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  1. That's a few seconds too many! How tough am I? HOW TOUGH AM I? I did my math homework. So? With a flamethrower instead of a pencil.
  2. If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?
  3. Not on Request fourm becasue it's not really a request. Just a good song that I thought would make a great PMV. If someone makes one they will be my hero. Anyways here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIkpqdjU-qo
  4. One seccond, let me try to say it in the space below. aubergine. edit: Gosh dangit!
  5. (Like this.) An explosion, louder than it was deadly, shook the individuals. A clear source was automatically pinpointed on any scanners on the map, thanks to the scanner's technology. A small trail of smoke could be seen going into the air, but it went away quickly. Tank was concussed from the blast, being knocked over onto his side. He pulled out his scanner to see the direction the blast came from, and started heading that direciton. He made a mental note to be more surefooted in the future.
  6. Just wanted to share an idea I had yesterday which turned into a story. I wrote this in about an hour and a half, so don't expect a masterpiece. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/61884/Lyra-and-Bonbon-Take-a-Trip
  7. I got the picture as my cover now! It's great! My OC looks a little like a mare but other than that it's awesome!
  8. (Everfree Forest) (OOC: Ferm can jump in later if wants. ONWARD!) Tank landed with a clang on the ground. He was a little dizzy, since his large mass usually disrupted his space itme travel. But he stood within a few seconds, allowing a steady flow of blood to his body. Grunting, he looked through the slits hin his helmet. Livewire was in fron of him, and he couldn't see anyone else with his limited view. Tank wasn't one to argue. The headpiece built into his head clearly relayed the message through his jaw. He knew Livewire didn't have one, and for a good reason, so he knew he would have to tell him. "Everyone, were splitting up. I'm going to the farthest point in that Discharge marked with his equipment. If you forgot your scanner, your not getting mine. And Livewire, stay away from Discharge. You know your charges are opposite." With that he looked at his scanner and began galloping towards the farthest point.
  9. And i say YES!!! I AM JOYOUS AT THE NEWS!
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