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  1. Sky found himself blinking a little more than usual whenever he looked at Bellissima. He couldn't describe it, it was like the rimers of sleep were still clouding the windows to his soul, and he couldn't quite see outside. There was a smile, there, yes? Why could he not see it clearly? *I should make myself some coffee. No, that would take too long. Maybe some of that iced tea?* The last thing he wanted to do was seem rude to be a guest. "I wouldn't say your posters made you look unattractive in any way, but... you did look unapproachable." He closed his eyes, picturing the image in his mind as he showed her to a seat. "A beautiful carving, a piece of art, with a huge 'Do Not Touch' sign in front of it." He opened his eyes, giving her a smile. "I can understand wanting to have them retaken, for sure. I don't want to appear standoffish to those around me, especially if they're giving time and money to hear me sing. Heh, that's still something I'm not quite used to yet, you know?" His gaze was directed, along with hers, to Wind Dancer's picture, and his smile widened. "That she is. A real full package; a dancer par excellence, a heart of gold, and she has a fine voice too. I should introduce you two; I don't think she's used any of your songs as backing tracks, but that's something I think I could help arrange." If he noticed her piece of self-aggrandizement, Sky didn't show it. Not that it was likely, from the dreamy, lovey-dovey look on his face. He shook himself back to the present after a couple of seconds. "Lemon water with sugar, and cinnamon bread? Sure, hope you don't mind raisins. You want it toasted?" He nipped back into the kitchen to arrange matters, bringing back a couple of glasses and the bread. "So..." He finally took a seat himself, cold glass of iced tea in wing. "You're looking for a new recording contract, I hear? Your old one lapse, or was there a.... hm, less amicable parting?" The Countess Coluratura affair was still relatively fresh in the minds of the music world, with the shakeup in the pop world being felt still in the relatively unstable charts. Bellissima had stood out in the crop of young talent seeking to take the Countess' top spot, the concert crowd and radio waves embracing her as one of their own. But Sky was familiar enough with the idea that shiny, happy appearances could hide shadows backstage.
  2. The door opened right before Bellissima finished her final tap; one second earlier and she would have booped Sky on the nose! "Oh, you're here. I thought I'd have to come get you from the reservoir shore." The pegasus took a moment to take in the sight of Bellissima; let nopony say she let herself down today. He felt distinctly underdressed, not to say inadequately groomed, compared to her. If one was being charitable, one could say he was going for the "relaxed executive" look. If. "Well, you seem to have yourself taken care of, but just for both of our peace of mind, if you please wear this?" He presented the bangle. "Don't want you falling through the floor; I've not had many guests here that weren't fliers of some kind." It was just as well that the bangle was an elegant-looking piece of enchanted wear; he was making good money these days, enough to spend well on gifts, since he hadn't acquired too large a taste in luxuries for himself just yet. "Anyway, do come in! I'm Sky Sailing, as you've probably guessed. I definitely recognize you from your posters, Bellissima!" The doorway in was a sort of cabin structure on the top of the ship's "deck", which had a set of cloud steps into the middle of the house. Towards the stern end Bellissima could see a kind of parlor for guests, with a kitchen (or would that be galley?) visible beyond, the closed door probably to the bedroom. The walls were hung with what looked like prints of album cover art, though without the text or labels indicating the band. Interspersed with these were more recently hung pictures of a certain pegasus mare, who Bellissima might recognize as Wind Dancer, along with a family portrait over the couch of a younger-looking Sky. The door to the studio was behind them, but Sky decided to lead her into the foyer first. "Can I get you anything to drink? I don't know if you've had a chance to get anything to eat today; I know how busy you can get when on tour."
  3. Also, PM me later, I got a character I want to bring out of storage for this one...
  4. Heyo! Good to see you jumping into WoE! Just a s a note, we do have a standard RP Character application format, linked here: From what I can tell, it shouldn't take you too long to get everything in order.
