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  1. Hey, thanks for allowing me to reapp with a new character, Eclipse. Everything in order? Name: Cherry “Zep” Zephyr Sex: Female Age: 27 Species: Pegasus Appearance: Thin, but also short. A very small pony with wings that are a little too large for her unusually small stature. Her fur is a deep crimson, while her mane and tail are overly long and scraggly, as well as being black. Physique: Very small and lean, but large winged Origin/Residence: Wherever the winds take her. Occupation: Drifter Motivation: Adventure S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength- 2 Perception- 7 Endurance- 6 Charisma- 3 Intelligence- 4 Agility- 8 (+1) Luck- 5 Skills: Explosives- 70 Energy Weapons- 30 Repair- 20 Science- 30 Unarmed- 60 Barter- 30 Guns- 70 Lockpick- 30 Medicine- 70 Survival- 100 Sneak- 80 Speech- 30 Melee Weapons- 60 Perks (Induvidual): Of the Essence – Constant +20% Speed Modifier. Fast Shot - +20% Fire rate, -20% Accuracy. Like the Wind – When health falls below 20%, + 100% speed modifier. Rapid Reload- Reloads are 25% faster. On a Wing and a Prayer – Ups evasiveness when health falls below 20%. Frequent Flyer – Can fly for longer than the average pegasi. Small Frame - + 1 Agility. Takes +25% limb damage. Perks(Group): Eye in the Sky - +1 Perception for teammates while Zep’s in the air. Inventory: -Scrappy Leather Armour -2 10mm Submachine guns -Variety of foods, both pre-war and fresh -Vat cleaned water -Homemade medication Likes: The open air, excitement, adventure, when things are easy. Dislikes: Hard going, stubbornness, boredom. Character Summary: Zep never stays anywhere or with anypony for long. She sticks to the skies, flying from place to place to hitch onto an adventure, usually in progress, before flitting off elsewhere. The world is her oyster for her to take what she wants and jet back off again afterwards. She lives a life without consequences, or at least she tries to. If things resort to violence, her skill with her SMGs is next to none, and, when combined with her flybys, can tear through the opposition. Personality: Thinks fast, moves fast, acts fast. If a problem can’t be solved fast, she gets bored and tries something else. History: Cherry Zephyr was once a foal, a very long time ago. Her parents tried to run a farm, and working the land was a hard job. Cherry didn’t like a hard life. She didn’t like working every day for results that took months to be fruitful. By the age of eight she ran away from home, and was extremely lucky to run into somepony that didn’t want to kill her, a gambler who liked to live fast and loose. He was the first to call her Zep, and she liked it. The life was perfect for her, but not so much for her caretaker, who took a bullet to the head when Zep was twelve. Zep escaped with her life by doing what she did best, flying. Every day since then she’s flown from place to place, from life to life. She adapts quickly, but hates the burden of responsibility, and if things ever start to seem too real she’s liable to bail. What she does like though is experience and adventure, as no matter where she goes, experience is something that always stays and no pony can take from her.
  2. Okay then! Let's see if we can bring some life back into these old bones. Time to flip the switch and stand back! Roleplay Type: Crossover - Fallout Equestria Name: Ajax Sex: Male Age: Late 30s Species: Earth Pony Eye Colour: Greyish pale blue Coat Colour: A chocolate brown Mane/Tail/Markings Colour & Style: Dark brown and once well styled and short, but recent lack of attention has seen them growing longer and looking rougher. Physique: A little thin, unassuming. Cutie Mark: A Jack of Hearts and An Ace of Spades side by side. Origin/Residence: Dias Occupation: Freedom Fighter/Freelance Mercenary Motivation: Lady Luck SPECIAL: Strength - 6 Perception - 8 Endurance - 3 Charisma - 3 Intelligence - 4 Agility - 6 Luck - 10 Skills: Explosives - 30 Energy Weapons - 30 Repair - 40 Science - 30 Unarmed - 70 Barter - 30 Guns - 100 Lockpick - 80 Medicine - 40 Survival - 20 Sneak - 80 Speech - 50 Melee Weapons - 100 Perks (Individual): Gunslinger: +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. with one-handed weapons Lucky Streak: A critcal hit that connects gives +15% critical chance for the next hit. All in: When Ajax's health falls below 10% all hits become criticals. Finesse: +5% Critical Chance. Hey Batter Batter: Can punt grenades and other thrown explosives with his bat as well as baseballs. Better Criticals: +50% damage with critical hits Ninja: +15%( 15 Luck skill) critical chance with melee and unarmed weapons, +25% damage with sneak attack criticals. Perks (Party): Luck be a Lady: Female characters around Ajax receive +1 Luck while in his presence. Inventory: Tattered Tailor-Made Suit Jinx - Gold inlaid mother of pearl grip .44 Revolver Some shots of turbo Swing King - Ash