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  1. lol nvm on that last status XD

  2. please click to get me riot points for LoL pls click this, gets me free points for LoL http://christmas.riotpromotions.com/9y7vrZ

  3. ugh been feeling so bad recently, will post soon

  4. OMG PvZ garden warfare is amazing. If you have it for PC msg me!

  5. OMG PvZ garden warfare is amazing. If you have it for

  6. Against my better judgement added my youtube channel to About me section, I'm bad at vidoes :P

  7. Haha, love my cutie mark thanks :3

  8. feel mycharacters are so underused, but I just can't seem to RP well in WoE

  9. haha Love the way brooke looks in the chibi form, so confused haha
  10. Something is missing, I just don't know what..I feel empty :/

  11. Ok, so this is a serious Blog, please no humor or cracking jokes, I'm looking for some advice, thanks So recently, like for about a week now, nothing sparks my interest, I feel lack luster in my RP's and feel I'm going to close them down if I don't feel a spark. I have been in no mood to play any other game, well except Dark Souls, but even that grows me wry. I feel a bit slow and groggy and just want to be left alone but also want to have some one close. Any advice guys, I really have no idea what to do, i just feel empty
  12. Darksouls...you too hard! Best game ever

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    2. starswirlthebearded


      Demon Souls was harder only for the fact that a jerk could come into your game and kill you for no apparent reason.

    3. SunlightHeart
    4. QueenChrysalis747


      yeah thats why i stay hallow for most of the game, only time i reverse is bosses so I can summon NPC's to my side

  13. Darksouls...you suck! Best game ever

  14. Plot: I'm unsure what people would prefer, A recreation of the orginal series or a totally new plot? Right now I wanna see if anyone is interested in this idea and then we can work out the plot and characters
  15. Yeah whays to say they jjust dont understand the value or idea of love? Look at them I highly doubt they were taught about emotions, lets picture them as little children with no mother. Of course there gonna do stupid things because they dont know the difference, also dont you see how she laughed at the idea of how strong love is because she doesnt get it. I think they are reforable, given enough careband time they could reform chrysalis and in turn she would get the Hive to listen
  16. Now hold on, I may quite be tardy to this party but on what grounds can we assume the changling we not wronged by Celestia before, well? Let us look to Nightmare Moon, her entire being was hidden for so long, made into a mare tale that no pony ever believed and alas was forgotten and most didn't seem to remember or know of Luna. Therefore what is to say that the same theory isn't behind the changlings? What if they had been peaceful once before and tried to intigrate, but de to this power of theres Celestia threw them out, there by angering them. In that respective a revenge idea is likely to be seen, especially if you are cooped up in a cave with no food. Also who is to say this plan that we saw i the show was actually the original plan, what if it was a backfire? Let us assume this, maybe Cadence was never ment to be capture so rudely, instead tricked by hypnosis to hiding out for a few days to allow Chrysalis to take he place. But Cadence wasn't effected and they had to hide her away rudely. Also what if the overall plan wasn't to take over, maybe the changlings were waitng outside so that after the wedding, when love was in the air, they could disguise and sneak in, but because of Twilight they were forced out of hiding and had to resort to extreme measures? Also, who says Celestia even thinks her evil? I find it odd that both Cadence and Celestia were easily over taken by Chrysalis, seeming not to force the queen to use much power at all, as if they weren't trying. Also what about Luna? Surely she would have heard something, not 'slept' through it, I feel there is more to Chrysalis then we know and the Princesses aren't telling anyone.
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