  5. Suspended over the Las Pegasus Reservoir was an expansive cloud house of the kind preferred by Cloudsdale-born Pegasi. The City Council didn't mind the placement so much; in fact, they were more than willing to encourage it once they figured out how much the shade prevented water loss from evaporation, not to mention the lack of strain on the city's own infrastructure, still undergoing a barely-sustainable rate of expansion. Not that such considerations were foremost in Sky Sailing's mind when his cloud-mobile had been allowed to be carried by the winds towards this city, it was just the one place with substantial park-like greenery in the midst of this desert. He might not have come to Las Pegasus at all if there wasn't a good prospect for new entertainment acts in the many hotel venues and resorts; as it turns out, that had been the best decision in his life! From a purely serendipitous encounter, he'd befriended, and later fell in love, with the headline dance act of the Mareage Hotel, Wind Dancer. That had been his introduction into the world of live acts, which had in turn tugged his star from the horizon and flung it to fly alongside Windy's. As a musician, being in working partnership, as well as life partnership, with a dancer was only natural. His own style was fairly heavy in magi-crystal synthesizers, much of which he had engineered himself, customizing them to his own musical needs. Same with the recording studio he'd tucked into his cloud house. The whole cloud was shaped like a ship, the studio taking up much of the "bow," with the living quarters astern. The sails were furled, the masts unraised, as he had no plans to drift away anytime soon. At the moment, though, he was in a lull in his recording schedule, and Wind Dancer was easing up on her show schedule, leaving him some idle time to himself. So, he let it be known through the city's entertainment circles that he had a recording studio, with it's own Record Pressings, available for artists looking for a fairer form of recording contract than was usually offered by the larger studios. He was an independent artist himself, not really wanting to be bothered with the more cutthroat aspects of business. Not to mention that the stallion spent a lot of his waking hours in a half-dreaming state, wherein he'd likely be eaten alive by a sharp negotiator. He was making an effort to keep awake today, though. His enquiries had borne fruit, and there was a mare who was going to visit him with the intent of possibly making use of his equipment. Bellissima, her name was, and Sky was honestly a little surprised. The young pop singer had made quite a name for herself, having been discovered at a young age, already an enchanting figure with a voice like an angel. *Although if she was discovered that young, it's likely her first contract wasn't quite... favorable.* Small wonder she'd be looking to renegotiate her next. Still, the sky-blue pegasus made sure to dress well to meet her, ironed shirt and tie, without the flight mask that he sometimes wore as part of his live act. He even shelled out for a cloud-walking bangle in case Bellissima didn't know the spell. Didn't want the singer falling through the studio floor!
  6. It had been a long time since Berry had not woken up alone. That by itself may well have accounted for how easily she accepted Jade's apology, but in all fairness to the unicorn mare's skill, not to mention the help from the other two stallions, she was in such a good mood by the time she fell asleep she'd have forgiven pretty much anything. Said mood even lasted into the morning, doing much to counter an incipient headache that was the price of a night like last night. *Made me feel like a younger mare... but I always wake up the same age. Just as well I wasn't planning on opening up this morning. Or afternoon.* Still, she had a smile on her face as she emerged from the sheets, giving a good morning kiss to the still dozing stallions as she made her way to the kitchen, hearing the sound of Jade somehow bright, chipper, and making breakfast. "How do you do it? You don't look that much younger than me, but I couldn't spring back from a night like that since my Sophomore year at university."
  7. Welcome to our little corner of the internet! I'm the friendly neighborhood admin, basically the guy you PM when you want help with onboarding. If you have any questions about how to get started, access to our Discord Server, or guidance through the character application process, feel free to let me know!
  8. Cool, I'll write up the Bellissima OP sometime tomorrow or the day after, and let you know when I've got an idea for Arty.
  9. Welcome, welcome! I'm Prince Blueblood, friendly neighborhood admin. I'm the guy you PM if you have any questions about onboarding. Have fun!
