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  1. Lelouch in Wing Zero Gundam...now I seen everything....


    PS: Cookies for those who get either of those names/terms.

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      Super Robot Taisen does not count; that has Universal Century Gundam (OG Season 1) combined with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Code Geass and Gundam Wing actually fit fairly well considering the respective tone and themes of both series.

    4. Ciraxis


      Depends how you look at it mate. Even for SRW it's a first. Sure, we could put pilots into mecha from other series (usually stuffing Char into Turn-A or something like that) but only within a franchise. But never before we got inter-franchise crossover like that (Amuro piloting Mazinger doesn't count, because it wasn't personalized like this Wing Zero).


      That aside, I am waiting for Iron-Blooded Orphans to be put into title other then handheld/mobile.

      That reminds me how fans nicknamed SRW Z2 - Super Terrorist Wars.

  2. Does she emulates her idol's habits, I wonder? Also, those cuffs. They really bring the design together. She looks like 'rated E' pony equivalent to Zattana!
  3. "Of course I am on top of things Sombra! Unseen, but always felt for centuries. And now, I am dragging out the skeletons that Celestia has keept in her closet, and bringing them home with me!" Hou bragged. "And how that 'nothing' attitude worked out for you so far? Four times ...." Shuren started but interrupted herself seeing that warlock was about to snarl again "....Fine, have it you way - Two times you have tested yourself against Celestia or her puppets, and two times you had your posterior hoofed to you. Making all you worked for meaningless." sorceress pointed out. She seemed really, really annoyed right now. "Practice your 'detachment' as you like, while the world and those withing it pass you by." Hou added scathingly. "What doesn't change, dies. I am not the same mare that was your guest at Crystal Empire, just as she wasn't the same mare, that left burning monastery behind her. And I thrived! Go ahead, be an unchanging 'monolith', one that gets buried under sands of time. And while at it, say 'Hi' to 'Extinction' from me. I plan to see it never." She raising her hoof and, surprisingly, the bonds that restrained Sombra and Twist receded! "Congratulations, I know when I am beat, you convinced me. This was indeed the waste of time. I am not in a mood for a 'meal' anymore." white mare said dryly before turning towards cackling Twister. "How cute, she thinks she's resisting." sorceress summed up pegasus fit of laughter. "Nothing is Forever? Well, then it pleases me that I will be the first..." Shuren leaned over ground-sprawled pegasus. "When sentient life will forget what Equestria or Long Guo were, I will be there. When Equinekind will leave it's cradle, and spill to the sea of stars, I will still be there. When this universe collapses unto itself and gives birth to a new one. I. Will. Be.There." unciorn said with emphasis, wearing - simply put- a terrifying expression. "Now be silent, or I will rethink skipping dinner." she ordered before focusing at Sombra once more. "I believe I was wrong about earlier as well...." she mused while conjuring some item from thin air. Instantaneous artifice? No, she was accessing pocket dimension of some sort. "You are a king indeed Sombra." Hou said before thwarting said item at his hooves. Bracelet? No, a crown. And not just any crown, it was..... "A King of Stubborness!" she announced, before her words were drowned croaking from thousand throats. As Hou took a step back, an a flock of jade-eyed ravens flew between herself, and Sombra with Tongue. When the birds were gone, so was Shuren, leaving Tongue Twister struggling with what was happening to her, and the warlock - staring at his former possession. Moment's later, a pillar of Rainbow light shooting into the skies could be seen, rising from the fields around Ponyville....The Darkness receded...for now.