baseball bat with metal reinforcements Pipbuck .44 Magnum Rounds, both HP and AP Baseballs Baseball Card Collection - a collection of pre-war baseball cards that Ajax collects. Special Memorial Bit - a bit printed with the face of Celestia on one side, and Luna on the other to celebrate her return. Likes: Fine things, Pre-war items, Baseball. Dislikes: Unpurified water, Soft ponies, Predestination. Character Summary: Ajax was born in the luxury of the Lucky 38 Casino to the right hoof of the enigmatic Mr. House, and one of his underlings. His mother died delivering him, despite the best medical attention money could buy. His father never seemed to care about this fact, or about Ajax, devoting all of his time to Mr. House, but House took this as an opportunity to raise the pony himself, and instil a strong sense of loyalty within him. Ever since he was old enough to carry out orders he has served Mr. House. Carrying out small jobs until his father's death when Ajax was sixteen. He barely knew the pony really, but his gun was passed down along with the position. For years he served House faithfully, fully believing that he would be the one to rebuild Dise to its former glory, and then start work on the world. Growing up in a casino littered with pre-war memorabilia gave Ajax an appreciation for the fine items, and a love of gambling. Even as a foal he was lucky, winning countless games at the 38, but never betting anything. He found his keepsake, a golden bit, jammed in a slot machine, and ever since he has used it to make the hard decisions for himself. Even now that he's all grown up he will defer to the coin, and Lady Luck who he believes is always straight with him, and would never guide him wrong. In a world of questionable ethics, it makes things much simpler. His last job was to take care of a mare named Split and recover a stolen chip. After a battle in Lucky 38's Penthouse suite Ajax bested her and stopped her from disrupting House's mainframe connection. When she took him to the supposed location of the chip, she sprung a trap and captured him. Rather than kill him however she laid out her cause in plain, revealing the damage behind House's actions and how his message was a lie. Having nopony else to believe in, Ajax flipped a coin. Lady Luck didn't disappoint Ajax now fights with Split to defeat the tyranny of House, but after their botched attempt they needed time for things to die down, and caps for equipment, so the two have found themselves doing Merc work. Personality: Ajax is experienced, but cocky. He cultivated his abilities under House and proved a powerful enforcer. Skilled at dealing with opponents a single critical blow, Ajax had a reputation to be feared back in Dise, one that he occasionally forgets means nothing out in the wastes. His upbringing has left him susceptible in the wastes, where food and water can be hard to come by. If any decision is too hard or clouded by ethics then he'll resort to flipping his coin to make the decision. Ajax is a follower, having taken orders from House for so long, and now he sees Split as his master. After Split spared his life and Lady Luck dealt her hand, Ajax is now ready to follow Split's word. Not to mention that Ajax has a thing for tough mares hardened by the Wasteland, although unless the coin flip works out, then he won't act on them. Ajax has a small problem with seeing other ponies as disposable, a side effect of his previous career, but he is trying to work around that.
  3. Coax smiled back at Kelp, but his smile waned a little as he spoke, before coming back in full force at the end.[colour=#ff8c00] "Well, never the matter. I'm sure we can find it before the blood moon. I am quite familiar with grottos. You'd be surprised how often rare things are found in caves and the like. I have a rough area courtesy of a fellow explorer, but it's still quite a lot to cover. I'd appreciate a second pair of eyes,"[/colour] Coax responded with a smile as he rolled up the map again and put it away. When Kelp referred to him as an upstanding stallion, Coax let out a small chuckle and took a mock bow with a wide smile. He then went to pick up the lantern again when he had a thought. [colour=#ff8c00]"I could work faster if you wouldn't mind carrying the lantern?" he asked as he gestured to the lantern. It's a little hard to hold the lantern, slash with the machete, and bring fire to bear. If you're worried about drying out I can give you my spare canteen," [/colour]he added as he levitated out another canteen and held it out. [colour=#ff8c00]"This shouldn't take too long, and we've got plenty of barrels of fresh water back on the frigate, so don't worry about me." [/colour]Coax took back out his machete with a grin and turned back to the jungle. [colour=#ff8c00]"Onwards?"[/colour]
  4. Hmm, okay, thanks, Lovinity. I'm on-board. This sounds like it'd be real fun. I'm looking forward to the first episode.
