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  1. Sky Sailing blushed at his fiancée's assessment of his studio's likely future. "Oh, I don't know, I never really saw myself as ever becoming an industry big shot. I've seen Golden do her job, and that's just not me. I'd never have time to make my own music!" He shook his head, leaning back against the tree. "I was thinking more of being a mid-sized studio, in touch enough with new talent to give them a leg up, but just large enough that more established ponies can use it to keep their music in circulation when not signed up for something larger. Be a bridge between high and low, you know? That's where all the interesting things happen; I mean look at us!" He rubbed over Wind's belly, feeling their little foal come awake. Noticing the construction equipment, he looked over, and shrugged. "I see more cranes than diggers. Maybe she's expanding; bought out the next block and need to remodel the whole thing to stay in line with the theme. The Marecedon did the same thing a couple of years ago, but didn't get the pipes right. That's what my dad's working on right now, actually."
  2. "It will all be easier to sort out once you have some real-world context for what they're all talking about. It was the same thing with me and military regulations. If it's just all in your head, it's easy to mix up, but once you start doing it, it's easier to all keep straight." As he smiled and hugged his daughter back, Shining refrained from mentioning that not all the books would necessarily cover the right thing to do in every situation. You had to learn all the rules, or at least all the very good reasons there were rules, before you could be trusted with knowing when and where they could be broken. Best give little Fluffalump a few more years on the training wheels before opening *that* possibility. "Hm, well, I don't think your Auntie Twilight will be willing to give up Spike anytime soon, so I guess you're stuck with dear old Dad!" Once they got to the flower cart, Shining paused, before nodding and paying for the pair of lily sets as well. "Of course. I think we're about ready to head back now. Did you have a good time, Flurry?"
  3. And back from New England!


    1. tacobob


      So, what didja bring us?

    2. Blueblood


      Nothing, I drank all the Whisky the night before I came back down.

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      Now you'll have to go back! :3

