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  1. So, a new storyline, not event-related, has emerged on the boards, and I decided to set up a thread to collate and coordinate it! The tl;dr is that one Ridge Dragon has scouted Griffonstone, and found it contained a fairly abundant vein of profitably minable minerals, and like any dragon, seeks to use it to increase his hoard. In this, he has come into conflict with Norton Breakbeak, a questionably sane 'Emperor' of Griffonstone that seeks to restore the ruined city using said wealth. While Ridge's ends are not the noblest, it's not unfair to say that Norton's methods aren't much better, essentially putting a wax royal seal on what you could call banditry. The thread where it really emerged can be found here. (Now Concluded) I'll be updating this post with thread topics as they emerge, and we can coordinate further developments here or on Discord. Looking forward to how everypony reacts, gets involved, and seeks to escalate/de-escalate the situation! Threads: Traveling Expenses are *sigh* Included - Ridge is hiring! Help to secure his mine, and 'remove obstacles to operations.' An Open Letter to Open-Minded Equestrians - Norton Breakbeak explains his actions to the Equestrian General public through the Press; more meant for one-post reactions than ongoing narrative.
  2. Rumors of what was happening in Griffonstone had been filtering through the Equestrian Press for several weeks now. Ever since a 'Griffon Interest' story of the wild claim of 'Emperor' Norton Breakbeak to the ancient throne of the Griffonstone Empire, there had been a small niche, almost cult following of his antics. The last big story had been of his ride from Breakbeak City to Griffonstone himself, a strange ceremony intended to represent the homecoming of the ruined city's legitimate ruler. Most of Equestria watched with interest, but little understanding. Ponies whose monarch had never been lost weren't really sure what any such return would look like, nor if they would be able to tell the difference between a long-lost heir, and a bandit impostor. Most didn't think anything significant would come of it, so it may have come as some surprise when, in the editorial pages of the Canterlot Chronicle, Fillydelphia Gazette, Baltimare Globe & Mail, Filly Free Press, and other sundry papers, there appeared, given pride of place, this remarkable composition: To the Princess and Citizens of Equestria, In the interest of avoiding confusion and the unfortunate results of misunderstanding, my counselors and I have deemed it wise to give a full and public account of Our recent actions, and the reasoning behind them. To be brief: In the support of Our long-term policy of indigenous industrial and economic development, the land and capital assets of the Prosperity Mining Company were Nationalized under the Griffonstone National Mines, and placed under direct crown administration. That such actions were drastic in nature We acknowledge, but for the sake of Our people, it was necessary. The prior arrangement under which the Prosperity Mining Company was incorporated would be familiar to any student of Griffon History; the Company was primarily extractive, taking advantage of being based in a foreign country to avoid all taxation from Aquellia and Equestria. The profits, however, though generated in an area where they would not be taxed, would then be sequestered within foreign accounts to primarily enrich the owners of the venture. In short the PMC was a Colonial venture. The founder of said Mining Company had much in the way of rhetoric for himself, in pleading that his venture would be the foundation of greater prosperity for Griffonstone. However, the long history of ventures along this model, primarily in Unyasi, put the lie to such claims. Bribes to the locals to tolerate the digging of their earth and the exportation of their wealth does not Economic Investment make. At best, all zebra tribes who were targeted by such ventures were left no better off than before, at worst, they were immiserated by this unfortunate episode of Griffon History. A History which Griffonstone has no desire to repeat, either as exploiter or exploited. Our actions in this case have been misrepresented as an Unprincipled Exception to the Doctrine of Free Enterprise. However, the ancient laws of Griffonstone contain no commitments to any such doctrine, and Our current situation is completely inappropriate for it to be enacted. An economic elite with no ties of loyalty to the state are a universally recognized threat to that state’s sovereignty, and therefore a threat to said state’s ability to protect and serve its subjects. Therefore, no state is obliged by law or principle to tolerate such an elite. However, as no alternative loyal economic elite is to be found in Griffonstone, the responsibility for coordinating and developing economic activity reverts to the State and Crown of Griffonstone. Such a state of affairs is not without precedent, as schools of socialist thought have a long history within the Academy. We have chosen as our policy a form of Monarchic Socialism, wherein the crown formally own all fixed capital and directs major investments, managed by those to whom We find worthy to delegate such ventures. Trade deals have been finalized already with the neighboring cities of Tenochtitlan and Falkensfjord, by which the mineral and knowledge resources of Griffonstone may be leveraged into investment capital. Further plans involve the repair of irrigation infrastructure to revitalize local agriculture, as well as furnish the hospitality industry to accommodate an anticipated rise in tourism. The Crown is committed to using the profits from its ventures to reinvest in Griffonstone, and hereby formally repudiates any charge of embezzlement. As a sign of Good Faith, We are willing to submit the Treasury ledgers to an audit by a neutral party. It is the desire of the Crown that We may live in peace with our friends, just as it is the Duty of the Crown that it stands steadfast against its foes. In expressing the wishes that the readers of this letter would count themselves as the former, We hereby send you Our Best Regards: Norton Breakbeak I, Emperor of Griffonstone It seemed that things were really starting to happen in the ancient Griffon Capital, but what would the Equestrian public make of it all?
