she’d fix all of this and save her mother. And so she joined the quest and got to meet Sunny, Izzy and Hitch. It was a whirlwind of events and days passed in a blur. Campfires made for easy talking and to her shock, understanding. Well she still felt distant from her sister, she did feel as if something new had happened. She was talking to others that knew nothing of her fame, her stardome. She was just… Pipp and they reached out to her as such. No screaming fan, no creepy comment about her hooves. She was just a pony and it felt oddly nice to be seen that way. And when the rainboom shattered the sky with colors she still felt oddly out of place. So much has changed. Every pegasus can fly, for real. The unicorns had magic and the earth ponies had… uh… Well, the world was opening up again. Places so long lost were now easily in reach. She just hoped it was worth the price paid and wondered what it meant for her, mom and her sister. Character Personality: Pipp has been called narcissistic, egotastic and dozen other words ending in ‘stic’. And well it's not entirely wrong it's far from correct to label her personality with such large brushstrokes! Much like her mother she does genuinely love her subjects and wishes the best for them. But sometimes this manifests in ways some may object to such as her belief the ‘Noble Lie’ was completely justified. In her eyes lying and half-truths are morality correct if it's done for reasons that keep others safe. Not everything needs to be known and sometimes the moral thing to do is lie to help another. And that view defines how she acts and views the world. She’s a good pony but sometimes a good pony needs to do unsavory things for the good of everpony. And underneath this all lies her deepest secret. Her fear of being forgotten. No matter how often her mother says she loves both her foals, no matter how many times she’s heard her name chanted by a sea of fans nothing can strip away the fear. She was born in second place and there is nothing she can do about it. And when was the last time you ever heard about a ruler's sibling? This fear makes her desperate for attention and encouragement almost constantly and makes it easy for her to slip in to episodes of melancholy. Character Summary: Pipp is the second in line for the crown of Zephyr, singer, pop-star, dancer and crown jewel of the public's eye. Ever happy to be the center of attention and heart of the party she knows how to stand out and get her way. Most of the time.
  11. Time for this old bull to toss his horns in on this ring. First let's talk about something we all saw coming. Well, if you knew what was going on at all with films like this. The run time was fine to me as I just don’t have the time for 2hr+ films nowadays. But you can tell they wanted to fit in too much in too short a time. Lots of cool plot points just had to be rushed along to make ends meet or just hinted at. BUT what was hinted at was very cool and oh boy I want to dig in to this and overanalyze it to death. But the pacing is very bad in a lot of places. Even a montage can do good here as they hint at so much. It looks like days pass as they travel giving them all time to talk, get to know each other and become friends. Something we just don’t get to see and that hurts the film a lot. Show, don’t tell. But this leads us in to the other part. The huge backpedaling they did in tone. You feel it fast, from a huge fan of the last film the “think of the kids!” is strong here. Danger is pulled back big time and glossed over and well… I knew that was going to happen. The last film got some nasty clapback from parents, so I heard even back then, and it shows. A shame if you ask me as kids can handle more heavy danger and tones. Now saying it needs to be grimdark but risk and the real fear of losing is things kids can handle. But it is what it is, angry moms make the world spin and if you don’t think so you never got the wooden spoon. Now let's move on to good things. The songs foremost stick out to me. Even as I'm pulling this text together I have the sound track blasting on my speakers with no regrets. The music is so, so good. Oddly the one I like most is ‘Glowin' Up’. I did not see that coming but I was grooving to it, still am. Dam Pipp can sing. Next up, looks. This film looks so damn pretty. Like I do not like 3D and I can’t hate on this, everything looked so good and moves just… so nice. Most of all the faces. I just can’t hate how this film looks and its background. I had to stop it many times to just drink in the background and let my mind wander. They sold me on this new look and all I can do is hope the show is at least half as good looking. The setting. Post Equestria is a very cool topic to me, I know it gets a tone of flack but I think this huge time jump is good. It makes all we know of the far off past, gives the ponies in this age much more room to do their own things. And gives a tone of plot for uncovering the past, why Equestria fell and how they can unite it again. So much good things can be pulled from this for stories, plot and ideas. I’m going to be doing a tone of reading far too deep into things and filling in the missing pages and enjoy every moment of it. All in all, it has a lot of problems and most of it is pacing. Did I love it? Yes. I can’t think of the last time after seeing a film I had too look up the sound track just so I could groove too it again. I see so much that can be done with the seating, so much with the mane five. Well our time with them was short. I loved them all. Even Izzy and Pipp won my heart. But most of all are himbo cop Hitch. Bless him. I give this film: One soul pact, the ride will never be over and it shall never end. Did you not read the fine print? The horses own your soul forever.
