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  1. "Yeah, the trip was pretty long overall from the wilds to here, Spearmint. Literally thousands of miles!" Either Chipper was unaware of the metaphor, or he was addicted to making wordplay jokes at every opportunity regardless of appropriateness. Given his remoteness from anything approaching normal socialization, either was equally plausible. He did blink a bit in surprise at seeing Morning Glow just flop over on top of his roommate, though. "Huh, guess she must have had a long trip, too. She's gotta be pretty tired to just fall asleep in the middle of the day, I'll bet." With Caramel taking the fainted filly to her room, Chipper put the incident out of his mind for now. "Anything made of blood or bone, I can stitch back together! With actual stitches! Which means I can fix your shirt, too." A close inspection of his robes would reveal some amateur sewing work was indeed holding them together. There were no seamstresses in the Southern Wilds, after all. Huginn and Munin were, meanwhile, happily gobbling down as much of Kettle's corn as they could fit into their greedy bellies. It wouldn't be the whole bucket, but a fairly astonishing amount was disappearing quite quickly.
  2. Well, hello there! I'm one of the friendly neighborhood admins, just call me Bluey. I'm the guy you send a PM to if you need any help onboarding, need to ask any questions, or just want some assistance in getting your RP's here up and running! Just as a note, Forum RP is longform and asynchronous by nature; you'll likely be waiting longer for replies, but they go to the multi-paragraph quite often. Just so you're aware of the local style. Enjoy your stay and have fun here!
  3. Nor'Easter considered the idea, and nodded thoughtfully. "If the city's willing to go for it, I can think of a few more folks that be willing to pack up and fly out west to help out with that. Even though we never got it working at scale, there's a bunch of ponies here who know how to do it. Heck, anypony who's tried to make a flower garden for a cloud home knows!" Scarlett was smiling at the prospect, finishing her meal up last. "I'm sure it will all work out. Things always do. As for what we can do... well, I'd planned to stop by the flight school after dropping off Nor'Easter. One of the little colts I used to foalsit for is going through his exam race, and I thought I'd drop by to cheer him on. Does that sound good to you?" "Hmm..." Sky thought about it for a bit. Racing had never really been his thing, but his mom always made sure to keep up with the ponies she knew. Even though she didn't have a career as such, she was by no means idle, and this clearly meant a lot to her. "It's alright with me; I'm just happy to hang out. What about you, Windy?"
  4. Chipper was reasonably certain that the staff did in fact know of his prolictivies. After all, it wasn't as if he made any kind of effort to hide them; and anyway Honesty was one of the Elements of Harmony, and therefore essential to friendship! And, since Kettle had just assured him that they were all friends here, he felt safe in giving a completely honest answer to Spearmint. "Oh, I'm sure Papa Halvard mentioned it in my application, and I know the Archancellor knows, because I told them. But like I said, I can't read minds, so I can't say all the staff knows. Why, do you think I should give a demonstration? The class hamster hasn't died yet, so I can't do much." That same comfort with complete honesty was extended to Morning Glow as well, though her question would mean giving her a much longer answer. "Oh, I learned most of this stuff up in the Southern Wilds of Whitescar, when a Master of the Art picked me up after my parents abandoned me!" He said the words in a discordantly upbeat tone, but not an insincere one. "He was a tough old stallion, didn't want me to be soft, hated crying. If he caught me doing it, he hit me until I stopped. Or if I messed up my experiments. He didn't hit me when I played with my little animal friends, though, he hit them. One day, he hit them all so hard they died, and he said if I wanted them back, I'd have to raise them myself, and I couldn't do that if I cried all the time. And then he hit me again. Well, I only stopped crying when I ran out of tears, but sure enough, once I wasn't able to cry anymore, I did manage to bring them all back! So, I took them back to my Master so he could apologize to them for being so mean. Only, he didn't say sorry." His grin didn't shrink, but it seemed to chill, along with the air. "And... they didn't forgive. In fact, they made sure he couldn't be brought back. Not that I could if I wanted to, too big." After that little retelling of trauma, though, he seemed to relax a little, moving away from painful memories. "After that, I mostly lived with my little friends until this really nice caribou called Limi ran into me after being chased by zombies! I knew how to handle them, so I helped him get home safely. His mama Sigrun was happy to see he survived, though she was a little nervous around me. But I did my best to show there wasn't anything to be frightened of! And then, when their clan was hit by a plague that made everybou go berzerk, I poked around a bit and found it out it was being caused by these teeny-tiny little bugger things!" He took a seat, holding his forehooves very close together to emphasize his point. "Well, after that, it was just a matter of figuring out how to fry 'em, and since my magic doesn't work on anything big, it only hurt the little buggers, and not the berzerker bou! They were all really happy with me then, especially Mama Sigrun and Papa Halvard. They're the ones who sent me here, because they said," He paused, rolling his eyes up as he tried to recall exactly, "I was re-sill-i-ant against bad so-shull con-di-shun-ing, but that I could really use some of the good stuff! And speaking of good stuff-!" He magiced up another bunch of popcorn from Kettle's bucket, only taking a small bite this time, before letting Huginn and Munin have at the rest. "And I can't make birds, only birds can make birds! I can fix birds though; and I had to fix Munin a lot!" The young colt had done his best, but the corvid's head would still remain forever crookedly attached to the rest of him.