  5. Coax was glad he hadn't offended his new companion with his blunder. He actually found himself appreciating the company. His father's servants were so dull, but daddy insisted he take them with him wherever he went. They weren't happy about being left at the boat, but Coax had gained a little dirt on them, and was actually enjoying his temporary bargained freedom. This wasn't his most exciting adventure, but it was his first without them looking over his shoulder the entire time. He was glad that Kelp wasn't against him taking back a blossom with him. After all it meant that things could stay friendly between them. Coax smiled back. [colour=#ff8c00]"Of course, I need but one for my collection. Don't worry I know collectors such as I can normally be callous, but I try to make sure my hobbies don't hurt others."[/colour] He turned and picked up the lantern with his magic and placed it between the two of them. [colour=#ff8c00]"Do you know exactly where the Scarlet Bloodblossom is to be found? I have a map of the island, but only a guess as to the location,"[/colour] he said as he took his map from his bag, opened it up, and placed it onto the ground between them. [colour=#ff8c00]"If you'd like we could search together. My machete and fire magic can make short work of some of these stubborn plants, of course I can control my magic to a tee, no worries about accidental fires, and I'm sure the jungle can recover from any damage in a matter of days."[/colour]
  6. I have to say, Lovinity, this is sounding like it might be an awesome idea. I do have a few questions as to how this would work though: Number one: You say you want to make this episodic. So does that mean that there will only be one "real" event per episode, and every character has to react to that event? Having every player effectively "on-screen" at the same time will be exceptionally difficult, so they'd have to occupy themselves while in the background too, right? I'm just wondering how lenient you're going to be on side plots. Number two: As this is effectively a series, will there be persistent character growth? Or even overarching background plots? Both would be difficult to manage, especially if you're trying to encourage newcomers. However, as a series it'd be hard to ignore previous events. Number three: Any rp that's time-locked can have problems with posting disparity. Several short posters could have a conversation in ten small posts in an hour, while some of the slower and more wordy posters might react once a day with a few paragraphs. I know you can't exactly take this into consideration, but may I suggest a fairly rigid posting schedule? It would prompt people to take more time with individual posts. Number four: Will this still revolve around the Mane Six? Or be set in Ponyville? Because if so then the Mane Six are going to be the plot focal points. Perhaps having people taking it in turn to be main characters might work, but then you'd need a persistent roster. Number five: A definite beginning, middle, and end is needed for a good episode, but one key element to a rp plotline is flexibility. If you set a definite beginning, middle, and end, then you might run into a few problems with keeping everything that happens between limited, especially on a limited post basis. I mean what if a plotpoint overruns? You can't really cut it short. Sorry to grill you like that, but I'm genuinely interested as to how you see this playing out. It could be amazing. Also I like "[colour=#282828]MLP: Friendships Untold". It has a ring to it.[/colour]
  7. Coax's suspicions were put on hold when he noticed the stallions odd behaviour and words.[colour=#ff8c00] "Tough getting inland?" [/colour]he asked confusedly, watching the stallion shake his mane and suddenly noticing how wet it was, ad putting two and two together. [colour=#ff8c00]"Okeanos. Okeanos. That sounds really familiar..."[/colour] he replied, trying to find where his brain had tucked away that information. Suddenly his eyes went wide as he recalled, just as Kelp took a step forward. [colour=#ff8c00]"You're a Hippocamp?!"[/colour] he shouted unsure of how to react. Sure he knew about such creatures, but in all of his adventures he'd never actually encountered one. They were extremely rare on dry land, and with good reason seeing as how he'd heard they dehydrate really fast. Coax didn't quite know what to say. He managed to wrestle together some self-control and composure. [colour=#ff8c00]"Apologies. You took me off guard. Here I thought I was waxing with an earth pony,"[/colour] Coax said, still a little stunned, but recovering. [colour=#ff8c00]"A hippocamp horticulturist. That's not something you see everyday. I suppose for you running into a unicorn out here is a novelty,"[/colour] he added with a nervous laugh. When matters came back to the plant he grew serious again and nodded curtly. [colour=#ff8c00]"The Scarlet Bloodblossom. I seek the flower when it blooms tonight. I trust that won't be a problem?"[/colour] (If you want me to change the plant name same so. Struggling to come up with one, and it still sounds pretty lame.)
