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  1. I'm her husband and I've seen them for myself. She does.
  2. Nice to meet rosey's personal assassin! Welcome to the family!
  3. That does sound very good, I loved the music in that game. There might be some unusual characters in party too, so it's even sort of similar.
  4. Is there a llanowar elves equivalent in the format at the moment? Any card with one casting cost, that produces a green mana on tap with at least 1/1 stat would be fine. *although I have seen birds of paradise used just because it is flying.* I would use four of those instead of wild growth, unless there is some combo there for being a enchantment that I don't see. Did they change it to be a aura? The benefit being you can dump 4 rancors on the 1/1 and attack with it pressing fast damage through if you need to. *usually as a sacrifice of the elf* And you get all the rancors back! Or at least replacing sacred wolf with two elves. I think they are too expensive cast wise and since all the rest has quite high mana cost, more mana excel would speed up the early game. Vow of wildness I think looks pretty good and it's cheaper. I think it flows better with your untargetable combo too. It's a grow deck not a saproling one. I actually think gigantform might be better then ancestral mask. But more for a topdeck surprise. I would probably only run one. And the other another elf. I remember trying ancestral mask in my deck that ran over 20 enchantments, and it never pulled its weight so I took it out. Rancor just did a better job as the creatures the enchantments were attached to died regularly. But maybe you are getting better milage out of it then I was due to the format. So it's really debateable. Nothing to draw cards though? Or is there not much that does that in green now?
  5. Hmm I think I played during 6th edition at least. Like I said I stopped at legions. It was really fun it just got too expensive to stay competative in Type 2 format. I remember buying boxes and boxes of cards and still not getting what I needed. And those that had what was needed wouldn't trade. *they were using them after all heh* I had a buddy way back then that had 28 water coolers at his house all stacked up filled with commons. It was crazy! I can't believe they made a bunch of those special dual-ish type lands rare that I see listed a few posts ago. Boo! They totally should be uncommons. I played a mono green deck for years, I called it "mean green". Totally lame name I know hah! Of which most were "sleeping enchantments" and seal of strength. Using argothian enchantress to draw tons of cards. It turned little 1/1's into full life kill tramplers in just a turn or two. Won over 300 games and lots of tournaments with it. However back then it would lose to necro/donate, *because of force of will* and since it was mostly elves, to engineered plague too. Gaia's cradle ... so good. Also treetop village was a core piece of that deck since it would get past all the blue counter decks. And they are bringing back rancor?! Oh man sounds like the return of the mono green stompy. What are they thinking! *laughs*
  6. Well let me design a bit more before I really request anything too involved. However at the moment a few absolutely guaranteed ones that would be nice that I would need for chapter 1. Either that or I just have to use the Rpg maker vx default ones *yuck!* *Though it does have a few useable ones* A battle music to play while the ponies fight. A the ponies won the battle catchy quick theme. Music that would play in everfree forest. Very evil, dark scary type music. And possibly a bright happy ponyville-town type one. I'm honestly not sure what I'm looking for, for any of these er.. yet. If you have played snes titles like Final fantasy II, chrono trigger and such, you know in that genre, but ponified. At least it's very easy to add and change music to already crafted game quickly. And really anything that would make the game more original, without using the premade vx defaults would be very appriciated. But seriously no rush, and you don't have to do anything if you don't feel like it! It's suppose to be a fun project. My game is also rather dark. Extremely dark. The ponies go to midnight castle type stuff. G4 is honestly incredibly tame villian wise. Even moreso now that the ponies have beaten pretty much all the current foes. *except the changlings* So my plot encompasses something much more vast. Also I think there is some other pony rpg game being made? If so I would want the plot to be different enough people would like to play and enjoy both, and not just pick one over the other. Also why isn't there a spoiler button? There is even a twitter button. *laughs* Maybe it is there and I am just blind. I can never remember what is needed, and how to craft one. I wouldn't mind giving a few details of what I have planned for the game, but would rather like to keep most of it a surprise for those that would like to experience it while it happens.