  4. "Stop it? No. Hijack it? Yes." Hou explained, while at the same time plucking crystal shards from her flesh. "Not all of your strength is at your disposal right now, your memory might be a bit fuzzy, and you bit directionless, but I know you an pragmatical opportunist. This way of thinking is worth respecting." sorceress admitted. "At least in those moments when your pride doesn't get better of you. If you're so dismissive about everything, why were bothering going there in the first place? Not curiosity, I could see that o 'Seeker of Knowledge'." white mare said with an eye-roll "....It almost....as if you had some...obligation. Did you swore an allegiance to somepony? No, that's not how you would think about it. Mutually beneficial partnership is how you view it. A favor for a favor...and you loathe being indebted to anypony. Is that it?" Shuren guessed, before turning to a writhing mare for a moment. "You know, it would be a lot less unpleasant if you just give in. Then again, it's no fun if that would be the case. It makes you think about things does it? Like all the times you turned the other cheek....when instead you should break his or her legs." Hou said, putting a suggestive imaginary in Twist head. "...it's so much more...interesting on the other side little mare. Especially in the world so unbalanced, so long under tyranny of the light. What point of living safe and sorted out life...if instead you can aim at the impossible and become a legend?" sorceress said. She learned long ago that those who resisted the darkness, wouldn't be appealed by pointing out how much more easy things could become. For those like them, it was much better to highlight the challenge. Hou smiled - almost invitingly - before focusing on Sombra once more. It seems that he was having another temper tantrum. "You know, if didn't know you better, I would say that your stubbornness borders on idiocy. So instead I will ask you a question. Have you been living under rock Sombra?" unicorn mare said with emphasis. "There been witnesses. It was on the HEADLINES: 'Former Tyrant Trying to Abduct Heir to the Crystal Throne.' or 'Warlock Defeated once More, in Canterlot!'. When whole world says one thing, but you insist on your version, that doesn't sound like you're paragon of hidden truths. It sound like you living in denial." she pointed out. At the same time, she had that distinctive feeling of being watched. Not sensing anything, just having a hunch...an you don't live for over millennia without realizing when to trust you instinct.... "And before you bring out that you 'Me don't remember such thing!'...well.... it isn't really and argument, isn't it? After all you all but admitted having memory problems. Besides, it not like things like that couldn't be induced. This reminds me of that one stallion, who conquered the nation, and then strengthened his iron rule by erasing history of how things been before his regime, from the minds of his subjects.....Oh right! THAT'S YOU!" Shuren said as coyly as she could. "Wouldn't surprise me if somepony with a grudge tried to pull some karmic retribution here." she 'theorized'. Of course she knew what was really going on, but throwing it straight to his face wouldn't be amusing at all. "If you not afraid of an answer you might not like, and not want to ask anypony involved, why don't visit site of your last 'defeat' Yourself? Those bonds will hold you for around fifteen more minutes. Plenty of time between my minions wrapping things up, and with Celestia and CO. coming back from their road trip." she explained before pulling out and uncorking enchanted vial from before. As if on command, her hydrargyrum started to pull itself inside. "Just don't blame me, if you end up having some 'phantom pains'." she added.
  5. Crude. Simple. Effective. Hou's enchanted hydrargyrum managed to intercept first crystalline projectile - forming into liquid tentacles that caught it, slowing it to a halt. But Sombra's aim stroke true, and sorceress was forced to drop her channeling - dispensing large amounts of pure aether into the air - free for either unicorn to collect and empower their magic. Shuren meanwhile - in a split second - assumed a fighting stance, took a single forward, stomping step and shattered the crystal with one punch. Shrapnel and obsidian dust filled the air for a moment - but when they cleared out, the white mare wasn't so white anymore. Countless trails of crimson stained her coat, and her arrogant smirk was exchanged for a frown, as she picked up small shards from her body. "............" no quips, no mocking. Just cold, piercing stare. Worst of all, despite looking like she fought legion of angry cats, Hou seemed to be underrated. And then, warlock could feel it. Not from Hou, but it was her magic. Not the Heartland fields around Ponyville, at where final clash was soon to commerce. Further north...Canterlot. Apparently Shuren could feel that pull too, because it - and the aside glance - was all that was needed for her smirk to return with vengeance. "You could feel it, don't you? Well perhaps, Discord, Luna Celestia or Tirek could too with some effort....if