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  1. Hi everyone, I pretty much disappeared for two days, sorry about that. The long and the short of it is, I'm home again, so I'm on a real computer! Woo! Announcements: 1. If your partner disappears, please post here so I can get you a new one. 2. I'm going to be gone (again) for two weeks starting on July 21st, and I'll have no internet because I'll be in the wilderness. The mathematically inclined among you will notice that it's the last day of the current game. Ah, serendipity. If you would like to run the next game, please PM me and I'll show you how I do it. If no one wants to, it'll be postponed until I get back. 3. Please apply for game 2! We only have 3 people on the waiting list!
  2. I realized it might be causing some confusion because I used the word "round" for games, which consist of a number of shorter rounds all with the same players. I'm going to change it in the original post.
  3. Everyone who was in the last round, is in the current round, but with new partners. You're stuck with me until you've talked to every mare who didn't drop out!
  4. Hi everpony, you might be interested to know that this thread was featured on the podcast "The Canterlot Voice": It starts at about 17:00, if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. Go have a listen!
  5. Bon Bon nodded at the three ponies, smiling a little. "Lovely to meet you all," she said. "So you flew Marshie ov-- wait, what?" She turned to Marshie, flabbergasted. "Ohmigosh, Bon, it was incredible! I got to go swooping way up in the sky, and they held onto me, and it was gorgeous, and so fast! You should try it, Bon, it's great!" While she was talking, a mint green unicorn walked out of the back room grinning. "That sounds so awesome, Marshie! Wow! You carried her?" she asked Cloud, appraising his strength. "I have to admit, I'm surprised you even needed to, her head's in the clouds already!" Lyra chortled at her own joke. "Yeah, they already heard that one, Lyra," Marshie said dryly. "Okay, how about... she eats so many marshmallows I'm surprised she didn't just float away!" Lyra laughed again, and Marshie couldn't help giggling. "Oh you. These are my new friends Belmont, Sour Lemonade, and Cloud. They're all from out of town." "Cool!" Lyra exclaimed, waving at them. "Say, you should take them on a tour of Ponyville or something!" ((OOC: I'm sorry these posts are so long. I guess it's because I have three characters now, haha. Does anyone want Lyra, by any chance?))
  6. "Yep!" Marshie chirped, trotting towards the cafe with a spring in her step. "Here's where I got the magic moon pies that disappeared so quickly! Shall we head in?" The snow white mare pushed the door to the cafe open and the four of them were hit with a wave of warm, sugary air. There were only a few ponies inside, but there were enough beautiful treats on colorful displays to feed the entire Royal Guard for a week. "Back already, Marshie?" said a voice almost as sugary as the goodies filling the cafe. It came from a warm cream earth pony with a curly blue-and-pink mane that matched most of the shop's decor. She was standing behind the counter bagging a small amount of candy for a customer, and grinning at the four ponies who had just walked in. "And you brought some friends, too! You keep my business afloat, no doubt about it." She finished helping the customer, who walked out the door they'd just come in, jangling the shop bell. "Now," she said, turning to them, "what are your names, all of you?"
  7. There was a slightly awkward pause after the mare answered him. Flare wasn't really expecting to have to interrogate his date, but maybe that was how things went at these places. "I've never played an instrument, wasn't dedicated enough," he offered, hoping to avoid an endless stream of questions. "We have them, you know, seaponies I mean. Although they can't get the same beautiful tones through water as they can through air. We are rather partial to singing; it's a huge part of our culture. There's this thing the really good performers do where they use the acoustic contrast of above water vs. below water to make these great dynamics. Land ponies are really missing out on that one." His voice trailed off as he realized he was monopolizing the conversation. "So, do you, uh," he paused, "like to do anything else?"
  8. Flare couldn't help smiling at the unicorn's bow. Old-fashioned, maybe, but charming, though he couldn't reciprocate due to his rolling aquarium. He looked around for a topic of conversation and decided cutie marks were always safest. "Violin, huh?" he said, nodding at the instrument on her flank. "Have you been playing long?" He immediately did a mental facepalm. Of course she had. It was her cutie mark. "Never mind, don't answer that, dumb question," he said with a short laugh. "Are you a professional, though?"
  9. ((OOC: Sorry guys, I'm just waiting for Cloud before I move us into the cafe.))
  10. ((OOC: You know what Hammers, why don't you have your pony show up by mistake and he can chat with Kisses. She's not doing anything and I hate to see people left out!))
  11. Flare splashed a little bit in his wheelbarrow as he turned to his partner, smiled, and waved a front hoof. She was a white and blue unicorn, easily one of the prettiest females in the room, and apparently musical too, judging by the violin on her flank. So totally out of his league. But he'd already decided before he came tonight to have fun and run with whatever he got, whether a gorgeous supermodel, or... well, a giant spider. "Sorry you had to get stuck with one of the weirdos on your first round," he said with a wry smile. "And I don't just mean the seapony thing. I'm Flare. What's your name?"
  12. Kiss trotted over to the new arrival, smiling broadly. "Welcome, welcome! Refreshments on the back table!" She then turned and trotted to the table where the rest of the ponies were socializing. "Alright!" Kiss said over the chatting ponies, taking her place at the head of the table and settling her flank down on the cushion. She clopped her hooves together twice. "Alright everypony," she said again once they were all quiet. "I see you're all getting to know each other already, and that's wonderful. But now that all of us are here we can get started with the real business of the night - the dates! Each round will begin with me giving out a discussion question to help your conversations, but don't feel you have to use it." As she talked, Chocolate Drop came silently out of hiding and leapt onto her back, then nuzzled himself into her long red mane. "Each round will end when I ring this bell, then the mares will move one seat to the right and we'll begin again with new partners. Everybody understand? Okay, here's the first question: 'What's one thing you're good at besides your special talent?' And the first round starts... now!" Chocolate Drop purred against her neck as the conversations began. Quick Kisses' grin looked like it could split her face in half. Her dream was finally coming true. [OOC] This round will last until July 9th at noon PST. The pairs are as follows: Heidiara Nobeli and Draco Moonlite Frost and Brightfire Stagefright and Lore Weaver Nien and String Heart Mojo Mystic and Stony Shores Sweet Melody and Flare I suggest you take a look at your partner's app in the OOC thread. Have fun! [/OOC]
  13. ((OOC: Alright guys, MarchingHammers has dropped out, so now we're waiting for NemesisPon3 who was next on the waiting list. I've messaged him so he should post soon. Thanks for waiting!))
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