  10. Hmm, does Bellissima currently have a recording contract? Because I have a fellow musician character who has a recording studio: Be interesting to see how two contrasting personalities bounce off each other. Would also like to do something with Street Art, but can't think of anything at the moment.
  11. The impact didn't really hurt Chipper, though his robe would probably be butter-stained from now on. Popcorn, especially extra-buttery popcorn, has a smell all its own, and now it would be one of the many elements of the faintly feral aura that would hang around the young necromancer. Similarly victimized were the Archancellor's academic robe and mortarboard cap. Blueblood himself was sputtering and coughing, a stray kernel having flown into his open mouth and halfway down his windpipe. Slapping his chest with his hoof, he was able to eject the offending morsel, clearing his throat and blinking the butter out of his eyes. "I don't suppose, *hack-ahem*, that you have a good explanation for why you were running in the halls?" "We sure do sir!" Chipper practically saluted the bearer of authority with what was a rather unexpected reply. "My new friend Morning Glow over there let us know it was ruder to show up late than to run in the halls." He waved a hoof over to where the unicorn was casually attempting to sidle past Blueblood, offering a kernel to Caramel as she helped pick him up. "Is that so? Get back here young mare." His tone would not brook disobedience. Once the three offenders were arrayed in front of him, he would give them what would be the first lesson they'd learn in this school, formally. "While it is important to be polite, no one should expect ponies or anyone else to risk hurting themselves or others to uphold a point of etiquette. I don't want to see you tardy, but I'd rather you showed up late to class than have to be sent to the nurse's office. Your welfare takes priority, both for me and your teachers, is that clear? Good, please take your seats." Once the three offenders were let aside into the room, he would greet the last stragglers. "As it happens, we don't get a lot of new students at once, so you all are most of what we have. In any case, it is good to meet you. You don't have anything else scheduled today, so it really isn't much of an issue, I just don't want to take up too much of your day." He smiled at Candy Corn, taking up her papers. "Thank you, I shall give these a read and put them in their proper place soon." One so young as an acting guardian? Ponyville was a peaceful enough- actually, hm. The townsponies were nice, but the location was possibly cursed. "Good luck." Was all he could say, letting the rest of the corn family enter. Spearmint he recognized from his dossier photo, and he gave the colt a somewhat warmer smile. "Ah, you made it, good. Twilight told me to look out for you, Spearmint. You're in good hooves here." And that just left the trio of buckballers. "Hello there, I think you're the last of our new students this term. Please come in." And with that, he would close the door and go up to the podium. It was a long enough walk for the newcomers to acquaint themselves with those students already present.
  12. Feng was pleased to find his off-hoof suggestion taken up so seriously by the Empress, and he found himself nodding along to her reasoning. It would be well for the common Long Sun to have numerous examples of a virtuous life that were not tales from over a century ago, worn thin by the repeated lectures of the village instructor. By the Long school had been an excruciatingly boring experience. And one so rarely got news from elsewhere! That had been one of the more surprising things he'd noticed during his sojurn to Equestria, just how easily news was able to travel. Ponies, too, when it came to that; Equestrian rail lines and airships connected proportionally more of the country's settlements than Long Guo's, though to be fair his own country had a later start, and more villages spread deep into a continent. He chuckled good-naturedly at Yue's ribbing. "No songs, though I have written quite a few Friendship letters. Not to any Princess- well, with one exception, but it wasn't about friendship, exactly." And it was only right after his mouth finished letting out the words that he realized he may have made a mistake. Did any Long Guo papers carry the "Dear Cady" love advice column? He didn't think so, but the Empress would have access to foreign papers...