they wouldn't be so....distracted. Unfocused." she explained, extending her hoof and lightning her horn once more. The blood on her coat started to move, crawling towards her limb without leaving a stain. It - like her enchanted mercury - formed a steadily growing ball. "It takes a somepony like you and me - one's attuned to their core to dark magic to feel such phenomenon at all times, and despite any distractions. Which means, right now, in all of Equestria, you're the only living thing beside me that can do so. BLOOD SUN!" sorceress suddenly cried out before hurling the sanguine sphere up and forward, where it 'exploded' , bathing the area in crimson..... When their sight returned, former tyrant found himself in the grip of of 'tentacles' of pure red light. One's that extended from the artificial 'sun' Hou has created. Blood magic. Worse yet, those bindings seemed to prevent him from assuming his shadowy form! Meanwhile the silvery blob formed into staircase, that unicorn mare descended to speak eye to eye with her restrained colleague. "While it's nothing ponysonal, your very presence was a spanner in my plan. I will admit, I had to adjust it on the fly. After all, I was convinced that Princess Sparkle and her friends had You erased during confrontation at Canterlot Castle's Throne Room. Of course You will deny that such thing had place, but in this case amount of witnesses may have say otherwise." Shuren pointed out - again, with a cruel satisfaction. Sombra's thought's had to be a mess right now! "Regardless.....I wasn't scheduled to be present here right now. But when I saw you appear, and going straight to the place where you can interfere the most.... Well...I had to occupy you. Because - even in your sorry shape - I am the only one that could. I knew that once You sense my sorcery in Canterlot, You would hurry up to check it out. So I had to make your schedule full. With myself.....and my talk about how much I didn't want you in Heartland." she explained. "But now? I won. There is nothing you can do to stop my true plan. Either of you." Hou said. As if on command, another light-tackle shoot out of Blood Sun. Up. Into the clouds, wrapping itself around Tongue Twister. Pegasus ponies may have great reflexes, but how can one dodge light? The winged mare too was bound into conversation. If either of them was paying attention, the could see the Sun beating. Like a heart. It seems three appendages - one wrapped around Twister, and two trapping former tyrant - was it's limit. "Clever little mare...but not clever enough. You thought you can remain unnoticed, but you can't hide a soul. I don't know how long you been there, but the moment you became agitated, your presence was revealed." Long Guo mare explained, while stroking Tongue cheek in a creepy manner. "That head of yours is packed to the brim with mixed thoughts. I wonder. will this make them more organized....or opposite?" Sorceress asked, while suddenly sizing pegasus head with both front hooves. Twister could feel Hou's magic - her dark corrupting magic - seeping into her mind, body and spirit, poisoning it. One could recall what she did to the plants around her without noticing. And then it stopped. Her magic was less intense when she was flexing' against Sombra earlier, and it couldn't be more then a second....but a cruel, horrible second regardless! "I think it would be enough for now. After all, the fist time can be.....pretty rough for the unexpirinced. Ufufufu!" Shuren allowed herself a small giggle. "Perhaps if we meet again, I will do some more work on You. But! Let's go back to the lecture at present...." she mused before addressing Sombra once more, or rather both of them. "I didn't lie when told that whatever happens in Ponyvile benefits me. It is however, only a secondary objective at best. If - by some means - neither predicted scenario happens? Oh well." Hou shrugged. "The true jackpot, was the Canterlot Castle. Or rather, the Castle's Forbidden Library, and Celestia's hidden vault where she keeps quite....interesting collection of items. Unattended. And both opened by scrolls infused with my dark sorcery. Scrolls that I handed to my servants...." Hou leaned towards Sombra "....Another resource you desperately lack. But of course they wouldn't be good enough to stop you. Which is why I had to make you busy. Perhaps if you have turned tail, and rushed straight to Canterlot, you would have had a chance at averting my efforts. But oh, that would mean running from the fight wouldn't it? No, you too proud for that.....and I was counting on this.... You lost the moment you chose to take this fight, Sombra!" white mare said in triumphant tone.
  6. Oh, oh! I definitely adding my character for this.... She fulfills Action Girl/Big Guy role. Desperately needs friends to get herself from her brooding state. On the road of becoming vitriolic best-buds with Hinode above. Also regarding field trip target....I vote Roam. It's waaaay under-utilized for a place that's basically combination of Rome and Venice. If willing to go overseas, Pharaoh Vale in Saddle Arabia or Unyasi (overall) also seem like a good choices.
