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  1. (Well well I am back, if anyone remember me) This is basically anthro mlp meets Bloodborne rp. No set plot or idea at this moment, ideas are welcome.
  2. Fluttershy smiled, "Oh Tex, don't put it past Pinkie to find a way," she said as she turned to Angel. He looked to her and nodded and turned to Bucky, "Nah, as obvious as that may seem I prefer actual Ice Cream," he says with a nod to his furry friend. Fluttershy shuffles a hoof, "G..Go on ahead of me Tex," she says with a soft smile, "I..I haven't fully decided what I want," she said, looking at the menu still deciding
  3. Fluttershy nodded, "Yeah that's best," she says softly, and looks to the critters and nods, "yeah of course they deserve something nice and sweet to eat," she says with a warm smile as she turns back to the menu looking over what to get for herself and Angel. [sorry post is much shorter]
  4. Angel followed them in and sat down a bit away, patting a seat for Bucky, it was fun to have a good friend. He figured they could chat and what not while giving the two ponies some time as well. Fluttershy was flattered by his generosity and blushed slightly but shoo her head, "Oh no Mr Tex I cannot ask you, or let you, do such a thing," she said sweetly, "You have been far too sweet already, I just cannot let you pay for me, I do appreciate the offer to its fullest but I just cannot be so rude to let you pay when I can pay," she smiled warmly. Having been her first date, heck her first relationship at that, she wasn't fully understanding of why he was so overly nice to her, after all jsut being Tex was enough to impress this shy little mare, but he kept giving to her and she wasn't sure what she could give back..
  5. Fluttershy sighed, "Sadly that is true," She said and smiled, "Don't get me wrong, I love Pinkie as a close friend, but more then one..just leads to bad things," she shivered, "So much happened that Day, but luckily we have Twilight, She figured out a fool-proof way to figure out which Pinkie was our Pinkie," she smiled warmly as they walked along.
  6. That sounds good Robikku, tie in an RP maybe about Luna having some hard times with her newfound pet? As for other RPs Pretty open to anything, time on PC still bit tight so I don't have time to post out and plan out an RP much from my side, but even a basic plot is accepted as long as we have somewhere to go and remember, no dates...Miss Shy has a Coltfriend now XD
  7. Fluttershy smiled and nodded to Big Mac, "t..thank you Big Mac.." she said softly as she trotted quickly over to the Princess and looked at the Badger, "Sir Spotted, must I tell you every time that ponies are not an animal to climb all over," she said softly but sternly. The Badger made a few soft noises and Fluttershy sighed as she gently took the Badger and placed him on her back, "O..oh ok, fine..just for now you can stay on my back, but..please be careful," she said and sighed. She then turned her attention back to Princess Luna and bowed slightly, "Princess Luna, I..I didn't expect the Royals Sisters to have heard of my Garden opening..it..it's an honor" she said softly and looked up noticing a small movement in her tail and sighed, "W..what may I do for you?" she asked as she saw the Squirrels head poke out from the Princess's tail.
  8. Fluttershy listened and shuffled a hoof, "O..oh yes..I do sing to my critters but only to them really.." she looked down with a soft blush, "I..I'm too shy and nervous to go on stage or in front of many ponies," she remembered the events when she sang in Big Mac's place and got caught, "I..I've gotten better and maybe..I could..um..sing for you..just..once" she said each word getting softer then the last. Then he brought up the smoothie and she smiled, "Yeah, I think Sugar Cube Corner is our best bet, maybe Pinkie is there!" she smiled, "Oh you would love to meet her, she makes any and everypony smile!" [sorry about slow reply, life busy and still no internet at home. Also if you wanna see if Pinkie's player wants to join the RP for a bit that would be fun :3]
  9. Fluttery listened to Tex and sighed with a bit of relief, relaxing that it was a bit of her just getting worked up over how he said what he said. She smiled as she listened and was surprised by how much he knew, though it didn't get her upset, she knew many ponies told of how she takes care of so many critters and word spreads very well in Equestria. She nodded as he finished, "Yeah I have had quite a few curious critters who stray far from home, but I typically don't worry, the only area they would go is the vast meadow nearby or the small forest," she said softly, "They know how dangerous the Everfree nearby can be and with all the love and affection I give them, well they hate to get lost and miss out on any meal or singing time!" she giggled and sighed, "And yes, I do have a bear, and he is the most lovable, most fluffy critter you could ever love and hug," she said with a smile, "So my house it is..for the next..date," she blushed at the word.
  10. She blushed deeper at his words, "T..Tex, y..you can speak up," she said, "I..if you don't like the idea of my home it..it's fine," she said softly, "I mean..if your just doing it because I s..said so," she looked down, "I..it would make me feel odd, I don't really like it when ponies do what I say just cuz they don't wanna upset me or something," she smiled, "I..I learned from my friends that it is best to speak up if you don't like something...even if it may upset others," she said shivering as she recalled the events with Rarity and that strange book she had found. [Yes I'm referring to Inspiration Manifestation, I know Fluttershy only was a small part but I figure she would have heard about exactly what happened]
  11. No love for little Fluttershy? Any RP is welcomed and we can work on the details as we go.
  12. Angel turned to Bucky, "you sure that's Tex and not just some wild animal?" he asked the beaver curiously but wasn't about to stay there alone so he hopped after his beaver friend. He had to say this had been a very good day all things considered, but he knew Fluttershy was going to talk of his ear when they returned home. ~~~~~~~~ Fluttershy smiled at Tex as she listened to him and nodded, "Yeah, the smoothie sounds very good right now," she said softly as she blushed a bit, "I think that sounds like a wonderful way to wrap up the date Tex," she said and laid her hoof next to his and smiled, "Though we will most definitely have to arrange another meeting, maybe this time.." she blushed, "at my home?"
  13. As I feel I have been lacking in the RPs I am in with Miss Fluttershy I wish to become more active with her in various RPs. I am looking to see if anyone has an active RP they wouldn't mind me joining or would like to set up an RP with me to play Fluttershy in. I also have 3 OCs that can join in if needed [a changling, a pegasus, and a unicorn] Any and All ideas are welcomed, but please note my internet is still limited as I have just moved up to my parents and they have no internet but once I get a job and some money I shall get internet quickly after. Until then I can use wi-fi when I'm out or my Grandmother's computer once in a while to still be active in RPs
  14. [Ok hopefully life should be sorted out enough that I may continue this RP and my role as Miss Shy; though I may not be super active like I used to be] Fluttershy was still a bit in shock from the kiss, it was a nice feeling but it was still odd and new to her, making the little pegasus unsure what to say or do. Luckily Tex made it easy for her to know exactly how to respond as he said he was happy she was happy and also suggested that they go get a smoothie after they were done with the pet date. "Oh yes Tex, that sounds most wonderful indeed," she said warmly to him as she looked around, "Yes a smoothie would be very nice," she said but asked, "D..did you see where Angel and Bucky went? I..I would like to leave now, it is getting a bit late to be in this area as I have seen shadows of ponies in here and I worry we may be near somepony's home"
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