  3. Berry bounded onto the stage to sing along with Tiger. There was only one microphone to share, but she didn't mind pressing close against the stallion, matching his movements as they belted out the chorus: "Good Morning and Good Night, We'll wake up at twilight, We don't even have to try: It's always always a good time! Whoa-oahoahoh, Whoa-oahoahoh, We dont even have to try, it's always a good time! Whoa-oahoahoh, Whoa-oahoahoh, We dont even have to try, it's always a good time!" She left the stage in a definitely buoyed mood, quenching her thirst with the sangria left in her cup. "Very nice, thank you!"
  4. Berry Punch would never say it out loud, but she honestly didn't think much of Eastern Philosophy. Half of what she'd heard was simply koans that weren't meant to make much sense anyway, and the other half was stuff like what Tongue Twister had just said, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other, you decide what's best." Generally, all that meant was that the person seeking advice would look for a second opinion. At least, that was how her incurably Western and Philistine mind saw it. She also saw Jade waltz through the door like she was at a fancy dress party, though in all fairness to the mare, she carried herself in a way that flattered rather than shamed the present company. If Berry weren't the proprietor, she'd have to take a few drops of liquid courage before venturing to speak with her, but that ice was long broken up and ready to have scotch poured over it. "Well, and I guess that's the other perspective. Can't say I wouldn't feel the same if I had a pair of wings; but my sort always feels best with all their hooves on the ground." Didn't stop her from excellently balancing on two to prepare drinks, though! "Vieux Carre... gonna make me earn that crown, are ya?" She giggled, blushing deeply at the forward flirtation. Everyone's muzzle seemed to be well-lubricated today, why even Midnight was joining Jade on the fun! Oh, but it seemed a like a new use for those loosened muzzles was proposed. "It's on and ready, Midnight. And I think I will take you up on that duet, Tiger, though I'll let Tongue Twister show us how well she's earned her name first, alright?"
  5. The whole time he was in flight, Sky felt on the edge of trust, as this was, if anything, about as dangerous as an earth pony taking a piggyback ride on an airborne pegasus. The chances of things getting out of hoof were high, and yet... they never did. By the end of it, the stallion felt as safe in Windy's breezes as he did wrapped in her hooves, the adrenaline only making the experience and memory all the more exquisite. "Oh yeah, we could probably change up the tempo on other duets as well, once I get really good at riding your breezes. I wonder, though... could I fix a parasail to my keyboard?" If anyone questioned whether Sky Sailing truly had the mind of stallion, that question probably sealed it.
  6. The Apple family didn't know what they were doing to little Ambrosia right now. Heck, little Amby wasn't even consciously aware of it herself. But the first moments of one's life were extremely formative, and right now, the level of attention she was getting was setting a baseline expectation she would carry through the rest of her life. She couldn't express it, though, all she could do was gaze, babble, and cry. And she did all three when Moonlight pulled back the wrapping, exposing her to the light. "Ah-abha, awaaAAAAAHHH!" It wasn't really and upset cry, she was just not physically or mentally capable of doing otherwise!