  7. Hello there mates! I seek to extent my roleplaying horizons, and to do that I am seeking to develop three of my characters I am most eager to play right now: Swift Squall(Duh!), Homura Esaka and of course Hou Shuren. To do that U wish to establish new relationships. Without further ado.... Swift Squall: Apprentice - While he doesn't believe he surpassed his teacher yet in the way of the sword, Swift finally feels confident enough to find student of his own. Preferably non-adult and pony or quilin. House-staff - Swift has perpetual problem of not having enough hired staff for his enormous estate. As such he is desperate to hire even....very quirky characters. Personal assistant - Swift is a very busy pony, and his last secratary retired due to getting married. He seeks someone no-nonsense, who also wouldn't be a yes-pony. Species doesn't matter. Old Acquaintance - Squall used to be sellsword, and thus came to know many mercenaries/ bounty hunters. Perhaps one of the has taken contract on him, or seeks to recruit 'Emerald Flash' for one more job? Old Foe - Noblepony kicked the butts of numerous bandits, criminals and pirates back in the day! It seems logical that more then one would bear a grudge! Homura Esaka: New Friends - This one is no brainer. As a new transfer student Esaka lack any kind of buddies at her new school. Perhaps if she had any, she could come out of that brooding shell she build around herself? Grandfather - Living legend of Neighponese martial arts, you definitely don't want to get on the lawn of this gramps! Homura absolutely adores him, and wishes to learn more from him. Previously their contact was limited due to her control-freak of the father, but perhaps now they can make up for the lost time? Mentor/Favorite Teacher - The one teacher in School of Friendship that can show Esaka, that while punching jerks may work, it doesn't have to be only answer. New Rival - When you marital artist, that want someone near who will motivate you to surpass yourself. But will it be a friendly or ugly kind or rivalry? Hou Shuren: No. 1 Henchmen - Sorceress may have countless servants around the globe, but there is the one who is more loyal and competent above all others. More then just the henchmen she or he is Hou's trusted confidant and the closest thing she has to a friend. Inigo Montoya Expy - Shuren hurt a lot of creatures through the centuries. A LOT of creatures. One of them survived sorceress monstrous deeds, and this avenger will not rest until he/she have her revenge. The Other of Seven - Hou is member of Seven Shadows - a council of powerful dark magic users dedicated to advance their craft, and ensure is survives in the world. Those enigmatic figures are one of the few that she treats as her equals. With the forces of darkness in the defensive, only by sticking together they can push against the tyranny of light. Not all seats are taken at he moment, which gives the chance for young warlock/witch a chance to join his exclusive club. While those is ideas that I came up with for now, I am more then willing to try other things! So feel free to surprise me with some of your own! Wherever here or thorough PM, I am always listening.
  8. LQB 2 : The Quickening! Continuing numbering from the last time.... 40) Submarines! Invented yet or not? 41) Equestria's Air Force. Who's the top dog? Wonderbolts? 42) Time travel. how restricted it is? 43) Are we allowed to discover/rediscover more dimensional mirrors besides one in Castle of Friendship? 44) Equestria Games seem restricted to...well...Equestria (and Saddle Arabia somehow. Perhaps it's like Australia's participation in Eurovision?). Can it be possible to organize similar even but worldwide. You know, FiM version of Olympics. 45) Where on u map Abyssinia supposed to be? The part we saw seemed pretty desert-like. South of Saddle Arabia? 46) How big environmental changes we are allowed to make? Can group of determinated players to create something akin to - I dunno - Aral Sea in the middle of Painted Pinto for example? 47) Can we expect a bio of Dragon King Faba? 48) Can it be possible for Equestria to acquire any overseas territories beyond Long Kong?