  13. Aww, why did Big Brother Zappy have to be a grumpy-grump? This was gonna be a good day, and now he was gonna do everything to bring the mood down! Well, that just meant that sweet lil' Amby would have to work twice as hard to keep the mood bright and happy! She sure hoped everypony would appreciate her efforts. "O-Kay Momma!" She bounced like her ringlets up and over the rim, not quite clearing the cart wall and having to wriggle and scramble over. But, she made it in, popping right back up on her hooves to peek over the lip and around her mother's shoulder. "Choo choot!" She called out, in clear imitation of a train.
  14. Sky was sitting back while Windy was talking to the crowd. He wasn't nearly as crowd-shy as he used to be, but Wind Dancer still had more flair and practice in talking with an audience, not to mention a rather more dramatic inspiring story. Sky was just a working-town artist who'd made good, but Windy had crashed lower and soared higher. Besides, more talking would have just meant more time spent not dancing or listening to music, and that wasn't something Sky was going to inflict on the young foals! "I think you've said it all, love!" He called back, just as the last of the young fliers gathered around. "So let's start this up, Ducky!" He winked at Windy, wondering if that little nickname was going to stick. Depended on how well this song went, he supposed. There were only a limited number of sound crystals in this keyboard, a piano, calliope organ, and duck quacks. With the cranking sounds of a carnival colliding into a flock of migrating mallards, Sky launched into a song, relying on a half-remembered tune from his father's record collection to anchor the melody: "Here comes waddling now the Lucky Ducky, Green-tipped feathers and a slicked-down back. He comes talking 'bout a pretty mallard, And just you wait 'till you hear him quack! He got the webbed feet, he got the billed beak, Oh yeah, the bird can fly! Don't make him landbound, just let him swim out, Up from the pond and into the sky! So dance like the drakes and the mallards, And sing about your luck! Cause after all life throws you way, You're still lucky ducks, you're still lucky ducks!" He played out a repeat of the intro bars, until his brain caught up to give a verse for the fillies as well as the colts out there, "Here comes waddling now the lucky ducky, Polished beak and the shiny wings! She comes talking 'bout the drake she met here, He can dance and he even sings! She got the webbed feet, she got billed beak, Oh yeah, the bird can fly! Don't make her landbound, just let her swim out, Up from the pond and into the sky! So dance like the drakes and the mallards, And sing about your luck! Cause after all life throws you way, You're still lucky ducks, you're still lucky ducks!" It was a fun and high-tempoed tune, and Sky was happy to keep repeating the chorus until the dancers tuckered out, which didn't take all that long, considering they just came from their flight examination. Some of the adults, listening into the lyrics, might have detected a bit of biography in them, but who's to say?
  15. Chipper laughed at Morning's sudden bout of teleportation and subsequent bolting off towards the assembly room. "Well, I guess that answers my question!" He could only shake his head when Kettle asked him if he could teleport, but he didn't stop grinning. "Come on! We don't want to break school etiquette, so it's time to run in the hallways!" Despite the somewhat tenuous reasoning behind that, he was pretty certain of getting Kettle to follow him, unless she preferred to stick closer to her slower, orienteering sister. Spearmint, of course, was a given. Even with Morning's head start, Chipper was likely to catch up to her. He's spent his early life in the wilds, rather than indoors with his nose in a book, so his body was pretty well developed physically. He galloped full-out with little exertion present, and soon he was rounding the corner to the hallway right in front of the Assembly room- Where Archancellor Blueblood had just peeked his head out to look for any straggling students. "Hold it just right there!" He called out, in a stentorian voice. Chipper attempted to come to a halt, but momentum made him skid to a stop three feet beyond the door.
