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  1. lol nvm on that last status XD

  2. please click to get me riot points for LoL pls click this, gets me free points for LoL http://christmas.riotpromotions.com/9y7vrZ

  3. ugh been feeling so bad recently, will post soon

  4. OMG PvZ garden warfare is amazing. If you have it for PC msg me!

  5. OMG PvZ garden warfare is amazing. If you have it for

  6. Subbed to your channel! I am Criminal Sandwich

  7. Against my better judgement added my youtube channel to About me section, I'm bad at vidoes :P

  8. Haha, love my cutie mark thanks :3

  9. feel mycharacters are so underused, but I just can't seem to RP well in WoE

  10. haha Love the way brooke looks in the chibi form, so confused haha
  11. Something is missing, I just don't know what..I feel empty :/

  12. Ok, so this is a serious Blog, please no humor or cracking jokes, I'm looking for some advice, thanks So recently, like for about a week now, nothing sparks my interest, I feel lack luster in my RP's and feel I'm going to close them down if I don't feel a spark. I have been in no mood to play any other game, well except Dark Souls, but even that grows me wry. I feel a bit slow and groggy and just want to be left alone but also want to have some one close. Any advice guys, I really have no idea what to do, i just feel empty
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