  4. I'll be away in New England until Monday, so I'll be catching up with you all later!

  5. "In the city?" Sky pulled his head back from Windy's belly, trying to get his head out of the moment. Truth be told, there was only a narrow range of current events he kept track of in any case, and most of his head was now filled with concerns, hopes, and dreams about his future family. But he still had time for his music, or at least, of the music he was involved in. "I can't say to much, except what my dad's telling me when we have lunch together. Which is mostly either about pipes he's laying, or all that mother's getting up to. "As for me... I've mostly been clearing the studio. With a little luck and effort, I should have all the clutter cleared out in time for our little one's arrival!" He laughed a little at the jest. "It's not that bad right now, it's just that I've had to keep it active for a while. There's a few ponies in the business that are starting to come my way, but it's mostly those who need the studio, either because they're not big enough to score contracts, or just left theirs and want to go independent for a bit."
  6. ~Prince Blueblood/Star Crusader~ Of course it was never going to be that simple. Of course. Barely had he extricated the first slice of the wedding cake (a particularly generous one for Star Crusader), when the sneeze occurred. In the circles he ran in, this was a worrying thing. Unicorn sneezes could be magical, and not in a metaphorical way. Technically, it was an ill-timed one of his own that had ended up giving him a dual-gendered lifestyle, but his friend Presteza took the cake in that field. Literally, in this case, as he began to hover up and away from the cake. "Oh.... Crumbs!" The situation didn't yet call for panic, or even more emphatic expletives, mostly because he now had two entirely capable pegasi wives to handle any issues that came from being suddenly airborne. Dunnie was giving helpful advice to the bridesmaids, preventing panic; Star Crusader quickly wrapped a wing around Blueblood to keep him close (the other wing snatched the slice of cake, no need to let good food go to waste!) "Is anything else crazy happening?" She called out in a stentorian, unruffled voice. As she took a big bite out of the cake, she listened. Berry Punch seemed to be the first one to panic, but Tiger and Jade Beaker had her well in hoof, it seemed. Tempest was well able to take care of herself, and Glitter besides. Fluttershy was out of the blast zone, Fire Walker and Swift Squall had each other, and Mayor Rich- "If this nonsense does not end soon, I will have to haul a certain elongated troublemaker before the Decency Committee!" -Was not technically part of her jurisdiction. "Oh, I'm fine, Niilavin, don't worry." The Prince called out to the big cat as he made his entrance. "But if you could make sure that nopony accidentally drifts outside before gravity comes back? No telling where you'd end up if there wasn't this castle containing you then!" He chuckled, in too good a mood to see anything but the funny side of this. "Aright, Dunnie, pull yourself out of a tailspin; who knows when you'll get a chance of aerially dancing with me?" Tucked under one of his wives' wings, he reached out his hoof for the other, to take her up into the dance. ~Berry Punch~ Between the strong hooves of the stallion, and the strong magic of the mare, Berry found herself feeling more secure than, well, the last few months she'd spent with all four hooves on the ground. What an irony, she reflected, as she looked into the hard-won blossoms in her hooves and dared to dream of a future in which both were a part of her life- "Discord!" Nothing like a little chaos noodle to shake things up. "Don't toy with me like that, I'm not in the mood unless you're serious, and I never could be with you!" A bit of a confused outburst, but this whole situation was confusing. She took a few deep breaths, calming herself with a bite from the bouquet. Ooh, the bride had good taste in the selection! "Well, I got a lot of nervous energy I need to burn off with you two now..." She caught Jade's sassy look, and bapped her with the flowers. "Not like that! Well, not here. But I think the Prince has it right for holding a three-way dance right now, just don't let go of me, OK?"
  7. ~Ambrosia Apple~ Amby giggled and clapped her little hooves together when momma came by. She always did in these games, which was why the little Filly was willing to go to them. They weren't just watching AJ, they were spending time with orange-mama. She giggled at the exaggerated display of scent, quickly turning into a pout when she threatened her perfume. "Get you own, momma. They was gift from blue-momma!" Rainbow might not have hung out with her as much as with Zappers, but the pegasus still knew how to give nice gifts. Speaking of RD... some fillies might have been disgusted to see their parents show affection, but never sweet little Ambrosia. After all, liking lovey-dovey stuff was what made her a sweet filly, instead of a stinky colt like her big brother! Who was nice in other respects, but didn't care much about how clean he was. "Awww...." She cooed, seeing her parents share a moment. Taking greedy advantage of the extra second Applejack always spared for hugging her, she gave a quick nuzzle to momma's cheek. "Be good, momma!" She entreated, before sitting back as Applejack returned to the field. ~Spoiled Rich~ Mayor Rich found herself with... an ambivalent relationship to sporting events. On the one hoof, she cared little for the games in and of themselves. Rugby, buckball, baseball, hoofball, cricket... she simply could not sustain an interest long enough to even tell most of them apart, at a glance. But she liked prestige, money, visitors to town bearing cash, and her name in big letters at the top of a tall building. Sports stadiums gave her that, and therefore, a sports stadium Ponyville would have. It was good for the town. And for her. But mostly for the town. In light of all this, she didn't mind sharing name credits with the Apples, who had been the deciding support in her election (Annoying little former blank-flank filly aside), not to mention a historical familial business partner to her husband's family. Best all around to cement that alliance, and to duly show support when any were playing in the field. She didn't cheer enthusiastically, but she would smile and clap at the appropriate occasions.
  8. Hm, it'd be nice to give Berry Punch some more playtime, though I'll be away for several days next weekend, so I don't want to start a thread only to leave you hanging from Friday to Monday.
  9. Welcome! It's great to see you here! I'm Blueblood, as a nickname and also as the player of him on the boards (we allow for all members to apply to whatever canon pony they want to play, no limited slots, but for some reason, no one else wanted the guy. Go figure!) Anyway, I'm the friendly neighborhood admin, so if you have any questions about getting started with Role playing, or if you want to discuss any thread plotting plans, just shoot a pm! App form for OC's and Cast is here: I try to keep an eye on the Application board, but if it takes a couple of days to move from Work in Progress to finished, again, don't hesitate to PM me to let me know!
  10. Shining Armor chuckled, ruffling Flurry's mane in a comforting gesture as she worked through the likely situation she'd find herself in as 'ruler.' "Don't worry about it; I will act as regent, but I want to see you actually try to do all the things you've been studying and practicing. I know your mother will be very proud of you for being willing to step up like this. I'll make sure that you don't get over your head, and you'll be able to ask me anything you need." And with that reassurance, he turned back to the street that led up to the palace, stopping on the way to buy some roses. "Your mother always loves these; it's her favorite flavor of flower." Shining himself had more proletarian tastes, in that his favorite was Daisy, one more thing he shared with his sister.
  11. The days they didn't bring the heat to Los Pegasus were rare indeed. Sky suspected it was mostly to drive/keep the tourists in the various air-conditioned establishments where they could spend their money, but such thoughts were not for a day like today. He simply sat back, rubbing his mate's pregnant belly with his wing in wonder and anticipation. "Colt or filly, they've got two loving parents who can't wait to say hello." He leaned in closer to speak to the growing foal itself. "Hello! I can't wait to meet you!" The stallion laughed, sitting back as the wing draped itself around windy. "And yeah, it's probably for the best she's put off your shows. You wouldn't exactly be safe out there. Or all that graceful. You might be able to pull of the Lucky Ducky dance, though!" Sky was in a fine humor this morning.
  12. Though it would be entirely fair to call Ambrosia Apple spoiled, it would not be fair to call her entirely selfish. She loved her momma, and paid attention to her expressions in detail. And she could see tears coming from Applejack's eyes. "Are you o-kay, mommy?" She asked, tilting her head. Seeing AJ rub her eyes, and them getting worse, caused the little filly to blink with empathetic pain. "Are you hurt? Did- did I hurt you mommy?" Her voice was practically a squeak now, and she wasn't very far from crying now. This wasn't supposed to happen! This was supposed to be a day of fun and gifts, not one of pain any crying!
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