  16. (OOC: Drafted by me, Dunnie, and Steel together!) And then, as if in a sudden blink, there he was. Not that Blueblood had been instantly warped to the front of the aisle, dressed to the nines, together with the mares he loved most in all this world. No, it was simply that this was suddenly clear to him as the only salient fact, protruded on but dimly by the presence of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Crusader, meanwhile, stood tall and firm, as if restraining herself with difficulty from spreading her wings and taking Dunnie and Blueblood under them like a brooding hen. Time for that later, when they both were officially hers to have and hold, to love and cherish... "We are gathered here today to celebrate with Star Crusader, Blueblood, and Dunnie Blust as they proclaim their love and commitment to the world. We are gathered to rejoice, with and for them, in the new life they now undertake together.” Blueblood blinked. Twilight was beginning the ceremony proper. He had better regard her as salient, if he didn’t want to miss or flub his vows. Finally! Dunnie thought, it was finally time for the ceremony itself to start. The reason why every creature was gathered there today. The formalities would soon be done with, and their fun could start. “The relationship you enter into today must be grounded in the strength of your love and the power of your faith in each other. To make your relationship succeed it will take unending love. It will take trust, to know in your hearts that you truly want what is best for one another and to learn and grow together. It will take faith to go forward together without knowing what the future holds. Entering into a Herd comes with unique challenges and unique experiences, all of which you have been educated about. If all of you come freely, and understand the responsibility and work involved to make your relationship thrive, and are committed to not only each other but your family, please take each other by the hooves and reply 'we do.' Hoof in hoof in hoof, Blueblood looked his brides in the eyes and said along with them, “We do.” And then it was time for his own vows, which he perked his ears up to catch. "Blueblood, repeat after me: Star Crusader and Dunnie Blust, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.” “Star Crusader and Dunnie Blust, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.” The ring-bearer position had been filled by Wordsworth, as the youngest pony which had any close significance to Blueblood’s life and household. For once in a rare circumstance, the secretary’s face was devoid of humor, but nonetheless happy for all that. Inwardly relieved at the solemnity on display, Blueblood took up the rings as Twilight began the nest part. “Now place the marriage band on Star Crusader's front-right leg and repeat after me... with this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together, with you as the Alpha of this Herd.” Star’s front-right leg had already been held out, ready for Blueblood to seal it with the band of gold. Her amber eyes smiling, she listened to him echo the words: “With this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together, with you as the Alpha of this Herd.” They shared a moment where they locked eyes, just a moment, before Blueblood moved on to the second part of his vows. “Place the second marriage band on Dunnie Blust's back right leg and repeat after me...with this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together." This part was a little more awkward, as it involved him having to break formation a little bit to get at her leg. But she was accommodating, and soon he was able to speak the words: “With this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together." Dunnie blushed hard as she felt his telekinesis put the band onto her leg. Now it was official. She closed her eyes and puffed up her chest as she posed while taking in the promise. "Dunnie Blust, repeat after me: Star Crusader and Blueblood, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.” Dunnie was beaming as her turn came. She knew the drill, from practice and since it was just performed on her. “Star Crusader and Blueblood, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours.” “Now place the marriage band on Star Crusader's front-left leg and repeat after me.... with this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together, with you as the Alpha of this Herd. Place the second marriage band on Blueblood's back-left leg and repeat after me...with this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together." “With this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together, with you as the Alpha of this Herd.” As she recited the vow, she trotted to Star and lifted the large leg. With some finesse, she managed to place the bangle on the foreleg and clasp it shut with a wing. Though Star’s expression was subtle, anyone close enough could see those shining eyes now. They were more expressive than her silent muzzle, and they spoke of love and happiness. She then turned to face the alabaster stallion. “With this adornment, I promise to stand with you as we share this life, and cherish the memories we make together.” She gave Blueblood a glance to return his gaze, which he did, restraining himself with difficulty from kissing her before the ceremony called for. She trotted to his back-left leg after making sure it was the correct leg. In a smoother action than before, she took his leg and clasped the band on the appendage. "Star Crusader, repeat after me: “Blueblood and Dunnie Blust, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. I take joy today in committing my life to yours. “Blueblood and Dunnie Blust, you are my best friends and everlasting companions. