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  1. Let's hope he will finish the series, unlike late Frank Herbert.


    On the other hoof, awesome! Funny thing is - Swift used to garb himself similarly all the time - which this picture reminded me off. These days when going into action he prefers....cutting-edge protection wear.

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  2. She looks older then in her prior pictures. Which makes sense I guess? She's much more experienced mare after all.


    To be honest, it will take me a long time to think about her with that mane color, but at the same time, I approve how much more like her mother she now looks.


    Overall, high quality, as always.

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  3. .....Good Lord, how much shampoo is she using?!!


    For the supposedly cunning fox, Yanhua can be such a dork at times...especially with interactions with Feng.

    I am also surprised she's not outside of Long Guo more - you would think that being pinned in some emote forest for so long would awake major wanderlust in her. But I suppose it's part of yokai limitations.....

    .....Now I kind of want to make one.

  4. Hmmm I actually torn with this one. Her first version was cool because she was unassuming. Unassuming because would you not expect normal colored pony to transform into beast that can then bite your face off. Also her expression was also....as if she was dealing with something beneath her. Which was fitting because Yakuza. And Yakuza are not nice. At all.


    On the other hand I also really really like the new colors. They make her appear more curv...errr more feminine. It also makes her somewhat...mystical. As with the most yokai characters you draw (Except Yama twins. They traded that in exchange for being impossibly adobs.)


    And honestly, I wasn't expected her smiling. I guess it's fair. You can't cut others  finge....errr ears everyday, and neither you can frown all the time!


    PS:  Also, what's with that eyepatch? What's underneath it?

    Optic Blast?  Mystic Eye of Death Perception? Sharingan?!

  5. Twilight could levitate a whole FILLED water tower cistern (which would be 25 tons, minimum), and a freaking Ursa Minor (Seemed bigger then any mammoth. Add 12+ additional tons) at once  - and for considerable distance too. With much effort, mind you, but it was still quite a feat....one done back in her in her unicorn days.


    Of course Trixie never had nearly as much juice as Sparkle, but she herself also greatly improved since that encounter - especially after some tutoring from Starlight.

    Also, if I remember correctly, Word of God once said that Trixie too, is a graduate from School for Gifted unicorns just like Twilight and Sunset.


    So yeah, taking all of that into consideration, I believe the current Trixie could manage the feat.



    Also. OH MY GOSH! THIS is adorablemvbnwerkfbqjkwqeherjk!

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