  5. Weclome to Canterlot! I'm one of the friendly neighborhood admins, so I'm the guy you'd ask for help. If you want some help with navigating the site, the character application process, or just on fitting in, shoot me a PM!
  6. "Farms are impactful, yes, but not always the key to win." Nor'Eastern replied, in the tone of one who had played many times and knew that game inside-out. "You notice them more because they're the points you count last. I've lost as many games as I've won by committing meepones to fields." "I was about to say myself that it was all from Earth Pony magic." Scarlet cut in. "Which would probably explain the Appleoosa orchards, too. They must have a way of finding groundwater and enriching soil through their hooves. I've heard that there used to be much more unproductive wilderness on the fringes of Equestria, but generations of earth ponies have turned it into fertile farming land. With help from us giving the weather, of course." "The world is such a magical place," Sky's tone was drifting, slightly, now that the meal was nearing its conclusion. "It's hard to imagine a more incredible place for adventures." He blinked. "Speaking of which, Windy, what did you want to do next? We have the rest of the day available now."
  7. Myth was quite right in her assessment that Shiroi would be extremely unlikely to disgorge those secrets. It was part of her job and duty to the shogun to keep them, and Even if these Equestrians were allies.... well, the historical memory of the Eastern States was long. Nations outlasted alliances, and while it would often be the interest of Nieghpon to wield its magitek for the sake of its friends, it was almost never in Neighpon's interest to let out its secrets to those who might not be friends 100 years from now. *Of course, now that little prodigy knows that it can be done, she may well be able to replicate it later, even if we don't let her reverse-engineer it.* Unfortunate, but there was no way around it; Shiroi would just have to haggle for a larger R&D budget in the coming decade to maintain their lead. As to more mundane secret management, she tapped her hoof in thought to Ishi's question. "All naval records are probably fine for you to view, there's nothing secret in the charts, and the naval routes are only sensitive as long as they're current. We last changed patrols a month ago across the navy, so anything from before that is good to go. Anything on old artifacts is also not sensitive; though you may have to black out some of the specs of the sensors we used to take readings. As long as they're not taking copies home, reading should bring no harm." Shiroi hoped in her heart of hearts that she would not regret this judgment. She could at least assure Icy that there would be no misinformation, "Little would be gained by error or deception. You may trust us." The unicorn had listened with care to Ice Storm's recounting of her recruiting and personnel procedure, occasional distracted looks to her lens notwithstanding. "Hm... you are much like the Shogun; you have a way of winning personal loyalty from those who could drive a hard bargain for it. Loyalty is the substance of power, as well as one of your, as you say, 'Elements of Harmony.' and you use yours to give a place for those otherwise abandoned by the Social Order...." She trailed off, musing, before giving an approving nod. "A wise use. And the results speak to that. Your Myth, for example, has formidable innate talent. It took some time for us to do with Magitek what she can do innately, and I am not sure which of us has the better instruments." Nira's words caught her slightly off-guard. Shiroi had not gotten any indication of dissatisfaction from her before. "Hm. I have never myself felt restrained in action by my office." She paused to consider for a moment, then continued. "There is one secret I shall share with you, as you have been welcomed into the inner council. While verbal dissent is not considered polite, initiative is rarely punished, if one can say that it is done in the interest of the Shogunate. I, for one, did not ask permission when I made my demonstration hack at the Golem Arena. Nor have I for any demonstration I have done since. That would rather blunt the point I wish to make about exploitable vulnerabilities."
