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  1. WAIT ITS THE LONGEST RUNNING APPLICATION?! ._. Idk if I should feel good or embarrassed XD And thanks ^^ Anyways.. I'll be a bit inactive like I said, I'll be back this summer around June 14th
  2. Yeah you're right. I just felt it'd be okay since in Applejack's childhood she was sent off to her relatives, so I felt it was okay. But I'll change that little bit ^^
  3. Hm.. yeah I guess... Then she might spend time at home a few days and then maybe go over to the center of town to sell her art for a few days with her family friend. Sound good? She'll still be living with her parents too, just live in two places at different times during the week.
  4. You're right... but still, I'd like her to reside in Trottingham
  5. Well yeah.. I guess I can kinda have her grow up a little so she can be with her guardians in Trottingham.
  6. Well the time span wouldn't correspond with what made her a unique sight in the art world with her being so young and talented... She's living with family friends anyway
  7. Ok I'll make edits today, hopefully this one question I have will be answered though I still want Duskus to have moved to trottingham, is it ok if I just make the whole "family friend" thing a bit brighter with the same reasons?
  8. Back, and it sure does feel good!

  9. I'm loving this show, its settled in the same state I live in and admit it, Monroe can't be any more lovable ^^ Anywaaay.. lets talk about the show here, give opinions and talk about what might happen next! -Mistfire
  10. I think this is gonna last. The fandom just BOOMED a few episodes into the first season, and I'm sure that even with a bad G5 line, we'd still be able to enjoy it by say, idk poking fun at it? Then there is all the fangames and fanimations. Look, there is just too much to lose just like that! Just be positive and at least hope it'll last
  11. Yup, so I kinda just leave out the "money loss" bit, correct?
  12. Yes, today I have made some edits actually. Sorry to keep you guys waiting so much .A. The edits follow the advice given to me ^^ I think its good to go
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