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  1. For Equestrian this one with done in watercolor and white ink =3
  2. Triage


    My own pony art and commissions I have done for others!
  3. If anyone would like some arts post your OC's up here! Can't give a time (I do paid work on other sites) but I would love to work on more pony art so requests are open. I may do some color or inks or sketches or if I'm feeling really artsy then some watercolor. Also this first pic is my OC so if anyone is feeling generous and wants to draw her feel free! My non pony art can be found here - http://voodoowolf98.deviantart.com/
  4. Hi and welcome! I'm pretty new here too but chocolate is awesome so therefor you are awesome!!
  5. Triage

    Hello all

    @ Wonderbolt - Yeah and I plan on adding Canterlot Gardens this year and BronyCon next year. Its actually a lot of fun and you get to meet so many awesome people. I have a friend who makes chainmail clothing who does 70+ a year. Not sure how he doesn't burn out doing that many.
  6. Triage

    Hello all

    Thank you! Also Armony just have to say your avatar is awesome. =)
  7. Triage

    Hello all

    About Myself: I'm an artists as a day job as well as a pre-med student hoping to go ER. I enjoy working at conventions (I do about 6 a year) and hope to start going to some of the pony ones this year! How I found Canterlot.com: Searching the internet How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: My close friends are all huge fans and very involved with the fandom. It took them awhile but I finally gave in and watched the show and well then here I am! My favourite main cast pony/s: Miss Rarity,Twilight Sparkle I'm rather new to the fandom but heres hoping to be just as involved as my friends and meet some awesome people! I'm terrible at bio/introductions but if you want to know anything about me feel free to ask! Also most people know me on the interwebs/art communities as VoodooWolf.
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