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  1. Out Of Character: Update Post:

    The RP is closed to any new people. Only those who have posts currently on the RP may join. I will allow new people to enter, should they speak with me first. This is only due to me wanting to avoid confusion!

    There will now be a post order! Cainiam shall post first, then TwinkiePie, then Bronynumber299, and finally me (lets start from the top, so Caniam should make the next post).

    I apologize for being late on my posts, Canterlot was not working for me.

  2. Quicksilver looked around the park. The sun shone brightly and a light breeze flowed through the air. There was nothing special in the park, just a few trees and two park benches. Quicksilver opted out of sitting on the benches and rested himself under the shade of a tree. He pushed his headphones over his ears and turned on his music. "Peaceful..."

  3. First off, I'm not a troll! I like to run, swim, and drill. Just wondering, any other ROTC bronies out there? Favorite things... favorite food is beans and rice. Favorite sport is drill. Favorite hobby is drawing, especially ponies. I like videogames and listening to music.

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