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  1. Obligatory welcome to Canterlot! This is my friend Rat, guys! Sorry I've been MIA the past few weeks Coming back and hoping to get into a little RP along side Rat here.
  2. The best ideas in life always begin with "Hold my beer".

    1. MyLittlePonyTales


      ...and so do some of the worst accidents.

    2. shyshy


      and in semi-rare cases, the discovery of the higgs boson...IF ONLY DX

    3. StarStorm


      Lol!! I wouldn't doubt that C:

  3. ♥Awwwww!♥ I'll get interviewed eventually... maybe. Perhaps some day if being ambiguous stops being so much fun! Also I'm up there with you LM, Brian's my favorite artist here too Paint tool Sai is best program
  4. I missed round 1 because of graduation parties and booze, but I'm here for round two! I request a picture of Scootaloo holding a brush in her mouth and brushing Sweetie Belle's tail!
  5. Kryptchild


    Full or sketch pictures of cast members.
  6. Kryptchild


    From the album: Cast

    Been a while since I drew anything Scootabelle related. Also comic.
  7. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Disney likes to play hardball with copyright laws. Honestly I'd rather Hasbro keep to itself, they've been good to us and I'd rather not mess with that chemistry by handing the keys over to an entertainment monopoly. The entire thing just gives me a gross vibe, I hope it's an unfounded rumor.
  8. OMG I LOVE IT I'm sorry I missed the stream guys D: I didn't expect to be out until 2 AM. My friends are crazy!
  9. "views: 69" All I'm gonna say...
  10. Already have #1 so I'll go with being an awesome chef! Regeneration, or the power to heal others?
  11. Dang, you would start a request thread on the one day I'm out drinking with friends.
  12. Defeat him, though I would only threaten him with it in self preservation. The world needs death and taking him out would cause way more problems than it would solve. Let's get some Dr. Who powers in here: The power to remove yourself from peoples memory when they look away from you, or super strength and speed that only work when no-one is looking at you?
  13. I'm game. Give me a time and a place (and I dunno if I'm in the group or not)
  14. This is how we get a server full of angry spies and everyone is either invisible or disguised. [Edit] Wow was that really my 800th post? LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME
  15. I actually only ever use the flare gun to annoy snipers. As for the pyro thing, I can handle one or two spycheckers. Most pyros I've seen follow a familiar path with spy checking or just hang out with the sentry. It's just a matter of following that path when they're further ahead on it, or just avoiding the path all together. Also pyros are less likely to spycheck other pyros for some reason... I guess they assume spys aren't stupid enough to disguise as something that normally doesn't catch fire (a spycheck is a spycheck, so that actually doesn't matter!) They're also not as likely to check their own spys. I mean really, who would just disguise as an enemy spy? *cough cough* Anyway if anyone wants to play or try and take on mez, let me know!
  16. Kryptchild


    I make free avatars as practice. Hit me up with your request.
  17. Kryptchild


    From the album: OC/Avatars

    Saga is the ponysona of my DA friend Icaron Tried some new things with this one, reaching out of my comfort zone to get a better feel for the brushes in Sai and try some new art approaches. I like how it turned out, but it felt awkward drawing it which tells me I have a LOT of work to do still.
  18. Oh god I'm such a slob... why do you boys have to have such good desktops and make me look so bad?
  19. Over the course of the past few weeks I've converted Spy from being my worst class into my best class. Or at least my best when there aren't 4 or 5 Pyros on the other team hunting my every step. I swear sometimes TF2 feels like a giant game of rock paper scissors. Also the new MvM zombie map is freaking impossible, but it sure is fun to try. Farthest I've gotten so far is the part where there's 3 tanks and a billion spybots about half way through.
  20. Have you ever felt your ambitions are too far out of reach?

    1. MyLittlePonyTales
    2. StarStorm


      ALL the time. But I'm not going to give up until I get there!

    3. WhiteSlash


      I have. But then I get a stool. The moral being you can get anything you want or need with the right backup and help :)

  21. Wait... that's really all I have to do?! Holy WOW! Time to make some edits to my TF2 spray! ♥Thaaaanks! ♥
  22. From the album: Cast

    [colour=#444444] Link[/colour][colour=#444444] Happy Halloween everyone! Remember to stay safe this Halloween and scare lots of strangers! And most important of all remember that no one can tell you you can’t be what you want to be, or tell you who you are.[/colour][colour=#444444] ♥Kisses!♥[/colour]
  23. I actually need this! I have it drawn, I just need it done again in transparent PNG format! There's actually a lot of stuff I need in PNG format actually... I don't suppose you'd know how to convert a .Sai file into a transparent PNG would you? Either way, here's the cutie mark taken right off of Kryptfoals ref sheet;
  24. Bwaha! I humbly request a picture of Scootaloo and Sweetie Bellle enjoying ice cream. More specifically, Sweetie holding the cone with her magic, and Scootaloo licking a bit of ice cream off of Sweetie Belle's nose.
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