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  1. Important update! To all those that participate in my current FFA roleplay, I regret to inform you that school has overtaken most of my weekly schedule, so I won't have as much time on my hooves as I'd like... I express my sincerest apologies to all of you. :(

    1. SongHeart


      can you pst? me and another guy have been waiting on you.


  3. Bluemoon: At any time during your travels, do you ever feel that you're missing the good old fashioned adventurer's sword or something similar? Does there ever come a feeling where something just might be missing? Caralot: I'm surprised you didn't see that small play on words coming. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway, I figured that perhaps if you are associated with the preservation of all non-pony organisms and their lives, that you may also be into philosophy--even just a tiny bit. My question is simple yet it can bear more weight than it appears to: Can good exist without evil? DreamySunday: Would you chase a white rabbit if you ever saw one?
  4. I can generously offer some inquiry for all three! The addressed will be listed in alphabetical order, because ice cream. Bluemoon: Would you say that you have a sort of adventurous fume to you when you travel? Simply put, do you feel inclined to explore every nook-and-cranny of any new place you discover on your own? Caralot: What do you think is the most exciting part about your line of work? Do you care a lot about your patients? DreamySunday: Is that Slender Mane behind you?
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce my third return(I think it's my third, anyway)! I come to you now with quite a bit of time on my hooves, and a new operating system! :D

  6. Such long absences these days...

  7. Stupid computer... Keeps crashing. -.-

  8. Though it is quite an embarrassing thought as to who might be watching him in his little antic; all for this one little experiment that may very well be the moment of truth for his potential patent. His cheeks would turn red, but only slightly. At the same time, a slight laugh emits from the truly strange pony from the thrill of the all-too-short event about to occur. A thrill that will last him all the while as he continues his dash across the rooftop, planning to carefully leap his way up to that one giant cupcake at the top of the building to maximize his granted height for this one small test that will land him either in safety, or within the care of the nurse of Ponyville's local hospital. All the while during the tumbling pegasus's sharp descent. The very abrupt sequence on her part has caused a thud in her landing that startles the young stallion to the point of losing all concentration, as he was nearly complete in his scale of the enormous cupcake shape on the building with his continued momentum to where he found himself not even an inch before his objective height on the curved top of the structure just under the candles, as his hooves slip on the smooth surface of the giant model, and in an instant is lost in balance and is sent tumbling down the front side, and the way he bumped the structure was enough to send him at an angle that would land him just before the stairs of Sugarcube Corner's main entrance. He yells out briefly as his natural fear of injury sweeps him, and the dose of secreted epinephrine can be felt flowing through his system. In remembrance of what he came here to do, this emergency situation is perfect for this one test. In a short reaction before he meets his possible doom, his forelimbs reach for the dangling strings fluttering about as he falls, as everything around him seems to slow down only for this single moment as he acts before even thinking... His hooves reach through the loops of the strings successfully, but as moves his forelimbs in such a way to tug on them, he winds up arranging them in a sort of X across his chest instead of spreading them out to give a proper tug... With this one failure in action, the contents of his backpack fail to deploy with the insufficient tug. As such, the stallion continues his plummet toward the ground that will end in mere seconds with a large thud.
  9. Kurt Hectic never wanted to be a hero. He was content with his life- WAIT! Wrong story! ~~~ The air slows and the sky tints orange-pink with the imminent dusk that would soon sweep the small town of Ponyville. Shops and cafes ease in their business rates as the day grows tired and slower; at the same time introducing a sense of pure serenity that comes from the reminiscence of yet another beautiful day that progressed smoothly like any day in Equestria should be. During the said day, a recent arrival of the province goes about in a more excited manner than normal, as a bit of research in these past few weeks maybe just about to pay off! Unlike most packs seen on ponies that travel with multiple items, i.e. saddlebags, this black stallion bears a pack that is directly on his back. A rather thin pack that spans from the bottom of the back of his neck, to just before his mid-waist. The bag contents remaining unknown to those around him, and a rather strange detail of two strings dangling slightly from it down either side of him. Going about excitedly, he suddenly stops to think for a moment... Just where could he test this new design? Though just the idea of testing his new invention is enough to make him jittery again! All he needs is a high point, but not too high... though the mountainous peaks surrounding Ponyville are very tempting, he decides to use one of the local buildings that are reasonably tall. It'll only be a moment of his time, after all. It's not like he'd be loitering or hurting anyone. Then his target peak strikes his gaze in an instant, as he eyes the reasonably tall and very possibly climbable Sugarcube Corner. It should provide all the grab-holds and height he needs for this one test... Using what he's learned during his travels, he uses his momentum and darts toward a wall of the building whose part of the roof is lowest. His hooves spring him upward and he scales the wall to grab hold of the ledge of the roof. With great effort, and a grunt of power, he brings himself upward toward his objective height...
  10. Incredibly calm...

  11. Haiiiiiiii!!!! Sorry, just had to greet that way... Anyway, I would like to make a solemn request! I'm convinced that you would be prefect for this task, as you're very confident in your abilities! Okay... Is it okay if you could draw my OC, Dark Star, which is featured in my profile picture, performing what I call the "Supernova Technique". This technique is a simple power where he builds up a considerable amount of energy within the core of his being, and then suddenly releasing it in a massive explosion of dark energy whose shockwave is sometimes powerful enough to shatter the peaks of mountains. Do you think you could make a piece of artwork that depicts this in action? Perhaps during the explosion?
  12. Learns everything about friendship... Goes against every single rule. :/

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      (Angry Chief Of Police voice) DARKSTAR! Why must you break ALL THE RULES? If you keep it up, I'm taking away your friendship badge!

    2. DarkStar


      Take it. I don't seem to need it anymore...

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