  8. Coax felt most of his suspicions vanish with a hoof-shake. This stranger seemed genuinely friendly. Far be it from him to initiate anything rough. [colour=#ff8c00]"Too true that," [/colour]he said with a scoff at Kelp's comment on his hobby. The amount of times he'd been almost stabbed or fallen to his death were staggering. Still, fire was something that had most ponies back off. Not too many could set another pony alight with a bit of concentration.[colour=#ff8c00] "Really? I was born in Canterlot, although the family manor house is in Trottingham. Left Baltimare harbour about a month ago with the Alicorn. She's the rather big frigate you may have noticed on your way in, however she is on the other side of the island, so maybe not."[/colour] He let Kelp take the canteen out of his hooves and continued, looking deep in thought for a moment and not registering what Kelp did with the water. [colour=#ff8c00]"I didn't think there were any real settlements out here, with the mainland so far off and all,"[/colour] he said almost as if to himself. He took back the canteen, took another swig for himself and put it back in his bag. [colour=#ff8c00]"Should never go exploring unprepared. I even have a spare canteen just in case I fall down a hole or something. Enough nibbles to last around a week with rationing too."[/colour] Coax turned to go pick up the lantern when Kelp mentioned horticultural research. The stallion spun around suddenly very interested. [colour=#ff8c00]"H-horticultural research?"[/colour] he said, unable to stop the slight stammer. There was only one thing that would bring a plant enthusiast here. The blooming flower. He decided to press the issue, confident that if push came to shove he could hold his own. He wanted that flower.[colour=#ff8c00] "What a coincidence, I myself am here to procure a certain unique plant,"[/colour] he said rather slowly and deliberately, his eyes watching Kelp. If he wanted the plant too, then things would get difficult. He had been informed that even on the island said planet was scarce, and the explorer had only recalled seeing one.
  9. Coax finally spotted the newcomer and jumped back a little. How had he gotten so close without him noticing? And was he sitting down? Perhaps he was mocking him? Or maybe it was a friendly gesture? Coax looked to the pony who introduced himself as Kelp Culler. He didn't seem very threatening, and he couldn't see anypony else moving around out there. He was used to being threatened and attacked, those that sought out unique treasures normally ran into a bit of resistance, but here on these islands for a flower? Coax took another look at the non threatening pony and shook his head. Maybe he was just being paranoid. The orange unicorn placed the machete back into a loop on the back of his bag.[colour=#ff8c00] "Sorry, my hobby doesn't come without his dangers,"[/colour] he responded with a weak smile as he stepped forward, leaving the lantern in place on the ground, and holding out a hoof to shake. [colour=#ff8c00]"My name is Coax. Coax Ostentate the third. I must confess I was less than truthful about my friends being here,"[/colour] he said with a nervous rub of the back of his neck with his other hoof. [colour=#ff8c00]"Although two of them do await not far from here with a row boat,"[/colour] he added quickly just in case. Coax was a noblestallion, and as a noble he was a big fan of manners. He took out his canteen of water and offered it to Kelp Culler. [colour=#ffa500]"Here, would you like a drink?" [/colour]he shook the canteen once, and then added a little bit suspiciously,[colour=#ff8c00] "I notice you didn't answer why you were here."[/colour]
  10. Coax hacked away at the obstinate undergrowth, occasionally having to utilise his basic fire magic to burn away a particularly hardy branch. The going was not as easy as he had predicted, perhaps he should have taken some servants with him. It was too late now, he had to keep going or he might miss the blooming. The orange unicorn was not going to miss the blooming after investing so many bits and weeks of his time in travel, he was cutting it very close, but he had only heard of this flower by chance, and he wouldn't fund a trip unless there was something on the other end. As he cut through another extra thick vine, he stumbled into a slight clearing. All that magical swinging was tiring him out, and he took off his bag and dropped it to the ground, burying the blade of his machete into the dirt next to it. With a sigh, he plunked down onto his bag and used it as a seat, before taking out his canteen and taking another gulp of fresh water. He couldn't rest long, but this was a lot of effort, and Coax had burned himself out before. Suddenly he heard a shout and froze. Somepony else was on the island. The shout was quite distant, Coax hopped up and hid behind a tree, pulling out his machete again and holding it aloft. Another shout rang out from behind his hiding place and Coax realised he had made the stupid mistake of not putting out his lantern. Now this newcomer definitely knew there was someone here. With a sigh, he adjusted his helmet and grabbed back up his bag, replacing the canteen as he did so. Coax didn't know how to respond, who was this newcomer? Were there more of him? What did they want?[colour=#ff8c00] "Don't come any closer! My friends and I seek no quarrel with you![/colour]" Coax bluffed to make him sound like less of a target than a lone noblestallion. [colour=#ff8c00]"Who are you? And what is it you want?"[/colour] Coax shouted again, his eyes searching the thick undergrowth for movement, his magic still holding his machete above his head threateningly.