  9. "I guess....it would look good on your resume. Although, I guess it's already impressive enough event without such feat." Squall mused, when Applejack expressed interest in taking on an impossible task of teaching cooking to a spirit. Noblepony was pretty sure that Bubble wasn't a poltergeist kind of ghost....but then again, who knows? It's not like he consulted and kind of exorcist or spirit medium... "Perhaps it will change with Sparkle getting in charge..." unicorn mused while looking outside, when the farm-mare mentioned lack of competence of the current weather team. The heavy raining outside encouraged reflection, and Miss Applejack already proved herself a good listener. "...I think the lack of quality control is because Weather Maintenance is seen as dead-end job by most of the populace. Because every pegasi - better or worse, but still - can do it, it viewed as nothing special, a janitor level job. Thus, it is undertaken by those ponies who's special talent isn't one to bring coin, or one's who can't capitalize on theirs. - instead of those that could genuinely be good at it." Squall theorized "If I recall Miss Rainbow too was stuck on it, because despite being incredibly talented flier, she lacked proper work ethic and discipline to really reach out for her dream career - at least until the positive influence of your group made her change for the better, isn't it?" he asked his host. "I bet diamonds against coconuts that Twilight will thoroughly restructure the whole system in the next five years. Starting with raising overall pay. The way it is now, is way too low, especially for a work that can be high risk at times. They should receive the same amount of respect as firefighter or police force do." Squall expressed, showing a surprising levels of empathy before turning to Applejack. "While both taming and maintaining the land may be arduous, I have a feeling you wouldn't have it any other way. No challenge equals no satisfaction....and Me, You and your Marefriend are not so different regard." Squallcoast observed, while detaching his sheathed blade for a moment. "Even if challenges we seek are dissimiliar, the rewards are only sweet when there is an effort put into reaching out for them - regardless of the paths we chose." Miss Applejack already have shown professionalism by being willing to travel to Filly all on her own. However.... "It does, but don't bother with the train. I will borrow the fields around School of Friendship, just as I did last winter with Sparkle and pick you up with...Well I want to say 'airship' but I guess it doesn't qualify as one." Swift explained.
  10. NOT your typical noblepony. He's got resume comparable to Conan the Barbarian. Heck, I think his is the longest app on the site.
  11. Hmmmm I guess I have to 'work' for this for Squall to 'earn' this knowledge. Noted.
  12. Well Squall's sanity is dobious sometimes. He tends to be CRAZY paranoid. We can assume it is still in Castle. After all, it would be a jerk move on Twilight's part to force Shimmer to make a train trip every time she goes to teach the class. Does she brings her Magic Journal with her? If so, one has only to wait till she leave it in her office at School of Friendship. A bit of a stretch, but possible. And again....
  13. Well yeah. But Squall (because OF COURSE it's Squall) have a habit of knowing more then he should. Especially now that he has a whole ninja clan working for him (hi @PyroBlaze). He keeps a tab on Twilight and her associates, so it's natural that he would be curious about this 'Part-Time Teacher' Sparkle seems very close with. One that vanishes from the face of the planet regularly.
  14. I figured that this is a good place to leave notice. Certain Stalker (without a crush) will drop by and visit Shimmer...but only after she's done some bonding with Liviel - seeing that she's The Dreaded for any and all Fenghuang Monks. On the other hand certain Count may have great interest in that other world that Sunset lives in...and their advancements.
  15. "Hmmmm, I wonder if you know how often I heard that question across the centuries....." Hou mused while conjuring more skull-projectiles in place of high pressure quicksilver launches. "...You looked so absolutely, utterly BORED when you walked through the woods....." sorceress kept going, each world emphasized by another spellbolt. "I felt the same way." white mare added, while flashing a rare, non-malicious smirk. Second later Sombra was gifted with another flash....this time, one of magical lightning that scorched the ground around him. At the same time, protective domes she conjured earlier shimmered briefly and finally disappeared. Sorceress pouted, cleraly displeased, but it wasn't that much of a loss. After all they did their job. As if compensate for the loss, the mare fired off another lightning strike. Shuren didn't stayed stationary either. While she herself didn't moved an inch from her seat, the enchanted blob of mercury that formed it did - moving with surprising speed - strafing left to right and back, allowing it's owner an opportunity to rain harm from various angles. "...And second, let's be real here Sombra. You promised you won't go there - but if our situations would be reversed, you wouldn't believe me for a moment." sorceress pointed out. At the same times she begun channeling something that looked like much more powerful spell. The pieces of crystal that he was sculpting where somewhat worrying, but could he work on then while avoiding what's coming next? "....But perhaps you should focus on other things? Like avoiding that thing behind you for example ..." she said, and as if on command the other blob of mercury appeared behind the warlock. The loud squelch it made the was only warning conforming that it wasn't yet another bluff on Shuren's part. While former tyrant concentrated at the sorceress, the storm of mercury blades that Hou rained earlier returned to their liquid form, reconvened and formed into the second, smaller sphere - one that now ambushed him. It didn't move as fast as it's 'big brother' , but it's surface at the other hoof was gyrating at simply blinding speeds, crushing and ripping apart everything that was in it's path! And the path in question was homing straight at Sombra!