  12. “How I wish it was so easy.” Nil says as she asked if there was some way to help him with the kittin matter. How he wished it was so easy as to ask some mayor for help. “Best you can do is pass on whatever rummers you may hear or books that speak of the past regarding us. I’m still trying to understand what befell us. I have found some rummers speaking of others in far off places. But that is not much to work with… Well…” He did think for a moment. “Have been reading in other ways. If you know some pony skilled in transmogrification they may be of some help, maye.” With that he shaked his head. He found it easy to speak with her, just the way she spoke and acted… It made him relax and open up in ways he was not used to. It was a perplexing feeling and one he may have to follow later. For now, they had work too do. “Favorite sport? Hard to say in this age but in the past it was chariot racing. The best of this was the races at Magna Tizca. Two pullers, one driver that was a combatant as well. They all had long spears to harass each other when they got close. It was a fine line one must walke, focus on driving his pullers or focus on aiming his spear and pushing back the other teams on his flank. If I had the coin, and will some day, I shall bring it back. Some changes will have to be made but I know in my heart the races can live on. As for this day and age…” He taps a claw on his chin thinking. “I know buck ball is all the rage but it never clicked with me. The one I found the most joy in is the pegasus ring ball. Watching the airborne teams battling it out too give a teammate the clear shot for the ball is well worth the fuss of buying the six or more seats needed for one of my size.” He says with a nod. “As for the use of sphinxes in marketing… As long as they look regal, strong and not used in a jokeing way. We are leaders, not jesters." He looked back at the windows, thinking for a moment. He did enjoy speaking with this mare a lot. More so than just some leader to be in good contact with. Maybe the sparks of friendship were here... Looking back at her he spoke up again. “I hope this is not taken the wrong way, but you are a charming mare and the stallion that claimed you must be blessed by the clan mother to have such a mare in his life. I know this town is in good hooves now, that is a fact. Well I leave from wasting more of your day, busy as it must be, I hope we can partake in more relaxed talks later this week? I have enjoyed chatting deeply and wish to engage in parlay once again when you are not burdened with work.” With that he held out a paw well he looked at her with a charmed smile, ready for her hoof to be presented.
  13. Glancing out the window Niilavin eyed up the construction down the road, almost out of view. “A stadium?” He remarked, thinking of the one his old master had for a moment. He knew it was not the same yet it came to him before some sporty around a ball did. Not that the ball sport lacked skill, or so he’s been told. Can make good bits with a well trained team even he’s been told… Something too think about now they have a stadium for such dules. Well, they will have one. “Hrm, yes I think I can. Have seen some of the work they have done. I can help move some of the larger beams for them, my strength will see such work go smoothly.” He says back, looking back down at the mare. Her remarks on appearance just got him to do a purring chuckle. “Forgive if what I say sounds out of place, the cultural deference and way of speaking makes it… hard to judge if my words are out of line. But you…” He waved a paw, searching for the words. “Your appearance, if you were one of us, will have made others like me duele just to convince you to move to my land.” He says with a smile at her. He knew better to bluntly call on her looks as desirable, even in a pony herd that can invite conflict with the head of it. But he’d not go without at least hinting at such things. Moving on he shaked his head gently, trying to not think too deeply on the sad state of his race. “By the clan mother of us all, I hope to see kittens of my own blood someday. That is the truth. I’d trade countless miles of land to just see one litter added to this world.”