  7. Sure I wouldn't mind some music for the game, it's currently one thing I cannot really make myself. Working with only the ones provided by rpg maker vx, it both does not sound very unique or pony-like. I'm hoping somehow to figure out a way to get little sound bites of phrases they say on the show, just nabbed directly from episodes to use in certain situations. "during attacks and some conversation" I don't want to create any actual pressure though, in case the whole thing falls apart. If you are making them for yourself, for fun, or to use elsewhere. *like you did with those other two* And then allow me to use some in the game, then that would be fine. I like the two you linked though, they have sort of a unique "snes" sound to them and it's good. Is that what a chip-tune is? I've never heard the actual term before. I will say that a lot of my favorite rpg games were on the super nintendo, it was a great era for games. So since this game does look a lot like one that type of music fits well.
  8. And last night was very lonely and boring. So I worked on Rainbow and Rosie's favorite Pinkie pie. Rainbow hovers and flaps, and I figured out a way to make pinkie bounce when she walks! It just wouldn't be the same pinkie without that. They can both only go left and right though, but for use in the game I don't think that will be a issue. Spike is there too, but he will most likely be a stationary sprite. He can walk left and right, but needs more work. He has some stray pixels that still need fixing. Anyway see what you think! I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of them. And if people have questions about the game I'm more than happy to answer them as best I can.
  9. Two and a bit more I finished a week or two ago. Mr. Moonchick and Zacora. Cadence is a sprite I made for rosie, It doesn't move *yet* But if it just stands there it is perfectly usable.
  10. Hello everyone! As some may have seen from my introduction a while back, I'm working on a my little pony RPG game in rpg maker VX. Now please keep in mind that progress on this is rather slow, and I'm really doing it for fun. To learn the program, and to try to be more active here on canterlot. I have no problem posting some fun screengrabs from the game. But Nothing has been officially programmed yet. While I have pretty much all the ideas for the first chapter of the script, at the moment I am busy making the sprites. I totally cheat in the way I sprite to save time. And believe me even though I am they still take a hour or two each. However I do find the results to be very good imo. And sometimes I only craft half a sprite, since I don't need the whole thing. And my sprite progress is fun to share with previews, as I would like to know if everyone thinks they look good and accurate. So first I'll start with the ones I showed in my opening introduction. Twilight sparkle and Windwhistler.
  11. Well after reading a bunch of the cards, the mechanics seem pretty much the same. A few new terms to make old terms like "first strike" more interesting sounding. But other than planeswalkers I have a feeling the stack, phases and such are still the same. I was mainly referring to seeing cards people were using from way back when I played. So that's why I wondered what format they were being built for. Also being out of the format for quite a while, I'm not sure if it is fast or if they have slowed it down. *high casting cost cards and low card drawing power vs. very low casting cost cards with mana generators, and higher card draw. I must say I'm surprised to see so many multi color decks. Usually one or two color tend to be the most reliable, due to consistancy. I do realize there is a great deal of multicolor providing cards, and usually they are quite powerful if they get into play as well. However in my experience such decks take a while to get going. And if up against a very fast mono/dual color it can be over before it gets fully set up. Just my opinion of course!
  12. Wow this is kinda a fun thread to look over. I played for years and years. But stopped around the time legions came out. Looking at the deck lists, I can't tell at all what tournament format any of these are being built for. Since I see way ancient cards that I used to play myself, way back when. Extended? Necro/donate *though I didn't own it* Is still the strongest deck I know of. It even beat lots of T1 decks just because force of will is technically free. However they banned a whole bunch of cards from it so I don't think it's playable now. Anybody remember that one when it was ruling the extended format a long time ago? However, after limiting dark ritual, and completely banning necropotence from the game, it finished it's winning run. Still It was so fun to watch someone play that *laughs*. "I'll do this!" ... "No you won't".. "force." "Dang it!"
  13. Used too! But only because Rosie was there. When she left the game really dried up. *Not that it was pretty boring already, I had pretty much given up farming gear or raiding when cata first came out. Dumping all my really hard earned gear from the lich king expansion to a vendor, just to replace it with a new better green item was just so disheartening. All those hours work for nothing! It felt like such a waste of time to try gearing up again. However I did have fun earning double loremaster, completing "insane in the membrane" With shendralar faction! And giving rosie a Vial of the Sands, dragon mount potion. For anyone that knows what those are heh.
  14. Hmm, it seems so weird! I'm very tempted to go with, "They actually had the ponies help, but did not tell them in the future. The main cast was already attuned."
  15. In my game it gets a little er... weird? Since the ponies are present *even back then* and luna and celestia would not use them at all. *So am making a plot workaround* That's a interesting possibility though that I hadn't considered. Also how would they work? Does luna control the small five, and celestia the "Big crowny thingy"?
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