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  1. Doing a free pixel art raffle over on my DA page! :3 http://fav.me/d581dwa
  2. LaydeeKaze


    ;3;; Thankyou. ahah. Her eyes don't seem to work on here D: ohwell.
  3. West Yorkshire, Bradistanian here >:3
  4. I'm capable of using a basic uploader, thanks. They uploaded with the other one fine though.
  5. Thanks SonicRainboomGirl :3 and yeah Tales D: Dunno why.
  6. Gonna make one, since it seems that stuff doesn't wanna go into my album anymore :I Just drew this for MrMeep :3 He gives lovely backrubs and I wanted to like, visually represent it? xD I'll be posting moar as I draw, etc :3
  7. LaydeeKaze


    Easy Paint Tool SAI :3 ... and years of practice xD
  8. With Twisted's Permission, I'd like, make a crisp version for you if you like? :3 Well... if Twisted is okay with me using hers as the reference image :3 Edit: >.> Did it anyway, just wanting to try help out ;3;
  9. When I think of that song I think of Regular Show ironically xD
  10. :< Always mess up everything.

  11. That's a LOT closer to what I've been called IRL xD
  12. I'ma check you out now :3 Aha, it's kinda hard to describe. I get a lot of 'Kayz' but it's more 'Car-zeh'... erm... like Kaze = wind in Japanese
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