  7. Blueblood hadn't known that about soft cheese, which was a pity, as he was quite partial to brie. "Princess Twilight must not have ever tasted one of Dunnie's Quesadillas then, they'll make a convert out of anypony. They certainly did for me!" There were quite a lot of dishes from her homeland that had made their way into his regular diet, function of giving her full reign over the kitchen. He nodded assent to Dunnie's offer to Swift and Fire to be nameparents, adding, "Yes, though for Star and I's first, Lady Presteza and Java have the honors there." Star Crusader gave a brief nod there. "I think between the three of us, then, that makes a full cadre. I know the Prince has had ambitions, which he will not be able to accomplish alone. Some loyal friends in high places will likely be necessary for that."
  8. "I suppose she must write home fairly often, then. As far as I know, she hasn't returned to Unyasi since moving here." Blueblood would have to ask, next time they met. "And at some point, you'll actually be able to ask the six themselves what's fact, and what's fiction! Bet you're looking forward to that, huh?" Smiling down at Zareb, he took the suggested and guided him towards the lecture halls. "This is where most classes are held. At least, those that don't involve labwork or field work." The first door he opened was to a fairly typical example, with a tiered set of desks set in a semi-circle around a lecture podium, with a blackboard behind it. "Some others are less formal, with students in small groups around tables, but this is the sort of place where most of the teachers do their teaching."
  9. The initial shock faded into a warm, fuzzy clarity that wrapped Sky Sailing up so tightly he could have sworn it wasn't winter anymore. He received the onrushing Windy's embrace, kissing her passionately as his outspread wings formed their air catcher, slowing the descent into a finale cheered by the crowds. After an eternity that lasted a minute, he felt his hooves touch the ground, and he stepped back to breathe, attention still captured by his marefrie- no, his fiancée and her shining, joyful eyes. "Uh, the answer is yes, by the way. Just in case that wasn't clear." He said, no doubt to the delight of the crowd. Yes, it may have been one of their smallest shows, but it would be one they would remember forever. A very Happy Heartswarming indeed.
  10. "Sounds like you have a plan for the holidays, then! I'll make sure Gallus is sent your way so you can invite him." Bluebelle sipped the last of her tea, setting her cup and saucer down on the plate. "And don't worry, I won't tell him anything about how you feel; you can say it when you're good and ready." She winked at Silverstream, wishing the couple good luck. Too much interference from adults could muddy the waters here; those crazy kids would have to figure this out by themselves. "Hm, Gallus certainly has been reticent about his background, but I can understand why. Perhaps I ought to take him and Sandbar out for coffee, sometime." Her eyes finally shot up to the clock, noting how much time had passed. "Hm, I'm afraid I'll have to take my leave soon, I'm expected elsewhere. I don't want to cut this short if you two don't have anywhere you need to be, though! Thank you for being willing to host, I feel like I've gotten to know you both rather better, and I hope I was able to help."
  11. "She does, sometimes. Not any regular classes, but she comes in at least once a month to speak on her areas of expertise. Usually on the culture of her homeland, jungle survival techniques, things like that." Blueblood answered, truthfully as he could. The teaching roles at this school were still in the middle of being formalized; unlike most educational institutions, there wasn't a whole lot of bureaucracy regulating who got to teach what, nor much of a permanent staff that taught here and did nothing else. "Speaking of which... are you from the same general area of Unyasi? I know we in Equestria tend to think of it as all one country, but I know enough to know that there's a pretty significant difference between the jungle and savannah tribes." The door itself was not automatic, though Blueblood used his magic to swing the double doors open, revealing the grand hall, which branched out into many corridors, some leading to classrooms, others to dorms, and yet others to amenities like the library or playing field. "Is there anywhere you wanted to see first? As far as I'm aware, we have most of this place to ourselves, though you might run into one or two students here."
  12. Bluebelle leaned over to listen to Smolder's whisperings, taking every effort to look the part of a cautious secret-keeper. "Hm, I only ever met one dragonlord, so I will take your word for it." Lack of comparatives aside, she had to say that Smolder's take coincided quite well with her own impressions. Ember was the sort of leader that went down in history as a founder, or re-founder, of a society. The successes of such types were immortalized in bronze and marble all over the world. The failures... well, tent to be either mourned or reviled, depending on who ended up remembering them. "I am glad she insisted, at any rate, it is good to have you here." She smiled down at the little dragon, quite sincere in her appreciation. The subject turned to Gallus, and what the best thing for Heartswarming was. She wasn't sure if Silverstream was making the distinction, but the question of what to do with one holiday was a rather simpler one than what a griffon should do regarding his roots. "Hm... From what I know, he has no real family there? At least, none that acknowledge him. It really wouldn't make sense to send him there to be alone for the holidays. You may as well invite him, it would be probably good for him, but...." She sighed. "I don't think it so good to disconnect from ones roots. Of course, I say that as one whose family goes back before the founding of Equestria, and had a good part to play in its story. I'm not even sure if Gallus knows what his ancestry really is. I will have to talk with him about it, I suspect. If at all possible, I would like to see him return to Griffonstone with an eye and a plan to finally bring it into harmony with the rest of the world. To see something once so noble now brought so low, and yet not having the last of its pride and heritage broken... Maybe its just because I'm royalty and we think that way, but I'd like to see a real Emperor return there."