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known.” Star paused, swallowing back a slight choke before continuing. “I take joy today in committing my life to yours.” “Give leave for Dunnie Blust and Blueblood to take the wedding bands you have offered and attach them to their free back legs and repeat after me...with these adornments, I promise to stand with you, in front of you, beside you, and always with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together, as the Alpha of this Herd." Dunnie would require a little more help than Blueblood to attach the band. This was slow work for her, since her relatively larger size made manipulating the bands slightly more awkward. Fortunately, she was too happy to be self-conscious. “With these adornments, I promise to stand with you as we share this life and cherish the memories we make together, as alpha of this herd.” "Star Crusader and her Herd, prior to this moment you each walked a separate path. Now, you embark together on a shared path. Yet the journey is not yours alone, as you share it together, with the many becoming one. It is the strength of your love that shall nourish you all together as a Herd. Star Crusader and her Herd, today you have stood before these witnesses and declared your intent to commit your lives to one another in marriage and in the formation of a Herd. You have made promises to each other and your family. Your road to this moment has not always been smooth, but you continued to fight for one another. I hope you will never forget the fight and perseverance it has taken to get to this moment. And I hope you will never forget the love and joy you feel today, because these are the values that will keep your Herd and bond to one another strong. And so, by the power granted by my status as Sovereign of all Equestria and in the Olde Laws that Govern Equestria, I declare this Herd anew and its members the Crusader Herd. Let all creatures here and everywhere recognize and respect this union, now and forever. Star Crusader, you may kiss your brides." *Whoosh* As if they had been kept down on top of tightly coiled springs, Star Crusader’s enormous wings sprang out with sufficient force to push a breeze through the whole Hall, sending the hem of her dress flapping behind her like a windsock. In the very next second, those wings had wrapped around her herdmates, drawing them both in for a simultaneous kiss so intense as to be audible. It was the most obvious display of emotion in public for the mare since… well, ever! Dunnie’s cheeks were flushed red as she was taken into the wings. She leaned in close and her puckered lips met the others’ and they joined in a three-way kiss.
  17. Despite the unexpected, and unexpectedly rude, lecture on etiquette Chipper got from Morning, it didn't diminish his smile in any way. He took it as he might any lesson in friendship, even from the Princess of it herself! "Okay!" Turning around, he clip-clopped out of the dorm, and knocked on the still-open door? "Excuse me, may I please come in?" He paused, waiting for the signal to enter. Upon doing so, he raised his hoof. "May I ask a question too? I need to know if its more rude to run late for orientation, or run late for orientation. Because we're gonna have to do one or the other now, nyaha!"
  18. Kahz's chitinous hoof was cool to the touch, at first, but it quickly received the heat from Yù's own hoof. The changeling twitched, as if it felt somehow different from how he expected it to, but didn't shy away. His compound eyes darted to hears, searching for confirmation of the meaning he could hear implied with her words. Was that- was she really...? Unconciously, his tongue darted out to taste the air. Yup, unless his natural-born abilities had suddenly failed him, there was some genuine feeling there! "Oh! Ha, heheha, Ah!" His face split into a grin, then let out a laugh of surprise and delight. "Yù, I'd be a damn fool to decline an offer like that from a pretty mare like you!" His wings have a little happy buzz, and his carapace even chirped! "Oh, goodness, I'm not very subtle about how I feel, am I? Some infiltrator I make." He chuckled again, a fizzy feeling of happiness quite unlike anything else bubbling up inside him. Not even the warm, nourishing tides of a crowd's love for a musician felt like this! "For what its worth... I feel the same about you, and I would love to make tonight's little excursion a date." The words were probably a little redundant at this point, but important, all the same.