  11. Coax was an avid collector of rare items. Be they the elusive seven winged Trillock or the bones of ancient dragons. If something was rare, then he would seek it out. His father's fortune had left him ample money to acquire these items, and he had been on many, many trips to far flung places, but never the Gallopocous. He had a map of the island, and the word of a previous explorer as to where it could be, but he didn't have a definite location. He stopped at a particularly memorable grove, lifting out the map to the light of his lantern and finding it on his map. With the stars as his guide, and a known heading he furled it back up and retuned it to his bag. He then drew out a canteen of water and took a small sip. It was a cool night, but he knew the importance of staying hydrated. The light of his lantern drew bugs, and Coax smacked one with a hoof, only to see it replaced by many more. He sighed, took another sip, and returned the canteen to his bag. He didn't want to miss the blooming, so he returned to his heading. A thick jungle beckoned up ahead, and Coax cricked his neck, before levitating a sharp looking machete out of his bag. As he moved he cut anything overhanging out of his way, the thick foliage would not stop him.
  12. (Not sure if this is still running, couldn't see an OOC thread, and it has been five days.) Coax Ostentate III arrived on his row boat paddled by two earth pony servants. He had chartered the HMS Alicorn to take him from the port of Baltimare to the distant Gallopocous for one reason and one reason alone. A legendary flower would bloom today, and he would add it to his collection. The orange unicorn had a map and a few fire spells at his command. Nothing would stop him from taking the flower for himself. Coax checked his backpack, and pith helmet just as the boat came to shore on the black sand beach. As soon as the boat was clear of the water he hopped out onto the sand, and turned to his servants.[colour=#ff8c00] "Stay with the boat, if I'm not back by sunrise, then come find me.[/colour]" He didn't trust anypony but himself to handle such a delicate flower. The bumbling idiots would probably trample it. Coax levitated out a lantern and held it up with his magic, before looking up at the night sky and quickly working out where the north star was, before heading off into the island.
  13. Blackboard heard a loud metallic clang from the other side of the door, and backed away from it. A noise like that must have been caused by something, The question was whether it was a pony that caused that, and if the pony was friendly. There was another door at the other end of his room, but there was no guarantee there was anything outside there. There was no telling what was outside either room. He felt his head slowly clearing and with it his ability to think returning. He couldn't leave the room without some kind of weapon. The dim red light made it hard to make out anything. He returned to the desk, only just noticing it had some drawers. Excited by his discovery he pulled on the first one only to find it jammed. A closer inspection revealed it needed a key to open. The other drawer slid easily as he pulled it however. Inside was more yellowed paper, along with a very familiar and very worn satchel. He couldn't explicitly remember owning a satchel like it, but it called out to him with a sense of familiarity. He pulled it out and opened the clasp, which was now a rusted mess. Inside was folders of papers, indelible pens marking them with time periods, inside the papers were mostly legible. He scanned through the first page of a dissertation on Pre-Celestial Equestria, before putting the papers back in the folder, and then returning them to his satchel. In the other pouches of his bag, he found pouch riddles with holes with a number of small golden coins inside. There was also a set of pencils, rulers, and pens with long dried ink inside. Still nothing he could use as a weapon. He sighed, his first audible sound, and placed the satchel over his shoulder. He took another look at the door. His eyes now adjusted to the darkness noticed an outline by the door, and trotted over to it, a worn piece of metal piping. That would do. He picked it up with his mouth, and gave it a test swing. Nice and fluid. Satisfied that he had something to defend himself he went for the door, when he heard another sound from the other side, and he took a step back, steeling himself in case what came through wasn't friendly.
  14. As this rp has seven players, and will be splitting into two groups, Spaced and I have decided to open up an eighth spot for one lucky applicant. Due to the circumstances of this rp, the applicant must have a Skype Account, and a Google Account, or willing to get them both. The applicant must also be able to post quite frequently, and their app must be up to scratch. Please use the updated format in the first post for your apps. Due to our current roster, we are disallowing rogues, and recommending warriors, although a well thought out mage may be accepted. If you fancy playing an Elf, then their equivalent is a Zebra, likewise if you were interested in Dwarves, they have been replaced with Diamond Dogs.
  15. I'm still here. Seems Valence hasn't been online since the 14th. No chance of continuing without her, so we should wait until she's dealt with whatever problems are plaguing her.
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