  16. Yeah I know. So, kind of an obvious question, is this still on? It's not like Celestia has anything else to do after retiring. Right? RIGHT?! Just to clarify - I am not interested in sending anypony to space myself. However Squall would be very interested in helping establish official Space Agency.
  17. For all his lack of versatility, Sombra sure was precise with his arcane powers when he wanted to be. The ray of dark magic that flew past and between her own projectiles was a proof of that. "First time for everything....DARK MIRROR!" sorceress replied to warlock before crying out, conjuring jet black reflective surface between herself and upcoming attack. Warlock spell hit it head on, but the barrier was sloped and thus it ricocheted straight into the sky. The Dark Mirror shattered, but it was all Hou wanted from the spell - buying time for more formidable defensive measures to be complete. With few final, dynamic gestures of her leg, sorceress finished the second spell. While there were number of capable mages that knew how to amplify their magic with words or gesture, there were few who could wave multiply spells at the same time using voice for one, and will and movement for other. Shuren was one of them. Three protective domes appeared around the white mare, each adorned with magical circles and and arcane writings in Long Guo language. While they couldn't last longer then three minutes tops, as a trade off, each was as durable as the fortress wall. It was enough for her to both think and proceed with her next action... 'He won't close distance. Sombra knows that he would be crushed in close quarters. Unless it would be an attempt to block my magic. With a mobility and incorporeality his shadow form gives him, landing any strike would be difficult.' she though. Moment later a wicked smirk spread on her face. '....But he won't be able to dodge anymore if he becomes exhausted. I just need to out-endure him.' With plan ready, Hou addressed the former tyrant once more. "I would like to make a bet with you Sombra. I bet that will make you bleed in next seven minutes." she said while bringing out a vial so far hidden somwhere in her mane. The content of said vial glinted metalically. Was that.....? "Did you forgot that I am alchemist as well? My bag of tricks is boundless." sorceress said before uncorking the glass container and pouring it's content onto the ground. The vial itself had to be enchanted, because the amount of liquid spilled from it shattered any suspension of disbelief. Soon it formed into large sphere behind Shuren, large enough to swallow even Cerberus whole. "One of my greatest creations, Hydrargyrum Praestantis." Hou explained with pride, before leaning back. Enchanted mercury immediately formed an intricate throne for her to sit on, which she did in most sassy way possible. "As soft or hard as it needs to be. It's waves my shield, it's drops swords, spears and arrows. And breaking it? You ay very well break a lake or sea. Good luck." Hou said before raising her hoof, and numerous pointy shapes formed on the upper part of the sphere. Moment later, a literal storm of blades was launched at great speeds on Sombra and surrounding area... From her elevated position, Twister could see how this assault literally shredded sizable part of the woods behind the warlock.