  14. “All things can, in time, be pulled too order as order is the truth of life. Just sometimes that truth is lost underneath the draw of chaos. But in time even this town will grow sick and seek true harmary in order.” Niilavin says looking out a window, he trusted this mare to side with his words here so he did not try to hide his feelings. “I trust you can set them on that path sooner than later, even if they cry and fuss they will see the peace in ture order. Much as I have heard the cries of some, I have heard the whispers of hope from others. It's… much like us. Some cities wanted one like us. A sphinx. Some called us tyrants others praised the order and safety we delivered…” He trailed off, eyes moving from the window back to the mare as a soft smile pulled his lips up. “Yes, it is praise. In another life you must have been one of us, if you believe in such things.” He added with a purring tone before siping down the last of the tea in the kettle. He felt guilty to drink it all in three sips but it was just not made for a sphinx. Putting it down he let her words play in his head, her remark of praise and more… Calling him fit to be a future king. That sent a shiver down his spine. She knew the truth! She saw past the golden bands marking him as slave, saw past his lot in life and knew he was so much more. It made his ego flair up as a purr left his lips as he let her praise sink in. He liked this mare more and more. The way she talked and the way she acted… “If we are sharing secrets… You'd look every part a sphinxess.” He said back to her as he folded his front paws on top of each other, then rested his head on them as he watched her. “Thank you for your kind words, they do my heart such favors. Being bound as I am, alone and… Maybe the last. It fills me with hope to know at least one pony can see past my golden bounds and see the king underneath. You have my thanks Ms Rich, I stand by my word. Even if the work is menial I will happily offer my paws in such a task to help you, help this town. For it rewards us both as we dream the same.”
  15. “The accommodations will just have to makedo for now, but I fear in some years time we may have to speak at such times from the windows.” He said with a purring smile before he reached out for the tea pot and picked it up with two digits. Leaning it over to a cup he pours out some so Rich may have some to drink. With her cup topped off he took the lead off the kettle and tipped it back to take a sip as if it was a cup. “Mm, thank you. As for what brings me here… Two things. First to congratulate you more properly. This… Vote happened just as my master moved me here as you know. So I can not speak much about the past leadership but in the short time I have known you… Well, you left a good first pass on this kitty if I may say. So I give you my best wishes and hope to see some real order given to this town, something it needs so badly.” He waved a paw too add impact on his less than happy take on the chaos that was this town. He took another sip of the tea. “As for the other half, to just speak with less rush and get to know the town leader more And maybe offer help. You struck something in me, something about you… Well, it makes me think of my mother if I may. The power, strength of will and the fire in the eyes. For a pony you have a soul that glows with all the power of something so much more. You give me hope for this town what it may be. It’s no Magna Tizca but I’d be honored to offer my power in times of need… Master willing.” He taped the golden band around his neck at the last remark as he wondered if detailing his gut feeling was a wise move. The social customs of this age were still strange to him and he’s yet to work out all the tiny details. “But I think he will be fine with such things, he’s eager to see me make friends.”
  16. Niilavin had a hard time telling if all the buildings in this town were just built smaller or he was growing. Whatever it was he found navigating the hallways bothersome as he had to almost crawl along as if trying to stalk some food. The doors were even worse, why did they make them so small? It was good he was as flexible as he was otherwise he’d have to tell Blue about a new doorway he broke. Speaking of doorways he was approaching the one he was seeking. After the short meeting they had at the wedding he was somewhat smitten by Rich. She gave him hope for this town and a feeling of order, strength and power. It was a shame she was just a pony, her soul was befitting something far more deserving of power. But she was what she was and he was going too enjoy the proper moment to speak with her. Stopping at the door frame he poked his head inside, then followed the rest of his body as he squeezed himself past the frame with a less than happy snort at the snugness of this one. He’d have to change this some day, ponies need to remember the size of their betters. “Mayer Rich, so nice to meet you again with less pressing matters at paw. I hope this day is full of Awt-ib’ Awt Dt.” The last words were spoken in the language of his past, he liked to toss them in some times. The ponies seemed to enjoy it when he did, made him seem more mystic or some noneses. Approaching her desk in his law walk he laid himself down on the floor in front of her desk and eyed up the tea pot. “May I?”
  17. “Glory, glory, what a bucked way to die Glory, glory, I'm just lucky to be alive Glory, glory, lets all fight another war, Let's all just do it once more.” Tempest sang to herself, her tone soft as she layed in the hammock that was her bed. The trip so far has gone well and the ship was raking in easy. The crew was skilled with the old air-navy vets pulling the greenhorns up to speed. Even Bloom has taken to the sky like a fish takes too water. “From Saraeighvo to Taraju I have seen a thing or two And across my vast career I know there is one thing that is true It ain't required to know just what the hell your fighting for I'm just going to do it once more.” Her ears flicked at the sound of desperate hooves on the door, small but strong. She knew them well all ready. “Come on in Bloom!” She shouted, rolling out of the hammock and landing on her hooves with a thump. The young mare must be done with today's list of jobs already, she’s gotten faster and faster at it. And with them off the coast today she knew the young mare will be pumped up to get things going. Good thing for Bloom, Tempest did have news on that front. Not too long ago her mail-runner came back with the response she was hoping for.
