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Status Updates posted by PrinceBlueblood

  1. Going to visit my folks for my Mother's birthday.  See you guys in a couple of days!

    1. Cubbage


      have fun!


  2. What better way to celebrate Hearts and Hooves day than a Royal Wedding?  Mini event linked below!  https://www.canterlot.com/topic/24849-hearts-and-hooves-day-a-royal-wedding-open-mini-event/


  3. As you could probably tell from the last blitz of posts I did, I have returned home!

    1. Aisede


      Huzzah, the prince returns!

    2. tacobob


      No, I don't believe you!

  4. Home for the holidays now.  Will still be on, but less time for posting

  5. Traveling home for Thanksgiving, likely to be back Saturday!

  6. Guess who a possible Covid exposure sent home early and back into isolation?  *sigh*


  7. I am going to be on vacation for the next week, internet access will be spotty at best.  Won't be able to post during that time.  See you when I get back!

  8. Come Celebrate the Summer, and enroll new students in the School of Friendship!


  9. Why do I have the urge to turn all the musical artists I'm a fan of into OC's?

    1. Trombone2015


      That sounds like a wonderful idea. 

  10. Changed up my forum signature to something that actually reflects who I am on this site!

  11. Looks like I'm not gonna be able to get any posts out before I get home. Sorry, guys

  12. Leaving for the week to VA.  Might get a reply out to the Gift Exchange thread, but will mostly be with family.

  13. Heads up to all, I will be out of town from Wednesday to Sunday.  Not much in the way of posting is gonna be happening.


  14. Whoops!  Forgot Swift was at the cider event, I'll edit to make sure Blue responds to him too.

  15. Will be away for the weekend at my cousin's wedding.  See all you beautiful people on Monday!

  16. Meet Prince Bluey's new kitty! 


    1. PyroBlaze


      I was expecting an actual cat... This is good too though.

  17. To anyone I'm in threads with: I'll be on vacation for a week at my folks', so won't get much posting in.

    1. Ciraxis


      Have fun! On my part, I will make sure to cook something for you to reply to when you get back!

  18. The Wedding Ceremony is starting, all are welcome!  http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24005-a-wedding-of-northern-lights-pretzel-dusty-open/



    1. tacobob


      There better be cake! Every wedding I've been to during the last decade or so has not had cake! They've had cupcakes. or fancy pastry or other non-cake things. I want cake! :sad:

  19. Got a bad stomach infection; RP muse has been put into remission for the forseeable future.

    1. tacobob


      Sorry to hear that :green:

    2. Dusty


      get well soon Bluey, take it easy and relaxe mate!

  20. Moving has started in earnest!  I'll be out of the RP game through Saturday, when I'll hopefully be set up at the new place.

    1. Windwright


      Good luck! We'll keep things ready for when you get back.

  21. Leaving for the weekend to visit my sister; replies won't come until Monday.

    1. Dusty


      Have fun and be safe!

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