  8. With her dimpled little cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's with all of her mama's delicious breakfast, Ambrosia turned to her energetic older brother. Colts were, to her, still a bizarre mystery of deliberate dirtiness and uncaring uncouthness. Though familial love was the dominant force in her feelings towards Zap, she really couldn't be said to understand his ways. "Yer late for breakfast." She chided him, swallowing first one cheekful, then the other. "Ain't you supposed to be hungry in the morning?" She did remember the times when Zap *did* get up before her, and how both RD and AJ talked about a "growing colt's appetite." Well, Lil'Amby was a growing filly, which gave her enough of an appetite to finish all her pancakes by the time Zap had finished half of his. Upon hearing that the itinerary of the day would include a visit to Rarity's, the little bundle of adorableness lit up like a Hearthswarming tree. "Really? Is a hat, a dress? Auntie Rarity makes things so pretty!" The fashionista was not biologically her aunt, of course, but the little foal was still too young to think of anypony she felt so warmly towards as anything other than family.
  9. Little sparse on the detail, but looks good to me!
  10. "Mmf, *gulp*, Oh, it does grow, but only by consuming living plants, like I said." Chipper pointed out to Caramel, once he swallowed the mouthful of delicious popcorn in his mouth. "And I don't know about making them dance and all that, you'll probably have to invent those spells yourself, Kettle. But I'll be happy to help! Always glad to help a new friend. We are friends, right?" It was fair to say that Chipper wasn't too sure about how one could tell whether or not a pony was a friend, but he certainly showed himself friendly, and that counted for a lot. It was probably accurate to include Spearmint in that category too... but not Morning Glow. She didn't seem to be with the program, or indeed know all that much about this school. That was fair, being a new arrival and all that. "Oh, well, the headmare's only a mare half the time, you know. So we just call them the Archchancellor. At least they don't make us call them 'Your Highness.' I mean, we'd have have to ask what they were smoking if we did, nyahaha!" Jokes and joviality probably would do little to soothe the situation, but it was the only tool Chipper knew. He didn't quite understand why anypony would be upset about what he was doing.
  11. ~~Star Crusader~~ The jab to the shoulder may as well have been Tempest tapping a boulder with her hoof, but Star took it in good humor. "Then it's a date. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make my herd official. See you later." And with a bow to both Temmy and Sky Crack, Star Crusader turned to go towards the front. ~~Spoiled Rich~~ The older mare was quite glad to see that investment of time into the magazine photoshoot had paid off. It had been a particularly trying episode... more for the photographer than for her, admittedly, but that's what he was paid to deal with. "You're quite correct. What is more to the point these days, I am now also the Mayor of this fine town. I know I cannot be the first to say this, but Welcome to Ponyville." Spoiled's unique muzzle was wearing its most pleasant smile, as it did when she conversed with those she considered social equals. There weren't many of those around this town, though considerably more since Prince Blueblood had become Archancellor of the School of Friendship. His admission policy seemed to be focused on bringing in high-status foreign students, and this seemed like very sound policy to her. "You are a friend of the groom, or one of the brides?" She inquired. "I can't say I know either of them all that well personally, but I could hardly refuse an invitation to a Royal Wedding they so graciously allowed this town to host." She lowered her voice. "While I'm happy for the... three of them, I do hope that Filthy isn't going to be getting any ideas from this." ~Prince Blueblood~ The Prince was glad to see Fluttershy taking advantage of the opportunity to escape the crowds. She and Niilavin should get along quite well. Hopefully. Better than with Swift Squall, at least. But Flutters was not the most salient pegasus mare to Blueblood today. That spot was held by two, one of which had her wing around him with active nuzzling. "She should be." Blueblood answered as regarded Princess Twilight, unable to keep a note of impatience out of his voice. Darn it, he wanted to be married already! Taking one last look over towards Smolder and Gallus, Blue shook his head. "I wish I could say you weren't right. I both miss those days and never want to go back to them. Mostly because neither you nor Star were in them, at the time." OK, a bit cheesy, but Dunnie had never refused queso before, to his knowledge. A shadow fell over the group as Star Crusader stood between them and the window. "I believe most of the guests are in place, now only we remain." She was smiling now, visibly, which was still an unfamiliar position for her face. "Let us take our positions. We have waited long enough, my loving herd." *Look at her, taking charge already.* Blueblood thought, as she escorted the pair of them away from Fire with a wing and shepherded them towards the front. Already, the music of the organ was playing. Was that Spike on the keys? There weren't many ponies who could play an instrument like that. Wandering thoughts, however, came home, now that he could see Star and Dunnie together in their dresses. Reminders of how beautiful they both were, and how lucky a stallion he was, drove all other thoughts from his mind...