  18. Well after speaking with her at the weading the big kitty Nil will have to pop in and give her his well wishes at this new job, and maybe see if he can offer an helping paw in giveing some order to this mess of a town.
  19. In truth Tempest can stand to be more upset than she was. Maybe it was just to do too… How not shocking this was, it did not faze her at all. She’d be more shocked if nothing happened in fact. So she just rolled her eyes at the shouting as she drifted up and up. Looking down at Glitters the mare's comments got a snort out of the floating mare. At least her… Marefriend was safe and sound on the ground still. “If you want some alone time I hope you have some rope sweetheart as I don’t have wings.” she says, kicking her hooves in the air to show off how useless it was. “But that sounds very tempting otherwise… And I think the rest are fine, plenty of flyers and well… ponyvill.” She said the town's name with a roll of her eyes then looked up as she was about to hit the ceiling. Turning herself around she let her hooves touch the stone and shoved off, drifting downwards she reached out with her for hooves and hooked them around her still gravity obeying marefriend to stay put. “There we go, much better. Let’s hope you don’t start floating as well.” She hummed. Whatever it was, whenever Glitter was around… it was just so much easier to be happy and her boiling anger behaved itself. ~~~~~~~~~~ Nilaavin eyed up all the floating ponies with a snort before having his eyes fall on the blasted worm itself. ‘Discord’ was… Well, the words he’d pick too describe that anathema were just not fit for a wedding. Yet based on all the shouting it was not to blame for this mess but a pony? Leave it too this town too have even a pony that can do this and destroy even the most basic laws of the world. Shaking his head and with a roll of his eyes he speaked. “As you wish Master Blue… And I'd have picked far better music than whatever this… ‘music’ is from the one I shall not name.” with that pulled the doors shut as he pulled himself back outside before looking down at Sutter Shy. “Sorry about that, but it seems they are safe. Mostly. If you see some pony drifting off in to the sky do let me know.” With that he lay down and folded his front paws as he smiled. “Now. about this game? Hrmm, Let's start easy shall we?” He says with a growing grin as he eyed up the small mare. “What can you touch with your right hoof, but never with your left hoof?”
  20. Tempest just looked down at Bloom, her face settling back in to the same cold and jaded look she so often sports. Taking a deep breath she gently pulled the hugged leg away from the young mare. “I…” She held her words a moment, rain racing to give some… context. Something better than the truth. She knew some pony would ask yet she felt lost. “Don’t know. I don’t know the father.” She says shaking her head, part of her wish she didn't know him. He was… Well, just about everything she can ask and yet nothing of the sort. “I have hunches but they will do me no good. All of them are a sea away, maybe dead already. I just had too learn the hard way that bou can in fact nock a mare up.” She added with a shake of her head. “That’s how reindeer are made apparently, only learned about that later after asking around.” With that she leans down, getting eye level with bloom. “And I can tell you think this was some trick, it was not. Foal or not you’d gotten on this ship I bet. Did not even learn about… this until after I got the airship even. You are a crewmate first, but a friend as well and all I ask is you help me as a friend. Yes, no matter what I will treat you with more care but that has nothing too do with this. I just don’t want your sister taking my spine out. You will work, sleep and eat like all the others. Just don’t act shocked if I put my flank in the line of fire to keep you safe.” With that she tapped the young mare on the nose and gave a small and short lived smile. With that she stood up and looked too the door. “And by the way, bou toss some amazing parties. Just don’t party hard as I did with them.”
  21. “No, I’d like too do… this.” Tempest says back, ears flicking as try’d to work out how to say things. She was never good at this. Talking. She never got too do much of it growing up and it showed every time she speaks. Bloom and others had so much flow, life. Her words were flat and cold. She was thankful Glitter saw past the tone but she needed… to work on it. “Bloom… I’m no good at being subtle so I’m going to just tell you. I’m going to be… A…” She trailed off, the word stuck. Try as she wanted her brain was unwilling to say it. “I’m trying. How to do… Things like this. I need to do it now for later.” She took in a sharp breath. “I have two on the way.” With that she looked back at the door as she walked closer to it, hood reaching out and stopping short. “I refuse to let them suffer like I did. My mother was heartless, cold and uncaring. I was just a tool, an item to win her more fame and clut. I don’t want to be that mare. I will not treat you like some foal, but I need some pony to learn with. You are a strong mare, fast of wits and a good soul… You had the family I wish I had. But I can learn and give my two that gift.” She glazed over her back, looking at the young mare with worry in her eyes. She felt like she told too much, and opened up too far.