  13. Somewhere, on the other side of the castle, Mayor Rich felt the hackles on her neck rise. She attributed it to poor ventilation on Twilight's part, and thought no more of it. Blueblood, meanwhile, was pleasantly surprised to be offered the nameparent role. Besides the old ceremonial role, it had a legal significance, as one obligated to take care of the foal if some disaster should befall Swift and Fire. At least, that was how the Prince saw it; he took these old things seriously when they came up. "I would be honored." He replied simply. The topic of foals of his own... well, that was a more sensitive issue. Not that he didn't want them, of course! All three of them, in fact, wanted them very much. But given the latest word he had from his doctor, this may be one of those situations where the spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. "Well, I'm certainly trying my level best, as both Star and Dunnie can testify!" He passed over the issue with a laugh, inwardly hoping that Princess Twilight's list of suggested magical aids and remedies could make up for where his efforts could not.
  14. Shining Armor laughed. "Oh, if I was here to arrest you, I wouldn't have come alone. You're not exactly a mare to be underestimated. And as far as I'm aware, you're not guilty of anything you haven't been pardoned of." There was no malice or antagonism in his face, or his voice. Tempest may have been surprised at this, but if Cadence had forgiven her for the petrification, it would be churlish of him not to. Plus, it was arguable that her chosen strategy of a swift strike to the leadership had been the cause of the remarkably low fatality count in that little 'war.' It would be admirably elegant if one were not on the receiving end of it, and Shining had enough tactical knowledge to appreciate that. "Believe it or not, I really am here just to wish you a happy birthday. And to get out of the castle, to tell you the truth. Between going to a party, and doing paperwork, there's certainly one option I definitely prefer!" Joking aside, he really was interested in just getting to know this enigmatic mare. Other guests began to arrive then. Ice Storm, whom Shiny mostly knew from the Lunar Guard roster. He wasn't quite sure how they met, but he did know that Icy was the sort of mare who went out of her way for those she felt were treated ill by Equestria at large, so her presence wasn't really surprising. He just hoped Tempest didn't feel like everypony was here out of pity. "Good to see you too! Lovely day, isn't it?" And speaking of love and loveliness, the next to arrive was Glitter, the pony who Cadence had seen fit to match up with Temmy. And from the expression on the maroon mare's face when kissed, his wife had hit it out of the park once again. "Oh, I remember being like that!" He laughed, reminiscing. "Absolutely astonished beyond belief that a mare like Cady would even consider kissing a pony like me. Honestly, some days I'm still amazed."
  15. "Just as well." Blueblood remarked, taking a cup of the booze-free beverage. "Though unwinding would be a good idea this holiday season, keeping a sober head for the rest of the night would be best, all things considered." He took a sip, just as good as how he remembered. He needed to pay Muggo's tavern a visit, it really had been far too long by now. Blueblood, or Bluebelle, had met Fire at the wedding, but Star had not, so this was the first she had heard of it. "Congratulations." And with an effort that nearly made an audible creak, she managed to pull her mouth into a visible smile. A crooked, unpracticed one, but warm and genuine all the same. " I can't speak to the accuracy of that list, much of that is old mare's tales. Of course, mother told me that right after saying that she made sure to drink a cup of Apple Cider vinegar and eat a handful of peanuts every night when she was pregnant with me and Java. Neither of us grew up with food allergies, so who's to say she's wrong?" Blueblood laughed, leaning into Star as she pulled him and Dunnie ever closer to her. True, these days seemed so busy, but it was at times like this, where friends and family could slow down and spend time together, that really marked the rhythm of life, reminding everypony of why it all was worthwhile.
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