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  1. Volarte prefered nature to the tent, so instead of using one of the tents Star had provided, she simly brandished a pillow for her head and wrapped herself in her wings for warmth. [colour=#333399]"Eh, I'd rather be able to stick around out here. Besides, this way I will wake up nice and early, be ready for tomorrow. Anypony know what they want for breakfast?" [/colour]She said, yawning as she got comfortable. From there, all it took was several minutes for her to be taken by the sweet grasp of sleep, where nothing would trouble her until next she awoke.
  2. As a few ponies began to trikle into his room, Grey Matter announced to them, "Hello, everypony! I will wait until everypony gets in here to begin the presentation, but if you would, please sign in and let me know as you get in; the sooner we get everypony in, the sooner we get started, the sooner we finish, and finally, the sooner you will all be free to mix and mingle! Sound like a good deal everypony? Also, as an icebreaker, I want each of you to prepare a card with the basic information about you, that is, your name, talent, and why you are here. Sound good?" Grey knew that, sooner or later, they would notice something...off about him, but the longer he could keep them distracted, the better. He already had it built into his presentation anyway, so better he tell them than they notice themselves. So, at this point, he began wandering around the class, trying to appear as though he was keeping a watchful eye on everypony, although he neither had that much of a care for whether they followed the rules exactly (They were just college kids, and good ones at that; he trusted them), nor was he able to pay much mind to their behavior at the moment, his mind finishing up with its own daily routine.
  3. Volarte failed to notice in the heat as her wings began to slowly flitter in a way which was of no use for flight, but at the very least helped to keep herself cool, as well as those nearest her. This worked for a short while, until she saw a scorpion approach Daring Do, which startled her so that she took to the sky at unmatched speeds, the only thing coming close to how quickly she darted upward was how quickly that speed decayed to her natural, slow glide. As she slowly allowed herself to spiral back down, she began to think about why she was even here, knowing that Daring Do had asked for her company, but not understanding why. Volarte was certainly not a fast pegasus, save for the occasional momentary burst, such as that which she had just demonstrated, viewing flying less as a matter of speed and more one of art. Of course, Volarte had not always been so deliberate regarding flight, she was once like all the others, caring aboutn speed. She was never the biggest fan of the Wonderbolts, but loved what she had seen in posters, those split seconds in time where their flight is like a work of art...it was not until she saw them in person she found that flight as art is, for most pegasi, an afterthought, a rare happenstance, but Volarte found the aesthetics of flying more intirigueing han the speed. Even now, Volarte was unsure whether Daring and herself were friends...what she did know is that Daring, using money from former expeditions, helped her to change careers. They first met after an adventure of Daring's which left her wing crippled, where sudden flight would only cause further injury, so after she had it treated, Volarte was assigned to keep Daring in pace, as Volarte would not be enticed by speed as so many others would. And in this occasion, on this expedition, Daring had seen a need for that attention to detail, but Volarte had not, until now, bothered to ask her why. [colour=#0000cd]"Hey Do, if it is so dangerous here, why did you have me come along? You know I'm not good at getting away, if we ever need to..." [/colour]She said, as she finally touched back down to the ground.
  4. Say...who of you has a Skype? We can plan some stuff out there, and meet each other on a more personal level. (I have premium, so we can actually all have video on.) EDIT: Private message it to me if you do, rather thn posting it for the whole world to see.
  5. Then, what are we waiting for? Just gotta catch everypony else up, I presume?
  6. Or perhaps Twily is the narrator? EDIT: Also, should we have the story in the form of a Daring Do novel title? Such as "Daring Do and the Quest for the Great Gold Statue of MacGuffin." Of course not a serious title, but that it the sort of outline of it.
  7. Alright, well I mean the story should start with them waiting for Volarte.
  8. I don't think it matters, but start off with them waiting for Volarte, since she isn't a fast flyer.
  9. Then are we ready to start? I mean, I figure the antagonist need not be incorporated until later, and for now we treat Quillheart as the antagonist role, only to reveal it as a minion of Jane's character later?
  10. But...not getting lost isn't an adventure. It isn't that "wild and crazy" to stick to a plan. An adventure is getting lost, then finding your own unique way back. Adventure is going somewhere nopony has been before. Even Google doesn't have maps for that. EDIT: Also, gladly! Sign me up for Volarte, and if there is any additional info you need, just lemme know, and I will send it your way!