  12. Going to visit my folks for my Mother's birthday.  See you guys in a couple of days!

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  13. Chipper didn't really take offense to Morning Glow's rant on the ethical nature of his school of magic. Even though necromancy was still practiced in the Northern Continent of Whitescar, most 'civilized' tribes and clans tended to shun practitioners. The only exception being the arena town of Saavergerg, where they were the closest thing to healers that could be found to support the gladiatorial combat that was the lifeblood of that city. "I dunno about Celestia, but I'm here to make friends! Mama said that as long as I could keep my good attitude about what I did while I did, everything would be fine, but I'd need friends to keep my head on straight! Which is good, cause it's very easy to break your neck. Besides, if killing is wrong, then doing the opposite of killing must be right, right? That's logic!" Of course, Chipper had just said five minutes ago that killing wasn't always wrong. Logic is a two-edged sword. He shook Caramel's offered hoof, before twisting his head around in a rather avian fashion to grin back at Kettle. "Pleased to meet ya! And ma said I'm not allowed to make zombie plants after the parasitic lingonberry incident. I can only make diseased ones healthy, and that doesn't mean making them immortal." Chipper's regretful explanation trailed off as he finally got a good whiff of the tasty treat Kettle had graciously popped up for them. "Oooh, for me? For *us*?" And there was much rejoicing. And crunching. And Cawing. And Pecking. And the kernels went everywhere. Chipper's mama may have taught him a lot of things, but the warrior caribou of the north didn't seem to care much for table manners. They did care about complimenting the chef, though, which he did. With his mouth full. "Thiff if delifuff! *Munch crunch*"
  14. Upon seeing the bones come to life, Chipper's eyes lit up, losing that air of traumatized anxiety that Spearmint had unwittingly summoned. "Nyaha! Great success!" He grinned over at his roommate. "Well, it's not illegal if I don't practice it on ponies or use it to hurt others, perfectly fine if I do it on animals, just as long as I don't dig them up from the pet cemetery, 'cause that's stealing, and stealing's wrong!" He nodded solemnly. "Plus, I can actually use my magic to heal, too! After all, if I can make something not-dead that was dead, I can also make something not-quite-dead fully alive! So I'm sure we won't get in trouble as long as I don't hurt any-" "AAAAAIIIIEIEEEEE!" The sudden sound of a little filly's shriek interruped Chipper's self-congratulatory self-justification, causing his face to drop a little bit. "Uh-oh, I think we might be in trouble after all..." He said in a more subdued tone, cantering out of their shared room to see the scene of carnage outside, crows following in his wake. It rather had to be said that the sight of him, wild-maned, berobed, with carrion crows circling above his head would likely not make the frightened foals think any the better of him. Nor did was sense of humor calculated to endear, unless you were the sort of filly to dress all in black and wear much heavier eyeliner than all standards of beauty dictated. "Naw, don't worry, the little guy's not gonna eat all your popcorn; look, he can't even hold one kernel down, nyahaha!" It was true enough, as at the end of the attempted consumption, all the mouse had to show for it was a little pile of crumbs where all the nibbled bits had fallen out of its hollow form. Looking up with a faint sense of reproach at its re-animator, the undead animal then collapsed with a puff of purple magic back into its component bones, which the unicorn colt swept up with his magic. "Just wanted to prove to my new roommate that I wasn't a failed apprentice. Nopony can say I'm a failed apprentice." The faint, chill breeze that seemed to accompany those words could almost be felt. It passed as soon as it came, though, as soon as all the bones were placed in a little side pouch by Chipper's side and he stuck out his hoof. "I'm Chipper Demise! What's your names?"
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