  22. Tempest just blinked a few times, looking completely lost. And in truth she really was. What in the world was she getting herself in too? She can’t even work out what to do with a young mare. What will she do with two calves? “Uh. ok. What do you like?” She asked, turning to head for her cabin door. “Hope yujor a better cook than me, Glitter is trying to teach me to be better at it but uh…” The older mare stops, cocking her head to one side as she looks back at bloom. “Do you like pancakes? I love pancakes… Makes me think of better times every time I have one.” She pulled a small smile back on to her lips, doing her best to relax as something clicked in her head. She did have one good mother to fall on to as a reference. Mama Stripey, the old servant her family had when she was a filly. That Zebra made some dang good pancakes… She can’t come close to making them that good but she’s gotta start somewhere.
  23. ~~nothing to see here, woops~~
  24. “You learn fast.” Tempest says as she rolled up some maps with her hooves. “Much as I worried about you being part of this… I think you may be cut out for this life. Maybe, it is still early. I’m going too keep testing you, pushing you.” She stopped, looking over at Bloom before letting out a deep breath. “If I go too hard, tell me. I need to learn some things as well.” She slipped the maps into a rack of tubes made just for holding a vast amount of maps. She did need to learn… How to teach. How to hold up a velvet hoof alongside her iron hoof. Sooner than she’d like she’d have to put it to use. Sooner than later every pony is going to know something was wrong. Learn of her biggest mistake. She frowned and looked back at Bloom. This young mare was an unknowing test dummy. A dry run on the horrible idea that was Tempest ever raising some pony… Or bou. She honestly did not think she’d ever make for a good teacher. Let alone a mother. Yet she let Bloom on the ship, told AJ and family she’d keep Blood safe and look after her as if the mare was her own flesh and blood. So now what? She did not know. Spend time with her or something? … This was awkward, how long can she just stand here staring at bloom and say nothing? “I don’t know.” She spoke honestly. She really didn't know. “What do you want to do?” She asked, feeling foolish for doing so. She’s supposed to be in charge and know everything. Yet she kept drawing a blank.
  25. Tempest was hardly paying attention to her surroundings as Glitter snuck up on her. The mare almost got the drop on Tempest but in the last few moments Temtems ears flicked up in alert. She didn't turn around as she stayed put in let the hoof steps close in behind her and a voice she knew all too well spoke in to an ear. Tempest honestly did not think Glitter was coming, so it was something of a shock… Yet she knew it was the real Tempest with one look over her shoulder. Her feelings for the mare were… A mess. Have been for so very long and have not gotten more clear. But whenever that mare was nere she couldn't help but smile and feel as if so much worry was washed away in a flash of that loving smile. “You came?” She asked, her tone hardly reflecting the joy she felt seeing Glitter. Not that it needed to, she showed joy in other ways after all. Turning about she locked her front legs around the mare and hugged her firmly yet gently. She held it for a time, nuzzling in to the mare in a rare moment of public affection before releasing Glitter. “I’m glad you are here, I was about to die from how cute and lovely this dovey was. Was going to puke.” As she talked, a mare sneezed and… Well, things got weird fast. For one her flank refused to stay on the pillow. For two, others seemed to have the same problem. Tempest just frowns as she drifts upwards. “This! This is why we are never moving to ponyville Glitters. Every time, without fail, something like this happens.” She fussed. ~~~~~~~~~~ Nilaavin was still nudging the Shy mare along to play his game when some muffled sneeze. He paid that no worry, the shouting after it was more… alarming. He rubs his face with a paw and groans in frustration. Something was going on. Something was making a mess of the wedding. Of course something was this town was allergic too order! How hard can it be to just have some event happen where every pony got in line, did as told and sat where they were supposed to be? “It seems the game must be held for the moment Butter Shy.” With that he gets up and pushes open the door to peakd inside. … ….. Why were the snacks… er, ponies floating all over? Was it that blasted worm again? “Sir Blueblood! Are you ok?” He shouted in to the building, his voice echoing off the walls with all the authority and power a sphinx’s voice can muster.
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