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  1. She jumped when he screamed, but recovered quickly plastering on her signature grin "No problem! and yes, these are the ingredients. The cotton candy itself is just sugar but it wouldn't taste any good like that! I make the flavoring out of fresh ingredients so the cotton candy is yummy." Her smile widened "And the candy is a little bit healthier that way."
  2. Cotton candy blushed. "Thanks for the offer to pay but I did invite you didn't I?" She smiled "Everything I give you at my home is Gratis." She nodded That's not true Cotty... Well... this "customer" is special remember? She thought to her conscience. "Help yourself, I was planning on making more soon anyway." She turned to the counter and began unpacking her satchel. Sugar, food coloring, blueberries, strawberries, jars. I suppose I am prepared to make cotton candy.
  3. "Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Oh no I can't afford to feed and care for a cat. I spend almost all my money on candy books and ingredients. Cats do compliment almost everywhere. It is pretty cozy." She fumbled over her words trying desperately to keep up with Balances words. She was thankful when he finally slowed down. She thought his talking had ceased after he asked about cotton candy but then he started asking more and more questions about it. He certainly enjoys talking She thought good-naturedly. "well I just bought the ingredients while I was in town so we will have to make it. In the meantime would you like a brownie? I made them yesterday." She asked him noting that her own rumbling stomach.
  4. ((I have a topic for her house. We should probably move there))
  5. Cotton Candy hadn't really listened to Balance's whole spiel on his cutie mark because she had been busy mulling over the earlier conversation that he had had... With himself. She trotted along as he babbled and when she started to smell the ocean she began paying attention again. "Erm... no that's not my place. Too fancy for a poor pony like me." She replied to Balance in a little bit of a saddened tone but perked back up hoping he, like the tear, hadn't noticed. She continued down the beach street they were on and stopped in front of a little red beachside cottage. "well, here it is!" She pointed with her horn and tried to be as enthusiastic as she could. "Let me just unlock the door." She said plunging her horn into the keyhole. The door swung upon easily and she stepped inside.
  6. This is where cotton candy lives and makes her candy.
  7. "We have to go through town towards the beach." Cotton Candy replied shakily. She was hoping Balance hadn't noticed the tear. She levitated the satchel and began to walk. Nice pony. She wished she lived closer and in a nicer house because she suddenly really wanted to impress Balance. It was like an itch she couldn't scratch.
  8. Cotton Candy smiled and thanked Quillsilver. She gestured for Balance to follow her out of the shop. "My cottage is on the edge of Hoofington so we do have a ways to go. I won't be offended if you change your mind." she told him trying her best to make casual conversation. Nopony has ever just come with me to eat my cotton candy... maybe he is someone special. She shivered at a bitter gust of wind only she could feel. *Flashback* "Cotton Candy! WHAT IS THIS!?" Said the prim mother. "My cutie mark mommy! Don't you like it?" The little filly's eyes stared into the mom's angry ones hoping she would be happy. "It's a monstrosity!" "What do you mean mama?" The little filly's lower lip quivered as she realized what her mother was saying. "Candy? Who in all of Canterlot would want something as low as candy?" She scolded, bringing the filly close to tears." *Flashback Ends* Cottoncandy shed a small tear but wiped it away quickly, shaking the memory away.
  9. Cotton Candy looked up at the new pony. She smiled at him wondering who he was. "Well I don't have a shop... yet that is. I do have a stand though and I make all the candy at home. My name is Cotton Candy by the way." she said offering out a hoof for a shake. She closed the book and picked up her satchel "I best be on my way. If you want you can come back to my cottage to have some candy I made this morning." she offered and she paid for the book.
  10. Cottoncandy pored over several heavy books. "The Art of Candy Making" She smiled at the title thinking about that fateful day when she got her cutie mark. *Flashback* Ding! Ding The door bell rang as Cotton Candy nudged the worn wood door open. "Lollie I'm here!" She called down the hallway that led to the quaint, cluttered kitchen. The baby blue apron was surrounded by the sparkly crimson glow of Cotty's unicorn magic. She hummed the tune to a song as she tied the apron on with horn. *Flashback ends* Cotton Candy reeled as her mind snapped back to the present. When had she talked to Lollie been? She was the reason she had even moved to Hoofington. *Flashback* "Go. Make a life for yourself." "But where do I go?" "somewhere new. Someplace you haven't been." "I can't leave you and the shoppe! How will I be able to survive? I have no money, and I know no one outside of Canterlot and Ponyville" "Exactly." *Flashback ends* Cotton Candy looked down at the small leather satchel that Lollie had given her that same day. At the time it had money in it and a recipe book. Now it held ingredients for the cotton candy she was planning on making when she got home.
  11. I was thinking that we need a thread for ideas. Well more than one really, but specifically I wanted to make one for anypony who had an idea for RP threads. For example: Hi everyone! I noticed that there wasn't a topic that was just being on the streets of Hoofington so I am taking the duty upon myself to make one. Before I do however I wanted to know what other people thought of the Idea. Hence, me posting it here. Why? Well we need streets to move from place to place and people have conversations while walking and do other things of that nature. ----------------------------------------End-------------------------------------------------- When you are making a description of the kind of place you want to create as a thread you should include a generic picture (seen below) of what it will look like and also describe it more than the above description. If you like an idea and want it to be made into a thread you should like the post.
  12. Really? I do appreciate the info it certainly helps
  13. I would realllllllly appreciate it if someone would check this app out....
  14. Hey everyone I just wanted to say that if you're interested you can use the idea of Lolly palooza.
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