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  1. Anyone here looking forward to it? What is your favourite jeager? or kaiju even? feel free to discuss!
  2. Also worth mentioning I obtained a Diamond Botkiller rocket launcher during mann vs machine although it took a while due to been teamed up with rather bad team mates D:
  3. Pyro! I always play pyro kinda. So far ive got 20 hours clocked in. My strange flamethrower ( Snuggly ) has over 1000 kills. My strange flare gun ( Firefly ) has around 70 kills and my strange neon annihilator ( Name pending ) has around 15 kills
  4. Also worth noting the canterlot front page was up for a few seconds in the first part haha. How nice.
  5. Okay so This is the right place to post this. So this documentary surfaced over EQD yesterday. Has anyone else seen this? What do you guys think? If you haven't seen it then I put a link below for you guys to check out.
  6. Delete this I Put it in the wrong darn section.
  7. Okay. No more distractions, No more letting my account gather dust. I am back in canterlot and I will do my best to keep a good thing going using this account. It's good to be back!
  8. Transformers: Prime is pretty much my second option on shows to watch. I am looking forward to the new Beast hunters series starting soon
  9. Bumping this thread because I have returned to canterlot and would love some questions
  10. Most favorite pony ever: Octavia Favorite pegasus: Cloudchaser Favorite unicorn: colgate
  11. I t would be nice to see this get started. It's like the original team is passing the torch on to the next generation haha Good luck and I hope this new CV becomes a reality!
  12. Landed another unfrigginbelievable on halo 4 a couple of days ago along with a perfection in the mantis a few days before that. Vehicle combat must be my strong point in the halo games
  13. Guys I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to cancel this requests thread for now. Basically some personal things have come up whcih I'd rather not explain. I'll make it up to those who didn't get their request when I have everything sorted. again sorry about this...
  14. I do a first come first serve kind of thing. Starstorm made a request before you did. again sorry but keep an eye out on this thread when I reopen them.
  15. Sorry Quicklime All the slots are filled. Hopefully you can land a slot in the next set of requests
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