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  1. My RP goals for 2021: More Tempest! Exploring, seeing more of the world with her and planting the seeds of a more stable life for her. And for her to somewhere along the way end up looking after a foal in need. She has what it takes to do much more and break away from the past she’s tied to. 


    Well that is going on. I want to make one more app. As some may have seen I more or less just stopped playing other OC’s as Tempest just clicked in ways they never did. But there has been one I have wished too app for some time but never did out of fear. Seen me speak of it from time too time. But I need to stop remarking on it and just do it. I’m going too app Celestia. With her setting down from power I feel more safe moving in to play as her and take her down new paths. I know not every one may like my take on Celestia but I have wanted to play her for a very, very long time. It's time she dusted off her old war hammer and gathered a new adventure party. sol invictus.

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    2. Ciraxis


      Hmmmm. Seems like Celestia would use sword or spear more, since they commonly likened to sun rays (with Claíomh Solais and Galatine being prime examples), but you do you.

    3. PyroBlaze


      Also, morning stars, if only for the name. She could use one of those spiked maces

    4. Alivda


      If dark souls has taught me anything, lighting spears is the weapon of choice for the sun.

  2. Today on things Dusty will never in fact get done. App Golden Feather from the MLP comics. 


  3. Someday I shall have a fancy title underneath my name. It will be a wonderful day. 

    1. PyroBlaze


      You'll get there eventually. Awesome icon, by the way.

    2. Ashton


      I am now just waiting for the day that the words "a fancy title" appear under dusty's name XD 

  4. sorry for not posting much at all. I have just been extreamly spent from life as of late. Soon as i can I will try to get some posts out. 

    1. PyroBlaze
    2. tacobob


      I know how you feel. 🤢

  5. some day I'm just going work out how to get Steela Oresdotter apped. 

    1. Ciraxis


      Interesting...tell me more.


      And hey, if soul-sucking unicorn witch got a pass...;-)

    2. Dusty


      Well you see... something something cockatrice. 

  6. For some time I have wante to app Celestia but never have. I know my Celestia is just not the best... Fit.  As much as I love canterlot such things do hang on me. But such is life and I still enjoy what I can do vary much. 

  7. The ride never ends!

    1. Skycoaster


      Click, click, click, weeee! kinda of ride?


  8. today is my bithday! wee for being olderrrr

  9. i just hit 1k posts. I'm a big colt now! 

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    2. tacobob


      Mommy wow, I'm a big colt now!

    3. Bellosh


      Congratulations. Now drop and give me 5k more posts, soldier!!!

    4. szalhi


      I'm assuming you did it on hard mode too?

  10. I am back! But in no shape to post just yet. partying for allmost one week leaves one prety dang sick feeling. soon as i am not deaht walking i shall post!


    1. Blueblood


      Serves hangover remedy

  11. I’m going to be gone for about a week thanks to Bronycon! Hope too meet some of you there!

  12. I will be gone from the 25th to the 29th! see y'all then!

  13. it's my B-day!

    1. Dubstep


      *applies birthday spankings!*

    2. Blueblood


      Happy (late) birthday!

  14. Marry Crassmess! And happy Hearth's Warming.

  15. Holy cow, MLP FIM is seven years old! Seven! I can't belive it's been so long, man I remember when ep-5 was new. How time flys and how I loved all of it. So heres to more of it and to more good times, friendship and more! 

    1. tacobob


      Wow. And to think, if my TV wasn't in the shop and I didn't have to watch my shows via streaming one day on my computer, I would have never watched FIM. I kept wondering why FIM kept popping up on the streaming sites. That was some dumb show made to sell cheap toys! Why would I want to watch that? Why was it EVERYWHERE. So I watched an episode and then another and then another......

  16. well i just got older. I sware i can feel the gray hair allready. 

    1. tacobob



      Eh. Don't worry. I had grey hair before I was legally allowed to drink. Must run in the family.

  17. I am home! will work on posts tomorrow, glad to be back! missed y'all! 

  18. I am going to be at bronycon from the 10th to the 14th!

    So I will not post for that time, hope I can meet some of you their! 

  19. Have you ever found something you never knew you needed, but when found you know deep inside it was? I had that moment. 

  20. Woo! Calder can be used. So pumped!

  21. I swear i need to make some more ocs on here to RP more. just need to stop being so lazy. 

  22. oh boy! the Hoss is back! <3

  23. I am alive! After weeks of my PC being broken and 300$ in repairs I'm back. After I get everything back up and ruining I will get to work on some posts ASAP! Sorry it took so long mates. 

  24. At lest my BF broke up with me before my birthday and not on it. 

  25. My newest jam: 

    Never knew of Celtic metal but now I need more of it in my life. 

    1. starswirlthebearded


      Celtic metal is awesome. I'm super into genre crossing lately. It is almost interesting.

    2. SymphonicFire


      This is cool! The closest I've been to this was probably "Hot Chilli Pipers" XD

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