  11. Finally, after much waiting Grey Matter was awakened by the announcement made schoolwide over the intercom. "ORIENTATION WILL BEGIN IN LESS THAN THIRTY MINUTES. ALL NEW STUDENTS ARE TO REPORT TO THE LECTURE HALL OF PROFESSOR GREY MATTER FOR A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO HIS CLASS, A BRIEF HISTORY OF FROTROX, AND WILL BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER THE PRESENTATION, TO MEET THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS. AGAIN, ALL FIRST YEAR STUDENTS ARE TO REPORT TO THE LECTURE HALL OF PROFESSOR GREY MATTER FOR ORIENTATION." A rather rude awakening, he felt. He also did not understand why it must have been yelled through the intercom, but he immediately prepared his room for the flood of students that would soon being to pour in. Although his drowsiness hid it well, he was quite eager to meet his first class of students, and wondered what they would think to see that he was not even a unicorn himself... He would dare not begin the orientation until those thirty minutes had passed, however, knowing that students would want to spend as much time as possible mingling and making their way into his room.
  12. I have four OCs, two of whom I have not RPed as before, but one of those has his own story in progress, so I am quiet flexible so far as characters, whoever you feel would be best for the story I can do. [colour=#d3d3d3]Grey Matter: My original OC, an Earth pony, very intelligent. Of late, he has been a tad bit absentminded, and hopes a little adventure would keep his mind off of things. Using him would take advantage of his genius to be, in part, the exposition, he could explain what the mystical artifact that Daring Do is searching for.[/colour]​ Hotshot: A Unicorn with a body built more for strength than magic, he knows only simple spells, like levitation, but is able to use it to lift much larger objects than most other unicorns even can. A bright red coat, and a slightly brighter mane perfectly symbolize his somewhat volatile personality, topped off with a need to be better than everybody, while he often ends up simply failing at the task, but at least he has the strength to even try.​ [colour=#ffffff]Inkblot: Another Unicorn, Inkblot has studied psychology. He currently takes up residence in Ponyville, but could be tagging along with Daring Do and her team as a study into the workings and machinations of their minds, what sends them on such a quest, and what keeps them going during one of these quests, even when danger is high. He, of course, would act as a sort of foil to the group, as he is not a strong pony, and not there for the rush of adventure, but merely because he feels he must be there to do research.[/colour]​ Volarte: My untested OC, she is a pegasus, and a sort of anti-Rainbow Dash (Which is a pain to say, I try not to compare my OCs to the Mane Six, but it is sort of fitting in this case). She is a great flyer, but not too fast, instead she has chosen to focus on flying as an art, hence her name, which translates from French into "Flight art," and is pronounced (Wolarte). Although Daring Do is also a pegasus, Volarte would likely have a greater advantage over her if there were, for example, some sort of trap that must be dodged, for although she lacks the speed to dart back and forth, she has the form to dodge poison arrows, for example, by simply contorting to dodge several at once (not moving in the way of one to get out of the way of another.)​Again, whatever you feel you need, I can play, or, if you cannot decide, I can do multiple characters, although I feel that would upset the balance in the RP. Now, allow me the time to edit this post to make the text colours more readable inside their boxes. EDIT: The only difficult one was actually Inkblot. And done. colours of text box and text reflect the mane and body colours of the character, where the box is the Mane, and text is the body. This is not the case with Volarte and Hotshot, where the colours are too close, and a median colour was chosen for the text box.
  13. Well before classes, all the students should drop into Grey Matter's room for an orientation session, including the history of the school.
  14. Grey Matter arrived at his desk. A first year professor, he was surprised to be given full accommodations. Then again, he was quite a special asset to them, their fist non-unicorn teacher in...well he couldn't quite remember. He knew he was the only one currently, and that he had researched this before, but due to events passed, he has been made rather forgetful. He set about looking it up again and preparing his first day's lesson plans, just in case he forgot again. He perused his student list shortly, before recalling that it was a required freshman class. He didn't much recognize the names on his list, of course. He never much recalled associating with unicorns, but pegasi seemed to stick in his memory. His only dealings with unicorns were faint memories of...bullies. He could not even remember why he took this job. But even so, orientation was about to begin. He took his desk, and began nodding off, not knowing how long before anypony would arrive in his classroom.
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