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About Me

"Artist, writer, possible alien invader, and total drama queen."

Hello and welcome to my profile! You're obviousely here becaues you're curious about me, so I'll introduce myself!

My name is Kryptchild! The pony you see in my profile picture is my ponysona Kryptfoal!

Useless facts:

My Zodiac is Gemini

My Zodiac Animal is a Butterfly

My Chinese Element is Wood (the Pioneer)

My personality type is ENTP - Inventor

My favorite colour is Pink

I love Spiders

I'm an Optemist

I use exclamation marks way too much!

My favorite Genra of music are Progressive House, Drum and Bass, and Club.

I'm gender fluid and currently anonymous. You're welcome to use either "He" or "She" whichever you think fits best.

Useful Facts:

I've been a self taught artist since late April of 2012

I draw using a Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Tablet

My art program of choice is Paint Tool Sai

I use the name 'Kryptchild' for everything

Sweetie Belle is best Pony


Free Fall - RP character (not established in Forums yet)

Pharm Party - Blog OC http://ask-pharm-party.tumblr.com/ (On Hiatus)

Kryptfoal - Ponysona and Artistic Avatar

You can find more examples of my art and activities on my tumblr http://kryptchildart.tumblr.com/

(Some NSFW warning!)

And my most recent (current) blog project http://ask-glittershell.tumblr.com/

And my art thread http://www.canterlot...ith-kryptchild/

I'm occasionally open to art trades and collabs! If you have a project that needs a concept artist, let me know!

I also stalk the creativity board daily. Be sure to post some works for me to appreciate! And although I rarely take requests directly asked, I've been known to swoop in and fill general request threads when I've got time!

Scootabelle is best ship


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