  19. Ugh, the first thing Shiroi was going to do once all these foreigners left the building would be to have a full and frank discussion about the staffing and how to handle it. She wasn't in charge of personnel, and was already beginning to see the downsides to her lack of input into the Equine Resources department. The Shogunate required the best talent that it could get, which wasn't the same thing as the best talent that was available to hire. They may have employed the best healer in Neighpon, but she wasn't giving 100%. It might not even have been 80%, with that attitude. A more committed healer was less of a risk, even if they had to take a hit in terms of maximum skill. *Much as I hate to admit it, she's right. It really isn't efficient, from our perspective, to retain her in this capacity. But how to safely neutralize a potential leak of state secrets, without incurring a suspicious disappearance or losing face?* Politics, bleah. She really wanted to be neck-deep in crystalline circuitry right now, exploit hunting. That said, this meeting was adjourning, at least. "Of course, follow me." The journey out was taken at a somewhat faster pace than the journey in, as all involved felt the need to stretch their legs. "It is to be hoped as well that Hou will soon be neutralized. Incidentally, if a halfway reasonable case can be made for her hideout being in the Nieghponese Naval Sphere, we can certainly expedite Naval deployments on your behalf. It will be faster and less diplomatically awkward than trying to arrange any force transport from Equestria." She was still keeping a screened eye out for Myth, Feather, and Raven. The scene of the three friends together did manage to touch her, just a little bit. It reminded her of some shoujo manga she used to read when she was younger. "I will say sayonara to you as well, though I should very much like to speak with you again, Myth-chan." That level of natural talent... how good was it, really? And how much had it deduced already? Shiroi very much wanted to find out...
  20. Skip's father smiled down at his son, ruffling his mane as his mother rolled her eyes at his straw-slurping. "Thank you. We will be sure to, don't worry. It's the heart that makes a pony extraordinary more than anything else." That reassurance given, the family moved away to let Skipper rejoin his friends, as Morning and Scarlett rejoined their husbands in the stands. Twisting one of the Crystal knobs to adjust the tuning, Sky let one of his feathers brush the keys to let out a "Quack!" pitched to D#. Grinning at Windy, he replied, "Yup, I probably won't be able to make up a very long song for that, but we can repeat the chorus a few times if we need to. And speaking of-" He ducked underneath the setup to produce a simple duckbill mask. "That's all we got, but that should be enough. Can't remember what I was originally planning to use this for. Strings a little old, so it might fly off if you headbang to hard." Sky chuckled. "Besides that... two songs might be enough. A lot of these families probably planned to meet up and celebrate after the test, so I don't want to take up too much of their time, you know?"
  21. Chipper popped his head in right after Spearmint, beaming at the now awake and aware Morning Glow. "Hey, there you are! Bright-eyed and bushy tailed! Better find a brush for that, hang on..." The young colt trotted into the room, presumably to find a brush of some description. Communal grooming was sometimes practiced among the caribou clans (and some pony frontier communities, for that matter), so Chipper evidently showed no embarrassment over giving a dormmate brushies dubiously consented to. His search was interrupted by the realization of the presence of a fellow unicorn. "Oh, are you Candy? My new friend Kettle Corn told me about you, glad you could make it, I'm Chipper!" A statement of fact and also an introduction. On that note, once Kettle thrust the bucket of popcorn in Morning's face, the young necromancer managed to smoothly catch the stray kernel in his magic and chomp it. "Mmm! Oh, speaking of cult induction, we have orientation in the assembly hall in..." His eyes roamed towards the clock next to the door. "Let's see, minute hand is the long one- Five Minutes!"
  22. The very idea that anypony could dislike his avian friends seemed a foreign concept to Chipper. "Aw, really? Who could possibly dislike a pair both clever and handsome?" Huginn agreed with a sharp caw, though Munin's croak was less enthusiastic. The young pony's face grew concerned, as he helped the second crow's neck back into an angle that could pass for survivable for a living bird. "Well... I guess you two need to nap off that feast you got from the kind popcorn filly. But she'll come around to see you soon, don't worry!" That seemed to reassure them, and Chipper soon found himself free to walk out with Copper back to the hallway. "Ooh, what time is it? I think your new student orientation is coming up; I'll tag along, even if I've been here a while already. Oh! And we can pick up Morning and Caramel too!"
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