  18. Well, it seems that Cadence didn't like his song. Which in Squall book meant - 'Mission Accomplished'. You would think that as a mare that was around his age AND the one who ruled place whose main shtick was being 'Blast from The Past' would make her more appreciative for classics.... Regardless noblepony paid her back for cold rejection of his help, by irritating her - so the score was now settled. Childish? Perhaps. But as Discord thought him - you have to satisfy you inner child once in the while. Squall however was not ready to leave the stage when the first song concluded, but when Candace asked for attention, he kept silence just like everypony else. He just stood there with amused smile. While Princess behavior annoyed him earlier, Swift agreed with her on this one - sometimes the 'Hoof of Love' has to be nudged. It was only when Rainbow was halfway through her little speech that he started to play again. Squall knew that he had to give it all this time. After all those two deserved it! And he was sure that even Mi Amore would approve his choice of song..... "♪I could stay awake just to hear you breathin' Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever.....♪" Squall immediately knew that those two wouldn't miss a thing. Just like his love, he too grinned like an idiot, while thinking - 'Tartarus, it's about time!' - when Applejack with resounding YES. He too felt inspired by the scene, every word sung clearly and strongly, and every note hit just right. Squall made an understanding exchange of looks with Fire. They didn't had to speak to agree that they absolutely, positively MUST attend the wedding ceremony of those two mares. "♪ Don't wanna close my eyes I don't wanna fall asleep And I don't wanna miss a thing! ♪" Squall stopped and reached for a tissue to wipe the sweat from his temple, just as the final note of the instruments died off. "Well...Cheers to you two!" Squall said off mic, while making toast to the newly engaged with the juice that he (somehow) smuggled onto the stage. Playing all those instruments when singing at the same time was quite taxing! But unicorn felt that he had at least one more love song in him....if others wouldn't veto it that is....
  19. Whelp...I guess I should move on to the next song in the Ball, huh?

  20. "And here's the biggest difference between us between us Sombra. When I met them first, back when the were gathering the Elements...." Hou rose further into the air, assuming a lotus position. "...I managed to HOLD. MY. GROUND." sorceress said with emphasis as she fell from the skies, slamming her front hooves into the ground. The impact unleashed the wave of eldritch green and purple fire at the warlock - but he managed to shield with erupting wall of black crystals just before it hit him. "...So you don't have to imagine anything Sombra. Since then I clashed with Celestia across the centuries. Time, and time, and time again!" Shuren proudly announced. After all one should judge the mare by the reputation of her enemies. "I never allowed myself to be backed into a corner. Not by Princesses, not by Kastrotians, not by a Serpent King! I always have backup plan." she stated boastfully. But Hou didn't stop there, sending a dozen of projectiles to pin down the warlock - in a form of jade, screaming and shaped like a flaming pony skulls magical bolts. "Come on, even fractured, I know there is more of a fight in you." Shuren almost seemed to encourage the former tyrant. "Say, are you a betting kind of pony Sombra?" she asked while waving her hoof in the air, casing yet another spell.
  21. Hou's was less then happy, hearing Sombra's...implication. "Obsess....? What?!" sorceress eyes widened in confusion, before she squinted them in displeasure. Hard. "You flatter yourself, o Sombra, King of Nothing." white mare said with emphasis. "You...or rather, what occurred to You was what interested me. As any sorceress worth her salt I was very interested in preventing the same from happening to me." she explained. "Which - shall I remind you - is something You didn't do. Even after getting a warning from Me." Shuren reminded he warlock, with no small amount of self-satisfaction. Sorceress eye-rolled when Sombra started to rise that crystals of his some things never change. "Ooooh look at those towering black spires. Still compensating I see." she made another verbal jab, just before Sombra made a ridiculous notion about being a danger to her. Really? "I already explained this to you. The way things are right now, I stand to gain regardless of the outcome. You being there throws that equation out of the whack." she clarified. Did he had problems with short term memory too? "And again, you overestimate yourself Sombra. You about as dangerous for my health as a shot of strawberry schnaps." Hou said in deadpan tone. It seems the cooking metaphors and comparisons gave way to those of other kind. "But I must admit, you remain charming despite your delusions of grandeur. You just need a biiiiiit of attitude adjustment...." sorceress mused before cracking her neck and self-levitating into the air. Oh boy. "Don't worry. I am sure you will get better after a month or two. Just in time for us to meet in a Wingapore bar. Or perhaps I should drink You here and now? Half full glass is still better then empty one.....Or should I liken you to the keg instead?" she wondered before flashing a predatory grin. So focused she was on warlock that she was oblivious to the mare above.
  22. We ain't having a lot of Glim players ain't we? Hmmmm....

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      No Hou, you can't eat Glim's soul for dinner. :|

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